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the Before:

Anita is a Business Coach for Christian coaches and consultants. Prior to signing on to work with Team Hirsh, Anita had been working with another ad agency. After auditing Anita’s account our first goal was to lower her cost per lead and then (based on the stats) have a plan & clarity on how data and numbers should drive her next steps.

Anita sells a six month coaching program, Blessed In Business, that helps other Christian coaches and consultants who haven’t reached $10k/month in revenue yet build their businesses. Before working with our team, Anita’s cost per lead was $14.34. Her goal was to bring this down and generate as many leads as possible.


She had data from previous live launches that had generated decent success, so we decided to follow the same strategy for her January launch. The strategy was to get registrants to sign up for her free four day online immersion experience, Accelerate Into Abundance. Those registrants got access to a private Facebook Group where Anita went live and hosted a training each day of the experience. On the fourth and final day, Anita pitched her $5k coaching program, Blessed In Business.

The first thing our team did was conduct an audit of Anita’s account and her audiences to make informed decisions and adjustments before proceeding with launching her ads. We analyzed what audiences had performed well for Anita in the past and decided to test those again with this launch, as well as creating new interest based and lookalike audiences – focused on ‘Christianity’ + ‘bible’ interests to ensure we were narrowing the audiences down to exactly the right people.

Anita is very in tune with her ideal customer avatar, which made writing copy that connected with her audience a breeze! In all of our copy, we boldly called out Christian coaches and our messaging resonated with them extremely well. 

We tested out several versions of creative – text-based images, images of Anita, and videos. We found that images with Anita received better click through rates than text-based images, and her video ads where she personally invited her audience to her online experience also performed well!


Ad Spend: $5,800

Total Leads: 603

Cost Per Lead: $11.05 (Down $3 from before she partnered with us!)

Landing Page Conversion: 20.48%

Total Revenue: $35,000

Sales Conversion: 1.0%

Total ROAs: 5.08X


Messaging Is CRITICAL

One of the biggest contributors to the success of this campaign was our messaging. Thanks to Anita’s clear understanding of her ICA, we were able to craft messaging that directly called out and resonated with her audience.


Make Sure Your Targeting Is On-Point

We carefully examined data from previous audiences Anita had tested and made adjustments accordingly. Anita told us that the audiences this round were VERY engaged compared to her past launches, which is a sign that our targeting was 100% on-point!

Trust The Data

We followed the same launch strategy Anita had used in the past as she had a lot of excellent data showing that this was a PROVEN strategy and offer. Our team made our own adjustments and optimizations, but when something’s not broken, don’t fix it!


With our team’s strategy and optimizations, we were able to help Anita achieve her goal of bringing her cost per lead down ($14.34 → $11.05). Our team was also able to help Anita see that data should drive your every action and decision, and now she is able to clearly see what our next steps should be to get closer to her goals based on our data and numbers! Through this launch, Anita was able to reach and serve more Christian coaches and support them in building their businesses and making an impact in the lives of others! 

A major insight we gained from comparing data from her previous launches, is that the payment plan pricing for her program needs to be adjusted and lowered. While our launch was a great success with a proven strategy and offer, we found that there were somewhat fewer conversions compared to some of Anita’s previous launches.The main variable that was changed for our January launch was that the price of her payment plan options had increased, potentially creating a bigger objection for her audience to overcome. We’re working together to make these adjustments to Anita’s program, and are so excited to see how this impacts our next launch!


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