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the Before:

Prior to partnering with our team, Bret was leveraging a webinar funnel to sell his $1,297 Holistic Homestead Academy Permaculture Design Certification Course. However, his results had declined over time and he felt there was a gap with education and his messaging that, if fixed, could improve his funnel results (which has proven to be the case so far!).


Bret’s main objective was to get ad traffic to the Holistic Homestead Academy Permaculture Design Certification Course funnel and improve the results. His team also wanted to create a new ascension model with new products, as well as restructure their payment plan option for their course.

As messaging was one of Bret’s major concerns, our team worked closely with him on developing the proper messaging directed toward his audience based on where they were in his customer journey.

Specifically, we went deep in helping his team find clarity on how to talk to their target audience if they are problem-aware, solution-aware, and product-aware. We are currently running visibility ads to both grow their warm Facebook audience of post engagers, as well as increase their YouTube video views as they have a YouTube channel that they are trying to grow.

Our team implemented a different version of Bret’s webinar, directed toward a more educated audience that would relate better with his webinar content. We also began to implement a new lead magnet and mid-level product which have not yet launched, but have helped provide a lot of clarity on how to get the prospect from cold to buying his $1,297 course.

In terms of our ad targeting for the webinar, we did a blend of targeting using 2-3 layered interests, which allowed us to better niche down to people who have a specific level of education / knowledge who would benefit most from the webinar. Interests we tested included homesteading, survivalism, and gardening.

With our ad creative, we found that our most successful copy is medium / long form copy and addresses their problems right away. We’ve utilized a good blend of images and video that have both been performing well. Most of the graphics that have been performing well in Bret’s campaigns have bold colors (bright green or orange) with very specific headlines
that instantly hook his audience.


Total Ad Spend: $4,125.65
Total Revenue: $11,712
Cost Per Lead: $2.97
Landing Page Conversion: 34.92%
Sales Conversion: 0.575%
Return On Ad Spend: 3.15X


Make Sure Your Messaging Is Aligned With Your Customer Journey

One of the biggest contributors to Bret’s success is the work we did to really dial in his messaging to speak to where his customers were at in their journey – shifting the angle to speak to customers who were at a more educated level.

Don’t Leave Money On The Table

Our team also created additional abandon cart emails in Bret’s funnel in order to convert more leads, which was a great success! Make sure you’re fully leveraging your leads, don’t leave money on the table!


Together, our team was able to help Bret’s team find clarity on their messaging, their understanding of customer awareness levels, and the big picture of their entire business journey! We are able to cut their CPL down to less than half of what it has been over the last year, which in turn has brought in many more leads. Bret achieved really great sales numbers in March, and he and his team feel much more confident in their messaging and are excited to launch the next stages of their funnel!


Powerhouse Team


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