My brand NEW book Ignite Your Impact is out today!

What. The. Accomplishment.

I started writing this book in September 2019. And in less than six months, we’ve successfully self-published my first-ever “product.”

This 100+ page explanation of “holistic” marketing strategy is the culmination of 5+ years in the digital marketing world… with thousands of hours behind-the-scenes, for hundreds of influencer clients, with millions of dollars in ad spend. 

(To say I’m overwhelmingly proud of this whole thing is a mega-understatement. THANK YOU TEAM HIRSH.)

I know you’re here for the goods, so let me get to the point. In this short + sweet episode, I’ll explain… 

  • Who this book is written for
  • Why it’s more than a “how to” with Facebook ads
  • And what’s included – to make sure you take ACTION every step along the way!

My goal in writing this book is to simplify “what” marketing means to you – so you can create more influence + real impact online!

Because honestly, your success is on the other side of a solid “holistic” marketing strategy… 

And that’s closer than you think.

Head to hirshignite.com to purchase your copy of my brand NEW book Ignite Your Impact – and don’t forget to leave your review on Amazon!

Listen to episode 119, “How I wrote a book in 2.5 days,” for more about the behind-the-scenes book-writing process + why I travelled to Hawaii… 

Key Points: 

[2:45] I don’t normally struggle with putting myself out there, but… 

[4:36] I followed my own advice + wrote this book for THIS specific person

[6:47] It’s not just about “how to” with Facebook ads – we’re digging deep!

[9:22] And P.S. we’ve included some crazy surprises (like a workbook that walks your through everything!)

[10:10] This is the culmination of 5+ years in digital marketing…


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Episode Transcripts:

Hello, and welcome back to the podcast. I am so excited today, you guys, because I have a huge announcement, and that is, my book is finally launching! Ignite Your Impact went live today. You can get it on Amazon. We have a paperback version, Kindle version. And you can also order it directly from us by going to HirshIgnite.com. Remember there’s no C in Hirsh.

So the book is finally live. I’ve been working on this… let’s see, I wrote it in October, [no] September, the end of September. I wrote the book in two and a half days when I went to Hawaii, which I actually did a podcast episode [119] about how I did that process, how I prepared for that trip… so that I went on the trip and actually wrote the book. So it was finished [in] October. In the last three months, we’ve been editing, getting the cover done, formatting the book. There’s actually a lot that goes into self-publishing a book, let me tell you guys.

So I’m so proud because, one, I wrote a book, and two, we did the whole process ourselves, and published it, which I think is a little bit daunting of a process. And we were able to do it just my team and myself. There’s a lot of steps that you don’t think about, like a lot of back and forth with the editing, and also formatting a book. I started getting asked questions like, “Do you want gloss or matte?” and, “Do you want this type of pages or this? or “This size [or this size]?” And I was like, “I have no idea. I’ve never done this before.” But the formatting, the cover, we did all of that internally… well, actually, no. I did hire someone to do the cover [who] was specifically [someone] who does book covers. But other than that, we did everything internally, so I’m very proud of it.

I will also say, it’s quite the process. I don’t normally struggle with putting myself out there. I really don’t care that much about, I guess, being judged or that something’s not perfect. I’m very much like, “Just go and do it.” But this time I really did experience that, because I felt like I could just keep editing the book. I could keep making it better. And at some point you have to just say, “It’s ready, and I’m going to just publish it. It may not be a hundred percent perfect, or I might have more ideas of things I want to add to it in the future, but I just need to get this out there.” So I did go through that a little bit.

I went through a lot of rounds of edits. So I had an editor. She would do content edits so that I could go in and add more clarification in places or expand on paragraphs, and then she’d look at it again. I went back and forth a few times on that. Then when it was finally edited and done, I actually printed out the entire manuscript myself and read it with a pen and made notes in it, and then went back through, made edits, and then sent it one more time for just grammar edits. I felt like I could’ve done that three more times and just kept finding more content to update!

But it’s launched. It’s live! You can get it on Amazon or you can go to HirshIgnite.com. And remember, H-I-R-S-H. So you can go get your copy. We’ll send it to you, or Amazon will ship it to you, or you can get it on your Kindle. I am so excited. And it’s very much written in my style. If you guys listen to the podcast, you know I’m all about short, to the point, very actionable, efficient action. The book’s about 130 pages, the print version, so it’s not crazy long, and it has a lot of very actionable things for you to go do and implement in your business.

With that, let me tell you guys who this book was really written for. So I followed my own advice when writing this book, and I really sat down before writing it and got very clear on who it was for. So I actually wrote an ideal persona for who I was writing this book for, so that when I was writing it, I was thinking about that person. It’s written for somebody who hasn’t necessarily hit a million dollars in their business yet, and is at, not like the earlier… [well] you could actually be at the very beginning stages and not know a lot about marketing, but you could also have some experience and maybe even be at six figures, and want to take your marketing to the next level.

I believe there’s something in there for people who are actually at a million dollars and above, but my thinking behind it was that most of the time those people who have already hit a million dollars in their business don’t want to read Facebook and marketing books, but they are ready to just delegate it, and […] they don’t want to do it themselves anymore, so they are not in that space.

So this was written for people who are below a million dollars but want to get to seven figures in their business. It was written for people who want that really powerful influence, but not just influence to have followers or likes on social media, but real impact in the world. They have experience, they have knowledge, and they know that they have this obligation to get it out there to more people. And the way they’re going to do that is through a very strategic marketing plan. So they want to have impact with their business. It’s not just about the money, although the money is a byproduct of the impact that they want to have, but they want that impact and they know that the answer to having that impact is to really [nail] down a marketing strategy and a marketing plan that’s going to bring them that impact and then, of course, those sales.

So it’s written [for] both… [it] could be relevant for somebody with a digital product. So if they’re selling a course, they’re coaches, any service online that you’re selling in that format. It also has things in there for people who have a physical product business, so e-commerce strategies.

And it’s not just like, “Here’s how to run Facebook ads.” It’s your marketing as a whole. So of course, The Hirsh Process is the foundation of this book and is the backbone of it. So we go into a lot of detail in The Hirsh Process. The Hirsh Process, if you’re familiar with it, covers a very holistic view of your marketing. So it’s looking at everything you need to do before you start running ads, how do you set that foundation, how do you master your messaging, your product, your brand, who you’re going to target, how you’re going to set goals… all of that foundational work is in there. And then, of course, then how do we get visibility and brand awareness? And how do we do that strategically? How do we grow a following online and grow a following that not just follows us because we’re cool and we’re “influencers,” but because we have amazing information, and we provide amazing value, and in return people listen and follow our content?

So it talks about that brand awareness, that visibility, but how to really do that strategically and not just for the vanity metrics. Then it goes into the actual marketing strategy, and so sales funnels, setting up lead generation, lots of different webinar, challenge, video series techniques, things that we use with our clients and all of that. And then sales, and then reporting, and how to run retargeted ads and complete that customer journey. How do we take somebody who has no idea who your brand is to somebody who becomes a buyer of whatever you’re selling, physical, digital product, or digital service?

So it’s going to really look at your business from that holistic view of setting the foundation, knowing your numbers, setting your goals, creating a strategy that works. I’m so anti-cookie cutter, and you hear that so much in the book, because I focus on creating a strategy that’s built for your ideal customer, that’s built for what you offer, and that’s built for your business, which is a really core, foundational piece of what I believe in marketing. Then, how do we close those people that we get, those leads, into sales, and how do we track all of that to grow our business to ultimately, $1 million dollar plus?

So that’s the [basis] of the book and who it was written for. I was very clear about who it was written for. I really did write a persona. And whenever I’d get stuck writing, I’d think of that person and how I would need to talk to that person. So I believe it has a really good balance of foundational, core marketing that, maybe you know but you need to be reminded, or maybe you don’t know because you’re at the very beginning stages of your business. But it has that foundation that’s so crucial, that so many people skip, but then it goes into the more detailed strategies.

I included in the book, at the end, a workbook. So that’s pretty cool, because there’s a lot of little exercises that I might have you do as we work through the steps in the book. One of the suggestions from my editor was to have a workbook to actually be able to go through those steps in a separate part of the book, so I included that in there.

And worked into the whole book is, I just think so much valuable information of my experience. I’ve had my business almost five years now. I have been involved in the digital marketing world for that long, marketing on Facebook and Instagram, building sales funnels, building that pipeline, that customer journey of, taking people who have no idea who your brand is to customers, paying customers or clients. I’ve done this hundreds of times for hundreds of clients with millions and millions of dollars of ad spend, and so the knowledge… and I shouldn’t say “I,” my team and I, because it’s not just been me. But the knowledge that I have access to from that experience is pretty invaluable, in my opinion.

So I really reflected throughout the book on a lot of different scenarios, and stories, and situations, and things that happened throughout the last five years, that has also boiled down to core marketing beliefs I have. You guys know some of them if you listen to the podcast. It’s, the importance of focusing, and having one funnel, and being intentional with your customer journey, and making sure that you customize it to your business, making sure you know your numbers, and that marketing always works… all of those foundational beliefs that I have, that have really evolved and developed from my experience over the last five years, are really seeped deep in this book.

You can probably hear it in my voice. I’m so proud to have it. I’m proud to take the last five years of work, behind-the-scenes of so many launches, so many businesses big and small, people just starting out… I have had clients, and we have clients [now] who are just starting out, and really are coming to us to develop a marketing strategy from the beginning to the end. I also have clients who have multimillion dollar companies and have $30+ million dollar launches, and [who] are managing millions and millions in ad spend. So I get to see both sides of the spectrum, and I get to, from that, see what is everybody doing that … always works? What are the golden rules of marketing? And how does a business take somebody who doesn’t know who their brand is, and doesn’t know who they are, and turn them into a paying customer? Because that is always our goal as a business. And I believe your business success and your success, your impact, your sales, your dreams coming true is at the other side of a successful marketing plan, and a successful marketing strategy that’s not cookie cutter, that’s not what everybody else is doing, but that’s for your customer, and your offer, and what speaks to you, and it feels good for you and your business, and then it will convert, and it will turn into sales. So if you master that, you’ll master the marketing plan.

I‘m so excited for you guys to get your hands on this. It’s on Amazon. Ignite Your Impact is the name of the book. You can also go directly to HirshIgnite.com to buy the book, and we’ll ship it to you. And I want to know what you guys think. If you do read it, please leave reviews, obviously on Amazon. Email our team. I want to hear your feedback about it. I’m so excited to have my team’s work and my work from the last five years be in a compiled place that you can then take and apply it to your business. And I don’t hold back on value. I really do give it all.

Then in there, I also have some special surprises. So anywhere that there was something that got a little bit complicated, like for example, setting your ad budget, we threw in a free Facebook ad calculator, because obviously I couldn’t put a calculator in the book. So I wanted to serve you so that you could read the book from beginning to end, and at the end of it you would have your whole marketing plan clear, your numbers clear, your strategy clear, and also just a clear idea about what marketing is, and how you should view it in your business. Because sometimes I think people are intimidated by it, overwhelmed by it, because there’s so many options. And then [people] also feel scared to be too sales-y or too pushy in their marketing. And I’m trying to change that, because marketing is the answer to your impact and the difference that you want to make and the dreams that you want to have come true in your life and your business.

The amazing thing is, I’ve seen it happen so many times. I’ve seen what a powerful marketing strategy and a consistent, and focused, and strategic marketing strategy can do for, not only a business but for thousands of people that that business can impact, and how it can create dreams that come true and lives that are changed. And that is why we’re all here. That’s why I’m here is, to continually serve you at being able to do that, to go then impact so many more people with what you have to offer.

So please go get a copy of the book today. You can go to HirshIgnite.com or you can go on Amazon and search Ignite Your Impact, and you’ll be able to get either a paperback or a Kindle version of that book. I’m so excited to hear what you guys think. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey, if you’ve been following me for years. It’s just amazing. It’s amazing the relationships, it’s amazing the impact that you can have when you have an online business and you have people all over the world or all over the United States who are listening to this podcast episode or reading your emails. And that’s what I want for all of you is, that impact that, of course, results in sales, but it’s more than just the sales. It’s the impact that you get to have in this world, that you owe the world, because you have knowledge and you have experience that you need to strategically get out there. And that’s what I’m going to help you do in Ignite Your Impact.

Thanks so much for celebrating with me today, guys. Send me a message. Leave comments. I want to hear what you think when you start reading it, that you ordered your copy. I appreciate you guys, and I’ll see you all on the next episode.