I was a good student. I liked school. But, I didn’t have time to go to school and build a business, plus be the mother to my children.

That’s why I decided to drop out of college and dive into my business.

Then finally, a year ago, my family was able to move into a four-bedroom house and buy a Tesla. And that’s when people shut up! That’s when people finally stopped telling me that I would fail, that my decision was wrong.

I went against what everyone else was telling me to do. Instead I went with what my gut was telling me to do, I went with what I knew I could do.

The one thing I needed to make it happen was drive.

As soon as my eyes were opened to the possibility of working virtually and online, I knew I could work as hard as possible to get to where I wanted to be.

I went against what my family wanted me to do.

I went against what my friends thought I should do.

The only person who truly believed in me was my husband, probably because he saw the transformation happening.

The amazing thing is this: The world is changing right now.

The business world, the world of education, the workforce.. It’s all changing because of the internet.

There’s so much ability to find what you need to know on the internet. Everything I know has been self-taught or learned through experience or from low-cost programs.

If I had finished college and majored in business, I would have spent $50,000+ on my degree, and I still wouldn’t have the knowledge I needed to build my million-dollar brand.

The world is changing, because (1) information is readily available to us on the internet, and (2) we can serve clients from home! It’s an incredible opportunity, especially for mothers.

And think about this: Every entrepreneur needs help (and there’s a lot of them). Plus, the variety of tasks is incredible. You can specialize in admin tasks or social media or Facebook ads or marketing or customer service or tech.

There’s so much opportunity! Work hard. Do what you want to do, not what someone else things you *should* do.