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the Before:

When Jeff’s health and fitness education company first began experiencing the repercussions of COVID-19, nearly 80% of his business’s revenue was generated through live, in-person courses. With his business part of the fitness industry, at this time, he was only offering online courses as an upsell to a live course, as opposed to focusing his offer on online courses or other online materials.
But, when the pandemic hit, it was impossible for his business to continue operating as it was before due to Covid restrictions. With this shift, Jeff realized that in order for his business to remain successful during the pandemic, he needed to change his company’s approach.
Before starting Market Like a Pro, and for the first four years of his business, Jeff’s marketing was purely based on word of mouth. Although his in-person courses had always filled up rapidly in the past, there was a disconnect when it came to the business’s online course sales. At this point, Jeff knew that in order for his business to remain profitable, he needed to market his online offerings with a completely different approach.
Jeff had some experience with email marketing and organic strategies prior to Market Like a Pro, but nothing extensive and nothing that truly gained traction. After spending some time trying to incorporate Facebook ads into his marketing strategy, and not seeing the results that were necessary to provide financial sustainability, Jeff came to realize that he needed some additional help and guidance when it came down to his approach and ad strategies.


With Market Like a Pro, Jeff was able to employ a webinar strategy, along with other small strategies such as flash sales, video series, and challenges, which he found all worked exceptionally well within the health and fitness industry audience. With that data, Jeff was able to pinpoint and strategize which aspects of his offer he wanted to make available to his audience, and which aspects of his offer that he didn’t.

MLAP was able to provide Jeff with the overall big picture of his marketing, with multiple strategies that would work for his business. These strategies included organic social media strategy, email marketing, sales landing pages, and website updates, along with specific templates and road maps for each of these specific strategies. Market Like a Pro made it possible for Jeff to put his efforts to work quickly, since he didn’t have to worry about trying to understand the minutiae of his strategies.

Jeff joined Market Like a Pro at the end of 2020. Since joining, he has surpassed his 90 days, but still remains an active member. Nearly a year since he joined, Jeff still utilizes MLAP’s resources, including the MLAP Community and has been through many successful launches, growing with each one!


With Market Like a Pro, Jeff was able to employ aJeff’s first launch ran within 90 days after our Market Like a Pro program. Through MLAP, Jeff and his team were confident in setting a proper ad budget and knew what to expect from their efforts. In fact, Jeff’s first launch resulted in a 3x return on ad spend!

Three months after the first launch, Jeff then initiated his business’s second launch, this time with a slightly increased budget. With his second launch, Jeff ended up with a 4x return on ad spend, happy with both the results from the launch and the progress that he and his team saw.

Jeff believes that the Market Like a Pro program was well worth the investment:

“It was worth every penny. When I dove into the [program], the resources and tools were all there. It really met my expectations. Since taking [MLAP], we’ve earned 8x what I paid for funnel strategies that we implemented in the first six months.


Practice Makes Perfect

Jeff found that in order to find success within the Market Like a Pro program, it was important for him to take a deep dive into the program and its materials daily, as opposed to just watching the videos and looking at the templates. By practicing writing and adjusting his ad copy, improving his landing page, and constantly referencing the MLAP program materials, he was able to fine-tune his assets and his offer to a level that wouldn’t have been possible had he not embraced the program to the extent in which he did. 

Adaptation is Key

Now, nearly a year since joining Market Like a Pro, Jeff is still taking the time to reference the program content to tweak his strategy and materials. Marketing is always changing, and Jeff has embraced that by constantly adapting and improving. And, as time goes on, Jeff has found that his offer becomes more succinct and more successful the more that he works and improves upon it. 


Even with Jeff’s experience in the fitness industry – from senior positions, to a Divisional Manager, to the Director of Operations – a career spanning over 18 years, he wasn’t prepared for the role that his effective marketing would play. With the ability to access the resources, help, and community that Market Like a Pro offers, Jeff now feels confident in not only his efforts, but in the support system that is in place for him.

With the security and soundboard for ideas and strategies that Market Like a Pro and the MLAP Community offers, Jeff has fallen back in love with his business, feeling less stressed and now invigorated with the possibilities to come.

The Market Like A Pro Experience:

What really impressed Jeff about the Market Like a Pro experience, was the fact that after nearly a year, his business had seen an increase in revenue of tens of thousands of dollars. He also attributes his success to the resources that MLAP offers, even after the 90-day journey.

In fact, Jeff has found these resources invaluable. By taking advantage of live coaching, where ideas and questions can be brought to our MLAP coaches, the collaboration that the group provides, and the community of marketers that he is now a part of, Jeff says that he has been able to hone in on his marketing skills, leading him to continued success.

We asked Jeff who he believed would benefit most from the Market Like a Pro program, and these were his thoughts;

“If you own your own business, and you have any product to sell or market, then [Market Like a Pro] is a great program for you. The strategies that are taught are great for online courses and an influencer-type market. But, the strategies can be implemented in so many other ways, too, like B to C businesses, B2B businesses, or even retail. All of these different strategies can be used in a lot of varieties of businesses. If you’re a business owner and you don’t have a professional marketer on your team, I would get into the [MLAP Program].”


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