2:08 Rule #2 Of Marketing in 2022

3:14 The biggest mistake business owners make when marketing seems to stop working

6:50 The mindset shift that will give you peace of mind when leads stop coming in

7:20 This misconception will cost your business most of its sales in the next 3-6 months

8:45 Here’s how many times you must touch your prospects before they become customers

14:57 3 questions you must ask yourself to get things back on track

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I watch people equate complicating their strategies with trying to create success. So what they do is things aren’t working and they start doing more, they launch a new offer, they launch a new funnel, they try YouTube, they go on to social media and they have all these new strategies and they are doing more because it’s feeling like, and I’m sure you guys have been there. I myself have it’s a natural thing that I think we do, especially entrepreneurs when things aren’t, we just get busy, right? We grind. We try to fix the problem. 


You are listening to the Not For Lazy Marketers podcast, episode number 407.


Hello everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. We’re on episode 2 of this bonus series that I’m doing, which is all about the rules for marketing in 2022, my rules, my suggestions, but I highly recommend them. And there will be 5 total. So today’s the second rule and we’re diving into that and how you can implement this in your marketing. This might be one of my favorite. I was mapping out the outline for this and I’m like, “Ooh, this is really good you guys need this, you really need this”. It’s a good reminder, it’s simple stuff. It’s based on foundational principles for your marketing, but it’s something that so many of you are dropping the ball on and are missing out on success, basically because you don’t have this. So as just a quick reminder, this is a bonus series on my public podcast. So duh, because you guys are listening to it and I’m putting out extra episodes essentially. So we’re going to put out episodes through Tuesday of next week that all are around this series of the 5 rules. So there will be three more rules after this. All right.


So rule number 2 for marketing in 2022 and through the recession and through these challenging times is consistent attention is key and let’s dive into that. So a lot of people right now are trying to figure out “how do I get leads? How do I get sales?” Of course, “how do I improve my marketing?” And the thing is, the number one thing that you want to pay attention to is how do you garner attention because attention is currency. Getting someone to watch your Instagram stories, read your emails, consume your video, listen to your podcast, go to your opt-in page, sign up for your webinar-all of those things are garnering attention and your audience only has a limited amount of attention that you are fighting for against all these different brands in your niche or not just attention in general that you are fighting to gain. 


So getting that attention is key. Now, one thing I want to talk about in this is how you can do this in a simple way. So oftentimes when marketing gets more challenging and people aren’t seeing the results that they want and they’re not getting the leads, they’re not getting the sales, things aren’t converting. They feel like they’re throwing spaghetti at the walls, spinning their wheels. We all know those things. We’ve all been there. A lot of you are there right now. I watch people equate, complicating their strategies with trying to create success. So what they do is things aren’t working and they start doing more: they launch a new offer, they launch a new funnel, they try YouTube, they go on to social media and they have all these new strategies and they are doing more because it’s feeling like, and I’m sure you guys have been there.


I myself have it’s a natural thing that I think we do, especially entrepreneurs when things aren’t working, we just get busy, right? We grind. We try to fix the problem and we equate more with, “okay, that’s going to create success”. If I just keep doing more, if I just keep showing up, if I just keep changing things, it might work. While it’s great that you’re showing up through those things and you want to do that, it doesn’t have to be complicated. So, instead of trying to get that one thing that brings success, that one really incredible funnel that is going to end up providing better results than having three funnels and two different offers and all these social media channels and just trying to be everywhere at once. You don’t need a complicated strategy, but there is one thing that is extremely critical for marketing during this year for marketing through the next couple of years that is likely going to be more challenging than it was before and that’s consistency and consistency garnering attention.


So what I was talking about with this rule, because if you are consistently holding your audience’s attention and it’s very micro attention. So it used to be that in marketing people would have kind of bigger touchpoints with a brand. They might listen to an entire radio ad or read through an entire magazine article or see someone come to their door and talk to them, right? Now people’s attention spans have gone down. I was just having a conversation with a friend of mine who’s like, what’s next? We’re down to like two 22 second reels. Like, are we going to get down to a millisecond of content? Because people can’t hold their attention. But it means these micro pieces of getting their attention, Instagram story, which is, you know, 15 seconds and or, or less like one clip of an Instagram story reels it’s micro.


And so what that means is it’s probably increased. I’m going to talk about that in a second, by a lot, how many touchpoints you need to have, but the touchpoints are much smaller, which come from showing up consistently garnering your audience’s attention consistently. So I’ve seen this kind of play out over and over where people complicate their strategy to the point of paralysis. And then they’re so overwhelmed and they have all these things they think they need to do in order to be successful. And they actually don’t take any action. They stop emailing their list. They stop creating valuable content.

They stop showing up, they turn off their ads. And I need you guys to understand this. What is happening is if you put a pause on your marketing, whether that’s organic and ads, just essentially you put a pause on generating new traffic and generating new leads 100% your business will feel it in three to six months from now. 


Because on average, I can almost bet that your audience takes about that long. It depends on the price of your offer, but takes about that long to become a customer. So what you don’t realize is one of the biggest shifts that’s happened that we need to be super aware of. To stay successful is what you do this month isn’t a direct impact of this month’s revenue. A lot of times what you do this month, either you generate new audience members, people in your audience, new followers. But when I say followers, I don’t literally mean like the count of your Instagram. I mean, people who are engaging with your brand, you generate new leads or you don’t, and you’re going to feel the impact of that in three to six months. And so what’s happened is I’ve seen many, many businesses who last year, because of the cost of ads, because of the overwhelm with content, they stopped marketing consistently.


They stopped having a strategy. They stopped showing up. They stopped running ads. And now their business is at a dead stop because they haven’t been bringing in new leads. Their email list is shrinking, right? If you’re not growing, your email list is shrinking, because people unsubscribe or they go inactive. So you have to grow your list faster than that’s happening. And if you’re not doing that, your business is going to pay for it in the months to come. So you don’t understand until you look at it this way, the long term damage to your business growth that this is going to have. And so many of you are focused on this month. Okay? Well, I don’t have the money to spend on ads this month, or I’m just going to pause and build my entire strategy out for this month. And You don’t realize this long term damage.


So I’m going to flip it a little bit and I want to talk about this. It goes directly with this, but I was having a conversation with a friend who shared this study, that he was a consultant in this company and they spent millions of dollars on this study in the last, I think it was done maybe like 3 or 4 years ago. And it was to figure out how many touchpoints a customer had with their brand before buying their product. And it was in eCommerce, but it still is completely relevant. And so I always have said like, it’s an average of seven to 10 touch points, right? That’s what they say. And after they did this study, they found that it was actually more like 60 micro touch points with the business before someone bought a low priced digital, I mean a low priced physical product.


It was a supplement. That’s insane. So we’re all operating off of this old mentality that it’s like, you get the webinar, someone opts into your webinar and then they’re going to buy. But the reality is it’s becoming almost non-existent that someone does that without having a different touchpoint. The exception is probably if they’re a referral or they follow somebody who recommends your brand and then they go there and, and I’ve seen like, okay, they’ll buy. But that’s because somebody that they’ve already probably had 60 plus touchpoints with recommended you. And so the trust is instantly there, which is why, of course those things are powerful, but you can’t scale your business just based on those things you can do really well. And some people do better than others with those types of deals and relationships, but you can’t really scale it because you’re counting on somebody else for your growth, which is not a good idea.


So going from seven to 10 touch points, which could be like, oh, we send that many emails. We have the webinar. There’s my touch points to 50 plus potentially before somebody buys. But the thing is like I was saying, these are micro touch points. Again, watching your Instagram story, seeing your post, maybe they see your ad on the news feed, but they don’t even click it, but they saw it. They saw your face. They saw your brand. You’re holding real estate in their mind. And so thinking about all of these micro touch points, you have to change your perspective and your goal with marketing to be, how do I be consistent? And how do I consistently claim real estate in my audience? And in my potential customer’s mind. And you do that with consistently showing up in a lot of different places, social media, emailing, providing value, having your funnels, and you do it with the mindset of, yes, I’m going to get leads in sales, but it starts with creating that attention.


So we need to rethink the way we’re looking at marketing. This is a very important rule in this series. I’m telling you, it’s probably my favorite because the goal is to bring new leads and ideal customers into your world, growing your audience, right then it’s to stay consistent with those people. It’s to provide value, stay top of mind every day. And that’s difficult to track, right? You can’t track how many times somebody saw your social media post. You can’t. We don’t have that ability to track. And we probably never will with the tracking that’s getting cracked down on, we can’t track. If someone just saw your ad

and then eventually after five months of seeing your ads all over the news feed, decided to sign up and work with you. We can’t fully track that accurately. So your goal needs to just be, be consistent.


That is the goal. You’ve gotta bring new people in every day. New leads, new followers who engage with your brand. Then you have to stay consistent with them. You have to provide strategic and valuable content consistently, and then you need to regularly offer that next step for them, which is to buy your offer. So that usually is going to come from, this is kind of getting out of what I’m talking about today. But when I know people are going to ask, well, how do I do that? It’s going to come from multiple ways. You’re

probably going to have a customer journey. That’s like a natural progression, like a webinar funnel. You’ll probably do flash sales. You’ll probably email your list every once in a while with your offer, you need to create multiple opportunities for your audience and your leads to take the next step. And if you’re doing the work on getting them to constantly pay attention to you, selling becomes really easy.


If you’re garnering and maintaining their attention consistently, then making the sale is really easy. As soon as the time is right for them, they’re going to do it. You’re going to be the first one that they think of. Or they’re going to see that one Instagram story tomorrow that pushes them over the edge. And they’re like, I need to, I need to buy this. So the most important thing that you can do right now is garner and maintain attention. You need to get people’s attention, your ideal customer, which you do that through ads, through valuable content, through referral partnerships, maybe through how do you go out and reach new people? How do you get in front of new people with valuable content? And then once you get those people in your world, you need to maintain their attention and hold it. Do you know how powerful it is?


Just put yourself in the perspective of your ideal customer. Imagine this journey, because this is the reality of it. They see an ad and it’s either a content visibility ad of yours, or they sign up for a lead magnet that you have, right? They’ve taken that first step. And now you a lot, what a lot of people do is they’re like, okay, well they’ll go through my funnel and they’ll buy and that’s it. Right? But imagine if you, instead, you are looping those people into your podcast, to your Instagram, to all the places where you show up

regularly. Now this person who just downloaded your lead magnet or saw your content ad, they start watching your stories. And right, when you start watching stories, it shows up at the top of your Instagram newsfeed. So now they see your face every day and they’re watching your stories and that’s maybe two minutes every day of their attention that you are maintaining.


And then they see on your stories that you’re talking about your podcast. So they go listen to your podcast. And on that podcast, you’re mentioning your offer. So now it’s holding real estate in their mind that that’s an option to solve their problem. And that’s the way marketing’s working. It’s putting together all those things and it’s garnering that attention and creating that experience. And you don’t know exactly what’s going to push someone over the edge, so what can you control?  And that’s what we need to focus on. What you can control is the consistency, the consistency of one, making sure you’re

always bringing in new people and leads because if you’re not doing that, like I said, your business is going to feel it in three to six months and then two making sure you’re consistent at those people that you’ve worked so hard to bring into your ecosystem as a business that you’re staying consistent showing up in front of them.


So here’s some questions I want to leave you guys with that I want you to think about for your own business. Number one, answer the question of how are you going to consistently bring new people into your business ecosystem? Are you going to run ads? Are you going to show up on social media every day? You’re going to post two reels a day because the only way to really get track traction on social media is to post a lot of content. Are you going to go and find relationships so you can get in front of other people’s audiences? Are you going to do all of those things? Like you have to be doing something that you can measurably see every week you have audience growth and lead growth. Because if you don’t, again, your business is going to feel it in three to six months. Number two, answer the question of how are you going to consistently stay in front of those people’s eyes and garner their attention?


Are you going to do a couple Instagram stories every day? Are you going to have a podcast? How often are you going to email your list? How are you going to do that? How are you going to stay in front of them and have those micro touch points so that you can get those 50 plus touch points to becoming a customer? And then number three, how are you going to systematically and regularly provide very clear opportunities to purchase your offer? So another thing that people do is they sell their offer one time.

So they’ll have a funnel where it’s like, okay, it’s a webinar or whatever their customer journey is, which typically you have one main pitch in that simple funnel and then they never sell it again. You should be mentioning your offer on Instagram stories, on your podcast, on your email list, creating flash sales, creating these experiences.


You have to do that now. Gone are the days where you can set up an evergreen funnel and you can get enough people in it that they then buy. And you know what the here’s the reality of you guys, those funnels that people were running, you know, four or five years ago, they were actually just leaving a ton of money on the table. It was working and they were profitable enough because the ad cost was so low and they were able to get those sales conversions with less touch points. But if they would’ve built in what we have to do now, I mean, I think they would’ve doubled their profit in some cases. If they

would’ve built in flash sales and showing up consistently and nurturing your list and having different wrapping paper and live launches and all these things that were having to do to work, to get the sale.


That’s the reality now. So the sooner you accept that, but the, the other reality is all these businesses. They were just getting away with being profitable without having to do this because of the different circumstances. But they actually were just leaving a lot of money on the table. And even five years ago, I used to tell people about my strategy of having a 90 day nurture sequence for new leads that has two flash sales and it would blow people away. And it was like so obvious to me, but people were like not doing that. They were only selling their offer that one time. And then they had all these leads on their email list. And now you will not be profitable if that’s the strategy you operate from. So understanding the answer to these three questions, how are you going to bring new people and leads in, how are you going to consistently stay in front of those people?


And then how are you going to sell your offering consistently provide that next step for them? That’s your marketing strategy. That’s it. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be multiple funnels. It’s more about consistently getting that attention, consistently planting real estate in your ideal customers, in your leads’ mind and holding that because that is where it’s at. That’s the currency like that is what is a limited resource out there that all these businesses and brands are fighting for and fighting harder for that you have to get on top of. So rule number two is consistent attention is key. Build that into your marketing strategy and I promise you, it will make such a huge difference, but also remember that what you do this month is going to impact your business in 3 to 6 months down the line. So if you are not staying consistent this month and you’re not bringing in new people, you will feel it down the line.


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