A CEO’s work is truly never done.

There will always be something for you to manage, there will always be some sort of challenge, there will always be unexpected fires that you have to put out.

Even more so as your business continues to grow.

It is so important that you remember to take time to not only protect yourself from all of that stress, but to recalibrate and alleviate your brain fog so you can get clear on your vision and goals for your business.

After a massive live launch, I decided to take some time like that off for myself, I like to call it my “CEO Week.”

And let me tell you, the level of clarity and focus I feel after the fact is unreal.

I didn’t just take a week off to be unproductive.

I was very intentional with my time so that I could plan and strategize my goals for the rest of this year and into Q1 of 2020.

I was even intentional with the self-care activities I penciled in so that I would have a clear, calm mind to open up more space to really think about where I want to take my business.

This is something that I highly recommend my fellow CEO’s do as well.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing all of the details about how I structured my week so that I was completely intentional and productive, the impact it had on my mindset and my vision for my business, and the key takeaways I learned from having this time to unplug and recharge.

Make sure you tune in, and if this inspires you to take your own version of CEO Week send me a DM over on Instagram (@emilyhirsh)!

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