I love sharing strategies that I’m implementing for my own business, because I’m always trying out new ways of doing things. We’re always trying new things that we can later implement with clients.

You might know that I run both a digital marketing agency and a Virtual Assistance Academy. A few weeks ago I re-vamped my VA Academy course and re-launched.

Today I want to offer you a behind-the-scenes look at this recent launch, partly because I want you to see that things don’t always work perfectly from the beginning.

Here’s what I did:

Before we launched, I took away payment plan options. And that made selling the course a lot harder.

But, I decided to take my own advice.

I’m not giving up on this course. Instead I’m making some changes to help it work.

Every week I host a webinar, and then we track all the information. I noticed that our show-up rates were really low, so now we’re doing some things differently:

First, we’re adding one more webinar per week, to see whether a shorter time-frame makes a difference; then, we’re testing different times for the webinar; and then, we’re implementing text message reminders before we go live.

I’m also testing out personal calls to people who sign up.

I’m selling this course to a demographic who’s not yet used to entrepreneurial life. They’re not likely to hop on a webinar and buy immediately. Personal calls might make a big difference in whether or not they purchase my course (and even whether or not people show up live).

Here’s the thing:

It’s important to consider your own audience and whether or not your sales strategy will work for those people.

Imitating a strategy from a different industry will not work.

My goal right now is to get people to show up live to the webinar. And now that I’m offering two webinars per week, if they don’t show up to the first one, my Team will text, call, and email to encourage them to join the second one. I’m not immediately sending sales emails; instead, I’m asking people to connect with me live first.

Here’s your takeaway:

I’m a marketing strategist with a million-dollar agency, and my funnel didn’t work perfectly as soon as it started.

Like everyone else, I have to make changes to my own funnel to optimize it.

But I’m not giving up. I’m trying different things to see whether those will work better. And that’s my advice to you, too!