What makes Market Like A Pro different from other marketing courses?

It’s not a course.  It's a consulting + coaching container where we provide you the strategies, structure, coaching, and personalized feedback to 100% set your marketing strategy up for success. 

No modules to work through. No worthless worksheets. No fluff and filler. 

We are walking you through each stage of building a marketing plan from scratch with 1:1 professional support every step of the way. 

It's just one step from hiring a marketing agency -- but without the whole investment. 

Where do your strategies and suggestions come from?

We’re always exploring (and sharing) what’s working in-house at Hirsh Marketing and constantly looking at the data and the details.

We help earn $1 million in revenue for our clients each month and have the incredible opportunity to test and perfect our strategy like no other team out there!

What happens after I sign up? How do I access the materials?

Once your payment processes, you'll be given INSTANT access to our portal for resources, and your Account Manager will reach out to schedule your kick-off call. 

What happens if I fall behind?


Literally impossible. 

Obviously, if a health or family issue comes up that prevents you from finishing your work, we will work this out individually. Our ultimate goal is your success, and we stick to that promise. 

What if I want continued support from my team after my 3-month commitment?

We’d love to have you! You can continue to have their love and support for just $697 per month after your initial commitment. This offer is not open to the public and will only be available for participants of Marketing Like A Pro.

What’s the refund policy for Market Like a Pro?

If after coming into Market Like a Pro and applying our frameworks, working with all the MLAP support team and successfully executing our strategies you don't 2x your leads & sales from where they are now...We'll refund your investment!