Today I’m sharing three things you can do right now to increase your live show-up rate to webinars. (This especially applies to people who do LIVE webinars.)

You want people to show up live to your webinar so they can connect with you there and then decide to purchase your offering. If they’re not jumping on live, the chance they’ll purchase from you is much lower.

It’s getting harder and harder to get people to show up live.

Here are 3 actionable steps you can implement right now:

#1. Re-targeted engagement ad.

We like to run a re-targeted engagement ad between the time when someone signs up for the webinar and when it goes live. The ad basically says, “Hey, you’re signed up for this training! Comment below if you’re coming!” And if people comment, we send them a free workbook to help them prepare for the training (delivered via ManyChat, the Facebook Messenger bot).

Two things happen here: They engage with me, which helps them remember they’ve signed up; and they sign-up for the messenger bot, which means I can send them a notification when we go live.

NOTE: This is a pretty inexpensive ad (like $5 per day max!).

#2. 24-hour reminder ad.

This ad basically says, “You’re signed up for this webinar!” and reminds people again of the date and start time, plus asks them to comment if they’re coming. If you encourage people to comment (and then respond to them), they will likely remember you and your webinar even better, plus they will be automatically signed up to receive updates from ManyChat.

Remember that you’re paying to be seen by attendees before the webinar happens, to remind people to show up live – that’s the whole point of these ads.

NOTE: This is pretty inexpensive, too.

#3. ManyChat messenger bot.

Usually we send a reminder message to people via ManyChat about 2-3 minutes after the webinar starts – and open rates are about 90 percent! I find that about 30 percent of webinar sign-ups also sign-up for messenger notifications, so you can probably double your live webinar attendance by implementing just this.

We offer two ways for people to sign-up via ManyChat: On the Thank You page after they sign-up for the webinar; and anytime people comment on the Facebook ads listed above.

Those are three ways you can double or triple your live show-up rates to webinars.

And really, we should all be focusing on this, because live show-ups are where people are most likely to purchase your offering.

I’ve seen this work for so many clients. Let me know if it works for you!

Emily Hirsh

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