If there’s one thing that’s certain for us as entrepreneurs, it’s that we ALL experience periods of hardship.

Unfortunately, not enough people talk about this.

I promise that even the biggest, most successful entrepreneurs you look up to also experience this.

We ALL have those days or weeks where it feels like we’re walking through mud, and our gut reaction is to simply start over and do something new, whether that’s creating a new funnel, a new offer, or maybe even an entirely new business (I’m guilty of thinking all three).

Tune in to today’s episode of The Not For Lazy Marketers Podcast where I’m sharing this message that many entrepreneurs need to hear:

If you’re going through a difficult time in your business, know that you are not alone.

The answer to the problems you’re facing is NOT to completely reinvent the wheel. It lies in the foundation of what you already have.

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Emily Hirsh:

Hello everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. I am pumped for today’s episode. I am inspired to share this episode because it is coming from something I noticed in myself the last couple of weeks, and April was just one of those months where you just always have these cycles of business, right? Where one month everything feels amazing and smooth and I went on my vacation in March and I was like, everything is awesome. I was gone for eight days and my company completely ran, we were making sales, all these things. April was a little harder. We just had some growing pains, right? That is completely normal, and I have to constantly remind myself that that is normal. I was told this analogy the other day, which I want to give credit to Aandra Bohlen who told it to me. I believe maybe it was Nicole Walters, somebody said it. I want to make sure I give credit, but it was that balls are always going to be dropping, glass balls and rubber balls in a company. You just have to make sure the glass balls aren’t the ones dropping. 

I love that because it also goes into the theme where my good friend, Alex Charfen says your business is always broken and if things go well, it always will be. The concept being, if you’re growing you’re constantly going to have problems. So a lot of us perfectionist people, like me, I’m always striving for that place where everything’s perfect, where everything’s running smoothly and there are no problems. The reality is that just doesn’t exist. So in April, we had a great sales month. We were hitting growing pains, and it felt like I was walking through the mud a little bit. some days and that’s normal.

One thing I noticed in myself was the thought that when these things were happening, my brain went to, well, the answer is to either have a new thing, to start new with something, and whether that was at the moment, it changed all the time, whether that was we need a brand new funnel, whether that was we need to go to a new platform, we need a new offer, maybe I want to cancel my whole business and start a new business, which some days that is the thought. Let’s be real, you have it too, don’t judge me. I was noticing how even though I’m like the queen of focus, and optimize, and refine what you have instead of something brand new, I had moments and I’m sure this before where I didn’t even realize, I don’t always realize I’m doing it until I go to start talking about it, and I’m like, wait a second. This is not in alignment with my values. So a couple of times, we had a few things that were frustrating in marketing. Instead of being like, let’s double down on our current things we’re working on, I was like, let’s create a brand new funnel. Let’s create this brand new thing. That was the way my brain was trying to solve the problem. Then same thing, we had something that was frustrating in our delivery and I’m like, well, maybe we need a brand new offer. I was noticing how that was a solution, and I think this happens all the time. 

This episode is to inspire you because I didn’t follow those urges, and instead, I just doubled down and was like, here’s what we have. We have to either make what we have better or work with what we have because we already have the foundation. The inspiration that I had from this was that I had a conversation with a few team members and at the end of it, what we really like got to and the clarity that I think so many of you need, which is why I’m doing this podcast, is when things feel hard or when they’re going wrong and we have those weeks. 

So first of all, I want to normalize that because we all have those weeks where things just go wrong. It doesn’t matter how great your business is. I’ve seen behind the scenes of all different types of businesses, all different sizes of businesses. I have friends with $30 to $50 million businesses. I have a friend who’s the director at a billion-dollar company. It never will be perfect, right? You always have those weeks. So first of all, let’s normalize that. But second of all, when things go wrong, usually we have the answer within what we’re already doing, with the foundation that we’ve already created. Unless you’re a brand new business owner, but the foundation that we already created is the answer. It’s usually just small tweaks there, or pushing through and like solving a little problem here, or changing messaging with your marketing, or repositioning your offer, or taking your current marketing funnel and making it better in one way or another. Usually the answer, you’re sitting on it.

Our brains go to and like, as entrepreneurs, it’s almost easier to think, let me just go to the new thing. I also observed myself, convincing my brain that was such a great idea. So I would come up with a new idea and then I’d start this mental dialogue in my head of why this was so great,  all the pros of it, and how this was the answer. Then I would stop myself and I’m like, no. I recognize the pattern and I recognize, like I’ve said this before, and I need to go back and fix the root problem versus jump to a new thing. 

This ties in a lot with marketing, because one thing I’m noticing, so I don’t really go on social media much except for very intentional scheduled time. It’s actually deleted off my phone. So I do a lot only on desktop, and then I have this other phone that is like an old iPhone but has social media on it. Anyway, I don’t go on social media much, but the other day I was doing some intentional outreach and just networking with some past connections and people I wanted to connect with. I scrolled Facebook for like five minutes, and one thing I noticed is in that time, I saw at least three different ads and content that was all geared towards this shiny like you’ve got to go. One was like, “you better jump to the new platform. You need to go to YouTube ads.” And another was like, “this is the strategy that you need to implement in your business right now.” 

So the messaging out there constantly, which is how people sell their things, the messaging out there is constantly that shiny object, like go to this different platform, go to this new strategy, test this different offer, go to maybe this new business or this business structure. It’s all presented as that is the answer to your problems. Which in some cases, those strategies or things being sold, they’re not bad strategies. But what I often see is people jump around platforms, or offers, or funnel strategies, or even businesses, right? They jump all around and then they don’t solve the core problems. It’s kind of like, if you are in a relationship, you’re in a marriage, or you’re in a relationship and it’s just not working right? I’ve seen this happen where people then blame the person that you are in a relationship with, and you think the answer is well, if I just leave or I go find somebody else who meets all these criteria, it will solve my problem. But you go find someone else and then all the problems are still there, right? So we do this in other places in our life where we think the answer is to go to the other new thing, but we never solve the core problem.

So when things go wrong, you’re going to have the idea, even if you don’t realize you’re doing it, because that was me. You’re going to have the thought of the answer is something new. The answer is completely trash whatever’s going wrong, jump to something new. There are days when I’m like, I want to just go start a new business. In my mind, that sounds easy, but then I’m like, hold up Emily, let’s think about this. Starting a new business, are you kidding me? All the work I’ve done for these last five years on process, and building my team, and messaging, and brand awareness, and understanding our customer? Hell no is that going to be easier. It sounds easy, but it’s not, right? And we all know. 

Also, the reality is you can’t just go jump over to a new platform or launch a new strategy, or even a new business and it’s just going to work out the gate, that doesn’t exist. We want that to exist, but it doesn’t exist. So when things go wrong, whether that is your marketing not converting, whether that’s something happening in the backend with your business, whether that’s growing your team, whether that is selling your offer. Whatever that is, when something is going wrong what I want you to remember is the answer is not in the new thing. It’s not in the shiny object. It’s in solving what you’re already sitting on. You may not have clarity on that yet, but allow yourself the time and space to think and try and figure out what that is, what that core foundational problem is. 

I’ll give you an example. For me, when we didn’t hit our goal for marketing in terms of the number of apps, which we upped our goal a lot in Q1 and we didn’t hit our goal one of the months. So my solution, I started thinking all these ideas, right? They just start coming in of like, we could have this new funnel or we could do this, we could launch this brand new funnel, or we could change up our whole model on the backend of The Not For Lazy Marketers Club, right? Like crazy ideas started coming. What the actual solution was taking our current webinar and updating the messaging on it, and basically redoing it to meet people where they’re at today. That resulted in we actually over met our goals. We accomplished our sales goals in April by over two, but halfway through the month, it was not looking like that. So that’s an example where I thought, okay, the answer is something brand new and I need to go jump to this new strategy.

I’m also seeing people do this on platforms right now. This is also, people are taking advantage of this to sell their offers. I literally saw an ad that was like, Facebook ads are more expensive so you need to come over to YouTube. As if that’s going to be cheaper, right, and easier? When, if you don’t solve your foundational issues, your messaging and your strategy, your actual core marketing, it’s going to just follow you to the other new platform. So again, when something goes wrong, your brain is going to go new. I need a new funnel, I need a new platform, I need a new offer, I need a new business. We go there and the answer is usually you’re already sitting on it. So don’t do that when something goes wrong. 

I promise you that the actual growth and success are going to come when you challenge yourself to push through what is feeling hard and solve that problem. I like to look at any problem, any struggle, anything that, in my company we don’t even call it a problem, we call it an opportunity, because it really is. Any time something goes wrong, or there’s an issue, or we drop a ball, that’s an opportunity, right? It’s an opportunity for improvement. Especially as you grow a team and you grow a company, that’s critical, but sometimes we want to forget that and go to something new, because that sounds easier. 

So the next time you’re faced with a month, or a week, or a time period in your business where it feels hard and things are going wrong, and you feel like you’re walking through mud, or you’re walking up a hill and it’s painful, just know number one, you’re not alone. People don’t talk about it enough, but trust me, I have a lot of entrepreneur friends and everybody has something and has those moments. I will have months or a quarter where it’s like, yes, everything is great, but I know that that isn’t going to last forever and that we will hit a growing pain, or we will hit a struggle. That is the reality, right? 

The next time you’re faced with that, watch yourself try to answer the problem by going to something new and then challenge that and say no, how do I fix it with what I’m already sitting on? Because even though it doesn’t feel like it, the answer is there and it’s so much easier to do it that way. So much less effort, and restructuring, and changing everything. That’s way harder, even though it doesn’t feel like it. Your brain will convince you that it’s not. I was like, that’s a great idea here’s why, and I would start listing all the things out. Then I’m like, wait a second now, the answer is in what I already have. And that we’ve proved right this last month many times. 

So I feel like somebody needed to hear that message. I’ve seen so many times entrepreneurs make this mistake where they’ll tell me this XYZ happened and so I’m going to go do this brand new thing. And I’m like, you’re going to what? You’re going to leave that partially successful thing or in the past it was successful, and you’re going to go start that new thing or jump to that new platform or new funnel? Doesn’t make sense. But in our heads, we convince ourselves that it does. So don’t do that next time something goes wrong. Look at what you currently have. Look at your current foundation and solve the problem there before you jump to the new thing because the problem will just follow you. Thanks so much for listening today guys, I’ll talk to you next time.

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