I love to travel and my husband and I have been all over the world. We knew that having two kids would mean some adjustments. I was prepared for that. Recently we packed up the car and took a two hour road trip to the beach with both kids.


You heard that right- two kids, two hour drive, two nights away for the first time with a 4 month old and a two year old. Yeah… I can hear you moms cringing from here.


My son was historically a great traveler as a baby so we were thinking he’d be the easy one on this trip. Boy were we WRONG. Our expectations did not match reality! He decided that he’s doing this whole “I want to sleep in my own house can we please go home now that it’s bedtime” phase.

It got me thinking how much parenting and business have in common:


  • We have expectations and thoughts about how things are going to be and then… they don’t so you have to shift directions
  • Both will make you grow as a human more than you thought possible
  • You LOVE both so much but they sometimes make you cry
  • Both can be super awesome and super disappointing when things
  • Both are HARD, HARD, HARD at times and you still have to show up


I was NOT doing well on our trip. I was annoyed and bitter and thinking “screw being a mom”! Then I regrouped and decided to figure it out and plan better for our upcoming Australia trip


Can you relate?


We have these temporary issues (in either position) that are shitty little pieces of a big beautiful puzzle. You job is to remember that it is just a phase, show up (even if you’re super pissed), know what you can control and what you can’t and take action where you can.


Bonus advice: Wine… lots and lots of wine 😉


What has parenting or business taught you? I’d love to hear your comments too! We are, after all, in this together.