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What’s more important than launch week? Everything you do before and after.

That’s what makes or breaks your success – especially as an influencer in 2019 (in an increasingly saturated marketplace).

In this episode I’m jumping into lecture-mode (just a little bit!) to remind you, “Don’t go silent after a launch!” and “YES, your devotion to connecting with your people is required.”

Here’s a snapshot of what’s covered:

Where the #influencer industry is heading (+how to know whether you’ll survive)
What to do after + in between launches that’s more important than LAUNCH WEEK
And how to make any purchase a no-brainer for your ICA

Tune in for another action-packed episode! And then head over to Instagram to share exactly what you’re planning between NOW + your next launch.

NOTE – Listen to episode 49, “What you do leading up to a launch is more important than the launch!” for more about my perspective on this; and listen to episode 48, “What nobody tells you about selling digital products,” for more about the myth of making money overnight.

Key Points:
[2:03] How to make the purchase a no-brainer for your ICA
[3:58] Which direction is the industry heading?
[6:17] “Ads only amplify what you do organically.”
[9:07] Anyone who’s NOT doing this will not survive

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Episode Transcripts:  

Today I’m coming to you guys with a little bit of a lecture to remind you something, which is, don’t go silent after a launch. It feels like launch season right now, maybe because we are deep in B-School, for multiple clients, but I want to share this because I think it’s so important. I’ve said this before, but what you do leading up to a launch is oftentimes more important than what you do in the actual launch. I want you guys to always just keep that in the back of your mind, because I think it’s really easy to plan for a launch, get everything ready for the actual launch and the webinars and the emails. It’s so much work. I know it is because we’re on the back end of these all the time. People put 150% of their energy into that, and what lacks is what happens after the launch and leading up to the next launch. And that honestly matters more because, like I have always talked about, we have such a huge value about connection.

At the end of the day, marketing comes down to, can you connect with your ideal customer and client? If you just show up in a launch, it doesn’t matter how good your ads are, how good your funnel is, how good your webinar is, how good your emails are, it won’t be successful. That is the reality. What you have to do to have a successful launch is show up every other day that you’re not launching, building relationships, building trust, delivering value, and connecting with your people so that when it comes time to launch, it’s a no-brainer for people to purchase from you.

Not only do I want to say this today, but I want to encourage you guys to actually plan this into your marketing strategy. If you know, “I’m launching in April,” and it’s February, what are you doing in between then? Then you know, “Okay I’m launching in April, and I’m going to launch again in October,” what are you doing in between then? Write it down. What does you content schedule look like? Are you going to go live on Facebook? Do you have podcasts coming out? How are you going to grow your email list? How are you going to drive traffic to your website so you can build that audience?

How are you going to connect with your people exactly, like “I’m going to go live on Facebook once a week,” “I’m going to release two podcast episodes a week,” “I’m going to spend 5% of my total ad budget for the year on making sure I reach new people with that content,” because that’s a key piece of it is, not only do you have to show up for people, but you also have to connect with them and reach new people. If you just show up, your same audience is going to see it ever time, but if you show up and put ad spend behind that content, you’ll reach new people and your tribe will grow and your following will grow.

I was just on a call yesterday, and somebody asked me, they said, “Emily, you’re behind the scenes [of] so many influencers’ campaigns and marketing plans. You know what does and doesn’t work. You know where the industry is going in this influencer space especially. What are you seeing?”

Without even thinking about it, I said, “Here’s what I’m seeing: The people who value connection, visibility, brand awareness, and connecting with their tribe through valuable content are doing well. The people who have lost that, who don’t feel inspired to do that, who don’t put time and priority behind that are not doing well.” Influencers who have a following already that continues to grow, and they get talked about, and their products and their programs are quality, and so people are seeing results and talking about it, because they care … the bottom line is that they care and that their motivation is not just money, but it’s also getting people results and connecting with people and growing this bigger thing.

Every influencer that I work with who has seen success in multiple seven and even eight figures cares about their audience and will put out content for free, spend time on that. They want to do that. They feel inspired by that. It’s a whole different conversation if your business and your tribe is not inspiring you to show up. I know I could sit here and record podcasts all day long. I love it. I love connecting with you guys. I love getting on Facebook Live. I love speaking and going to events and connecting with people. I love giving value. I love seeing the light bulb moment when people are like, “Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. I’ve never done this before. Let me go implement this strategy.”

I often have people tell me, “Wow, you give away so much on your podcast that I could go and just implement it and see so much results.” I said, “Yeah, I’m doing that on purpose.” Because I also know that my ideal client, they could have all the information in the world and how to implement it, and they don’t want to. So I put out all the value. I give it all away. I talk about all our secrets, and I share it with you guys because my ideal customer for Hirsh Marketing, they don’t want to do it themselves. Even if they had the knowledge to do it themselves, they don’t want to. I know my people. I know how I can show up to grow my people. I put so much time into that.

After a launch and in between your launches, leading up to your launches, I want you to strategically think about, how are you going to show up? Write it down in your goals for your company, what’s the form of content that you’re going to show up in? Podcast, video, blogs, emails? It should be a multiple of those things. How are you going to grow your warm audiences so that when it comes time to launching, you’re not launching to cold traffic?

A lot of times, we don’t know this, you guys don’t know this, but the average life cycle on some of these big programs out there, and many of our clients’ programs… It’s not an instantaneous purchase. It’s sometimes a year before somebody buys. A year! That’s playing the long game, guys. Write it down. What’s the form? How are you going to show up? And then plan out the content, because here’s part of it, too. You have to know that your content is going to be enough value to build trust with people and share that you’re legit, you can get people results, share success stories, share, like I do, your processes, your secrets. Share things so people are like, “Yeah, I trust that person. I know that they’re getting,” whoever your customer is, “I know they’re getting those people results. I know that if I work for them, and whatever that she offers or he offers, I will see results, too.”

You’re constantly working with your content to deliver that value, and it has to be related and go together, what you’re selling and the person you want to attract to sell with the content that you put out leading up to and after your launch.

I promise you that showing up online through Insta-stories, Facebook Live, podcast, whatever it is, showing up online will help your launches hands down. Facebook ads and paid ads amplify what you do organically. As a company, we can’t show up on video for you. I tell my clients that. When they ask me, “What is your ideal client? What do they do? What’s your ideal person to work with?” I said, “My ideal person to work with is somebody who cares so much about their audience and can show up and give us content that we can take and blow it up, and get more eyes on it and scale it.”

You can’t ever look at launching and just say, “Well, if I perfect my funnel and I hire everything out, if I hire out the ads, and I pay for the best funnel possible, and the best emails, and the copywriting, and the best ads team, and then I just let them do it, then I’ll see success.” You won’t. I will say no to a client like that on our team, because you won’t see success, because what you still have to do is show up and connect with people. If you’re an influencer, only you can do that. Don’t go silent after a launch. Connect with your tribe. Have the energy left over after the launch so that you can still show up on Insta-stories and on social media.

The second piece to this on top of planning everything and knowing exactly how you’re going to show up with what content is actually putting aside a budget to make sure more and more people are constantly seeing that. With how much has changed in the industry in the last two years, people who aren’t doing this just are not going to survive.

Part of my conversation yesterday when somebody asked me what am I seeing, I said, “On top of seeing that people who prioritize this are the ones who are doing well, it’s also getting harder and harder for a new person to come online, launch a webinar, launch a product, and see success.” Why? Because they come in launching their funnel, launching their webinar, launching their product, with no trust, no connection, no warm audiences, no tribe, and they’re trying to see success within 30 days because a lot of times they have to make money because they don’t have any money to put into it, which I did another podcast on that [episode 48]. It’s getting harder and harder for those people to see success.

I said, “It’s going to continue to be harder and harder for a new person to come online and launch something.” If you have a following, you’re already 10 steps ahead of other people, because you already have a following and people who trust you, but you have to keep on growing that. You have to keep putting time and money into growing that.” So, don’t go silent after a launch. Plan for your launches ahead of time. Put connection with your audience first, because your numbers during your launch and your sales during your launch will show if you did that or not, I promise you.

Thanks so much for tuning in today, guys. If you want to work with Team Hirsh, we have a few spots open. One of our biggest core values is this: connection, brand awareness, visibility, and setting up a unique custom plan for you, and really putting you in your zone of genius so that all you do is this. Because as an influencer, that’s where you should spend your time. Creating content, connecting with your audience, showing up as you so that people connect with you, trust you, and want to ultimately buy from you. Go to HelpMyStrategy.com if you’re interested in working with Team Hirsh. Thanks so much for tuning in today, guys.