Ep 474: The #1 Thing Missing From Most Businesses Marketing

I just wrapped up my incredible boot camp week of trainings for business owners, and I’ve been chatting with a ton of those participants in my DMs. After many questions and quite a few conversations, I began to realize a general theme among each one: a clear strategy was missing. 

A clear strategy for growing your business is crucial. Your funnel, email marketing, traffic sources, messaging, offers, and offer positioning…everything is wrapped up in your strategy. 

And while a strategy can be simple, it’s not necessarily easy, and can even lead to a major feeling of overwhelm. Tune in as I share this vital information that so many people are missing, and where you can start on this foundational aspect of your business.


Honestly, we’re more than a marketing team — we’re a tactical partner who will care about your business growth just as much as YOU (maybe even more)! We’re here to play the long game and help you create a powerful impact!


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Emily Hirsh: And I don’t just mean like what is your funnel? I’m talking about all the things that go into a strategy. Your funnel is one of them. Your email marketing is a part of that. Your traffic source is a part of that. Your messaging is a part of that. Your offer itself and your offer positioning is a part of that. And we can even go deeper because it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about paid ads, organic marketing, or even earned media. Everything you’re doing in your marketing and to grow your business requires a strategy.


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Emily Hirsh:

Hello everybody. Happy week. Welcome back to the podcast If you are new, we have lots of new people. If you are new, welcome and I am coming off of last week we did our five day bootcamp. I did two trainings each day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. That was the most live trainings I’ve ever done. And on top of that I had a VIP day worked in there and about eight client calls that I was on. So it was a very busy week but also if you teach, you know, like just the energy that goes into that. So by the end of the week I was definitely very tired and ready to just like decompress and not be on my phone and be with my kids. But it was amazing. It was, I really feel, and plus the feedback from it that this was some of the best content I’ve ever created.

It was just well timed in terms of how I had everything build off each other. And I really liked the format of two trainings a day. I mean, it is a lot to teach, but I had a lot of you guys come to every training or consume every training and it’s so rewarding for me to get comments. Like I’ve never, you know, participated in a bootcamp every session all week and yet I was hooked on this and participating in all of this. And so I liked how it was like a short, each one was about 20, 30 minutes with q and a included. I only taught for about 20. Sometimes I went over on the meatier subjects like strategy or content strategy. But I liked how it was very focused because it allowed people to have takeaways without creating overwhelm.

 Because I talked about a lot. I talked about, you know, everything from content and organic strategy to funnel strategy to ads, to even an AI training. So I packed a lot in the week and whenever you do that, it’s hard to not create overwhelm. And so I feel like we did a really good job with that with the topics. So I’m coming off that I’m super excited and just really pumped about how everything went. I’ll probably have more takeaways from the launch. We did a lot of DM strategies this launch that were really fun. So I’ve talked to a lot of you guys in my DMs because of that. And it’s been great. So today’s episode is actually inspired by last week and specifically by a lot of the DM conversations that I’ve been having last week into the weekend from people participating in the bootcamp. I have so many takeaways and things from last week because you guys give me the best content ideas. I had my team write down every question I was asked and all the training so that over time I can create that into content for you guys. Because if one person asks the question, chances are there are other people who also need support with that. So one of the biggest, most common things that I saw that was missing from businesses was this, and I wanna talk about this today and it’s super simple,

But most people are missing this. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what level you’re at, I just feel like people, this is where they get so overwhelmed. So then they end up not having this in place. And at almost every conversation that I was having in the DMs was like, okay, your next step is to make sure you have this. And so here’s how you know we can help you or you gotta go, you know, get this in place. And that’s a clear strategy. And you know, this is why we put so much into the strategies we create for clients because I think that you are fed a message online today that a strategy is a simple like 1, 2, 3 step. You know, not a lot of things that go into it. And there actually is a lot that goes into strategy. It can be simple. So I shouldn’t have said that.

It can be simple, but it’s not necessarily easy. And it’s definitely a place where people get really overwhelmed. And I don’t just mean like what is your funnel? I’m talking about all the things that go into a strategy. Your funnel is one of them. Your email marketing is a part of that. Your traffic source is a part of that. Your messaging is a part of that. Your offer itself and your offer positioning is a part of that. And we can even go deeper because it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about paid ads, organic marketing, or even earned media, which is you’re gonna go out and and reach out to other people’s audiences and try to get in front of them and earn the right to, you know, present yourself. Whether it’s a guest podcast, whatever. That still requires a strategy. So everything you’re doing in your marketing and to grow your business requires a strategy.

And, and so many of you guys don’t have that planned out because you’re so overwhelmed by it. And here’s the other thing with a strategy, is that a good strategy, and this is where you’re fed a lot of lies. A good strategy is very custom to your business. And I talk about this a lot. It is custom in terms of what offer you’re selling is gonna require a specific strategy. Somebody selling something for $2,000 is not going to have the same strategy for somebody selling something for a hundred dollars. And somebody in the B2B space is not gonna be, have the same strategy as somebody in the B2C space. Okay? Also, your audience, there are some audiences that thrive in a free challenge that thrive in a multi-day event and having that level of handholding and support. And then there’s some audiences that need a 20 minute video and they’re convinced to take the next action and that’s all they need.

And then also your actual skillsets, and this one’s really important. What are your strengths? You cannot mold yourself into a strategy that somebody else did. If you don’t feel confident with it. Like if you don’t feel confident doing a three part video series because the content doesn’t feel good to you, or you’re really unclear and you’re putting yourself in your in a box and you’re starting to script things, then that is not ever gonna work. And I see this all the time, even the person I did the v i P day with last week, I really talked to her and I was like, I can tell in your strategy when you’re being you and you’re being authentic and you’re aligned with your message and what you’re saying, and I can tell when you’re scripted and when somebody else told you to do this. And I said, and it’s so obvious and people might not pick it up as easily as I do because I’m used to picking that up and I’m looking for that.

But absolutely do they pick it up energetically in how they trust you and if they want to go and take the next step. And so that’s something that also people get really caught up in. And so in almost all of my DM conversations, it was that the business owner was really lacking a strategy that could give them clear direction to go take their next step and to understand what they needed to go do to get results to grow their business. And so I actually ended up, and this wasn’t even the plan going into it, but we actually ended up selling a handful of just one-off strategy calls because these business owners weren’t quite ready to make the jump into working with us as an agency, but they wanted the deep dive and they wanted the, if they them to be told, Hey, here’s exactly the funnel strategy you should do, here’s the exact email marketing strategy, you should do messaging, offer positioning, content, et cetera, and it’s created for your business.

And I can’t stress enough kind of the investment honestly, and like it doesn’t have to be with us, but the investment in getting that type of support, it has to be custom. That’s the thing. It’s not a course that you’re buying that then you are replicating what that course creator did. Even in my digital product marketing accelerator course, I teach you all the different strategies and then I teach you how to choose the right one for your business because it would be so wrong of me to say everybody do this strategy. So anyways, the value of getting that deep dive and getting, you know, the kind of roadmap of go here, this is what you need to do, is extremely valuable in your business. And I found that in a lot of my DM conversations people were weighing and I was like, I know that that may be a stretch for you, you know, getting this strategy call, but I honestly feel like in, in a lot of cases, you’re gonna make more progress progress with this than you would with a less expensive digital product that you have to go through and you have to do because something like this, it’s custom for your business, it’s custom for your offer and your audience. And it is telling you exactly the next steps to go do because you guys need that roadmap. But the problem is, you, you can’t necessarily get that from a course in all cases, especially a lot of courses out there. So I’m not saying that like, oh, go buy a strategy call. I’m just, I was very intrigued by how many of those we actually sold last week. I wasn’t actually expecting that because that’s what so many people needed. So if you’re listening to this and you haven’t talked to me yet and you are interested in exploring that, you can send me a DM on Instagram and just let me know you’re interested in it.

We’re booked up all this week and we have some openings next week for these calls, but I think that they will be huge for a lot of businesses. So back to this, the number one thing missing from all businesses is a strategy is a defined strategy. And so what does that even mean? So first of all, this is relevant no matter if you’re running paid ads or not. And so I’ve already said that, but I’m gonna repeat it again. Even if you’re doing organic and you’re gonna focus all in on organic, cuz you can’t afford paid ads yet, if you’re doing paid ads or if you’re even doing earn media, like you’re going in, you’re building relationships and you’re trying to get in front of people’s audiences, all of those are ways that you can grow your business and all of them require a strategy.

And so what goes into a strategy? First of all, it has to be a clear path that’s tied to actions. So if you’re like, okay, I need to grow my email list by, you know, a hundred people a month, or I need to add this many new clients or have this many calls, or whatever your goal is. So first you have to get clear on that goal, which a lot of people are, some people need to get more specific with that clarity. It’s like, oh, I wanna grow my business. But then it’s like, okay, by how much, how many clients, what’s your revenue goal? Okay, so first of all, it’s having that goal is kind of like your lighthouse, your guiding, it’s your guiding factor into everything else you create. Having that goal and having that specific goal tied to numbers, you should be able to look at it and say, I succeeded or I didn’t succeed.

Very simple. So grow my business is not a goal by how much, how much every month, how much revenue, how much sales, et cetera. Okay? Then you take that goal and you tie it to actions with a strategy that’s gonna get you to that goal. So let’s just use organic for example. If you are someone who’s like, I gotta grow my business organically and so I, you know, I can’t afford paid ads yet until I sign X, Y, z, new clients or get this many new customers. And so my strategy is gonna be to focus on organic. Okay? So what is your strategy? How often are you going to post? What type of content do you have? Content pillars, guiding your, your content? Are you creating content that’s going to actually create ideal customers and sales? What platforms are you gonna be on? What content do you have to create?

Are you gonna get support? Right? So that’s filling in all the details of actually what you’re going to do and actions. It’s the same thing with like a New Year’s resolution where if someone just says, you know, I’m gonna lose weight, I’m gonna get in shape, I’m gonna do X, y, z, it never happens without the habits and actions defined to actually get you there. Your strategy in marketing is never gonna work if you don’t have the actions tied to how you’re going to get there. Okay? So if we’re looking at, oh I need a paid strategy, I need to grow my list, I’m gonna run ads, okay, what are you gonna run ads to? What’s the customer journey? What should it be? Should it be a webinar? Should it be elite gen download? Are you e-commerce? Are you gonna focus on specific products? What is that journey?

What is that experience that you need to create for your ideal customer to create them into ideal customers and to create them into paying customers? So what is that journey? Have you defined it? What do you have to do to build it out? How many emails like down to each detail? And then you go and, and you build that out. If it’s earned media, if you’re gonna go build relationships, okay, with who? How many people? How are you gonna build the relationships authentically? What’s your goal? How many guest podcasts are you gonna get on this year? Right? So if you had to go explain to somebody who has no idea about your business, who doesn’t really know marketing, this is a good exercise. If you had to go explain to them how you’re going to reach your business goals this year. Like let’s say you’re in a group of people and you basically had to sell them on the idea of this is how I’m gonna reach my goal, this is what my goal is and this is how I’m gonna get there.

And you had to give them the actions. They didn’t have any marketing knowledge or background. Could you clearly communicate it? And if you could, that means you’re clear on it and that’s good. If you can’t, you’re not clear on it, right? And so you don’t have a fully fleshed out strategy. Now here’s the other thing with strategy, oftentimes more often than not, probably 90% of the time over time strategy needs to be changed. It needs to be reworked, it needs to be optimized, it needs to be improved, it needs to have you start doing something and stop doing something that isn’t working. And over time, that only happens once you get something going and then you get feedback data and you come back and make changes. Okay? So the other thing people do is they get so caught up in having this perfect strategy and having, you know, 50 emails in our sequence that’s exaggerated, but a lot of emails and all the bells and whistles and all the things and everything perfect when in reality you can always improve from where you’re at.

But just get something strategic out there and don’t wait. The time that you wait three months and have nothing is a waste of time and money for you and missing out on opportunity. There is no such thing as a marketing strategy that you create and you set it and forget it. It does not exist. I promise you that I will put my life on that bet. It does not exist. People who sell you on that are not showing you the full picture. Okay? So there is no set it and forget it strategy, but you do have to create a clear strategy, have everything fleshed out, have it all very clearly defined, and then you need to go execute it and you’re going to change it. So don’t worry about it being perfect. Don’t worry about the bells and whistles because I can can tell you that having nine emails or 12 emails or having a webinar software that does this versus this is not gonna change.

Is your funnel working or not? Is your strategy working or not? It’s gonna improve it, it’s gonna optimize it by maybe a couple percent, maybe half a percent, but it’s not gonna make or break it. So there’s a lot of things people also get caught up in that don’t actually move the needle enough and shouldn’t be stopping you from getting your strategy out there. Because the faster you can do that and the faster you can actually have an action plan and go live with it, the faster you get feedback and the faster you improve and the faster you refine. Okay? The other piece to this is just making sure that any strategy you create is tied to results and, and also that you have clear expectations on what you expect those results to be. I just did a client call last week where they’re like, we’re gonna do a live workshop.

Okay great. So we get into talking about it and I was like, okay, so for you to do this live workshop, like what would be your bare minimum? They actually have an app. I said, what would be your bare minimum of paid users to your app? And they told me, they’re like, okay, well it’d be really cool to to basically get the amount that we get in a month from a paid workshop. And so we know that 30 to 40% of people who sign up for their trial sign up for the paid subscription. So we worked backwards and we got, okay, so if you want X amount of new paid users and 30 to 40% of the free people are gonna upgrade, then we need this many free trials. And then let’s say that we get 10% of the leads to sign up for a free trial.

This is how many leads we need. And so we got really clear and actually they were like, well, we’re actually not comfortable spending that much the first time around. Let’s cut it down to here. And that shifts our expectation to here in terms of how many free trials and paid users we get. And so now we’re all aligned, right? And so having your strategy also tied to results, like if I asked you why are you doing that in your marketing? Why are you posting on social media? Why are you trying to build relationships and get on guest podcasts? Why are you hiring a social media manager? Why are you building that funnel? Why are you gonna run ads? Do you have an answer for that? Or is it just because you think you should do that? Because you should have an answer that’s tied to, because I wanna get x, y, XYZ result from this and here’s this specific result I expect to get if I put in this amount.

And this is true also for when you hire, if you go hire a social media manager or you go hire an agency and you’re not clear on what you expect to get out of that relationship, you’re probably gonna be disappointed, right? Because they can’t read your mind. And so you need to go in, and I do this with all my employees who have KPIs and things tied to their goals, I mean to their role, so they know if they’re succeeding or not. And so in your business, when you go execute a strategy, organic, paid, earned, you have to be clear on what you expect to get outta that strategy, what results and why you’re doing it. And make sure you’re not, not just doing it because someone told you you should because you saw somebody else do it because it’s what you think you should do.

Or because you’re not really clear why and you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, which I know a lot of us experience. Okay? So this is kind of my, I don’t know, summary for you guys because almost every DM conversation I had, it was like, you need a strategy, you need a clearly defined strategy. You’re not clear on your actions because you don’t have the strategy guiding you. It needs to be custom for your business. It needs to be custom for your audience, your offer, and also your strengths and what you feel like you will succeed at showing up and delivering whatever it is in alignment with yourself and the way that you teach content. Okay? That becomes your roadmap, your guide, the way you know what you use to drive your actions to get your results. Okay? So it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you need that strategy to grow your business.

And this is relevant anywhere in business. Anything you wanna change in your business, any result you wanna get, delivery, marketing, whatever, you need a strategy, you need a way to get there. Just like if we wanna lose weight, just like if we want to meditate more, just like if we wanna achieve any result, we need an action plan. Our strategy is our action plan to achieving our marketing result and our business growth. If you want to dig into having us create a strategy for you as a one-off strategy because you know you’re not quite ready for the agency, send me a message on Instagram. I did have a lot of people sign up for this cuz it was a perfect fit for them and the investment was such a fast track into getting them results, but also a pathway so they didn’t have to waste time trying to figure things out. And we go really deep in these. This is what we do when we onboard a client and we go really deep into their business, into what they’ve done, what they haven’t done, and to their offer to create this for you guys. So you can send me a message on Instagram if that is of interest to you and you wanna explore that. Otherwise, I will talk to you guys on Thursday. Okay?