Marketing is always changing. 

What’s working right now may not be what was working last year, last month, or even last week.

At Hirsh Marketing, we discuss daily what is (and what isn’t!) working in the marketing world, so we can shift and make changes where needed as quickly as possible.  

In this podcast episode, I’m sharing with you 6 things that ARE working right now in strategy and in ads. 

Things like:

         – Cash Infusions

         – Increased Offer Value

         – Carousel Ads

and more! 

Tune in to hear how you can implement what’s working into your marketing strategy, and see a difference in your results.


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Emily Hirsh:

If I just find the right target audience, or I just do this, or I just change my, you know, copy on my page or I add more emails. Those are all things that can maybe adjust sales conversions by a percent. It’s not gonna make a night and day difference, that one day is just gonna start working. If you need to make a night and day difference, you have to make a night and day change in what you’re doing right now. 

You are listening to The Not for Lazy Marketers podcast, episode number 433.

Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. I am home back in Texas. If you’ve been following me, you know I’ve been in California for a month. We had a great time. I am currently kind of having withdrawals of just being on vacation. It was like a working vacation. I worked pretty much a normal schedule, but then after work, I would always do something with my kids or the weekends we’d do stuff. It was really fun. It was a great time. My whole family is in California, my parents and three brothers. And so lots of quality time with them is really awesome. But we’re back and I’m hopeful that I’ve missed the worst of the Texas heat. It’s still like 90 degrees every day. And I never thought I’d find myself saying it’s only 90, but compared to a 100 to 104, it’s not as bad. So I missed a good portion of the summer here.

I thought today, I would do an episode that is more just a list of what’s working. I haven’t done one of those in a while. And one of the things that we do on Team Hirsh frequently is we ask, you know, what’s working, what’s not working right now to get that feedback because we have team members in dozens of client accounts and getting so much intel and trying different things, whether it’s strategy or copy or creative. And so I made a list of about six things that kind of came up recently that are really actually pretty simple, but I think it’s, it’s very valuable to hear that from the inside, because we manage about $300,000 a month in ad spend. And so there’s quite a lot of data that backs these things. So, okay. A couple of them are gonna be strategy related and then a couple of them are going to be more really specific, just like this is working in ads, simple things. 

So probably a short and simple podcast episode today, but I think you guys will get a lot of ideas and value from it. So from the strategy perspective, I have three things that are working really well. And typically when I share strategy ideas, it’s never like a new and innovative, never been done before strategy. Sometimes it is, but these things are foundational marketing things and components and elements that are working really well. So number one, cash infusions. You’ve heard me talk about this a lot, the last 30 to 45 days, and we’ve probably recommended it for almost every single client in our highest level profit package, because it’s just required right now to get the overall return on ad spend and leverage the leads that you have been building up for months or weeks at a time into a cash infusion experience.

So just to, you know, a quick recap on this, my ideal marketing strategy that I recommend is you have some sort of automated, always ongoing evergreen strategy that’s generating new leads in sales. And then about once every three months you do something live, whether that is a live launch through like a webinar or a challenge, or it’s a promotion or a flash sale…it’s a new offer that is going to create ideal customers for your core offer. Something that is very specific to leveraging your warm traffic. You don’t have to spend a lot of ad money on it. If any, you really don’t have to spend any for it to work. You can just email your list, promote it on social media, put it out to your audience. And what that does is you have leads and you have a following and an audience that has built up if you’re doing your marketing right, has built up over the last three months and now you get to capitalize on those leads. 

And I kind of walked through this process in one of my recent trainings where I explained like, imagine if you’re generating a hundred leads a month and you get a 2% sales conversion to your offer and your offer is $2,000. So you made $2,000, you got two sales, but you have 98 leads who didn’t buy from you yet. And so having a strategy that brings them back in, that nurtures them and then brings them back in via a cash infusion is working really well to increase the overall return on ad spend that people are getting in their marketing. And so we have been recommending for almost every single client, some sort of live in the last two to three months and it’s been working extremely well. We have some clients who got like a 10 X return on ad spend one month from it, clients who got a six figure launch from it, and then we have smaller wins. 

Some of our clients who have a lower ad spend, being able to generate an extra $10,000 is huge when you’ve already paid for those leads. So I’ve done other specific targeted content around this strategy, but being able to create a long term strategy that basically incorporates an evergreen automated strategy, that’s generating leads in sales and then sprinkling in about every three, maybe six months, but probably about every three right now, something that infuses and injects cash into your business is a really great strategy and is gonna help with your cash flow. During the current time we’re in, where a lot of businesses are maybe struggling more with their cash flow. 

Okay. The next thing that’s working really well is to be honest through this time of recession buyer hesitancy is really up across all industries. Like people are more hesitant to spend money right now, right? Because that’s a big part of recession, it’s very mental for society. Like if, if people are worried about the cost of groceries and inflation and spending money, they become more hesitant with everything they purchase. And I think almost everybody is experiencing that. Even if you have money, right, you just, you’re more careful right now. And so that means if you sell something, you sell a product or a service, you have to make sure that your offer is still  offered and marketed as a need versus just like a nice to have want for somebody. And so that might require adjusting or improving your offer. That might require putting in a different bonus or some new wrapping paper around your offer to make it fresh, to make it really serve your audience, to make it a non-negotiable, to make it super enticing.

So, one thing that’s working really well for our clients, if sales conversions have gone down in the recent months or last six months, what we’re looking at is, you know, there’s one situation where I was looking at it and the goal sales conversion for something was like 7%. And we were at like 0.4%. And so I was like, you know, we could change the landing page. We could change the copy. We could adjust things like that. But honestly, you’re not going to get a six and a half percent increase in your sales conversion from just changing your copy, right? That’s a root foundational issue. And so if your sales conversion is really low, like if you’re getting leads and you’re not converting them, and it’s at zero or less than 1%, unless you have a very expensive offer and it’s less than 1%, then the root problem might be the offer itself.

And that doesn’t mean that you have to completely redo an entire offer and throw away what you have and launch something brand new and lose focus, which I talked about two podcasts ago, but you might have to put new wrapping paper on your offer, or maybe you put a new bonus or maybe you make it super enticing. And to be honest, with a bonus or something, to be honest right now, I feel like the businesses who can make their offer so insanely valuable for what they’re charging and put that fresh, new wrapping paper on it and put that messaging around it that’s like, you need this right now, to your ideal customer are going to do really well. And that’s essentially what I did with my Elite agency offer because I made it a price that’s like such an insanely good deal for what you’re getting in such high value to deliver.

And plus I’m doing the strategy calls and we’ve signed 21 clients in the last 45 days. It’s almost surpassing my other offer that I’ve had for months. And it’s because I made this offer so crazy valuable and so good, and I put new wrapping paper around it and I made it that valuable because that’s how you compete in today’s market when people are more hesitant to buy. So that’s a more big picture strategy thing that is working in something to think about and really think about, if you’re experiencing low to no sales, adjusting sales copy or changing your strategy slightly is probably not going to make a massive turn that all of a sudden, you’re now seeing a bunch of sales. Right. And I think people kind of get confused with that. And, and they think if I just find the right target audience, or I just do this, or I just change the copy on my page or I add more emails, those are all things that can maybe adjust sales conversions by a percent.

It’s not gonna make a night and day difference that one day is just gonna start working. If you need to make a night and day difference, you have to make a night and day change in what you’re doing right now. The other thing is a strategy that I implemented, and then we did test it out on some client accounts and every time it’s done really well, which is if you have a webinar and it’s live, you can also do this for Evergreen, don’t offer a replay. And I think that webinar show up rates have been a struggle for the last like year to two years to get people to actually show up to a webinar that sign up for one. And so two webinars ago, I was like, you know what? This content is so good. If they can’t show up, they can’t get it.

And I know you’re always gonna deal with time zones and people who are upset because it’s four in the morning for them. But I will also tell you that people who really wanna be there, they get up because I have people all over the world on my webinars. So I try to choose a time that will work for all the time zones, even if it’s like early on one, late on the other. But it really increased our webinar show up, right? So I had like 35% webinar show up rate, which is wild. Like today, if you get 20 %, that’s really good. I had over 30%, I think it was like 34 or 35% webinar show up rate to my last few webinars. And it’s because we said no replay. And I was serious about it. I really didn’t send out a replay.

There was no, I didn’t, I would never do that, but I didn’t like actually then send one out. It was, I’m giving away this really, really valuable content, which it was. I was teaching businesses how to have a cash infusion in their business and every single step they needed. And if you wanna get it, you gotta be there. There’s gonna be no replay. And so I found that more effective than offering a bonus. If you don’t think your audience is going to resonate with that, then you could offer some sort of really juicy bonus. But it has to be really good, has to be really valuable, worth paying for truly. Not just like a basic checklist or something that’s going to entice people. And so that’s something you could test. If you’re struggling with your live webinar show up rate is next time, just try, Hey, what if I do no replay?

I think that the payoff of how much more people you get to watch it versus losing the people who couldn’t make it and can’t watch the replay is higher. Another thing you can do is record like a cliff note version of the webinar after your live webinar. And you can send that out instead of a replay. So you’re staying true to not having a replay. They don’t get the whole training and the Q&A, and all the components of it, but you can send out like a five minute video that essentially serves as a VSL video for your sales letter. And that’s gonna be in place of a replay. Okay. The next three strategies I have are gonna go fast. These are more like ad specific. So this is directly from my ads team about things that are working right now that you might not think about.

So one of them is carousel ads and our thinking behind this is that not a lot of people are doing them right now. And so they seem to be working really well. So we’ve been creating carousel ads which have the multiple images. So we’ve been creating multiple graphics that tell a story, or they highlight social proof or different creative ideas with it that are carousel ads. And in some accounts, obviously not all, and whenever I say these ad specific strategies, it’s really important that you test other things against them, but in some accounts, the carousel ads are outperforming everything…video reels, other images. So we’re actually starting to incorporate them more with clients. They do take a little bit more work because you have to basically write the copy. It’s usually like four to six graphics.

You have to write the copy for them, and then you have to turn them into graphics. And I like to mix in social proof or make it like a story or steps, but it’s definitely worth testing for your ads. And it could be for sales ads or gen ads. And then another thing that’s working with ads is text based graphics. So a really bright color, stand out color, with a line of text (like a bold headline or something) on the graphic itself. And I think it’s just scroll stopping. It gets someone’s attention. And so those are also doing well, and in some cases, outperforming video, outperforming reels, outperforming everything in our client accounts. So we’ve been testing that more as well and seeing that work really well. And then finally shorter to the point copy, which this one’s not super surprising.

And again, we test typically in accounts, we test like a long, medium and short length of copy. But shorter to the point, copy focusing on outcomes in that copy is really important. And so, I think people’s attention span is just so short. It’s so short that for most people they want to the point, what is this gonna do for me? What is this gonna help me know, be, do, and that’s it. Right. And that’s gonna convince me enough to click on the ad, which then the ad did it’s job. If it gets someone to the landing page. So definitely test out those like one to two liner versions of copy and test it out with medium and long too, because you never know in your account. But I think that testing it is definitely worth it. And then making sure your copy is really focused on the outcome of whatever you’re offering and everything is an offer, you know, watching a video is something you’re asking someone to do. 

It’s an offer opting into your webinar, signing up for your challenge, opting into your free lead magnet, buying your offer. Those are all offers, right? It’s not just sales. And so focusing on the outcome of whatever you’re asking somebody to do, it’s so simple. It’s not always easy to do, but it’s extremely effective. So those are my six things that I have for you guys today that are working well, let me know if you implement any of ’em or they gave you any takeaways. You can send me a message on Instagram or share it on Instagram. If you share this podcast, tag me. So I’ll re-share it for you. Thanks so much for tuning in today, guys.  I’ll talk to you next week.

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