1:47 Rule #5 of marketing in 2022

4:52 You need this special ingredient if you want people to buy from you

7:02 Keep this in mind whenever you’re using templates for marketing

13:03 What Emily and her clients are doing to mitigate the recession in their businesses


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Whenever someone asks me to plan a strategy or solve a problem in their business or get their marketing working, one of the first things I do is put myself in the shoes of the person experiencing the webinar, the social media, or the podcast, or the strategy in general, or being presented the offer. And I make decisions based on that. And I think we forget that so easily.

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Hello, everybody. We are here on rule number five, the final episode in this series. Actually to tell you guys the truth, I was going to have 4 rules when I initially mapped out the initial vision of this series. And then as I was mapping it out, this one came up in a few of them and I was like, this is so important. It needs to be its own rule. So I added a fifth rule because this is so important. This might be on the shorter side, because it’s a simple rule, but it’s so important, it needed its own episode so we can talk about it. All right. So if you haven’t caught up on the series, you can still go back and catch up on them. Go listen to each rule that you need to be implementing in your marketing in 2022 to be successful.

All right, rule number 5 is more personalization, less transactions and no templates. Basically this rule means the way that marketing’s going and what I’ve seen over the last year to two years is every month it feels like we move in the direction of the need for personalization, the need for connection, the need for less transactional experiences. This is why templates don’t work in marketing because you’re not operating in alignment with who you are and in alignment with the coming from the place of connection with your marketing. And I think the only way that your marketing is going to work is by shifting your marketing, to be more connecting, to remember that on the other side of everything you do, every piece of content you create, every funnel you build, every social media post, everything you do.


There’s a human on the other side of it, who is experiencing that. And I feel like online, we don’t treat it like that. We forget that we’re doing this to cross the to-do list off. We’re not doing this to execute the funnel map that we’re trying to build. We’re doing this to connect with other people. And this is something that I think I loved at the beginning from marketing that’s made me unique in the way I’ve looked at it is, whenever someone asks me to plan a strategy or solve a problem in their business or get their marketing working, one of the first things I do is I put myself in the shoes of the person

experiencing the experience, experiencing the webinar, the social media or the podcast or the strategy in general, or being presented the offer. And I make decisions based on that.


And I think that we forget that so easily. And when you forget that your marketing becomes a lot more transactional. I have a good friend, George Bryant. He will be coming on the podcast soon in an interview series. We were talking, and a lot of the things that he was saying related to this, and one of the conversations, like pieces of the conversation we were having is, imagine doing some of the things that we do online in person with someone. And as he was talking, I was like, oh, you know what? I do some of these things that feel okay online, but you would never do it to someone in person. And it really got me thinking, he is an amazing, amazing human who focuses so much on connections and relationships and marketing, we have a lot of alignment. So think about your marketing strategy and just think about some of the things you do and the way that we build in automation, but almost to an extent where it dehumanizes what we’re doing.


And a lot of times it’s things you never do in person to someone. And you can have automation in your marketing. Absolutely. But you can’t have everything automated and you can’t remove human connection for your marketing to still work. We already know that people buy based on connection. They buy based on emotion. They feel connected to your offer, to your brand, to your business, to your values, to what you represent to how you show up, and that’s why people buy. Yes, it’s going to solve their problem. And yes, they believe in you, but that starts with connection. We don’t really ever buy from a business or a brand that we don’t feel a connection to and that we don’t feel emotionally stable with. Right? People don’t make decisions where they’re coming from a place of fear of rejection or like you’re being super cold to them.


And they’re like, yeah, sure. I’ll hand you my credit card. Right? Nobody does that. But yet, in digital marketing, we take out the human and the connection so often from what we’re doing. So to talk about what this might look like specifically in your marketing, first of all, I’ve been saying this forever, but there are no templates. There is no “copy this exact webinar funnel and don’t change it at all”. It’s not going to work. And so one of the things I tell my clients and I tell our members in Market Like a Pro is if you are doing something and the reason why behind why you’re doing it is because you were told to do it or you’re following a template, but you feel slightly off, but you’ve told yourself, oh, well it worked for somebody else or I’ve seen them do it.


And it worked for them. So I’m going to do it stop right there and do not keep moving forward because I’ve had so many conversations with clients and members who were like, oh yeah, I’ve been implementing this webinar strategy that I learned in this program last year. And it just, it hasn’t felt right. But I was committed to doing this. I was committed to implementing it or someone who’s like, yeah, I took this webinar, you know, slide deck that my coach gave me. And I just filled in my stuff. And, and I’m really uncomfortable in this part, but I’m still doing it. If you feel out of alignment with

yourself, when you go show up on a webinar or you go show up at making content or at creating a strategy, it will never work. Those “templates” that you’re taking, they were created as templates.


But from somebody who made it authentically them and made it work. So that’s why, whenever you’re taking business and marketing advice, it should be based on principles. And then you put your own thing into it. You put your own values, your own strengths, your own abilities. And there are things that, we’ve seen work for one client that will completely fail for another because it’s not them. You can’t make yourself be a different person. You have specific unique values and principles and experience and strengths that you need to play to in your business and how you show up in your marketing. So the first thing is, if you are ever finding yourself in a place where you’re implementing a marketing strategy that you’re doing line item for the line item, exactly like somebody told you, and any part of that, that feels off to you, listen to that because it’s not going to work. 


Everybody’s business is unique. Everybody’s audience target is unique. The offer they’re selling is unique. Their niche is unique and you are unique. And so that means we need to create customization within core principles that we know work. The other way that this is going to move to more personalization is creating more opportunity for conversations, DMS. I’m starting to really incorporate those more into strategies and not have it like an automated entire mini chat sequence. I’m talking about real conversations. Like you’re talking to a human in real conversations, more customization in your customer journey, more little areas that you can create connection, that you can build that trust that you can let your guard down and connect with your audience and humanize yourself and your business so that people connect with you. It’s another thing that’s so simple, but yet, so many people aren’t doing it.


Also creating more opportunity for connection, for building relationships. So maybe that’s building relationships in your DMs, maybe that’s in social media. One of the examples George gave that I’ll talk about, I think he gave this on his interview, but it was so good. In the sense that people expect on social media or with ads, everybody to respond to them and click on the ad or comment on their social media or follow them or engage with them. But yet we don’t reciprocate. Like we don’t comment back as much. We don’t reach out and help people. Business owners almost have this in marketing where it’s like, we expect this one-way relationship. And I absolutely loved how he put it. I thought it was so brilliant because when you think about that, if you were to boil marketing down to relationships, you’re never going to have a successful relationship.


If it’s all one way, and we expect everybody to do stuff for us, read our emails, click our emails, opt into our webinars, come to our webinars, buy our offer, and then we’re not doing anything for them. So focus on what you can do as a business in your marketing to provide that value, to show up and create those relationships. So this rule is, at the end of the day, this is something that has always been important in marketing. It’s always been part of marketing and it’s always worked in marketing, but I think over the years with digital marketing for a while, businesses could get away with not having this. But now that costs have gone up, the industries are saturated, attention is very limited for your ideal customer. I think now that that’s happened, you have to have this to be successful.


And if you don’t, you’re going to really struggle. And you’re going to feel like why is no one paying attention to me? Why is no one opening my emails? Why is no one coming to my webinar? Why is no one buying my offer? Well, you could start with, how do I create a stronger relationship with those people? How do I create more personalization? How do I create a connection? And then have your actions align with that. So it’s very simple. Like I said, this wasn’t even going to be a rule in this series, but I think that, and I’ve been talking about this for so long at this point. And, and it’s been a core

foundational component of marketing since I started my business of just remembering, 

 at the end of the day, you could look at all the templates and all the swipe files and all the things and all the advice and all the books and all the coaches and all the masterminds.


But you have to remember the person that you’re trying to market to. That there’s a human. On the other side of that screen, who’s struggling. Who’s frustrated, who has dreams, who has emotions, who wants that connection, who wants to believe that what they need or what they want is possible, who needs that support and your job is to serve them. And so don’t forget that in the overwhelm that comes with marketing, because when you really think about it, that way, I bet you that you’d be able to answer

some questions about what you should do with your marketing or your marketing strategy. If you just looked at it that way. And if you just simplified it down to that, all right, you guys, that was rule number 5. It’s not a super long one, but it’s a very important one. And I wanted to get you guys thinking, and I want you to look at your marketing and ask yourself, are you connecting with your audience and your leads and your potential customers?


Are you creating those relationships? Are you creating personalization? Do you have opportunities to build that connection? Where is everything really cold? And when you do that, you’ll probably come up with some actions you can do to improve that. I hope you guys enjoyed the 5 rules that you need to implement in your marketing for 2022 through this time period. We’ve got this, you guys, I’ve got you. My mission is to support businesses through this time because let’s be real, the last year and a half hasn’t been easy marketing your business, digital marketing, and I’ve felt it. A lot of companies like I shared in the first episode are feeling it. Some are shutting down because they’re feeling it. And I think unfortunately, that’s going to continue to happen, but we’re going to be okay because you guys are going to focus on these rules.


We’re going to focus on serving our clients on our customers on the impact that we’re going to make. We’re going to be consistent. We’re going to provide value and we’re going to continue showing up. Even when it’s hard, you guys promise me, you continue getting up, you continue showing up. Even if it feels hard. And if you’re having one of those weeks where you’re like, I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know if I am cut out for this. I might fail. Just understand that, no matter how successful the entrepreneur, they feel that sometimes it’s not just you and you can send me a message if you get to that place. So, you know, you’re not alone. And you know, I’ve been there many times and I’ll be there again. And it’s not just you, you’ve got this, we’ve got this. And there is still so much possibility in harder times because people need even more help. So as long as you come from that place of serving and that place of providing value and creating connection and showing up in that way and being consistent with that, you’ll be fine. You’ll be successful. All right, everybody, I’ll talk to you on the next regularly scheduled podcast episode.


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