There’s a problem all online businesses face after they’re established.

Sure, they may be getting some sales, and their clients are happy, but they can’t seem to grow.

Ad campaigns start to lose momentum.

The cost of making each sale start to go up.

And soon, at the end of every day, you look at your numbers hoping the business is not in the red.


Here’s what you should know: These are not problems, they’re just symptoms.

Trying out a new framework, a new kind of campaign, or investing more into your advertising isn’t likely to fix it.

The only way out of it is to go deep and understand the root of what’s actually going on.

It might be that you’re getting leads but they’re not turning into sales. Or that you’re getting lots of low-ticket buyers but less than 10% buy into your higher ticket offers.


Since every business problem is unique, using the same method to solve all of them is a losing game.

I’ll show you the simple way to find the root cause of ANY business problem, and how to start digging your way out of it.


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If I have to meet X sales goal or X lead goal to, in order to meet my sales goal next month, how

many sales do you want to make in the next 30 days? What’s that number? And then if you actually 

go outside, separate yourself from technology and take a notebook and go outside and you’re not

allowed to come back in for an hour and you sat there and you just said, if I had no other option, but to

hit those goals, what are all the things that come to me and how could I generate those sales?


You are listening to the, not for lazy marketers podcast, episode number 403.


Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are having an amazing week. And I was

just sitting here going, oh my gosh, this is the, almost the end of May. Like we’re almost halfway through

this year. It’s so insane how fast time goes. I think I’ve just come to accept that time. First of all, time’s

an illusion anyways, but that time goes so fast and that the only way to be in the moment and fully

appreciate it is to just put adventures, memory-making activities, trips, etc. Even if it’s a small

thing on the weekend, things I would normally not do or push me to just go outside that routine. That’s

the way that I’m slowing down time. And also time is an illusion, but I’m just trying to enjoy it. And I

think I’m doing a pretty good job of it this year.


Definitely better than last year. That was my number one intention for this year. This is an

example of something I did. I flew to California last week. I flew early Wednesday morning and came

back late Friday, a super quick trip. I flew in to surprise my mom, it was her birthday. And so she

didn’t know it was coming. I flew in just me. I hadn’t been to visit my family. I have three brothers and my parents that are all in Northern California and I hadn’t been to visit them without my kids. Since I had

kids, every single time I bring my kids. So it was really fun to have a couple of days without kids and

obligations. And I could just hang out and not have to worry about kids. I mean, I always bring them

because my kids love coming to visit my family and their uncles.


But I landed. I got up at 4:00 AM my time. I landed at 8:00 AM Pacific time. My brother picked me up, he’s three years younger than me and we’re super close. And I was like, come on, we’re going for a hike. I picked out a hike drive here from the SFO airport. We’re going here. It

was on the beach. We did an eight-mile, hard rated, really hard hike. And then we went and got

amazing food in Sausalito, which is an amazing little cute town in Northern California. And I was like,

see, that’s an example of, we both are working really hard. He’s got a business he’s starting. And

he’s just in the grind mode. And we could have easily just picked me up from the airport, driven

back, worked the whole day, but we chose to pause, get out in nature, go for this hike.


I hiked 17 miles in the 48 hours that I was in California because I just love it. And for me, that’s my

church and I feel close to higher powers or myself when I’m out in nature hiking. And it’s a little hard to

do that when it’s 95 degrees every day in Austin. So I soaked it up anyways. I am excited for today’s

episode. I’ve been waiting to do this one because it’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks. And I had

this kind of inspiration come to me when I was flying the other day. So I got on the plane early and

whenever I travel without my kids, I work on the planes and I love it because I get so much done. It’s three and a half hours of very little distractions, or I guess it’s whatever time, but California’s three and a half hours flight and very little distractions.


I get a ton done. I’m like, I’m always so excited for it. So I get on the plane to go to California. We take

off whatever, 10,000 feet I take my laptop out. I open it, it’s dead. And I was like, oh my gosh, I had it

plugged in overnight. For some reason it didn’t charge it. Something’s wrong with it maybe, but it didn’t

charge. And so at first I was like, oh, you know, everything I had planned this whole list I had in my

notes app, I can’t get it done. And so I even asked the flight attendant and was, can you

charge my laptop for me? And, and then I was like, you know what, no, this is supposed to happen. I’m

supposed to not have my laptop. I’m supposed to be sitting here for the next several hours and have

some time to just think.


And so I did this exercise on the plane and I feel there’s a lot of power in it. So I’m going to talk about

that. And I’m going to tie this into marketing. This was directly related to my marketing. So I’ve been

feeling for the last several months for myself and for clients and strategies, I’ve been feeling like so

much of what we’re trying to do is just the same old VSL webinars live launches, and live

challenges. And while they do convert, I just did a live challenge. It did great. We have clients who have

successful webinars, evergreen and live who have successful VSLs I just feel it’s so much harder to

get those to convert and that’s fine. But I was thinking over the last several weeks to like the last month,

why is it so hard? Why do we have to work so hard?


Like paying, triple the cost per lead that it used to be five years ago and then working so hard to

get the sale. And it feels like the amount of resources that go into a live launch. My team’s time, my

time, the creation of the content, the running of the ads, the money, you know, the cost for the work to

build out the live launch and then run the live launch. I’m like, there has to be a better way. And I’ve

been feeling this feeling of, we’re kind of just doing some of the things we’re doing, because it’s the

best way that we know how to get applications or grow the business, but it’s not really growing at the

pace I want it to grow. It’s growing. But I basically have to do a live launch for it to grow at the



I want it to grow to like supercharge it. And so I’ve been sitting with that for really the last month. And I

haven’t had the bandwidth between everything that’s going on and my team coming into town and all

the things that happened. I haven’t had the bandwidth to just sit down and just think, and I’ve talked

about this before on the podcast, but there’s a lot of power in just thinking like no distractions, no

notifications, and just a notepad, a blank piece of paper. And you just push your brain to go past its

current limits and just sit there and think, okay, come up with more ideas. Okay. What else, what

else do you have? It could be a crazy idea. It could be not a good idea. Just give me everything. And I was

realizing when I was on the plane, I was like, oh my gosh, I haven’t had an opportunity for myself to just

sit here for hours, just think, and to have, you know, no connection to text messages, to slack, to Voxer,

to social media.


And I, I want you guys to observe this. If you were to sit down and tell yourself, just think about

this one problem, whatever it is, this one problem in your personal life and your business and your

marketing. And you were to say, just come up with all the ideas that I could possibly come up with

around this. And then you start doing that. I will bet you so much that likely you get distracted. You sit

down, you start thinking, you start coming up with a few things and then you pull up your phone and

you check Instagram, or you see a notification go off on slack or you get a text message or you get a call.

That’s not effective. Your brain doesn’t have the opportunity to go layers deep. When you’re doing that,

you’re staying surface. You’re not able to solve the problem.


So the first thing I want to say is I challenge all of you guys to say, if I have to meet X sales goal or X lead

goal to, in order to meet my sales goal, like next month, how many sales do you want to make? How

many sales for your core offer do you want to make in the next 30 days? What’s that number? And then if you actually go outside, separate yourself from technology and take a notebook and go outside

and you’re not allowed to come back in for an hour and you sat there and you just said, if I had no other

option, but to hit those goals and, and I can go beyond anything I’ve ever done, I can expand to new

ideas. I can question what I’m doing. Is it really the right way? What are all the ideas that come to me?


What are all the things that come to me and how I could generate those sales? And then just start writing them down and you’re not going to do all these things so they can be terrible ideas. They can be

completely overwhelming. The second you start thinking, well, I don’t have a team to do that, or I

don’t have enough money, or what if I’m not good enough to create that content? Just forget about

those thoughts, because you’re not committing to this. You’re just putting the ideas on paper and you

want to have no boundaries around this. And I used to do this a lot more when solving a problem. I

used to separate myself completely from notifications and give myself an hour, sometimes two hours, if

I needed to just think about that one problem, to not even worry about what I was coming up with and like the logistical side of it, or the reality of it and saying, you know, again, that’s too expensive.


I don’t have help. I can never do all that. That’s what our brain is going to start doing. Right? And just get it all out. And then when you think you’ve got it all out, get more out and sit there and say, do, what

what else do I have? Do I have anything else? And keep doing that, and then you’ll see what comes out. And so I was on this plane and I was like, okay, my laptop’s dead. I was totally going to work. I had a bunch of stuff I needed to review and like reply to, because the day before you leave for a trip and I have my kids and everything was crazy. So I cut my workday short the day before. And I was planning on this time.


Anyways, I’m like, this is what I’m supposed to do. So I got out a piece of paper and for three hours, I just

thought about my business marketing and questioned what I’m doing…


And this kind of cycle we have of live launch and then evergreen and then live launch. And it

just, I’m just feeling bored of it. And I’m not saying that in the sense of like, oh, I’m not focused. If it was

getting me the results to the level I wanted, I’m not at all saying it’s not getting results. It’s

profitable. It’s like 3X ROAS. That’s good. It’s getting sales, but it’s just not as exciting as I want it to be. It’s not as big as I think it could be. It’s not as innovative as I think it can be, but I didn’t have the answer before this. So I sat there and I wrote down all my ideas and I would just stare out the

plane. I mean, the person next to me probably thought I was crazy.


I would, I would stare out the plane. I would talk to myself a little bit. I would close my eyes. I was

thinking, I think I did 15 minutes of just breathing and just sitting on this. And I came up with so

many ideas. I’m not going to execute all of them. I’m probably going to only execute half of them. But I came up with some really good ideas and you guys will see them over the next couple of months because I came up with them and then I started to put dates to them and the order of them and how, and what we’re going to implement. And I have it all organized. Now, after I landed, I was able to get it to my team and organize it. But the point is, we don’t do this enough. And then I want to tie this to something else. And that is, I sat there and as I was coming up with ideas, the second thing I did is I actually closed my eyes.


I put myself in the position of you guys, my ideal customer, my audience, what you’re struggling with, and what you want. And I made a list of everything that you guys want from the experience I just had. And the challenge from the things I see on social media, from the response on my podcast, I just sat there and connected myself to my ideal customer. And then I combined that with ideas for my marketing and I really questioned, and I really sat there and I was like, what if I could never do a webinar again? What would I do? Or a live challenge, or a standard funnel? What if I couldn’t do that again? What would I come up with? And I came up with some seriously killer, really good ideas you guys, that I’m really excited about.


And when I feel that excitement and I’m able to connect them, these two things, one innovation

freshness, newness in this industry that hasn’t been done before with absolutely solving your problem

and supporting you and serving you on a very deep level, when you can combine those two things, you

have a killer strategy. And so the second piece to this episode that I want to talk about is more than ever

with marketing. Is it important to not get stuck on the templates to really question even the standard

webinars and VSLs, and, and the different ways that other people are doing things. We had this

conversation on my team last week before I flew on my trip, that got me thinking, which was how much,

most of our successful clients have a, a unique strategy, a unique spin to it. We’re, they’re not doing the

same thing as another client.


And it’s the craziest thing. There is very often something that works for one client. And then it’s oh,

that’s a great idea. We should do that. It doesn’t work for another client. And so there’s so much to

strategies and marketing because every business is unique. The customers that you’re trying to attract,

and your audience is unique to everybody else’s business, your own brand, your values, your own

message, your voice, your content, the way you show up your strengths, your weaknesses, it’s unique to everybody else’s business. And then what you sell at a different price, solves different problems, different delivery methods, a different journey that needs to happen to get somebody there. And so what works for one person may completely fail for another person, even in the same niche that happens. Even in the B2B space, it especially happens if you compare business to business and business to consumer, but oftentimes even in the B2B space, you go try to replicate what somebody else did.


And I see people do this all the time, and then it doesn’t work at all. And then they’re super frustrated

about it. So we also started talking about how the importance of having a very custom marketing

strategy and continuing to customize it. That’s the other thing, you’re not going to launch a strategy. And

then it’s all right, it’s great. It works like the strategy works. We’re not going to change anything.

You’re going to constantly be refining it and customizing it and listening to your audience. And then it’ll

evolve every month. It’ll evolve into something new if you’re doing it right. And so I paired this idea

when I was sitting on the plane with the fact of, okay, I’m going to push my, my brain. I’m going to push my limits here. And I’m just going to brain dump ideas for how I can change up our marketing.


Because I need something fresh. I need something new. I’m tired of the webinars. I don’t think they’re as

effective as they used to be. Not to say again that they don’t work, but I want the 5X, 8X ROAS

that I used to get and I want more volume. I want to scale. Right. And so I just don’t think it’s

going to happen with where we are. And for some people it does. We have clients who have 8X, 5

X, 4X ROAS with a webinar. For me, it’s not working. It’s not getting me to that level. 2-3X,

which is average is fine, but I’m not average. I want to be above average. So I was like, okay, I’m going to sit here. I’m going to question this. And then I combined that with putting myself in the position of you guys.


I said, okay, close my eyes. I really did. I closed my eyes on the plane. What do they need? What do they want? And then I combine that with solutions and out of that came some great ideas. These great ideas are not at all something that’s been done before. Both of them they’re totally different. And so they might not work too that combines with, don’t be afraid to fail. And I talk about this all the time and testing and refining, that’s marketing. That’s part of the fun of it. But I was able to come out of it and not say like, okay, how can I just create another webinar? You know? And another webinar, that’s a different title or a different messaging. I really felt in my core, I need to change it up. I need to go deeper here.


I need to do something new, something really fresh. And so that’s what I’m going to do. So my

takeaways for you guys on this podcast are a couple of things. Number one, do not let yourself get

put in a box with your marketing. Don’t think “I have to do a webinar or have to do a VSL or a challenge”

or whatever, because you saw somebody else do it. And if you want to use that as a core foundation,

that’s fine. I teach webinars. I love webinars. The concept of a webinar is always going to be around. And that concept is provide value, create a gap, lead that gap to your offer. That is the path of a

successful customer journey, it’s been going on since like the twenties that people have been doing. This

 just evolved and it’s going to continue to evolve.


And so I’m not saying at all, do not take away from this episode, that webinars don’t work. VSLs don’t

work, challenges don’t work. You need to know based on your own business, I’m in an industry that’s extremely saturated with all those things. And a lot of people don’t have time. And so I think at the end

of the day, that’s what I’m up against. And that’s why it’s not 6, 7, 8 times ROAS. Now it’s possible for

other people to get there. But I want you guys to question, how could I expand my marketing ideas and

the ways that I could show up and the ways that I could generate leads and generate an experience cuz

that’s what marketing is at the end of the day, an experience for my audience, for my leads to lead them

to my sale. And don’t let yourself get put in that box.


Just pretend like who cares the cost, who cares the resources, who cares? If it’s a good idea or a bad

idea, give yourself an hour away from technology. If you’ve got to go on a plane without it, do that and see what you come up with. You might come up with something really good and then you just go test it and it, and refine it. And it might work and it might not, or it’s most likely going to need refinement before it works. The second thing here is pushing your mind. So don’t let yourself get put in a box around the templates. Don’t think I have to do a webinar or have to do this cuz everybody else is doing it. But also pushing your mind to really connect to your ideal customer. I feel that so many people lose this when they’re planning their marketing strategy.


And at the end of the day, every single thing you do is for that person, the content you create, the free

lead generation, you create your free offers, your paid offers all your positioning. It is serving that

person it’s serving. It’s supporting them, even your offer and selling. It’s giving them the solution they

need so they can solve their problem effectively and quickly. So everything you do is for that person.

And it is extremely powerful to pause and connect with them because there’s so much noise out there.

There’s so much overwhelm with how much content we have to create with all the different lead

generation ideas, with what even should be our idea, building the funnel, all the things, I feel the

energy because I feel it in our Market Like a Pro Program. And we as our coaches and myself, try to calm

down those members and be like, you don’t have to do all the things.


You don’t have to be this stressed about your marketing. It can be simple. It can be effective. And at the

root of it all is your connection to your ideal customer. So if you haven’t really sat with that recently and

just expanded on like what could I do to serve them with my content, with my free offers, to generate

leads with my paid offer and its positioning. I would sit with that. So that’s the, the other piece I want

you to take away from this and the other, the final thing is as a CEO, this is part of your job. My

marketing team has honestly been waiting for me to do this for a while. And I’ve been feeling like I

needed to do this for a while, but I haven’t had the space. And so that’s on me. I need to create better

space in my calendar because now my team is set.


The vision has been cast. They can help me go execute it. I can continue to, speak that vision and see that vision through. But as good as a marketing team is, even my marketing team is great, amazing internal team. And obviously, for our clients, the vision sometimes has to come from us because at the root of it, we know our content the best and we know our ideal customer, the best we should. That is how it should be. And so when you combine that with really good marketing, you get magic, you get something incredible. So hopefully this episode got you guys thinking today, let me know.


If you do decide to try that, you can send me a message on Instagram or something and tell me what you came up with and be on the lookout. Because we do have some exciting things coming as a

result of this think session I had and I was also reminded how much I need to do these. I used to do

them more and I’ve just packed more into my calendar recently in terms of meetings and just team needs and needing to review things that I haven’t felt like I could do this, but this is priceless work. Like this is something that only I could do. And that’s what I should be spending most of my time doing is the things only I can do. So hope this gives you guys something to think about and I’ll talk to you on Thursday.


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