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You can have it all...

But you can't do it all!

The truth is → it’s time to take action and make STRATEGIC moves. We’re the team to get your business more impact, more money, and faster results.

You can have it all…But you can’t do it all!

The truth is → it’s time to take action and make STRATEGIC moves. We’re the team to get your business more impact, more money, and faster results.

We have the track record  that shows we aren’t like the other agencies you’ve heard of…

Ad Spend We've Managed

Ad Revenue Generated

Average ROAs

Number of Businesses Impacted

Does this sound like you right now?

Inconsistent Revenue

Your income comes in waves and you aren’t seeing consistency in sales. You’re craving a solution that gives you peace of mind and brings your business financial stability… or better yet, growth!

Launch Exhaustion

You’ve tried so many different strategies but none have truly taken off how you hoped, at least not in a repeatable way. Those dramatic success stories and breakthroughs have felt out of reach. You have a need for an expert strategy that supports your launch goals.

Slow or Stalled Lead Generation

You’re pulling in a few leads, but they aren’t at the quality or quantity you need to scale. You need a plan to rapidly increase your pool of ideal clients.

Fear of Making a Bad Investment

You know you need professional marketing help to propel your business forward but you’re terrified at the idea of making a decision to invest in your business. You don’t have money or time to lose. You just need a clear roadmap that shows you the best game plan to grow your business so you can invest confidently in strategies that have data to show they yield results.

Overwhelmed and Directionless

You’re drowning in marketing tactics that you “should” be implementing - but what approach do YOU need for YOUR unique business? If you could just have a custom-created, results-driven strategy that would take the guesswork out of marketing and propel your business to the next revenue level you could finally take a sigh of relief and grow your business with clarity and confidence!

ROI Disappointment

Your marketing strategies are consuming your time, energy, and financial resources but the return on your investment isn’t what it needs to be to build a thriving, sustainable business. You are desperate to figure out how to find efficiency and greater return for everything you are investing into your company.

If you're nodding 'yes' to any of these, then it's time to stop letting ineffective strategies steal your time and money.

You’re facing challenges you just simply don’t have to face as the CEO & visionary of your business…

Our process, combined with our team and strategies, guarantees to create a scalable marketing system that drives consistent leads, boosts revenue, and fosters growth without burnout. 

Here’s how we do it…

Attracting Quality Leads

Your time is valuable and your expertise isn’t in marketing. We specialize in creating consistent streams of highly-qualified leads by fully understanding your industry and crafting strategies that resonate with your ideal client.

Consistent and Increasing Revenue

You don’t have the time to work in your marketing when you need to be working as the visionary of your business. Our custom strategies are designed to help you break through the income plateau. We take on the focus of fine-tuning your messaging and offers so that you can bring in a steady income stream that’s ready to grow with you.

Effective Launches

Launching a new product should feel like a victory, not a chore. You don’t have the time to learn the tech, set up the funnels, and refine your messaging throughout a launch. We have a highly specialized team that can handle every aspect of your launch, drawing clients in, and removing the overwhelm and frustration that comes with doing it all yourself.

High ROI

Your marketing budget is an investment, and we’re committed to bringing you and your business tangible, momentum-building outcomes through effective lead gen strategies, messaging optimization, and support every step of the way.

Our team consistently gets results where other agencies can't.

Our team consistently gets results where other agencies can’t.

You shouldn’t have to face unnecessary, time-consuming, and out-of-your-expertise challenges as the CEO and visionary of your business.

Our dedicated team, strategies, and process ensure a scalable marketing system that continually attracts leads, enhances revenue, and promotes growth without burnout.

We’re more than just a marketing agency; we’re your partners in ensuring that your business doesn’t just grow but becomes a leader in your industry.

Your Transformation Starts Here.

Marketing is evolving everyday. We equip you with high-converting funnels & customer journeys, precise ad campaigns, captivating messaging, and cutting-edge strategies. 

No fluff… just measurable results

Meet Emily Hirsh, CEO & Founder of Hirsh Marketing.

Hi, I’m Emily…

Picture this: A spirited 20-year-old, cradling her firstborn, embarking on the journey of growing (and managing a growing) business.

That was me, seizing the day and turning vision into reality.

The grind has a ripple effect.

As my business blew up and my reputation had me partnering with some of the biggest names in the marketing world, it was a no-brainer to leave school. College was costing me money and not adding to my bigger goals in life.

I wanted to have complete freedom and autonomy over my time and money so when my business took off, I did what everyone said I should NOT do and dropped out of college.

Hirsh Marketing went from a solo venture into an industry titan with a full team of experts that work to grow my and my client’s businesses every day… and they do a damn good job.

You can have it all, but you can’t (and shouldn’t) do it all.

That’s why what I’ve built here and what your business needs are coming together at the perfect time.

But, the ball is in your court. Are you ready to stop making excuses, reach your goals, and start driving more revenue to your business? 

You've got a clear goal and the determinationto reach it.

What you need now is an innovative marketing partner to accelerate your growth.

Let’s talk about how we can make that happen:

The Elite Package

Our All-Inclusive Powerhouse

Embody the role as the visionary CEO, honing your focus on YOUR zone-of-genius, while our renowned, cutting-edge team designs an irresistible marketing engine that propels revenue and sparks unparalleled business growth.

💎 This package is the Crown Jewel of Hirsh Marketing

Here’s what you can expect ⬇

💎 Premium Onboarding Experience: The first steps in this process include a thorough exploration of your unique talents, core values, and passions. Our copy and creative team goes in DEPTH with you to draw out your most potent and magnetic messaging so that we can build you a truly custom marketing strategy that’s aligned with what makes you stand out in your industry as an expert and authority. [$997 VALUE]

💎 Custom Business Strategy: Work directly with our innovative, cutting-edge experts to develop your unique, all-encompassing, 360-degree game plan so that you’ll be implementing a robust, highly converting marketing strategy that builds an audience of raving fans, generates leads consistently, and creates explosive profit!  [$2,997 VALUE]

💎 Done FOR You Implementation: Feeling intimidated about executing these plans? Let our funnel tech team take care of ALL the design, copy, and integration aspects so that you can focus on your business while WE strategically implement the updates to your entire funnel for you. landing pages & email sequences. [1,997 VALUE]

💎 Offer Refinement: Our team will help you relentlessly refine your offer, sales page, and funnels so that you are guaranteed the maximum conversions possible with all marketing efforts. [$1,997 VALUE]

💎 Magnetic Messaging & Scroll-Stopping Graphics: Get unlimited access to our team of copywriters and graphic designers to curate highly effective copy and visuals, specific to your brand so that your content stands out from the noise and captivates potential customers. [$997 VALUE]

💎 Ads Optimization & Audits: Your marketing strategy will consistently need updating as we collect data along the way. Receive high-touch daily ad management and extensive audits as needed so that every ad dollar you spend is going towards a strategy that CONVERTS and actions are constantly being taken based on data! [$1,997 VALUE]

💎 High-Touch Communication: Feel secure knowing that our dedicated team will consistently provide daily updates during live launches, monthly summary calls, weekly performance reports, and bi-weekly status calls so that you have a clear understanding of the intricate operations taking place behind the scenes without having to actually do anything but approve assets and decisions. [$997 VALUE]

Unlock the full potential of your marketing strategy with our Elite Package, granting you exclusive access to a powerhouse team of industry-leading marketing experts.

Hirsh Marketing is at the forefront of the marketing sphere, and this is your golden opportunity to discover firsthand why our clients generated a staggering $12M last year.

{$11,979 Value}

$3,500 / Month

The Evolve Package

High-Performing Ads Management & Coaching

Embrace the unparalleled support of a top-tier ads management team and successfully offload the burden of doing everything in your marketing leveraging experts to quickly and easily skyrocket your business to the next level.

💎 The Crown Jewel of this package is the extensive ads management!

Here’s what you can expect ⬇

Extensive Onboarding Experience: Our journey begins with an insightful exploration of your unique talents, core values, and passions. This initial phase is all about helping our team understand your personal goals, vision, and authentic expertise so that we can build you a marketing strategy aligned with what truly makes you special. [$997 VALUE]

➡ Custom Marketing Strategy: Work directly with our renowned team of experts in a collaborative 1:1 session where together, we will design a unique marketing strategy that takes into consideration every part of your marketing from your audience to your leads to generate sales. Then have a strategic, in-depth blueprint handed right to you so that you know exactly what to do to go from where you are today to hitting all your revenue goals and then some. [$2,997 VALUE]

💎 Premium Ad Management: Get a dedicated ads manager on your account to fully manage and optimize your ads daily so that the strategy we create for your business also has optimized ads paired with it. Ultimately growing your audience and generating leads & sales for your business every single day, WITHOUT requiring you to do anything!  [$1,997 VALUE]

➡ Unlimited Resources: We give you the code to our Hirsh Marketing Vault which is full of trainings, templates, swipes, and more so that you have the most relevant methods and tactics at your disposal. [$1,997 VALUE]

Formulated Ad Copy & Creative: We have an entire creative team providing captivating ad copy and visuals, curated specifically to your brand so that your ads stand out and bring in competitive results[$997 VALUE]

Consistent Updates and Check-ins With a Personal Touch: We don’t just set you up and leave you to it. In this package, our team will consistently ensure that our efforts are aligned with your success with monthly check-ins, weekly updates, office hours, and detailed reports so that you know how your marketing dollars are working at all times. [$997 VALUE] 

This packaging ensures the meticulous curation and optimization of your advertising strategies for maximum impact. The backing of a high-caliber ads management team acts as the driving force, turning aspirations into tangible results and securing your business’s standout position in a competitive landscape.

{$9,982 Value}

$2,000 / Month

The Essential Package

Collaboration that Supports the Self-Starter

You don’t have to be an expert marketer to achieve your biggest revenue goals. Let our innovative, industry-leading team of marketers develop and deliver a custom strategy FOR you. Along with an insane amount of resources and 1:1 support, we’ll hand over a FULLY mapped-out step-by-step marketing blueprint for you to execute.

💎The Crown Jewel of this package is the substantial amount of support for a very cost-effective price!

Here’s what you can expect ⬇

➡ Strategy Deep-Dive: This one-hour strategy session will help you cut through the noise as we develop a custom, clear, and actionable step-by-step marketing blueprint so that you’ll have undeniable confidence that your efforts will elevate your business and result in the sales you’re looking for. [$1,997 VALUE]

➡ Step-By-Step Roadmap: This is a custom resource provided by our team that will break down how to go from square one — no funnel, no strategy, no ads — to making sales and scaling your business so that you KNOW the exact moves you need to make to achieve your revenue goals. No guesswork included!  [$397 VALUE]

➡ Training Vault Access: Ensure your tactics are relevant to the current marketing landscape with access to our ever-evolving, advanced training modules so that you are implementing the most up-to-date, proven methods. [$997 VALUE]

🚨These are ALL designed to make sure you know EXACTLY how to implement the strategy we create for you — leaving nothing unanswered!

➡ Done-For-You Ad Copy & Creative: Receive monthly ad assets, written & designed by our team of creative experts so that your messaging is guaranteed to captivate your audience and convert your ads into leads and sales. [$997 VALUE]

💎Relentless Support: Have a team of marketing experts on-call! Stay informed and inspired with direct access to our private weekly group coaching sessions and office hours so that you can have personalized, real-time guidance every step of the way. With calls happening daily you will have the support of an entire marketing team in your back pocket. [$1,997 VALUE]

➡ Get UN-Stuck Calls: This is your BONUS accountably support for whenever you’re feeling confused, unmotivated, or uninspired so that your marketing strategy doesn’t lose momentum and you can keep feeling clear, aligned, and EXCITED about hitting your biggest goals. [$997 VALUE]

This package guarantees you’ll have the crucial done-with-you support you need to successfully implement the custom strategy created for your business to get rapid results.

{$7,382 Value}

$1,997 for 1st month + $797/month afterward (pay in full options available)

Not Sure Which Package is Right for You?


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They were incredibly reliable, dedicated and handled the complexity of our campaign with total ease. Not only did they over deliver with high conversions (yes, please!), they also treated my business like it was their own. 

The cherry on the top was that we had anticipated spending close to $10 per lead — based on the previous year’s campaign — and they were able to get the cost down closer to $5 per lead! I was so excited to see that number literally spliced in half thanks to their expertise, attention to detail, and knowledge.

– Amy Porterfield


Cut the fluff, and get the results. 

Welcome to the podcast that delivers straight-to-the-point, high-impact marketing strategies — no detours. Time-strapped CEO? Perfect. Our bite-sized episodes are direct, leaving you with actionable insights you can implement right now for immediate business traction.

Here’s the deal: The marketing world moves fast. You either keep up or get left behind. Our podcast makes sure you’re always ahead, equipped with the latest strategies and insights. Downloading these podcast episodes gives you an on-demand library of marketing training at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Hirsh Marketing has been a collaborative partner in list building, strategy and executing against deadline-oriented launches. We worked with the HM Team for over 1 year and during that time our brand awareness greatly increased, resulting in “The 5 Second Rule” becoming an international best-seller.

– Mel Robbins

Do you want to stop the talk and start the action?


You’re here to win, and our marketing experts are the secret weapon you’ve been searching for.

We’re all in for your success, no matter where you’re starting.
Full-throttle growth, no compromises.