499: 3 Simple Tactics You Can Leverage Now To Improve Your Results

Are you looking for ways to improve your results? In this episode of Not for Lazy Marketers, I’m dropping 3 simple, but HUGE, tactics you can implement now to see your sales climb. 

From producing valuable content that connects, to generating consistent leads, to nurturing relationships, you’ll want to tune in. I’m highlighting essential pieces to business success, and easy ways you can improve your marketing today. 

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Emily Hirsh:

As you are consistent and you grow your list and you focus on your content and you do those things, it will get easier. But it’s about that consistency and simplicity.

You are listening to the Not For Lazy Marketers podcast, episode number 499.

Hello my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. I hope your week is off to an amazing start. I have been busy, been navigating some personal things that I’ll share at some point this year when it’s time. Been in CrossFit all the time and just trying to keep up with life right now, but it’s good. It’s all good. I am probably going through one of the biggest opportunities for a personal transformation for myself and it’s exciting, exhausting, scary, and a constant rollercoaster of emotions right now. But I am excited. I have one announcement I wanna share with you guys. It’s something I’m doing this Thursday. So you guys love all of the behind the scenes things I do. And I decided kind of to celebrate and share the announcement of our launcher funnel live offer, which if you haven’t checked out yet, you can go to hirsch marketing.com/start to do that.

 And that is a container I’ve created where in six weeks time we will create your custom marketing strategy and actually build it out together. So it’s combining pre-recorded trainings, it’s combining templates and swipe files around emails and funnels. It’s combining live support and feedback and also tech support because people get stuck with that. So I am super excited. It’s a live container that starts April 3rd, but I decided I was gonna do something to kind of show you guys the behind the scenes and the journey of how I got to where I am right now. Launching this offer, which so far has been very well received by you guys, which feels really good. I know it’s something that a lot of you need who aren’t ready for the agency yet, but because financially you’re not ready. But you need more support than just a training or trying to do it yourself.

And so that’s why I created this. So on Thursday at 3:00 PM Eastern Time, I am going to host a Hirsch marketing kind of open house where I’m gonna share with you the behind the scenes of why I shut down my Den With You program last year, the struggles I had as a business had to overcome, had to go all in and focus how I had to get back in delivery and basically like the behind the scenes of how this offer was created, but then also the behind the scenes of the way it’s gonna be delivered. I thought that would be fun because there’s a lot that I’ve learned over the different ways I’ve supported businesses from my cash infusion offer that I did last year to market like a pro that we used to have. So like if you’ve hung around for a while, you’ve seen that if you’re new, I think you could still learn a lot from this and essentially show you how I craft offers that sell like crazy.

Like we converted 11% of our live webinar registrants into this offer. And the reason is it’s a really good offer. It’s exactly what you guys want and need and it’s gonna get you results. And and I do this very intentionally and through a process of constant refinement. And so I decided to show you guys that behind the scenes I’m definitely gonna get vulnerable, like share things that I wouldn’t probably even share on the podcast with you. And there won’t be a replay because of that. Like I don’t really want it to be floating around. It will be like if you’re there, you get the inside scoop. If you’re not, you don’t. So if you wanna come to that, it’s super casual. It’s, this is a Zoom link I’m gonna send you to come on Thursday. If you just go to hirsch marketing.com/openhouse, it will be a Zoom invite and you can come to that.

And this is going to be like I said, a big inside behind the scenes. Look at how I’ve gotten to where I am to launching Launch Your Funnel Live, why we created it. But then the value in it for you is seeing how I create and come up with offers that not only sell really well, but also support my business as a whole. What I want, one thing I wanna show you is that this offer is actually in the long run, long term meant to support the agency. So it’s gonna be really good. So if you wanna come, you can go to hersh marketing.com/openhouse and it will be just be a Zoom invite. Super casual. We are only inviting our warm traffic and like I said, what what is said on that training will not be filtering the internet after that is only for that, that container.

Okay, today’s episode in the content. I decided I’m gonna do something really simple today and I’m just gonna give you guys three simple things that could make your business money in the next couple weeks. Does that sound good? <Laugh>, A lot of times we overcomplicate marketing and we get so overwhelmed and we feel like things aren’t working and we’re not getting leads and we’re not getting sales and this isn’t working and we gotta do this. And it feels like it’s a long road ahead to get it to be successful. And so I decided why not do an episode that will inspire you guys to do a few simple actions that can make a huge difference. And these are things that I come back to all the time when I feel that way in my marketing. If I start to get overwhelmed, I come back to simple and effective and what are we gonna do?

So here are the three things. Number one is simple, valuable content. If you are not doing this right now, producing free content, but in a way that really serves your audience and creates a connection and builds a relationship that is so simple for us to do, doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. You can go right now today, record a one to three minute video about your audience’s frustrations or problems or desires and post that on social media. Do that three times a week for the next month. Show a little bit of behind the scenes on your Instagram story. Make a challenge for yourself over the next one to four weeks. If you become very consistent with your valuable content and it’s, and you keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You don’t have to edit the videos a bunch, you don’t have to have any equipment, you don’t have to have a full day marked off for recording.

You can record a one to three minute video in 10 minutes at the most, just be you on the video and just start. That is a simple thing you can do to start to build your audience and to start to make traction. Or maybe you have an audience but you haven’t been showing up as consistent for them. Or maybe you are creating content but you’ve overcomplicate it so much that it feels robotic. There’s sometimes I go to people’s social media profiles and you can tell it’s not them posting it and I don’t ever want mine to feel like that. I don’t post most of my posts, but it’s important to me that it feels like I did because it’s coming truly from me and my heart and my voice. And so you wanna be careful that if you overcomplicate a social media strategy and a content strategy, that it doesn’t actually do the opposite of what it should be doing, which is connect you to your audience, but instead it’s disconnecting you from your audience.

Okay? The second thing that you can all easily do in the next few weeks, and you can do this also with me and launch your funnel live cuz this is what we’re gonna do for everybody in every business, is determine what your lead generation strategy is. Do you have one right now? Are you generating consistent leads? I don’t care if you’re an e-commerce business, a service business, a, a high ticket business, a digital product, a coaching, it doesn’t matter. Every business needs leads. You cannot generate sales without leads. So what is your consistent lead generation strategy? And if you don’t have one, your next action can be creating one. There’s a lot of intentionality that goes into a lead generation strategy that I will be co covering and launch your funnel live about the importance of creating an experience, the importance of making sure it creates a gap to your offer.

 I just did a training where I really was able to bring some breakthroughs in somebody else’s mastermind around this cuz they were so stuck on like, oh, my lead gen is related to my offer. Yes it is, but you have to meet your audience where they’re at right now. They’re not actively searching for your offer most likely if you’re in the lead gen stage. So having that, because growing your list with quality leads is an asset to your business. And I’m telling you guys, it is such a huge asset to your business. It’s why I can launch a new offer and do tens of thousands of dollars in a day because I have an email list and because I have an audience, why do you think Amy Porterfield, Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher, all these people who it look, they make it look easy to have the success that they have.

It’s because they have an email list, they have an audience, they consistently show up and produce valuable content and they every single day are growing their email list via paid ads and organic every day. You can check their ad library, they always have them on. I also know these people so I know this. So that’s how they make it look so easy. The consistency in content and lead gen. The final thing you could do to bring your business some money right now is go nurture some relationships. Are there relationships that you can create in your dms in a Facebook group, in a community that if you just poured in some time and you gave back to somebody or you gave back to a community or you provided value in some way, and I’m not saying like there’s an ulterior motive in the initial interaction. The thing I’ve really learned with relationships is you don’t know where they’re gonna go.

There’s people that I’ve met that one conversation led to such incredible things that I never could have predicted it. There’s people that that’s happened in the conversation didn’t lead anywhere. You don’t really know exactly where it’s gonna go. But relationships at the root of marketing is everything. And this can be true with your leads. This can be true with a connection that puts you in front of thousands of people who are your ideal customer. And so I think I like to look at relationship building as number one. It’s happening all the time and I’m not a master at it because I don’t enjoy a lot of social things like networking and you know, dinners and events. I really don’t. I’m very introverted. But I’ve learned that really making time for relationships and conversations to, to go deeper with people around that can lead to great things.

And so if you don’t have an ad spend budget right now, if your organic marketing feels really slow, the progress around it, then potentially the best thing for you to do is to go nurture relationships. To make a list of 20 people that you feel like you could give back to them, you could provide value for them or for their audience and start interacting and building those relationships. This is a great thing to do in communities. So whether that’s going to an event, a mastermind a Facebook group, this is how I actually built my whole business. I say I don’t like relationships, but seven years ago, this is 100% how I got all my clients. It was Facebook groups, especially back then when they were really big and it was the masterminds and the group programs I joined with strategic other really amazing people in them that built my client roster.

And so in the beginning, especially if you don’t have the resource of paid ads yet, this is a great thing to do. Even when you have the resource, as I hope a lot of you do for paid ads, this is also still a great thing to do because it can be when done right, a fast tracked way to getting in front of a lot of people. So if this quarter, you know, we’re off to the first quarter of the year and the last, you know, few weeks or months in your business have felt frustrating, I want you to get all the noise out of your head. Get away from social media for a day. I’m about to delete it for two weeks. The noise is just insane. That is pushed at us. Like it really makes me not as smart as how I feel. But get away from the noise.

Get away from your phone, clear your head because there’s so many thoughts. I saw that static again the other day. I was like, we have 60,000 thoughts a day and 80% of them are negative or something. It’s crazy. There’s so much noise and your brain is convincing you, you’re doing everything wrong and you gotta do this and you gotta do this. When really marketing can be simple, it’s not easy. I will never tell you it’s easy because it’s, you have to have relentless grit for business and successful marketing. It does get easier as you are consistent and you grow your list and you focus on your content and you do those things, it will get easier. But it’s about that consistency and simplicity. And so if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, these are three things all of you can take action on this week.

Okay, I felt like doing a simple episode because I’ve done a lot more very I guess more technical, strategic episodes with a lot thrown at you, especially Fridays. If you haven’t listened to Fridays, I walked you through my audit process. It was a bonus episode that we put out. It’s really good and it will definitely give you some clarity. But I wanna do just point out to you guys some momentum and progress in your marketing could be as simple as going to have a really strategic, valuable conversation in the next few weeks. It can be joining Launch Your Funnel Live with me cuz that we’re gonna make some massive progress in a short amount of time. And I hope to see you guys on Thursday for this really intimate open house I’m very excited for. Again, you can save your spot, hirshmarketing.com/openhouse. It’s gonna be fun. I’m a little nervous. It’s gonna be fun though. All right, you guys, thanks for tuning in. I’ll talk to you on Thursday.

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