ep 467: 3 Things You Can Do Now to Positively Impact Your Marketing

Are you getting everything you can out of your marketing efforts? This is something I will always encourage you to revisit (and there is no right or wrong answer). If you feel like you are in a rut and need to juice up your marketing, then today’s replay will give you exactly what you need!

This was the TOP episode of the year. The content is still super relevant to right now and leaves you with 3 things you can do instantly to improve your marketing. 

From leveraging your warm audience, pivoting your messaging, or simply being consistent with your marketing strategy, I go in depth of how you can instantly and positively affect your business.

So for today’s podcast, I am replaying “3 Things You Can Do Now To Positively Impact Your Marketing” because the value is rich and can be applied to any stage of business.

Listen in & enjoy!


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Emily Hirsh:

You are listening to the Not for Lazy Marketers Podcast, episode number 467.

In today’s podcast episode, I wanted to dive into 3 things that you can do right now to positively impact your marketing. I recently did our monthly pick-my-brain session for Market Like a Pro with me. And I always come out of that call with good insights and like content ideas. But also I was reflecting on just the conversations I’ve been having in the DMs, the people who literally stop me when I see them. And they’re like, “What are you seeing? What do I do? Here are the issues.” And I was just thinking about, what are the themes? I always like to do that for you guys, because if I’m saying something multiple times to business owners, there’s a high chance that most people are experiencing the same things and that the advice is going to help a lot of you guys out there.


And I find myself a lot of times giving this advice, which is these 3 things to most businesses right now. And as I’ve shared on here, many times in the last several weeks, there are a lot of businesses that are struggling right now, that are not achieving the goals that they want to achieve, that are not seeing growth, that are having to cut back expenses, that are seeing things slow down, that are scared, overwhelmed, tired, exhausted, all those things. And it’s happening everywhere. I think we’re at the beginning stages of this recession of this more difficult period. And I really don’t look at that from a place of fear. And I think what’s interesting is I think our industry and the

tech industry and the online industry and small businesses, they’re at the forefront of experiencing this.


And I think it will slowly start to be impacting more and more people. But I’ve seen across the board, like in mom groups that I’m in on Facebook to business groups, to conversations, everybody’s kind of feeling this impact and it’s starting and we’re in it. And I think it’s going to be a little while. And so we have to figure out, okay, what are the actions that we need to take? Which I’ve been talking about a lot on here, if you haven’t been tuning in, but these are the 3 things that I feel like everybody should put some time into thinking and thinking through this and asking themselves are there actions that go

with this? And these are pretty simple concepts, things that I’ve talked about individually on here, but that I wanted to put in one place.


The first thing is this is the root of the cash infusion process. But here’s the thing. When we go into a time period where it’s a recession or ad costs have gone up or something is impacting your business and the expenses that you’re able to spend, the sales you’re bringing in, the profit you’re bringing in. The first thing you need to do is figure out how can you leverage your warm audience? How can you leverage your email list? How can you leverage your following? How can you leverage people who are interacting and have built a relationship with your brand? 


And I believe this and say this all the time, when times are good and bad, your warm audience, your followers, your people who, like I said, engage and trust your brand. Whether or not if they’ve ever bought from you before or not, that is invaluable. And people don’t understand that. That’s why I constantly preach things like visibility ads and growing your list consistently because when things get more difficult, that is when you need to buckle down and leverage your warm audience, because that is likely traffic or leads that you’ve already paid for. Whether it’s in the resource of time or money. You’ve

either worked for that traffic and worked for those people organically, or you’ve paid for it via ads. And now it’s “free” for you to capitalize on. It’s not really free, because you’ve already done the work. And so when you need to leverage and get cash in your business quickly, or figure out how to increase your profits, a lot of people make the mistake of trying to look at how do I get new people? How do I get new



That’s my only option. I need to get new people faster or cheaper. And yes, we still do need to generate new traffic. We still do need to generate new leads in our business. We can’t pause doing that through the entire recession, but we might have to shift our perspective and shift our spend a little bit to less on the cold traffic, more on the warm traffic. And so the first thing I want you to do is just ask yourself, is there something I could do to better leverage my existing audience, my existing leads, or even my

existing customers? Are there customers that I could bring back? Are there customers that I could sell into something else? These are people who have already said yes to your business. They’ve already said yes to buying something from you. And so many people overlook the potential there.


And the reality is when things are really good and your business is doing well and you’re meeting goals and you’re profitable and all those things, you can kind of get away with ignoring leveraging your warm traffic or leveraging existing customers. When things get a little bit harder, that’s when you have to buckle down and really seriously leverage that and figure out where are there opportunities that you are not currently capitalizing on.


So that’s really the first thing to think about is asking yourself, could I leverage my warm audience more? And this could look like… I mentioned a few things, but let me reiterate. This could look like a cash infusion and promotion where you promote either a discount or a bonus or something to your existing audience, to your existing list, to get them to buy either an existing offer or potentially even a new offer. This could look like a win-back campaign. You go back and try to win customers who are not current customers, but they’re past customers and they’ve either left or they haven’t bought from you for a while. This could look like leveraging existing customers. Maybe you have a low price membership side, or you have something where you could easily sell existing customers into a next level offer. So likely there is potential that you are sitting on with your warm audience, with traffic and leads and customers you’ve already paid for through the resource of time or money that you can leverage.


So that’s something you could work on right now to positively impact your marketing and honestly your business as a whole. The next thing that you can all do right now, and it’s so simple, yet so many people don’t do it. The next thing you can do right now, every single person listening to this, is commit to consistency. Now is not the time to decide you are too busy or you’re too overwhelmed, or you are too stressed to show up for your audience. So what I challenge all of you guys to do is ask yourself, how am I going to consistently show up? And I had this conversation with a Market like a Pro member earlier in the week. And I said, “I want you to think about the goal and the why behind why you’re showing up and creating content and launching a podcast.”


She’s launching a podcast. I said, “The goal is to show up consistently. It’s not necessarily for the downloads or for the increased sales or the leads. Obviously, we want those things, but I want you to set a goal for yourself that for the next X amount of time, without question, you are going to show up on this day, every single week. And you commit to that and that is it, like period. End of story. It doesn’t matter if something comes up and you don’t have time. You figure it out. You make the time. It doesn’t

matter if you’re stressed, you’re overwhelmed. You think it’s not working anymore. You’re not getting the downloads that you wanted. You’re not getting the sales that you wanted. It’s not happening how you wanted it to happen. No, you commit to showing up. And that is the work. That is the why. That is what you’re doing. That’s the goal. That’s how you check it off.”


And so I think in more difficult, more overwhelming, more hard times, it’s easy for us to create excuses for why we can’t show up consistently. But during this time it’s more important than ever to show up consistently with value for our audience. To be there for our audience, to not do it for the reason of just getting sales. Of course, that is what we want to do as a business. But I promise you sales come as a byproduct if you are willing to show up and continue to build those relationships. And I also think so much about what we experienced today is like a result of what we’ve been doing for the last several

years. And so the businesses who have been showing up consistently, investing and growing their audience and their leads and building those relationships, they’re going to have an easier time through this recession.


They absolutely are. And if you’re like, oh my gosh, I didn’t do that. I’m screwed. Don’t worry. You’re not, but don’t use that as an excuse to stop showing up consistently. There is so much power in your warm audience, but in order for you to have a powerful, warm audience, you have to show up consistently and you have to build that relationship with no strings attached because you don’t know when the right time is for those people to buy. It could be in a year or two or even three years from now. And are you going

to tell me in two years that wasn’t worth the sale showing up consistently? It is absolutely worth it. And you can’t always control when it’s time for someone, but you can control the way that you show up. And if you’re listening to this and you’re like, well, crap, I haven’t been showing up.


I completely went dark for the last however many months or weeks. It’s okay. Start tomorrow. Start tomorrow, show up consistently, serve your audience, deliver value. Make that the goal. That is a goal in and of itself, separate from sales, separate from leads, separate from funnel success. A goal that every business owner should have right now is how am I showing up consistently? Okay. That’s the second thing all of you guys can do.


The third thing is potentially looking at pivoting your message or even your offer. I’ve talked about this a ton. I cannot tell you how many business owners. I mean, I feel like it’s every single one of our clients. It’s probably not, but it feels like that. And I’ve been involved in all of our agency client strategies, supporting them and stepping back in. And it feels like most of them are needing to do some sort of pivot, some sort of adjustment to their messaging. Some even their entire offer, their brand to an extent

and meet their audience and their customers and their leads where they’re at right now.


And for a lot of markets, that’s changed tremendously in the last 6 months. And so if you haven’t looked at things like your webinar title or your offer in the way that you speak about your offer and the problems that you solve, the way you connect with people and the problem that you solve, if you haven’t looked at that in a long time and you haven’t gone back and reconnected with your audience, there is so much power in doing this. If you haven’t actually genuinely stopped and had a conversation with people in your audience or your leads, or even your customers, and really like connected to the

emotional frustrations and pain and components that they’re going through and really understood it, like truly understood it. If you haven’t done that in a long time, I can guarantee you that your messaging and your marketing is disconnected.


And so there’s a big opportunity that can make, and this can make such a huge difference. And I think people wait too long to do this because it feels like a lot of work and they wait until it’s critical. They wait until everything has stopped working completely before they actually do this, but looking at your messaging. And when I say that, I mean, looking at the way you’re connecting with your audience, the way you’re connecting with the leads that you’re bringing in. The way you’re speaking to them, the way you’re talking about their problems, the way you’re talking about their frustrations, the actual problems and frustrations you are talking about, because that might have changed a lot.


Here’s an example. A year ago for my audience, it was all about the iOS updates. It was like the loss of tracking. It was the more expensive ads and those things are obviously still a problem, but most of you guys have figured out how to adapt to that. Now the problem is the recession, sales slowing down, and the need for pivoting. So if I was launching and keeping the exact same webinar that I had a year ago, or just over a year ago, that was about the iOS updates, it would be completely irrelevant and I would be getting zero results because I’m not talking to my market and my audience with where they are at and what they’re struggling with right now. But I can’t do that if I’m not

connected. And I do see too many CEOs, especially as I try to build a team, make the mistake of becoming so disconnected that it impacts their results.


So taking a pause and taking time to reflect on am I truly connected to my ideal customer right now and what they’re going through and what they’re saying in their head and what they’re afraid of and what they’re frustrated about and what they even want? Am I connected to that? Or am I disconnected to that? And do I have an opportunity to take that information and have it impact the way I’m speaking to my audience and my leads and my customers through emails, through social, my webinar, my lead magnet, my sales page, all of those things, or do I have a huge opportunity to improve this and change this? And do I even need to potentially adjust my offer? I think there is a stigma

around doing that. I think there are people who feel like you are failing or you’re doing something wrong if you have to change your offer.


But honestly, guys take a step back and just look at every single business. If Apple was selling the same exact product and offer that they sold when they launched or Amazon or Google or any of these businesses, they would not be here. Right? What company can just keep selling the exact same product without adjustments? Every business that you look at has to make some adjustments to meet their market. And some it’s like way more than others. I feel like there are industries where you have to change. Obviously like with tech and marketing, all those things change every day. What I said last week… Not really, but what I said last week is not relevant anymore. It feels like that some days. And so if you haven’t changed in a while, likely you have opportunity. And I like to use the word opportunity throughout all of this because you guys, every point here is not meant to make you feel like you’re failing, or, oh my gosh, I’m missing out on this. And everybody’s doing this better than me. And I’m not showing up consistently. And I haven’t changed my offer and I’m just not leveraging my warm audience. I’m not doing any of these things.


It’s not meant to make you feel like you’re failing or you’re not doing enough. It’s meant to make you feel like, look, there’s opportunity that you’re not even looking where there’s opportunity. And so look there and you’re going to massively improve your marketing. 


So all right, everybody, we kick off Cashappalooza, the 30 day cash infusion experience on Tuesday next week. I am so excited. Again, hirshmarketing.com/cash. If you’re not in there, why are you not in there? I cannot wait. It is such an amazing price for the return that you guys are going to get. I actually am guaranteeing that you will make sales if you implement everything we’re saying and show up. I cannot wait. I’ll see everybody in

there who is in there. And otherwise, I’ll talk to you guys next week. 


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