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case studies

Are you our next success story?


Jeff Melis

When Jeff’s health and fitness education company first began experiencing the repercussions of COVID-19, nearly 80% of his business’s revenue was generated through live, in-person courses. With his business part of the fitness industry, at this time, he was only offering online courses as an upsell to a live course, as opposed to focusing his offer on online courses or other online materials.

Lauren McCaleb

Lauren had been running ads for two years prior to joining Market Like A Pro, and had gone through another program where she was learning how to get her ads up and running, how to interpret the results and make pivots, etc. While she developed a solid understanding of her ads during that time, she was still lacking when it came to funnels and overall business strategies and didn’t have a clear idea of how everything came together.

Paul Cooley

When Paul was first bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, he strived to help others create more freedom in their lives, whether that be financial freedom or simply the freedom to do things on their own terms. However, it was when life went to a really dark place in his marriage, that his true ‘why’ became clear. He realized that the framework that he had needed to be shared because it has helped people produce tangible results not just in marriage, but in all areas of life.