No matter how great your offer or marketing strategy is…


If you can’t communicate your services to your audience – your marketing won’t work.

Not only do you need to convey how amazing your offers are, but also WHY they are the perfect fit for your audience.

And the good news is that whether it’s 2002 or 2022, this has ALWAYS been true. 


So no matter what happens with iOS updates or the Instagram algorithm, messaging will always be #1.


Want to know how to have the best messaging in your business? Tune into this third episode of the 2022 Marketing Momentum Series where I cover:

  • How to consistently create messaging that stands out from the crowd
  • Why connecting with your audience on a regular basis will help your business GROW
  • The TWO questions to ask yourself on a regular basis if you don’t want to miss out on big money
  • Action steps you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your messaging


With your audience’s wants, needs, desires, and questions constantly changing, your message should never be stagnant. And I’m giving you the tools you need to make sure you’re always top of mind!


So, to get your messaging to where it needs to be – you gotta listen to this episode!

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Intro: I think that is really powerful because it doesn’t necessarily literally mean if you’re a copywriter, you’re  going to win. It speaks to the power of messaging, and the power of at the end of the day, it doesn’t  matter how good of an offer you have, free or paid, it doesn’t matter how good of a strategy you have, it  doesn’t matter anything, if you can’t communicate it.


You are listening to The Not For Lazy Marketers  Podcast, episode number 394.


Hello, everybody. Welcome back to our Marketing Momentum Podcast  series. I’m excited to get you guys into momentum for your marketing, if you’re not currently there and  all that I have to talk about. 


Yesterday’s episode was the second out of the series, and I walked through, heavily, an exercise that you  guys can do. And if you haven’t done it yet, I highly recommend that you do that exercise. And you don’t  have to wait to go through the content of this series before you do that exercise. You can absolutely  keep going through it. But I do think it will bring you guys a lot of clarity. It’s really simple. One of the  things I am really good at is simplifying the way you look at business, the way you look at marketing, to  create actionable items and actionable things to actually start implementing in your business and being  able to do that helps you make progress. And that is how we get into momentum. 


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Today’s episode is titled, May the Best Copywriter Win, and this is something that a really long time  marketer and business owner said, this is somebody who is, I wouldn’t say a friend, but a colleague of mine  in Austin, who I was at this party, and I actually did a podcast episode with. If you’re a long-time follower, you  may have heard this one, after our conversation because it was just so good and full of so much wisdom.  So this is a marketer who has been around for 20 years. He had been through the iOS updates,  but before that was the Google slap and the different things that happened in 2008 and all of these  things, way more wisdom than I had in my business. And so it was about six months ago that I went to  this party in Austin and I had this conversation with him and basically, the whole party him and I were  just sitting there having this crazy marketing industry conversation that was just so good. 


And I really value entrepreneurs like that who have been around the block a lot of times because that  wisdom is so important. I’ve had my business for seven years, which isn’t a really short amount, but  it’s not very long at all compared to the big scheme of things. And so there’s a lot I have to learn from  people like that. And so I really take those conversations. I’m so grateful for them and I really listen and  pay attention to them because they have so much wisdom to share. And so, one of the things he said was, when the iOS updates started happening and this was like March, April, basically a year ago from  right now, the iOS updates happened, they rolled out and then ad costs started going up, right? And businesses started freaking out. They started losing tracking, costs were going up. There was a lot of  fear happening, a lot of fear being instilled in people. And he said to me, I watched our group, he has a  group of thousands of business owners, a paid group. I watched our group freak out in the group and in  the comments and on Facebook and they start panicking over the costs and the increased ad costs and  all those things. And I sat back and I said, may the best copywriter win. And I think that is really powerful  because it doesn’t necessarily literally mean if you’re a copywriter you’re going to win. It speaks to the  power of messaging and the power of at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good of an offer you  have, free or paid. 

 It doesn’t matter how good of a strategy you have, it doesn’t matter if you can’t communicate it. If you can’t communicate and stand out from the noise, your marketing’s going to fail. So this is  something that he said that I absolutely loved because it’s something I’ve been talking about, but not  only just talking about and saying, oh, copy is so important. And messaging is so important. I talk about  it all the time. I talked about it before the iOS updates. It just got more important after the iOS updates. But not only that, I’ve watched the actions that I’ve had to take in terms of hiring more copywriters and  more creative team members on both sides of things, my own marketing and then in the agency. Those  actions I’ve taken have directly impacted the results that we’re able to get. And so if I’m investing my  own business money into more copywriters, higher level copywriters, improved creative, that’s  something to watch and that’s something to pay attention to. So this doesn’t necessarily, literally mean all you need to do is have good copy and you’re going to  win, or you need to become a copywriter and then you’re going to win. But it really does mean at the  end of the day that you have to have the best messaging, you have to stand out. And if you are able to  stand out and have incredibly good messaging in your business, then the cost is going to be more  affordable with your ads. And that’s one of the repercussions. So no matter how good your strategy is,  no matter if you hire the best coach out there, no matter if you get the best agency out there, unless  you don’t have good messaging, unless you don’t have the ability to stand out and write that copy that  sparks emotion in your ideal customer and gets them to stop and pay attention. 

 If you can’t do that, you won’t be able to afford your marketing. And so this series is about getting into  marketing momentum. And so this is one of the most important things that I’m going to talk about. And  also this is not something that you do, and then you just walk away from, and it’s done. One of the  most important parts of this is having the best messaging and having really good copy and being able to  constantly connect with your ideal customer is not something that you can spend a couple weeks or a  month and then you’ve got it and you’re done doing ever. It’s something that you should always be  improving, and you should always have specific actions in place to improve this. That you’re taking action in connecting with your audience and writing better copy and having a better webinar title and  improving the webinar itself. 

 Messaging shows up in more than just copy. May the best copywriter win is because that equals  communication. Communication and connection is how you get people to pause and pay attention to  your brand and become a lead in a sale. If we can’t connect and we can’t communicate in an effective  way, you will not sell your offer. So this is something that you should always be improving. You should  always be connecting because the reality too is for your audience, the pace at which things are changing  for them and the pace at which they need people to understand their emotions and the problems and  what they’re going through and the questions they have and all those things is just speeding up because  of the digital world. And so if you are not staying in tune with your audience, and your leads, and your  customers, and changing or improving or deepening the way you speak to them, you’re falling behind  right now. 

 So every month, every quarter, every year, you should be focusing on and asking yourself the  question of, how do I connect to my audience better? And how do I improve my messaging? You will  constantly have the ability to get feedback and intel from your audience, from your leads and from your  paying customers. And what you need to do is build process into place and build the expectation into  place that if you’re not listening to them all the time, and you are not paying attention to what’s being  said, what questions are being asked, where they’re getting stuck, you’re missing out, you’re losing  money not doing that. If you’re not reflecting that and then using it to go and improve your messaging,  you are missing out. Let me give you a real time example of this. Actually let me give you a couple. So  last year in the summer  going into the fall in my business, I shared a lot about how much we were  struggling. IOS hit us and because iOS hit so many other companies and their ad costs went up, where a business  needed to be in order to fit into our agency and have our agency make sense, had gone up so much that  it impacted us. We had some tough months, and it was really scary. I sat down and I said, you know  what? The only thing I know what to do right now, because I need to figure out why other business  owners, our potential clients are struggling so I can help them. And we sat and talked to over 50  business owners that were our customers, past customers, current customers, and then people in my  audience. And we just interviewed them. We just asked questions. And that led to changes that I made  in my offer, in my messaging, in my marketing, that catapulted my business into massive profitability  again, over $3 million runway and really saved us. And it was because we were willing to sit there and show up and do the work and say, look, we’re not  going to try to figure this out at this point, we’re going to listen. So that’s one example. A smaller scale  example is whenever I do something in marketing, I recently did a live challenge. Whenever I do a  webinar, whenever I do anything that’s communicating, connecting, trying to help my audience and  leads, I always reflect on where they get stuck? Where were they confused? Where were they  overwhelmed? And how do I solve that next time? So we did a challenge at the end of February going into  March and you might have remembered it if you participated in it and we’re going to do it again but refined, because we’re always improving, striving to be better than yesterday is a core value at Hirsh  Marketing. 


So we sat down and we looked back at the Facebook group, at the emails, at the comments, at the  things people were saying, at my own notes throughout the process and just asked ourselves where did  people get stuck? Where were they overwhelmed? And how do we take that and improve our  messaging and improve the experience and improve the way we’re connecting with our audience and  leads? And I know for a fact, that’s going to lead to a better challenge conversion. But my priority is to improve the way I communicate, improve my messaging, improve my copy, improve all of that and that  will lead to improved marketing. So this is never something that you’re done. You’re never done. You  will always be improving your messaging and trying to go deeper and connect more with your audience. I promise you, if you take one thing away from this series, which I know and hope you’ll take so  much more than that. But if you take that away, you will be able to have better results in your  marketing because if there’s one thing you can focus on it’s this. Because if you can just do this over the  next couple of months and just make massive strides in improving this, you will see a massive  improvement in your marketing moment. 


Now, here’s where this is the most important. So I’m going to give you some more tactical examples of  where you should focus on becoming that best copywriter. And I, again, don’t mean literally becoming  the best copywriter, I mean, having the best messaging, having the best connection and the best  communication with your audience. So the content you create, is it created for the buyers? Is it  overwhelming or is it very actionable and clear? Does it stand out? Balancing and looking at the  audience category that we talked about yesterday in your marketing, that’s the content. Are you creating content that’s valuable, that’s actionable and that’s going to make an impact on  your audience, but also attract an audience and stand out from all the other options out there?


In  today’s day and age, just creating content is not enough. If you’re like, well, I’m just posting or I’m  creating content. It’s not enough. Your content has to be intentional to the point where it’s attracting  buyers, it is solving micro problems and it’s connecting with your audience and your potential audience.  And I don’t say that to be overwhelming where it’s like, well you got to do it the next level. But the reality is you just have to be intentional. That’s one of the biggest themes to take away from  marketing is you need to be intentional with what you’re doing and if you can’t be intentional, you may  as well not do it. If you’re just random with your content strategy and you’re just like, I’m just trying to  do this to check it off the box, you might as well do less and do it more intentionally. The next thing could  be the way you sell, the way you position that free offer. And I say sell because I’ve talked about this  before, even if it’s a free webinar, even if it’s a lead magnet, even if it’s that someone only has to give  their name and email to, that’s an offer. You have to sell somebody on investing their time or investing their commitment on Thursday at 2:00  PM to show up to your webinar or investing that they believe this PDF that you want them to download  is going to solve their problem. And so the way you position it, the way you make promises over what  your free offer is going to do, and the way you tie that back to the problems that your audience has, that  can always be refined. That’s something you can always improve. And then you also can improve the  way you sell your paid offer. Is it different? Is it associated with speed and ease? Is it really big value for  the price you’re charging? Is there urgency? Is there scarcity?


Again, as you get intel, as you do things  like webinars and sales calls and you interact with potential customers, you’re constantly receiving intel,  where they got stuck, where they had objections, where they were confused, where they felt like your  offer didn’t solve their problem. You can take that and improve your messaging and positioning. So tuning into this episode, I’m very  big on actions and here’s some actions you guys can take leaving this episode. One of the biggest ones  is, if you feel disconnected from your audience, from your potential customers and from your leads, you  need to interview them. That is one of the first things I teach in Market Like A Pro, it’s something we  even tell agency clients to go do sometimes. If you are not so insanely crystal clear on who your  audience is, what they’re saying, what they’re struggling with, what they’re frustrated about, what their  dreams are, the way they describe what they want and the way they communicate, you are losing  money because that is what directly impacts everything in your marketing. And this is not a one and  done thing. This is something that I recommend doing once a year, talking to customers, talking to leads  and your audience and taking that intel and bringing it into your business and your marketing, your  messaging. This is a process I teach, like I said, in Market Like A Pro. And we support businesses doing both in  Market Like A Pro and with our agency. So that’s an action all of you can take. You also can take that and  pivot and update your offer if it’s outdated. Most businesses in the online space and really everywhere  have had to go through a pivot in the last year because of the changes. If you haven’t changed anything  in the last year and it’s not working, you might need to look at a deeper level of pivot and adjustment in  your business itself and with your offer. Offers do have a shelf life, if you’re not pivoting, it could be the  reason why it’s not working. I’m seeing this a lot where people are like, well, here was my best month I ever had in business two  years ago and I’m trying to replicate that right now. And I’m like, but so much has changed, you can’t  just try to keep repeating that. And it’s almost like you’re trying to do the same thing, what’s the  definition of insanity, expecting a different result. You might have to go through the process I did and  many other businesses I know where you need to go talk to your audience, you need to get clear on  what they’re saying and you need to take that back to your drawing board and figure out what you need  to pivot in your business. And it could be as big as pivoting your paid offer, pivoting the way you serve  people to make sure that it’s exactly what people want today. 


A common example of this is in the online industry, so many businesses and people have moved away  from wanting courses. That used to be all the things, seven, five years ago, it’s like people would go buy courses and they wanted courses and everybody was creating courses and selling them and really  successful, people don’t want that anymore because you know why? There’s too much information out  there. I’m not saying people don’t ever want courses, don’t take that and be like, oh my gosh, I was  going to have a course and they don’t want it. They might, your audience might. But the problem is,  there’s so many courses out there and there’s so many people who have bought courses and not used  them and they don’t trust themselves to buy another course and go through it. And so what they want is  they want more support, they want. People want  more done with you. So my shift with our offer was I started with Market Like A Pro used to be called  Ignite and it was just a full course. And it was mostly training material. And over time, the evolution of  that listening to my audience has become just a lot more support. The done with you support, the ad  account audits, the copy audits that we’re going to go in your ad account and tell you what to do. More  coaching calls, more one-on-one support. And the material has become more of a byproduct supporting  material and it’s not the main focus. And so the reason why is there’s just so much information out  there. There are hundreds of podcasts. There’s YouTube videos, there’s everything out there that you  could go find the information on. So selling information isn’t really valuable anymore. Give that away and your free content and then  make sure your offer is what people want, which is really usually that higher level support. Another  action you can take leaving this is updating the positioning of your free offer, or maybe what your free  offer is. People don’t put enough effort into the positioning and messaging around their free offer. They  don’t understand that you still have to put in a significant amount of work to get someone to sign up for  your free offer and this is how you’re going to lower your ad costs. If you’re struggling with really  expensive ad costs, one of the best ways to lower them is to make a free offer that is so insanely  irresistible, that why would someone not sign up for it? It’s better than anything they’ve seen out there. It has so much value. It’s exactly what they need. It’s going to solve their problem. It’s going to help  them quickly. It’s associated with speed and ease. Why would they not download it? Why would they  not sign up for that webinar? And so people get stuck in this and it’s like, you need to just do better with  your offer, free and paid.


So another thing you can do is talk to your audience, figure out and make sure  you’re clear on what they want and what big problems they have and how you could solve that with a  really micro, actionable, free offer. And maybe you need to completely change what that free offer is,  download, webinar. The messaging around that is very critical.


So leaving this episode, I want you to  reflect on the connection you have with your audience, the connection you have with your leads and  potential customers, how you can improve that and where it’s potentially showing up in your business  that you haven’t updated in a long time. 


And you haven’t gone through the process of listening to what people are saying, to what your ideal  customers are saying. Your audience is saying and taking that intel and bringing it into improving your  marketing and your messaging. Because if you can just do that, it will make such a huge difference in your success and in your marketing. And when people tell me, oh, ads are too expensive, marketing’s  too expensive. It’s like, yes, it has gotten more expensive, but you can still absolutely be successful if you  become the best; the best at the communication, at the ability to stand out, at the experience that  you’re creating and you just continue to execute until you have that. So I hope this was helpful for you  guys. 


I do want to mention, and just plug in here, Hirsh Marketing has added so much in both of the  ways that we help businesses are done for you agency, done with you, Market Like A Pro related to  messaging. I’ve hired over three full-time copywriters and an additional full-time messaging coach in the last four  months for our business, because we have so much copy support in the agency. We do it all, we write  the emails, we write the funnel, we write the ad copy. In Market Like A Pro, we now audit. So if you have  a sales page, if you have emails, if you have an ad copy, we give personalized audits where we tell you how  to improve it, help you with headline ideas, webinar ideas, and all of that because of how critical I  realized it was to marketing success. Like basically without it, people can’t be successful, businesses  can’t be successful.


So if you need that level of support and no matter where you’re at in your business,  one of those can support you, you can go to and check that out because hiring  copywriters is one of the hardest positions to hire for truly, and I’m not even kidding you. It takes us six weeks to get a good copywriter. And I’ve done that heavy lifting. I found the good  copywriters, the incredible copywriters to do the work for our clients in our Market Like A Pro members  and save you all of that headache and all of that time so that you can get the best results with your  marketing.


All right, you guys. I’ll see you tomorrow for the next episode in the Marketing Momentum  series, make sure you share the series, get your submissions in. You can share up to five times, just share  it, screenshot it, tag me on social media. We’ll enter you to win. We’re announcing that winner on May  4th for the business audit, and I’ll be back here tomorrow. 


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