I’m frustrated with the lack of high-quality options in marketing for the in-betweeners… The business owners who have a solid foundation, but whose product isn’t proven (yet).

This is a large group of people looking for a solution that basically doesn’t exist.

And until recently, you didn’t have a good option, honestly: You could either buy a course + DIY your ads (time-consuming and really, really hard) or hire a low-cost agency that may or may not provide the right support (risky and potentially unhelpful).

Well, to celebrate EPISODE 100, I’m announcing a *brand new* solution to your problem… Introducing our Hirsh Marketing “Performance Package” for the Phase 2 marketers stuck at a marketing plateau, but ready for more!

Yes, I’m talking to you if you’re in the “buying data” phase of marketing and need help getting leads in the funnel, analyzing the data, and optimizing for best results… That’s what this 90-day package will do to uplevel your marketing – without a DIY course or mediocre results.

Now, even if you’re not quite ready to work with Team Hirsh, there’s hella-good content inside this episode… Within 20 minutes, I’m diving deep into:

  • Why I’m frustrated with the lack of quality options in my industry
  • The kinds of challenges we’re facing with a brand new, unproven offering
  • And the 3 phases of marketing (+how to determine where you’re at and what to do next)

Tune in, and then head to HelpMyStrategy.com to apply for our Performance Package + uplevel your marketing a.s.a.p.

Key Points:
[3:03] There aren’t a lot of high-quality options for getting help with your marketing
[6:18] So here’s my solution… Introducing our brand new Performance Package!
[8:03] This is for people who need help buying data.
[10:07] Here’s how it works + what’s included
[11:59] Which phase of marketing are you in? (There’s 3.)
[13:02] This package helps people in Phase 2.
[14:44] This is your first step to partnering with us as a premier client…

If you’re ready for our Performance Package, go to HelpMyStrategy.com to apply. (Remember, you need a solid offering + clear messaging first!)



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Episode Transcripts:  

Emily Hirsh: I’m Emily Hirsh, and this is the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast. Attention innovators, influencers, creators, and game-changing entrepreneurs: your internet domination begins right here. We are the powerhouse marketers that you’ve been looking for. You’re already making waves in your industry, and we’re here to help amplify those waves of change by creating a connection that cuts through the noise. 

We take everything you’ve built inside your zone of genius and find its audience. With killer strategy and laser eye for impact, we launch multimillion dollar campaigns and skyrocket your reach online. And now, we are doing the unheard of: we’re unveiling everything we’ve learned, taking you behind-the-scenes with the Hirsh Marketing Team, and giving away the secrets to our clients’ success. Stay tuned for top-converting strategy, ROI reports, and insider knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. You’re changing the world, and we’re the team to help. 

Hello my friends. I am so excited. I have about 15 or more podcast episode ideas! My team and some of you guys, listeners, and then my own space and time, and just “thinking” time, have come up with so many ideas for the podcast. So, the next couple of months [are] going to be pretty awesome. It’s always awesome, but I’m excited for everything I have to share with you guys! But this is episode 100! I’ve been doing the podcast for a year, consistently, twice a week for a year. I can’t believe we’re on episode 100…  

I think this is, and I tell people this all the time, my favorite way of communicating and getting my message out there and connecting with people and building my audience. I love podcast recording. I love recording short, jam-packed-with-information episodes… and I’ve gotten so much feedback about the length of these episodes being what people are looking for. So if you create content, just keep that in mind, because people really appreciate something that they can go implement or they can feel inspired from or they can have a takeaway from in 10 to 20 minutes. 

I rarely go over 20 minutes on this podcast, and it’s usually about a 15-minute [in] length podcast. My personality is to be really short, straight to the point. My team always makes fun of me for hating small talk and meetings always being very concise and short. I try hard to connect and to have small talk, but I get a lot done in a day! So the podcast fits me very well in that way, that it’s short, to the point, actionable. That’s how all my trainings and teachings are, from strategy calls to actual content course content I have for people, everything. 

Anyways, celebrating episode 100… I was thinking for a long time like, “What am I going to do for episode 100? It has to be a good one…” but they’re all good, you guys! I put 110% in all of these. But, I am going to share something new that we have in episode 100, and the background of why we’re doing this and why I’m so excited about it. The reason I haven’t promoted it or really even put it out there yet is because we’re getting already so many people who want this thing, because it’s so needed, and so I know we’re going to get flooded when I put this out there, which we can handle now. 

But here’s what you hear me talk about a lot. If you’ve been listening to the podcast, if you know my content, I talk a lot about buying data. I talk a lot about a new funnel or a new offering or something that’s not proven yet, being where you’re not ready to scale ads and really not ready to work… in the past, have not been ready to work for us. Here is where I feel really frustrated, or I have felt [frustrated]. Actually, this has been [how I felt] for the last year. I’ve been looking for a solution for this for people, because I feel like right now the options out there for people to get support with their marketing is either: they take a course and they learn it themselves… which to be quite honest with you, number one, [it’s] a great option, depending on where you are, but it’s a lot of work.

So there are some people out there who are like, “I don’t really want to take a course and go through all of the material and implement it myself, because it’s almost equivalent to 40 hours a week,” especially in the beginning when you have no idea how to navigate ads manager, no idea how to build your audiences, starting from scratch with your strategy. You’re just feeling so overwhelmed. And I can remember feeling like that in the very beginning when I was learning Facebook ads. You can literally spend three hours trying to do something that should take you five minutes, but it’s just sometimes not set up [to be] user friendly… 

…they change it, it’s confusing. The option is, get a course, learn it yourself, go through that course, implement it, run the ads, and then get the feedback from those ads to then know, “Is my stuff converting or not?” But [from here], there’s so many factors! Like, “Is it my ads? Is it my landing page? Is it my funnel?” And so a lot of people need that support. So that’s one option for people. Or you can go to an agency, a basic level agency. Maybe there’s one or two people in the agency… which is also fine. There are some good ones out there… none that I truly recommend and back, because I think to really do a good job, you have to have a team of different experts in different [zones of genius].

And I would argue that, in the beginning phases of the business, it’s actually harder to get something to convert and more work, because you’re having to do a lot of optimizing, tweaking, evaluating. If somebody doesn’t have that skill set, it can be really harmful. The option is, go find a $2,000 a month agency and know, “I’m not getting the full amount, but I can’t work with the big people yet.” Or, work with somebody like my team, but we require, at least up until this point, that you have a funnel that you’ve already run traffic to… 

…it works, and we’re here to scale and optimize it, or at least that it’s converted to warm traffic, and now it’s time to take it to ads… a proven product, proven funnel. We’re higher priced for that, so it makes sense. Well, I’m like, “How do I help people just do that initial 90 days of buying data without having to learn ads themselves and run their own ads and do a five out of 10 job…” because that’s not what they’re here to do. It overwhelms them. It paralyzes them. 

I’ve watched too many people go through that, and so for the last year, I’ve literally sat there and been like, just at the back of my head constantly like, “Somebody needs to help people take that one step from, ‘I have an offering. I know it’s good. I know my messaging. I know who I’m going to target. I need to test this and get people in the funnel,’” because you’ll have course creators and people out there teach you like, “Well, just take it to your audience and get as many people in there as you can.” 

But if you don’t have an audience, how are you supposed to do that? You have to run ads to get people to see your stuff, to get people in the funnel, to see if it’s converting. Ads are, honestly, one of the cheaper ways, unless you have an audience already, which most people don’t just come online with an audience, to get people in the funnel and test it. And so, how do I get people through that 90 days and then ready to go to the next level? What we did was, we created a new package, and it’s in… Well, we’ve actually run a few people through it, but we’re not going to take a huge handful of people… 

To be completely honest, the reason why we’re not taking a huge handful of people is, I have to make sure we can do this and afford it, because we lowered the prices a little bit for this package, but it’s still going to require a lot of work. As a business owner, I’m monitoring that and the bandwidth [that] one ads manager has to manage these packages. We’re calling it our Performance Package, and it’s for people who know their messaging and have an offer that they’re confident in, but they don’t maybe have a tested funnel, and they’re in that buying data phase, and they need help getting as many leads and people into the top of their funnel as they can, so that they can see what is and isn’t working. And they need help analyzing it. 

So they need to have a team say, “We’re going to get 200 people, or whatever, this month in your funnel, and then we’re going to tell you everything that needs to be updated or fixed or what is and isn’t working and give you those suggestions.” It’s a 90-day package, and it’s really based on my concept of buying data and proving something before you amplify and scale it. It’s only running ads to, well, Phase 2 and 3 of The Hirsh Process. So it’s visibility ads… You have to create the content obviously, so we would encourage you to be doing that… Facebook lives, if you have a podcast, whatever… promoting that, because we’re building your brand during this 90 days. 

And then all of our focus goes into lead gen ads, because at this phase, you don’t need to worry about the really detailed retargeting ads and the abandoned cart ads and all these things… If you’re not getting traffic through the funnel, those are irrelevant. Those are icing on the cake and what’s going to amplify and scale your results once you know that the foundation is working, and so we have to prove your foundation before we go there. And so it’s just running the campaign and the ads to the top of the funnel. Let’s say it’s a webinar. It’s all of those webinar ads, getting you the best cost per lead, and just getting bodies through the funnel, because that is what you need in this phase. 

Russell [Brunson] says he has a rule that he won’t even touch a funnel unless he’s got 1,000 people in it or spent at least a couple of thousand dollars to see how it’s working. You need not to do that, but if you don’t know how to do that, you just become paralyzed. That’s what I’ve watched a lot of people go through. And so I want to support that. I think our team can do a really good job supporting that. So we’ll do an initial call, look at your funnel, give you that strategy, just like we would [with] a client coming on. Then you get twice a month calls with our team. 

What we’re really doing is trying to get leads in the door for the best price, quality leads for the best price, and also get you those funnel stats and tell you what is and isn’t working. So we actually bring our internal strategist back into the picture at day 45 and day 90 to be like, “Okay, here’s your numbers. Here’s the report. Here’s how it’s working. Here’s what isn’t working. Here’s our suggestions,” so you know what to fix, and so you can stay in that zone of genius of content creating, fixing your webinar, doing that visibility content… and you’re not necessarily learning ads. 

I’m super excited about this, because I just feel like we have turned down so many people that, I believe in their product and I believe in their messaging and their business and what they’re doing and where they’re going, but they weren’t ready. When I say they weren’t ready, it’s like, I even have people who are like, “Well, I’ll pay you! I’ll pay you what you guys are charging.” And I’m like, “Yeah, but the problem is, if it needs work in funnel conversion, then you’re going to pay us all of that money and not be able to make up the income, because the funnel is not working.” 

I give so much business advice, I feel like, to our clients, too, as a business owner, because I am our clients. I myself am the same persona really as our clients, and so I understand from CEO to CEO. I’m like, “I can’t let you make that decision, because you’re not ready for it.” It’s not even about the investment. It’s about where should the strategy be? And the strategy at this level should be… And I’m saying this, too, if… obviously, if you’re not going to go for this package, I want you to remember [takeaway], what phase are you at? I believe there’s really three main phases that you’re at in your marketing. 

You’re either figuring out your messaging and your offering, if you’re at the very beginning stages. And really you’re not ready for paid ads then, maybe some visibility ads. But you wouldn’t have a funnel in place here. You wouldn’t really know what your strategy should be, because you can’t until you know your messaging and your offering. Those have to come first. You’re figuring out maybe what you want to do, what exactly you want to offer, what that looks like, who exactly you’re targeting, that detailed description of them, emotional connection with them. That’s phase one. 

That person is not really ready for ads. That person needs to do some talking to people, directly one-on-one connection building, just trying things, saying ‘yes’ to things… I think that’s really important to note. A lot of people give you crap for saying ‘yes’ to things. They’re like, “Oh, you have to say ‘no.’” Well, if you’re at that phase in your business, you might have to say ‘yes’ to a lot of things, but it depends what phase you are, because you have to try things and figure out what direction you want to go. Then the next phase is these people [the ICA for the Performance Package], the people who know their messaging, have their offer… 

…they’re confident in their offer. They maybe haven’t really sold it, but they know it’s amazing. They know it’s going to provide value. They know it’s a representation of them and their brand, and they have the basic strategy, but they need help, and they need to get bodies in the funnel. They don’t need to worry about retargeting. They don’t need to worry about ‘The Perfect Webinar.’ They don’t need to worry about all the bells and whistles and marketing. They just need to get the foundation working. They need to know their numbers. They need to buy data. They need to prove their funnel. 

They need to practice their webinars. They need to build their brand and their visibility and their list. That’s people who will fit our Performance Package description now, because that’s what we’ll do for them: bodies in the top of the funnel, build the list, quality leads, as many as we can, and buy that data to prove our funnel, prove if it’s working or not, find the holes, fix the holes, go through that 90-day process. Then the third camp of people are ones who have sold 10 to 50 of their product. It works. Their funnel works pretty well. They know they can get leads. Maybe they’ve converted just their warm audience, but they’ve converted people into their offer, and now they’re ready to take it to the next level. 

They’re ready for those bells and whistles. They’re ready for the retargeting. They’re ready for the scaling. They’re ready to optimize even further. They’re ready to have those Ninja strategies. They want to pass it all the way off. Those are my current clients, the premiere, and those are the people who have probably been in business for a while. They’re close to seven figures, if not well above it. Those are the people that we work with a lot – but I want to help people get to that next level, and there’s nobody out there doing that. Because your option is, have an agency who’s just low-priced because they’re not good… Or, sorry, no… 

That’s mean, but they don’t have the team and the resources, because you’re not going to charge a really low amount if you have that, because it’s really expensive. It costs me about $2,500 in cost, or more depending on copy and creative, to just run a client account, like zero profit. That’s average, but that’s a lot, because I have so many team members on an account and so much copy and creative. Your choice is, take a course, do it yourself, spend 30 to 40 hours a week learning it, and do nothing else, be overwhelmed and frustrated and move so slowly with your progress. Or hire an agency that you’re not confident in, but you can’t afford anything else… 

…so you’re frustrated with that. And nobody is helping people intentionally go from, “I know my message. I know my offering. I know all of that. Now I just need to get the foundational piece proven and as many leads as I can and [to] buy that data.” No one’s helping people buy data, strategically buy data, strategically review data, and then strategically make decisions on that data. That’s what we’re going to do. We are only taking, over the next 60 days, about 10 of these. We’ve already sold, probably three, and we have a few pending, so we don’t have a lot of spots. And honestly, I have capacity on my team now…

We’ve put a lot of ads managers through training in the last 90 days, but I need to make sure we can afford this offer. I’m not kidding, that is a literal thing, because it’s going to still cost me a lot to deliver this, because my internal strategist is actually going to have to be more involved in the delivery of this, because there will be so much optimization versus a client who comes in with a converting funnel. We don’t have to really make a lot of changes. You don’t want to make a lot of changes to something that’s working, because that’ll mess everything up! But a client who comes in with a converting funnel doesn’t need as much of that… 

Like, “Let’s look at the numbers. Let’s go back. Let’s change this. Let’s strategize,” and this person’s going to need that a lot, which is why we’re not running retargeting ads. We’re really focused on leads in the door, let’s prove the foundation. If you think this is something that you would be excited about, that would support you in your business, go to HelpMyStrategy.com and apply to work with us, because we need to still filter you. We are only accepting people who are in that second camp, so the requirements would be that you have your messaging clear, your offer clear, and a basic strategy already decided.

If you don’t have a strategy, what we are going to do is send you to a strategy call first, because you’ll need to have your strategy, build out the strategy, then we’re ready for ads. If you don’t have a strategy, you can still talk to us, but we won’t put you in this package yet. You have to have the strategy to run traffic to, to be able to start ads. We can help you strategize that strategy, but that’s a different, that’s just our strategy call. So HelpMyStrategy.com, you can apply. 

Our team wants to talk to you. They want to vet you still. They want to make sure you’re the right fit. If you listened to my podcast last week, we’re going to put everybody through our process to make sure they’re the right fit working with us, because that matters to me so, so much. I actually just… We have a really amazing influencer who wants to work with us, and she’s going back and forth between her internal team and us. She’s like, “Can you just come on and turn this around for this four week promotion? And show me what you guys can do?”

Most people would probably say ‘yes’ to that, right? You just heard it’s a big influencer. They’re spending a lot of money. They have a four-week promotion. They want to bring us in now and [through] four weeks, is the end of the promotion. [Well] onboarding takes seven to 10 days with us anyway, so it’s three weeks of promotion. She’s like, “Just come. Show me your magic,” and I said ‘no.’ I said ‘no’ this week. I was like, “Look, I know we can do amazing things for your team, but we need our 90-day package. We need enough time,” and she’s in the premiere, but, “We need enough time to onboard you, to do things right, to set us up for success,” because I’ve learned too many times that if I adjust that process, then it doesn’t work out, and people don’t have the experience that I want them to, because I moved away from the process that I’m already committed to. 

Celebrating episode 100, I’m announcing this officially on the podcast now, HelpMyStrategy.com. Go and apply to work with us if you are excited about this and you think this might be a fit to support you in that place that you might currently be in your business. I’m super excited to see who comes through and gets to work with us on this package, because I am so confident that we’ll be able to support a lot of people in moving forward with their marketing faster and more strategically in this space. It’s so important to have the strategy in this phase when you’re buying data, so, so important. 

All right you guys, I will see you all next time. 

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