Lauren McCaleb


the Before:

Lauren had been running ads for two years prior to joining Market Like A Pro, and had gone through another program where she was learning how to get her ads up and running, how to interpret the results and make pivots, etc. While she developed a solid understanding of her ads during that time, she was still lacking when it came to funnels and overall business strategies and didn’t have a clear idea of how everything came together.  She felt like she was starting and stopping over and over with different offers because one was only selling to her warm audience, and the other was reaching a cold audience… but then they weren’t buying. 

She’d had two successful live webinar launches already, but she wanted to get something up and running consistently AND be able to sell it to a cold audience. She needed support most with creating an evergreen offer, and bringing in the right cold audiences and properly nurturing them with her content.

In November 2021, Lauren launched with a free challenge where she ran several ads aimed at getting people registered for the challenge, but when her cart opened, her offer didn’t sell. This resulted in a loss of $13,000. At this point, Lauren knew she needed additional support to help turn things around for her business, and she joined Market Like A Pro the next month!


Lauren spent the month of December diving into the program content and working one on one with our coaches to get clarity on her strategy and messaging. Our Messaging Coach helped Lauren find clarity on how to talk to two different ideal customer avatars together – something she’d been struggling with for years! In January, she re-launched her podcast with a clear content plan and set up visibility and lead generation ads. At the end of January, Lauren re-launched her program with a live webinar that was incredibly successful – a complete 180 from where she’d been in November! 

The Results

Ad Spend: $5,400

Total (Banked + Booked) Sales: $21,000

Total ROAs: 3.8x


Lauren’s biggest takeaways since joining the program are that she’s gotten clear on her overall business strategy and focused in on one main offer. She now has so much more clarity and has been able to fill in the gaps in what she’d learned from other courses/coaches.

She now has a clear plan for creating an evergreen strategy and is confident in what is needed to get there. Additionally, she’s gained a better understanding on how to use her podcast to build a relationship with cold audiences and nurture them. Lauren now has a solid system in place that she can grow and optimize!

Lauren was able to recover from an unsuccessful launch, generate enough revenue from her most recent launch to make back her investment in our program, and is on track to up-level to work with our agency in the coming months to catapult her growth and success even further! The biggest impacts being in Market Like A Pro has had for Lauren thus far is that she now has her confidence back, and has the direction and clarity she needs to continue crushing her goals. She can finally see how to make it all work together in her business sustainably, without having to try new things or starting from scratch all the time. 

She’s now working to implement a hybrid strategy with the support and guidance of our team that combines aspects of both a webinar and high ticket funnel to test moving forward. Her eyes are on the prize!

The Market Like A Pro Experience:

We asked Lauren what she would say to anyone who may be on the fence about joining Market Like A Pro, and here’s what she had to say: 

“What are you waiting for, do you hate money? This literally has everything you need to be successful. If you don’t join you basically don’t want to succeed. MLAP is like having a genie in a bottle … seriously this was all of my wishes granted! And what next?!”

We can not congratulate her enough on her success. She truly is an exemplary member in our program, and is the perfect example of how marketing always works, it’s just a matter of when!


Powerhouse Team


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