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the Before:

When Paul was first bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, he strived to help others create more freedom in their lives, whether that be financial freedom or simply the freedom to do things on their own terms. However, it was when life went to a really dark place in his marriage, that his true ‘why’ became clear. He realized that the framework that he had needed to be shared because it has helped people produce tangible results not just in marriage, but in all areas of life. Paul knew that he had something that not a lot of other people seemed to have, and something that definitely wasn’t represented in the marketplace.

Thus, his business King’s Code was born. Through King’s Code, Paul supports other men in rising up to be who God has called them to be. A big part of that is supporting men with their marriages and helping them work through divorces, affairs, etc., and getting them to a place of wholeness. For him, being in business is so much more than making money, it’s about making a real impact and bringing lasting change to people’s lives.

Paul had gone through another coaching program prior to joining Market Like a Pro and had tried running ads for his business on his own, admittedly not to the best of his ability. He wasn’t able to achieve the momentum he wanted and he knew that he didn’t have time to learn it all by himself. So when he learned about Hirsh Marketing and MLAP, he knew that this was the answer he’d been looking for!


Paul was committed to working his way through the program, attending our group support calls, our one-on-one strategy sessions, etc. After implementing what he’d learned in Market Like a Pro, Paul realized that his summit funnel was not the right vehicle to pitch his offer to his audience and wanted to make a shift. Ideally, he wanted a strategy that would deliver his offer to his audience right away. Paul shared with our team that he originally wanted to launch a webinar funnel to sell his coaching program, but ultimately went with his summit funnel per the advice of the previous training program he’d been in. Our MLAP coach served as Paul’s sounding board to talk through his ideas and identify the best course of action to implement a brand new webinar funnel.

Before Market Like a Pro, Paul didn’t have anyone to help him identify where things were going wrong or opportunities for improvement. Through our comprehensive program modules, weekly group support calls, and monthly one-on-one strategy sessions, Paul was able to find so much more clarity on where things weren’t performing well in his funnel and what actions he could take to improve those results. He says that this has been the biggest contributor to his continued uptick in his results and success!


Since joining Market Like a Pro, Paul has seen significant improvements in his ad costs. Specifically, his cost per registration for both his summit funnel and his webinar funnel were cut in half!

This has been huge for Paul, especially during a time when ad costs have gone up across the board across all industries, his costs continue to trend down!

“While cost was going up, mine went down because of [Market Like a Pro].” 


Knowing Your Numbers is a Game Changer

Before joining Market Like a Pro, Paul wouldn’t have considered analyzing and interpreting data and doing math one of his core strengths. Through MLAP, Paul was able to recognize just how critical knowing your numbers can be for making decisions backed by data, not emotions or what you “think” should happen. Although working with numbers may not have come to him naturally, Paul greatly benefited from the tools and resources available in MLAP that made tracking his data and pinpointing opportunities for optimization that much easier.

Marketing Always Works, It’s Just a Matter of When

One of the primary reasons Paul joined Market Like a Pro was to learn how to properly set up his ads to maximize the results he saw from them. After using our process, tools, and leveraging the support available in the program, Paul now knows exactly how to set up, track, and optimize his ads in a way that minimizes costs all on his own!

There is Power in Community

Paul was a lone ranger who was used to doing it all on his own. He had no support, no one to sound ideas off of, no one to hold him accountable. One of the biggest reasons that he’s been able to thrive in Market Like a Pro is that it provided him with the missing piece he needed to truly succeed: community. Coming into MLAP, Paul was determined to go all-in and partake in all of the benefits of our private Facebook community and support calls, and has found them to be invaluable to his success in the program so far!


This has been huge for Paul, especially during a time when ad costs have gone up across the board across all industries, his costs continue to trend down!

Being a Market Like a Pro student has allowed Paul to keep driving his businesses forward, even during a time where life and business are extremely busy for him. Paul owns another business as well, but he was determined to make Kings Code his primary business and take it to that next level. MLAP has allowed him to stay focused on what matters, hone in on what needs to be done, and stop procrastinating.

Through Market Like a Pro, Paul was also able to have the sounding board he needed to run his ideas by. Any time Paul had a strategy he was contemplating, was curious on where to tweak and adjust, and everything in between, he was able to leverage all of the support in MLAP to get the feedback and advice he needed to confidently execute his strategy. It has been an immense relief mentally and has kept Paul motivated to keep that momentum going and continue to build his business, whereas he didn’t necessarily have that same drive before because everything was so busy and he was in it alone.

The Market Like A Pro Experience:

What really ‘wowed’ Paul in Market Like a Pro was the abundance of opportunity to get real support with his marketing and ad strategy. It’s one thing to be able to post a question in a Facebook group and simply get a response, but MLAP goes the extra level by providing weekly group coaching, monthly one-on-one strategy sessions, monthly messaging workshops, and monthly masterclasses. Paul loved that he had the chance to hop on Emily’s monthly masterclasses and chat with her directly during the Q&A portion to get personalized support in real-time.

We asked Paul what he thought about his overall experience with Hirsh Marketing, and here’s what he had to say;

“I think you guys are doing it right and stepping everything up a notch. The standard has been raised. You guys have raised the bar on every level, from the content to the training, to the coaching. I know what other things are out there and you are doing an excellent job.”


Powerhouse Team


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