THE Marketing Kickstart

The Entire Foundational Training to a 6 & 7 Figure Business

(…one we still use in our million dollar business)

The very last thing we want for you is to keep feeling…

Frustrated that your marketing either stopped working OR never budged in the first place.

Confused by ALL the options, gurus, tricks, tips, and advice out there. You just want clear steps from someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Overwhelmed by all the constant changes, iOS updates, algorithm shifts, and increased competition.

Unsure what to do next! You know you NEED a successful marketing campaign to grow, but you have no idea where to start, and nothing you've tried has worked!

Defeated because it seems like everyone else is having success online. Maybe marketing just doesn't work for you? (Spoiler alert: it will).

Look, I get it.

There’s not a lot of high-level marketing support for new businesses. 

But you work too damn hard to feel this stressed out about your growth. We want to help make marketing far more manageable and way less time-consuming so YOU can get back to rocking it for your clients and customers.


Inside, you’ll get access to ALL the video lessons and resources (the very same ones you’ll find in the MLAP curriculum) to master the first 4 key marketing milestones NECESSARY for success ↓


Clear Understanding of Your Avatar


Defined Offer


Launch 1st Piece Of Content From Your Content Plan


Brand Awareness & Visibility Ads

In less than 2 weeks, you will have LIVE visibility ads growing your audience and a bulletproof marketing foundation to continue to build your entire strategy!

ONLY $397!

By the end, you’ll walk away with…

A Clearly Defined Ideal Customer + Pitch-Perfect Messaging

so you can create marketing that actually WORKS.

If you do not nail this step, your marketing will NOT be successful, PERIOD. Messaging drives your ad creative, emails, strategy, funnel copy, organic content... EVERYTHING!

A Fully Fleshed Out Offer that’s Ready for Sale

so you can validate your offer BEFORE spending $$$ on ads.

When you combine powerful offer positioning and our strategy for validating your offer you will save thousands on ads AND be far more successful out of the gate!

A High Converting Content Strategy

so you can create content your buyers actually WANT

When you use our complete, strategic organic content strategy and high converting content bundle -- you will be empowered to create content that rapidly builds your audience with the RIGHT clients. (Without spending 24/7 online)

Your First Visibility Ad

so you can start growing your audience and fill your funnel with excellent leads!

We’ll walk you through ALL the steps necessary to launch your very first visibility ad that you can use now and in the future to grow your audience and incorporate in a comprehensive marketing strategy!

Ready to set up your marketing foundations, cure your overwhelm, and start growing that beautiful biz?

ONLY $397!

Each milestone is filled with bite-sized, fluff-free video trainings and the very same resources we use in our agency every day! 

We will kickstart your entire marketing foundation and in less than 2 weeks you will be live with visibility ads that you can use now and forever as you continue to scale and build your marketing strategy!

Understanding Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Identify your ICA, take your messaging to the next level, stand out above the noise!  

Video Trainings: 

  • Narrowing Down + Choosing Your Audience
  • How To Perform Market Research
  • Creating A True Ideal Customer Description


  • ICA Discovery Template
  • ICA Interview Template
  • ICA Interview Invite Emails

Refining + Validating Your Offer

Create or refine your offer, discover pitch-perfect market positioning, give your audience what they want!

Video Trainings: 

  • The Perfect Offer Structure + Model
  • Deciding on Your Offer Pricing
  • Powerful Offer Positioning


  • Powerful Offer Positioning Template

High Converting Content Strategy

Develop a sustainable and effective content strategy, get insights on what content will work for YOUR audience, make it as easy as possible!

Video Trainings: 

  • Developing An Achievable + Effective Content Strategy
  • Creating Powerful Content Topics
  • Podcast Best Practices & Strategies
  • Hashtags, Algorithms, and Growing Your Profiles
  • Reels 101
  • Video Recording Best Practices
  • Basic Video Editing
  • Basic Podcast Editing + Production


  • Content Calendar Template
  • 50 Fill-in-the-Blank Topic Ideas
  • Podcast Schedule Template
  • Recommended Equipment List

Launch your First Visibility Ad

Get all the skinny on how to effectively launch your first visibility ad! Budget, targeting, creative, strategy — you’ll learn it all!

Video Trainings: 

  • Visibility Ads 101
  • Setting Your Visibility Ad Budget
  • Setting Up Your Business Manager from Scratch
  • Verifying Your Domain and Any Other Actions From iOS14
  • Finding Targeting Options For Your Visibility Ads
  • Placing Your Pixel For Visibility Ads
  • Creating Your Ads Planner
  • Setting Up Your First Visibility Ad


  • Visibility Ad Swipe Files
  • Step-by-step Guide to Verify Your Domain
  • Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension
  • Market Like a Pro Ads Planner Template



A successful marketing plan isn’t based on luck. It is based on a proven process.

This is why I can confidently say if you follow our process and take action on our guidance in this series…

… you’ll be ready to take your business to the next level exceptionally soon.

Let’s make marketing work for you!

ONLY $397!

ONLY $397!

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