In order to achieve that wild, massive success you’ve been dreaming of with your marketing, you CAN’T go into 2021 making this mistake:

Planning your goals… but failing to create a custom strategy to execute that plan and hit those goals.

If that’s something you have struggled with in the past, don’t worry my friend. I’m teaching you exactly how to create a clear, step-by-step Facebook ad and marketing plan that will generate TONS of revenue for you in my FREE limited pop-up podcast series, The 2021 Revenue Revolution.

I’m sharing an exclusive sneak peek from Day 1 of the series with you in today’s episode of The Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast. Tune in to learn the four keys to planning your most profitable year EVER in 2021, plus the hottest marketing trends so you know exactly what’s hot (or not) next year!

This episode is only one piece to achieving that massive marketing success we talked about. Today you learned how to plan your most profitable year ever, but episodes 2 and 3 of The 2021 Revenue Revolution will help you craft your custom strategy and calculate your budget and projections so that you know exactly how to execute that plan and crush your sales goals. Click here to sign up and unlock all three episodes!

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Emily Hirsh: 

Hello friends, how are y’all doing? I wanted to do something fun today. So our secret podcast series launches today. So it’s called 2021 Revenue Revolution, and basically what I’m going to do is walk you through a three part series where by the end of it, we will not only have your goal clear, your sales and revenue goal for 2021 clear – that’s just a piece of it – we will have a customized marketing strategy, really defined and clear for your business and your offer as well as your budget and your projections for 2021 so you’re super clear, you’re not overwhelmed, and you know exactly what your targets are and what you’re doing next year. 

So today the first episode releases in that series and it’s a private podcast series. You actually consume it in a private podcast feed that you have to sign up to get access to. And I want to give you a little clip from that episode because I think you’ll get a lot of value out of it, and then if you want to listen to more, you can go to 2021marketing plan.com to get access to the rest of the episode, and the next episodes that come out tomorrow and the next day. I also have a private Facebook group where I’m doing Q and A’s and we’re supporting everybody through this series, with also an awesome workbook, so that, again, by the end you walk away with your marketing strategy. So if you go to 2021marketingplan.com, you can register. And for now, I’ll let you listen to that clip:

First, I want to start with talking about the keys to planning the most profitable year ever. What do you have to take into consideration? What is the magic formula for making sure you have the best year ever? Let’s all have the best year ever next year. I know that is the way I’m looking at it. That’s the way our clients are looking at it, and our students, is let’s have the best year ever in business in 2021, and how are we going to do that? So I have four things that I think will lead to you having the best year ever, and they are a lot of what we’re going to do throughout the rest of this series. 

So the first thing is you have to have a goal defined. You have to have a very specific goal defined so you know exactly where you’re going, your team knows where you’re going. And that goal has to be specific, not just “I’m going to grow my business,” or “I’m going to get more sales,” or “I’m going to make this much money,” but specifically how we’re going to do it in those numbers. In this episode, that’s what we’re going to dive a lot deeper into. And then in the next episode that we’re going to dive into these things, but the other components to planning the most profitable year ever is goal defined, and then your strategy defined, and then having that strategy broken down into smaller, actionable pieces. 

So we need to define first your goal, and then we need to say, okay, if our goal is this, which I’m going to walk through some of those in this specific training, but if our goal is this, how are we going to achieve that goal? What is the exact strategy we’re going to execute and deploy in 2021 to achieve that goal? And what are the smaller, actionable pieces attached to that strategy? So I need to build a funnel. I need to write emails. I need to make a webinar. Whatever that is for you in your business, which in episode two of the series, that’s what we’re talking about in detail, the strategy, all the different strategy options, what you should choose based on the price of your product and your audience. So you have a goal, and then we’re going to define your strategy in exactly how we’re going to achieve that goal. 

And then building on that, the next thing we need to have the most profitable year ever is we have to have a marketing and Facebook ads defined strategy based on your marketing strategy. So we have to have a Facebook ads plan that is based on the marketing strategy that you define. So if you’re doing a webinar, we need to know what are all the Facebook ads that we’re running to make that a success. So we’re first going to define your goal, then we’re going to have the strategy that will define that goal, and then we’re going to have the Facebook ads plan that’s going to deploy and execute that strategy so people see the strategy itself. 

And the final thing you need to have that key formula of a successful year is your budget defined and clarified. And this budget will be based on your sales goal that you set as step one. So we need to know once we have the strategy, once we have the Facebook ad plan, we need to know how much do we need to spend in order to achieve all of this. And what is that going to look like come January, come February, March, and then all the way into the end of the year? What will that budget look like, so there is no questions, no surprises, you know exactly what that’s going to be. So those are the keys to planning the most profitable year ever.

Next, let’s dive into the takeaways for 2020 and what you need to take into consideration when planning next year going into 2021. What do you need to take into consideration based on marketing this year, based on the way the customers and audiences are responding, what do you need to consider? So the first thing is, I have five total things. 

The first thing is the importance of the long game and having a strategy that really warms your audience up. Now in 2020, this might be like, “oh man,” for some of you guys, but in 2020, the customer journey and how long it takes for someone to kind of pull the trigger and become a customer or a buyer has gotten longer for some businesses, for several businesses in 2020. Mostly because the world is so uncertain right now, people are not really sure how things are going to lay out, and that’s still the case. We’re not through the crazy of 2020, it’s coming into 2021. 

And so one thing that we noticed at Hirsh Marketing with all of our clients and even myself, when I look at the data and what we do at the end of the year for our clients is pull out all of the information of the last year. And for me specifically, I looked at the average buyer, how long were they on my list? And how did they join the list? And then what brought the sales? And one consistent thing I saw from clients to myself was that it got a little bit longer that warm traffic, people who knew about me and my brand already were more than half of the buyers that were becoming clients or students in our company. So this must be taken into consideration going into the new year, because it might change your strategy. 

And let’s think of a real example of how this might change your strategy. Maybe in the past you were able to sell a $2,000 product to somebody who had no idea who you were or your brand was, but now maybe a smaller, much smaller percentage of people will actually take action and buy that $2,000 product without even knowing who you are or having any other touch points with you. So you have to take into consideration in your marketing strategy how am I going to create intentional, multiple touch points so that before I pitch my $2,000 product, they have listened to a podcast, watched a video, signed up for a PDF, all of those different things. So that’s how this could look in the real execution of this strategy. It’s very important that you consider this long game and have a strategy that warms your audience up, and you have taken this into consideration and it’s weaved into your strategy. So that’s the first thing. 

The next thing is that connection should be at the forefront of all of your strategies, so that you’re constantly building trust with your audience when you’re going to create a strategy. When we move into that portion where you actually define your strategy, one component that I want you to begin brainstorming is how can I connect with my audience? How can I stand out from everybody else in my industry and connect with my audience, build trust, build the relationships, build my credibility? And some ideas that might come to you are content that you can create or ways that you can structure your strategy so that it specifically speaks to objections that your audience might have, videos that you could actually incorporate specifically in your strategy that will help build trust for your audience. So connection has to be a priority in all strategies. So yes, our goal is to get sales, it’s to get leads, it’s to grow our business. But also, none of that will happen if your audience is not feeling that connection to you. So that’s very important with your strategy. 

And the third thing is I want you guys to begin brainstorming ways you can stand out, and I mean, specific ways you can stand out, not like all make a podcast. Okay? But here’s what this was, this was probably one of the biggest takeaways from 2020. What does very well on across, across the board in almost every single client account, in our own account. are videos of specifically of the face of the brand, Instagram reels used as an ad, things that break the status quo, that are different than what other people are doing. Because you know what? Through this year, the online space has not gotten less saturated. It’s gotten more saturated because all of these businesses are moving online and people are moving to that model that we’ve been, you know, I’ve been here for five years and some people have been here for like 15 years of doing this, doing webinars and whatever. It’s getting more saturated to sell online. And that doesn’t mean, “oh, this is not going to work for me anymore.” It’s actually an opportunity to say, “if everybody else is going to be doing this thing, this one way of doing it, this webinar, or this template strategy, this cookie cutter strategy, or this cookie cutter content, I’m going to go over here and do it different and I’m going to stand out.” And so I want you guys to start brainstorming. I recently talked about this on my public podcast, but if you could think of 10 to 20 ways that you can stand out as a brand, like literally just ask yourself the question and fill it out in our workbook of how do I stand out? How do I break that status quo? What are ways, specific ways I can do that within my marketing strategy? You might come up with video and content ideas, reels that you can create a topic you could cover, a messaging idea of how you can call something out that everybody else is doing and talk about your process and how it’s different. You have to stand out going into 2021. It is critical for your success. So you need to think of ways you can do that. 

The next piece is to get clear on your company values and what you stand for and what makes your company, your offer your brand different, because this has to be communicated in your marketing. If one thing happened this year, it’s people got very clear about who they are doing business with about the values that they want, the people they do business with to have. Now, I’m not saying this because I’m telling you to have certain values at all. What I’m saying is you need to boldly have values in your business. And this doesn’t even mean, I think people are going to go to like the political values, and I don’t mean that. I mean you need to boldly talk about things you stand for. For me, let me give you an example, because I think this sounds like I should go out and be political and talk about things I stand for. For me in marketing, things that I stand for are obsessing over numbers, are knowing that marketing is the long game, are creating valuable content over going out there and just trying to make money, are paying attention to your process in marketing and committing to a process versus trying to be an overnight success. Those are all things I stand for with all of my being, right? And the more loudly I can talk about those things, the more I stand out from the other companies and people out there in my industry who do not preach those things, who instead, maybe preach, you can make money really fast, it’s really easy, you’re one funnel away, here’s how I made a million dollars in a month. Fast success and all of those things. If I stand out, I’m going to attract people who know what I’m saying is true and repel people who don’t want to hear it. And that’s my goal. So in this last year, I got really clear on our company values and what we stand for, what we don’t stand for, got better at saying no and really getting more and more clear with what makes our company different. It’s critical. And this kind of leads into the last one I said, how do you stand out? And the way, one of the ways that you stand out is you’re very clear on your company values and what you stand for and what makes your brand and your offer different. If you cannot communicate how your offer is different, then you will not stand out. And it will be very hard in your marketing strategy to see success. So this is very, very important to start thinking about before we dive into creating that strategy. 

All right, the next piece that you need to take into considerations is very important with your marketing goals going into 2021 is if you have some data from 2020, it needs to be looked at and taken into consideration when you’re thinking about a strategy, because I can sit here all day until I’m blue in the face, telling you guys strategies and things to go and do, but you most likely did something in the last year. You sold something and you tried different, marketing things and initiatives, whether that’s organic, whether that’s paid, whether it was email marketing, affiliate marketing, some or all of those things. I don’t know, but I do think that you didn’t just sit there and do nothing. And so if you can look at all of the ways that you tried to sell your offer, what worked the best, what didn’t work the best. And then also if you have it, some really important metrics to try and look at from the last year are kind of what I said earlier that we pulled for our company, but are how long are people on your email list before they become a customer? How much on average are they spending with you? 

So let’s say you have multiple offers out of the whole year. Can you possibly somehow pull all the buyers you had and the total each one spent so that you can get what’s called an average cart value, because this is going to help you when it comes time to your budget and projections. Now, this is a big part of today, this is what I really want you guys, if you can, and this might carry into future weeks that you continue to look at this, but I want you guys to understand how important it is to try and look at this data, because this is where a customized strategy comes into play. Because sometimes you might think webinars are crushing it for you, but then you go look deeper and you realize, “oh, the only people who are buying on my webinar are already on my list. They sign up for an opt-in and then they went to a webinar and then they bought.” Or you might realize 80% of the people who bought from me were totally cold traffic and they didn’t know who I was, and so I’m wasting money spending money on ads for two different funnels that take them through all these steps and I could make more money if I streamlined it. It’s going to be different for everybody listening to this, what you actually understand and what you take away from this. 

So I know that everybody listening did not sit there and do nothing last year. So I want you to take some time to reflect on what you did last year, and then don’t just guess what worked and what didn’t work. Try to pull data. Everything we do, every decision, everything in business has a metric to it. So it’s going to be different for you. And if this is where you need help on the Q and A you can come join me today in the Facebook group, but it’s going to be a little bit different for you what metrics those are. So look at the different initiatives you did, and then what’s the metrics tied to those initiatives, and try to understand what worked and didn’t, because again, you might think something’s working really well, then you go look deeper and you realize there’s a better way to do it. There’s a more efficient way to do it. There’s a place that you should put more budget, less budget over here. And that’s critical to know that going into the new year, it’ll save you so much time and money.