There’s an old saying in the marketing world, “With good marketing, you can sell anything!” And here’s my 15-minute speech about why that’s WRONG.

Yes, you can market a bad product or service for a limited time – but eventually, people will find out + your business will take a dive.

Because, marketing has a snowball effect… You satisfy ONE client, and she tells her friends (and on and on). But, if your product or service doesn’t deliver on its promise? You kill your own business.

The impact you create in business really matters – not just ethically, but for your bottom line.

In this episode, I’m getting a bit controversial as we dive into some big things happening in the #influencer world. We’ll cover…

  • The mega-shift happening in our industry…
  • The mistake Russel Brunson made (+how you can avoid it)
  • And what the most successful influencers will focus on in 2020

Tune in, and then hop over to Instagram (@emilyhirsh) to tell me, What’s your #1 priority in 2020? How will you focus on genuine, long-term impact over “quick wins”?

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Key Points:
[3:03] Marketing has a snowball effect, meaning… your impact matters.
[4:18] Here’s the mistake Russel Brunson made.
[6:25] There’s a mega-shift coming in our industry. Are you ready for it?
[9:38] I will NOT work with anyone who doesn’t care about this.
[12:33] The most successful influencers do this already.

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Episode Transcripts:  

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Hello there everyone. I hope you’re having an amazing week. This episode will actually be releasing at the end of October, so I hope you’ve had an amazing October. I can’t believe we only have two more months left of this year, like insane. And I keep on seeing those posts like, “It’s the end of a decade!” I can’t believe it. Crazy, so crazy. So today, I’m going to talk about why you can’t just market anything and what I mean by that. And there’s this saying out there, this old saying in marketing that’s, “With good marketing, you can sell anything,” or “You can market anything.”

And I don’t really believe that, especially in our industry. And this is coming from, if you’re connected with me at all on my personal page, a while back I did a post about the influencer industry in general, and just the promotion that anyone can just teach people anything, even if they don’t have experience, and how I really don’t believe that’s true, and how I believe that the people who are going to do really well in their business and grow a really big business and be successful are the ones who actually care about the impact that they have on others.

And I think we’re going to move into a shift, I mean, speaking of [the] end of the year and a decade, I think we’re moving into a shift where people who… business owners and CEOs and companies and brands who really focus on the value that they bring to the customer are actually going to do better than anyone else. And that’s why I don’t believe… You can’t market a bad product. You maybe can for a limited time, but it will crash and burn. And I’ve seen it happen. And there’s been a shift, too, where people have really started to focus on things like their students’ results, their student completion percentages, the results people are getting with their product or their service, and really caring about that.

And the reason I believe this is so important is because what happens when you do that is, you start to get this snowball effect of people talking about your course and sharing it with their friends or telling their coworker or their team member or somebody at a mastermind or on their Facebook page or on their Instagram… the experience they had with your course. And you get this other stream and other channel of promotion.

And that is how you grow a long-term brand. You don’t just grow one from mastering one thing like Facebook ads. I love Facebook ads and marketing. I think they’re essential for pretty much every business, but it’s not the one and only thing that you should do. You have to have a very holistic view of your business, because you’re going to, as you grow, attract people from all over to your brand. And that’s the position I’m in where like, it’s amazing, I’ll get somebody who’s like, “Yeah, I heard about you from this event, and then I saw your podcast, and then this,” you’re everywhere. And that’s what you want for your business. But if you have a product where, once people go to consume it and go through it, they don’t get results, that’s going to catch up with you.

There’s a lot of groups of people out there right now that promote, “All you need is a successful funnel, all you need is successful marketing. Throw that together, and then you’ll be able to have success with your marketing.” Okay, I’m just going to be so up front here in this. I wasn’t planning to do this in the episode, [but]… I love Russell Brunson, I think he’s a genius. I think he’s an amazing entrepreneur, very smart.

However, he’s very focused on that “one funnel away” and just getting people to get that funnel up and sell anything to get that funnel up. But I want you guys… if anyone follows him, what did he do six weeks ago (from when this episode will come out)? That announcement that he put out, it was basically “We’re going to strap down, focus so much on our delivery and fixing our software glitches, being the best funnel building software out there… which means we’re letting go of the other pieces that were kind of distracting us as we tried to do everything and have all these like shiny objects, like the ManyChat integration and Actionetics email integration…

All those things, we’re going to let those go so that we can focus on our software being the best.” And he actually said in his video, he said, “It was a mistake I made, trying to do everything and trying to be everything, versus focusing in on the software. The problem it’s caused is [that] my developers couldn’t focus on fixing these problems and making it the best software ever, and it’s upset customers.” That is coming from someone whose message in the beginning and the last couple of years has really been centered around… And I mean, if you’re in the free Clickfunnels Facebook group, it’s people who are like, “I have no experience,” some people, not everybody in there. But you see posts that are like, “I have no experience, I want to get started. I want to make $1 million, what should I do?”

You should create value, that’s what you should do! Don’t create a funnel first! Figure out how you’re going to bring value to people’s lives. And so, I want people to realize, there is a huge shift coming, because if you go too long not focusing on that value and not focusing on the delivery and the results that you bring, you will start to go backwards in your business. And I think Russell is doing this to get to his one, his… I don’t know what, I think it’s close to $1 billion valuation, but he’s really buckling down to to do this. And he did a public video about it and the changes they’re making. And they have other announcements coming out that I don’t know what they are. But it’s a really great move. I think it’s very smart what he’s doing. And it’s about focus as well, which, I talk about that all the time.

I just think it’s really interesting coming from somebody who is so focused on the marketing and is now kind of… not shifting focus, they’re obviously going to still focus on the marketing, but putting a great amount of attention into the delivery. And that’s something that I’ve been saying forever, because I’ve seen it happen where, clients have success or… I even see people who I just follow in the industry… have huge success, maybe they hit $1 million, and then they kind of drop off. And you’re like, “What happened?” And then you start finding out that their product didn’t deliver what it said it was going to [deliver]. So I am kind of speaking out about this more, because I want those people out of the industry who think that they can go and create something successful by just kind of making it up and not bringing value. And you should prioritize value first and then create the really successful marketing. And once you have the value and the messaging and who you’re going to be impacting down, then you can go create those strategies that are really successful.

And like I said, I think a change is coming. And so what this means, if you’re listening to this… Most of my followers, honestly, I attract people who care about their audience. So most of you guys listening probably do this and probably do care about your delivery and probably do put focus into it, because that’s what I attract. That’s what I do myself, that’s one of my number one values. But if you have ever doubted that or have ever been like, “Oh, I’ve got to put more attention into my marketing and less into my students’ results or my client’s results,” don’t doubt yourself with that, because if you can continue to run your company where that is a constant priority, that’s something you’re constantly improving, it will never be done. There’s always things I’ve done to improve my delivery. And in a year from now, we’ll have better delivery than we do today, because we’re going to be learning where we have gaps, things we don’t even know yet.

And so if you just think once you create something, you’re done, once you create a course, you’re done and that’s it… it’s so far from the truth. You have to constantly be putting work into it to grow your business in this holistic way where it’s a real business. It’s not just a funnel that got put up and then it made money and then it died. It’s a real business with a product that changes lives, with content that changes lives, and really, truly impacts people and brings that value to the world. And those are the people that we work with. I will not work with someone not like that, not only because I don’t want to and I don’t want to represent that and I don’t want to help spread that, but also because I know it won’t work long-term. If somebody comes in, and is like… I have had this happen before where, people have been in our application process, where they’re asking us what they should sell, and they don’t have anything to sell yet.

And they’re like, “Well, do you think I should create this course or this course?” And sometimes that’s okay, if you already have the content. But if you don’t even know what you’re going to sell, and it’s like, you’re going to switch niches, and you don’t even know who you’re going to target… Figure out how you’re going to bring value, that’s step number one. And recently, I was asked in an interview what I think some of the top contributing factors are to my own success. And the two things I said was, one, I’ve focused on going after one type of client and really perfecting the delivery to people selling digital products and in the digital marketing space and not trying to do brick and mortar businesses and trying to do everything.

And two, focusing on my delivery, because for so much of my business and even today, we get referrals, and those are free. And we do marketing, we market this podcast, we market to book a call. I have to walk my talk, I build my list, I do all of that. But I also get a lot of referrals, and that comes from having a really good delivery. And that’s something I’ve always focused on, because I don’t know how not to. My name is attached to this. I have to deliver, I have to be the best I can be, because otherwise I won’t be able to sleep at night. That’s just how I work.

But I do think that that has been a contributing factor to my business growth, because there’s been times where I’ve said ‘no’ to money or ‘no’ to opportunities or ‘we have to slow down our marketing,’ because we have to fix this delivery issue first before we can grow. Things like that where, I think people have a hard time saying ‘no’ or turning down money or opportunity, and so they sacrifice their reputation in the long run, and their delivery, because they’ve overextended themselves. That’s a very common thing to have happen, and it’s easy for it to happen. And I’ve probably been there myself before, where I accidentally did that. But I’m always really careful when we plan as a company, quarterly and monthly, and we look at our planning, that I focus in on, not just how are we going to grow, how are we going to get more clients, how are we going to grow our list? How are we going to sell to more students?

I also focus on, how are we going to make what we offer [already] better? And that’s at least half of our goals every single quarter and every single month is, improving our delivery, not just business growth. You have to balance out the two and kind of go at it with that holistic view and be able to do that. And I think that it pays off. And if you watch the really successful people in the industry, they do this. The people who have grown huge businesses do this, my friends. It’s a common theme. So don’t ever lose sight of this as things take off or as your marketing starts to work. Always come back to that focus.

All right, you guys. So, if you want to work with Team Hirsh, I really do believe we are the best in this industry, because of the attention I put into delivery and processes. I am so proud of my team. My team is in the best place it’s been in all the years I’ve built a team. Right now, it’s amazing. Every day I love watching them on my huddle and just these so powerful people managing our clients’ ads with these amazing strategies and just so stable. I don’t know, it just feels so good. And I really believe we’re the best because of that, but also because of the data that we have access to, and the different strategies we have access to, that I will argue against anyone, any day, that nobody has that much information and data in this industry, of online and digital marketing, as we do. We get to work with the very big players, and we also get to work with, in our new performance package, too, people who aren’t there yet and people who want to become that.

And so, I love helping people through that journey. So if that’s you, if you’re thinking about it, and you want to kind of get that set up for the end of this year or early next year, you can go to HelpMyStrategy.com to apply to work with us. I promise you will get value out of that call alone. We’ve got it pretty dialed in so we can figure out who it is that we want to work with, and make sure you’re that fit and that we can help you, confidently help you, before we say ‘yes’ to you and you say ‘yes’ to us. All right, I’ll see you all in the next episode.

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