If you think you need more information to be successful in your marketing, think again.

There is all kinds of information on marketing ads everywhere you look.

There’s always some influencer telling you to do it this way, and this strategy works but this one doesn’t, you should set your funnel up this way and that.

And it’s easy to let all of that information paralyze you.

You don’t really need more information, you need to execute.

You need to figure out where you want your business to go, and take the steps to get there.

You can’t let the fear of failure hold you back.

I’m diving deeper into all of this in today’s episode. Tune in to find out more about:

  • How to shut out all the excess information and noise
  • How to take action and execute your marketing plan
  • My challenge to you for the remainder of Q4

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Emily Hirsh:

Hello everybody, welcome back to the podcast. Hope you’re having a great week. This was my birthday week. It was such a great, such a great birthday. It’s such a simple birthday, you know, with three young kids and COVID and a baby, like there’s not much crazy I can do on my birthday. But I was really in awe on my birthday, how happy I was just to slow down and just feel, you know, that extra level of appreciation and love in my everyday life from my family, from my parents who called, just the people that I got to talk to. And we’re going to do something with friends this weekend. My husband made me a cake with the kids, just like simple things. And I’ve done so much personal work over the last really year around just being happy with myself and not needing outside sources or things to make me happy, but creating that happiness all from myself, and I just feel so satisfied and grateful and fulfilled right now. And I’m just, yeah, I’m just overflowing with that, and it’s really awesome. 

We also are in the middle of our launch still. So the day this episode comes out, the cart will actually be closing to Ignite tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern time. And that has been, I think I’m going to look back on this launch and be like, this was a huge, just not just learning experience, but pivotal moment in my business, taught me a lot, taught my team a lot. Just incredible. Like launches are so much work and there’s going to be so much that comes out of this on the podcast for you guys, because, you know, I spent two weeks basically in the Facebook group and on Q&A calls, and creating content, and helping answer questions for all of these people, thousands of people participating in our Ads Like A Boss Video Series. And then I did two webinars and I just learned so much. 

And I also learned how much I enjoy coaching and supporting people in their business. We did this work it session where it was about halfway through the video series you got on Zoom and we just wanted you to get work done, but we did break out rooms with my two team members who were supporting with like content deep questions. And then I jumped in between those breakout rooms and I got to do these just like rapid fire coaching, you know, five minutes or three minutes, even with somebody where I was like, you know, here’s what you need to do, here’s my suggestion, here’s what I’m seeing, and it was so rewarding to have that level of an impact in that little amount of time, and really just over the span of the launch.

We’ve welcomed so many new people into Ignite so far that are already diving into the content already sending messages, like this is the best thing I’ve ever been through, it’s the best course, the best material, I feel so much clarity within a couple of days. So getting those messages, but then also the thousands of people who participated in the video series and showed up to my webinar and just the impact I got to have throughout this. That’s what’s going to change a lot for me. And I think I will be restructuring just how I spend my time so I can do more of that, basically. Not that we’re going to change any offers or anything, you know, Ignite is an amazing product, our done for you product is amazing. They both go together really well.

But one thing I learned throughout this is more about myself and where I want to be and what I want to be doing, what makes me happy and that, you know, that excitement and energy you have when you first start your business and you can’t sleep at night and you’re just so excited and you wake up and you’re so excited. And I know that that’s not always sustainable in business. Sometimes you have to do the boring work and you have to actually get up and do things you really don’t want to do. Actually a lot of times you have to do that, but I want to have more of that excitement. And for me, that excitement comes through creating content, having that impact, and at a high level. 

I don’t want to do, you know, one on one coaching or anything like that, but I want to be able to have that impact like I had at a high level where I get on a Q&A call for 45 minutes, and I might change the track trajectory of like 30 or 40 people’s marketing strategies, or two or three people had a massive light bulb moment that’s going to change their business and their marketing forever. That’s incredible. Like that is so rewarding. And that is one of the things that really is the reason why I do what I do. And I want more of it. So through this launch, I’ve learned a lot. A lot’s going to come out of it in the podcast because also talking with a lot of people, getting on these Q&A calls, seeing the communication and the questions and everything that’s coming in. It’s given me so much content for you guys. I’m actually spending the day after cart close, I’m like quote off and just doing like a debrief and really like thinking about, okay, what’s next for my marketing team? What’s next for my business? Where are we going to go from here? I’m not going to, you know, we’re not going to finish like a whole launch report, we will do that, but just debrief and really, you know, take time to think and get clarity around that because it’s been a really amazing experience, amazing people. 

So with that said, that’s one of the points that I want to talk about today. This is inspired by the last couple of weeks, which is you don’t need more information, you need to execute in your marketing. And one thing I’ve noticed, you know, again, I’ve had thousands of people in our Facebook group and participating in this series, and I definitely see the overwhelm play out in marketing for people where there’s so much information out there that it definitely paralyzes them. And they’re like, should I do a quiz? Should I do a video series? Should I do a webinar? What do I do here? What do I do here? And I think people oftentimes are so afraid of actually taking the step forward to execute because they don’t want to fail. And they don’t want to lose money or to waste time, or to not have their offer sell, or you know, really to fail at the end of the day. We don’t, none of us want to feel like we’re failing and feel like we are a failure. And so then they just continue to gather information. 

I noticed a lot of times too, what would happen is somebody would come and ask a question that I could tell that they’ve been thinking about for a long time. It’s something that maybe went back and forth and within that question, they’d kind of give us a solution. You know, when people do that, where they’re like, should my strategy be I’m thinking, and then they tell you everything they’re thinking, they’ve already kind of figured it out and they had it and were like completely on track. And I was like, that’s great, yes you’re doing pretty much everything I would suggest. I mean, this didn’t happen every time, but it did happen a lot. You’re doing pretty much everything I would suggest. And then they were like, okay, great, and then they would go and like start executing. But maybe they sat there for a couple of weeks or more in this indecision mindset because they needed that confirmation to go and execute. 

And so what I want to talk about today with your marketing is really two things. And I want to, well, I want to talk about this and then I want to challenge you guys something because we have a couple months left of this year, and this is something that I do for myself in my business, that I encourage students and clients and it’s really especially like when the year’s coming to a close this end of the year is, oftentimes a great time to focus on what worked it throughout the year in your marketing and leveraging your warm audience where through the holidays and ads might get more expensive, but also you can have sales and promotions and really leverage all the work you’ve hopefully done to build your audience throughout the entire year. 

But my challenge for you is to sit down, spend a couple of hours where you’re able to like no phone, no distractions, and really just get it all out on paper what your marketing strategy and direction is, what your goal is, what your strategy is, where your focus is going to go, what you want to achieve. You know, thinking about come January one, like where do you want your business to be? And then maybe come like March one, where do you want your business to be? And can you spend some time thinking through that and what you’re going to find when you do that is you don’t need more information, you just have to take the steps forward to actually execute the marketing strategy and actually start getting the data back. 

And so I’m going to tie this into Ignite a little bit, because this is why, and this is what I started telling people, you know, throughout this experience and during the open cart period was Ignite is not a course. Like yes, there’s a ton of information in it because there has to be. You know, I want to teach you how to set up a Facebook ad, how to do a pixel, how to create lookalike audiences, how to optimize your ads, how to scale your ads, how to, create a funnel, how to choose your strategy, how to nail your messaging. Like there’s so many moving parts in marketing, right? So all of that information is inside of Ignite, but even more important than that, we set it up so that you are executing. 

So I actually, because I’m obsessed with process and spreadsheets for all of our students, we made a 90 day plan. And so it’s like, okay, you get in the course and you actually choose your student pathway. You choose if you’re a Trailblazer, a Phoenix, or a Bombshell based on if you’ve run ads or not run ads in the past and where you’re at today in your business. So you choose your pathway and then within that pathway, there’s a specific checklist for you of what content you need to go through, what action items you need to go through. And then a 90 day plan. It’s like, week one, you got to do this, week two you gotta do this. And it’s a checklist and a spreadsheet. You get your own custom checklist spreadsheet. And the reason I did this is because it’s not just about the content. I don’t want you to sit there and just learn about marketing. I want you to learn about marketing and then go take it into your business and implement it and execute it and maybe fail a couple of times and then come back to our success coach and be like, here’s what happened. Here’s my data. What do I do? And get that information and that feedback loop so you can go back and make it better. I think if every one of you listening to this right now committed to that through the rest of the year, you’re going to stop searching for that one magic strategy or that person to tell you exactly what to do, or that book that you have to readgoing to teach you how to master whatever it is you want. And you just got clear. You spent that two hours being like, okay, here’s my goals. Here’s the strategy and how I’m going to achieve my goals. And maybe, you know, here’s 15 action items that I’m going to do between now and the end of the year. And that’s all you did. Okay. You just executed, you just checked it off the list, you got it done, and you didn’t allow yourself to get distracted. You can come back and review, you know, come the new year, new quarter, you come back review, maybe update it. Maybe you’re going to change the list. Maybe you’re going to, you know, switch gears. You got some data and feedback, but all you’re going to do for the rest of the year is just execute, set yourself up for success for the next year.

I love to say, okay, what’s my end goal? Is it, you know, X amount of sales? Is it I need this many leads added to my list? Is it just that I need to finish my funnel? What’s your big goal? What is your goal? That it’s realistic, but it’s also a little bit of a stretch maybe because you haven’t done it yet and it’s been however many months this has been on your mind that you should do it. So what’s that big goal? And then what are 10 to 15 exact things that are going to move that goal forward? Write all those things down and literally just focus on that for the rest of the year and make sure that you really get clear on where you should be putting your time, because I think we use this excuse subconsciously. Almost of all the information out there, you know, between just scrolling Facebook, or looking at a Facebook group, or watching Instagram stories, or reading your emails that you’re getting from people.

Like there’s so many people do it my way, do it this way, do it this way, use this strategy, this is the new strategy, this doesn’t work, and this does work, and it just hinders all of us. And so if you just shut it all off, still listen to my podcast though. Okay, you guys, kidding. If you need to shut off my podcasts, you can shut off my podcast, but I don’t actually try to give you guys new ideas on here because I don’t, I’m not a fan of the like this is the newest thing. Then the best thing is like a lot of refinement, foundational work on my podcast. But anyways, shut it all off and focus on your list. Start executing because you know what? If you go look at anyone who’s created a successful business, a successful marketing strategy, what you’re going to find is they’ve failed more times than they’ve succeeded, but they’ve never, or very rarely, probably never been at a standstill where they are just like, I don’t know, I’m paralyzed. I don’t know where to go because all you have to do is just start doing something. Just start moving forward. Just start getting feedback and information back about what is working, what is not working. 

Maybe you do a webinar and nobody comes. That’s fine. You learned from that. That’s okay. Maybe you spend a couple hundred dollars on Facebook and you don’t get the sale or you don’t get the leads that you expected. That’s okay. At least you’re doing something. At least you’re moving forward. And to really, to be honest with you, you have to learn how to do all of that. You have to learn how to do webinars. If you’re doing your own ads, you have to learn how to run your ads. You have to learn how to write your ad copy. If you’re doing that yourself, you have to learn all of these things to be able to do them well.

If somebody just tells you exactly like, oh, here’s how I did it, ghen you’re going to go do it and it’s not going to work for you. And so you need to execute in your business. And so my challenge to you guys, we’re going into, it’s going to be November soon. We have two months, we have 60 days full days, just over 60 now. Spend two hours, make that one big marketing goal. Get your webinar funnel live, sell five courses, sign two new clients, add 200 leads to my list. Like what is the big goal? And then 10 to 15 things you’re going to execute. 

And this is where I’m going to tie it back to Ignite because if you do want to get into Ignite, the cart does close tonight. You have to go to ignitecourse.com to get in, but this is where in Ignite I create the, you have all the material, but then I’m giving you the plan and the to do’s of actually executing. So it’s like, okay, you’ve chosen your funnel. Now you have to take our funnel templates and our email swipe files, and you have to build it. And that’s like probably the most work. That’s like a two week time period while you’re building it, come and get support from our Ignite Success Coach. If you get stuck anywhere in implementing that execution list, you’re not coming to get new ideas, you’re coming to move yourself forward. 

So we actually added this round and all of our existing Ignite students get this, but you get two 20 minutes one-on-one calls with our Ignite Success Coach because it was something I really actually learned during this launch that people want that. Even if it’s 20 minutes. See, the thing I realized is a lot of times it’s confirming what you’re doing, or it’s giving you like a couple of quick things and then you’re able to move forward. And so I realized this when I went on that work it session and I was like, I spent like a maximum of three to five minutes with like 10 people, and I helped all of them move forward. They don’t need all the time, like a 60 minute strategy call. We don’t need new strategy constantly. We need to just keep moving forward, keep executing, keep, you know, next step, whether it’s getting data, starting the ads, building the funnel, deciding on the strategy, getting new leads on our list, planning for a launch, whatever that is for your business. Obviously the first step is to get clear on that, and then the next step is just start executing and shut off the noise as much as you can. 

You know, I actually take social media off my phone, but embarrassingly enough, I guess not really embarrassed, but I will admit and be transparent throughout the launch I put it back on because I was responding to so many comments and stuff in the Facebook group and actually I really noticed my brain was like getting a little obsessed with like check the numbers, check the comments, what are people saying? And so I took it back off today, but I am just blown away by the amount of noise that is on social media around like, try this, try, you know, I’m in groups and it’s like, try this strategy, do this strategy, this is working really well for us. And you can so easily derail yourself by just spending 20 minutes scrolling Facebook at everybody’s opinions and what they should do. And so shut all that off for the rest of the year and see how much you can get done. See where your marketing and your business growth ends up if you successfully do that.

So that’s my challenge to you guys. If you want to join Ignite, this is a foundational piece of it. This is what Ignite was built on. It was built on give you the minimum dose of information and then get you to execute to actually get results. And that’s why we give you that success coach access. That’s why it’s a done with you program and truly Ignite was built because it is everything I can possibly give you. Like you’re working with us in an agency without the agency price tag. And it’s all of our tools, our templates, our resources, our training, and our access to our team and myself in some capacity without the agency price tag. So thanks so much for tuning in today guys, ignitecourse.com is the link if you want to go sign up for that, and I’ll see you guys all next week on the podcast.