You’ve got your customer journey down, your ads and funnel are working up until this point – and now it’s time for the sales… How can you connect with your audience based on the actions they take after you make your pitch? Today we going to dive into another one of my favorite steps, STEP FOUR: Make Money. Learn how to design your funnel and create ads that will make you money – if you are launching webinars, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode!

Key Points:

0:32 How to connect your funnel map and customer journey to your ad campaigns

1:47 Find out how you can make a funnel inside your ads manager

2:08 If you’re about to run a live launch – you’re going to want to run these 7 kinds of sales ads!

4:39 Our client was leaving 10,000% ROI on the table for 8 years because she never ran this type of ad

5:57 SO many entrepreneurs overlook this winning strategy – even though it gives massive ROI with minimum ad spend – don’t be one of them!

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Episode Transcript:

Alright, today we’re going to dive into Step Four of The Hirsh Process, which is Make Money. And this is your sales ads. This is maybe my favorite step because it’s so easy to make a lot of money off of it, but yet it’s often overlooked by people and they don’t leverage the crap out of those leads that they just paid a lot of money to get and so there’s so much potential sitting here a lot of time.


So going back to step three, which was lead generation, that is where you’re getting people into your funnel. I want you to look at your Facebook ads and imagine if you were staring at the map of your funnel, the map of your customer journey. Let’s use a webinar because we’ve been talking about that in the past episodes as an example, if someone comes into a webinar, typically there’s two things they could do.

They sign up for the webinar, and then they either watch it or they don’t watch it and if they watch it, they’re being pitched something so then they’re probably getting sales emails.


If they don’t watch it, they’re being pushed back to the replay until they watch it, and then sales emails. So do you see that journey like if you were to draw it out, it’s very clear and steps of a funnel. Well, you can match Facebook ads to those steps. That’s truly one of the biggest powers behind Facebook ads because what we do for all of our webinar campaigns is we have replay ads. So people who we know have signed up for a webinar and not watched it, they see an ad.


People who have signed up for a webinar and watched it they start seeing sales ads, and it’s not complicated. Once you set it up, it’s not, I mean, it is complicated to set it up and understand all the pieces but for us, it’s like it’s not really crazy re targeting where we’re trying to over complicate it, it’s honestly simple re-targeting that makes a massive impact.

What you can do here is look at your funnel and really think how can I make a funnel in my ads manager to create specific ads based on actions that people have taken and go even a little bit deeper and understand that you can make the messaging in these ads speak to people based on actions that they’ve taken.

Some of my favorite ads to run are in the sales section. Knowing like, okay, they watch the webinar, now they’re going to see sales ads. We do a lot of these with a live launch but we also do this with evergreen ongoing campaigns too. For a live launch, we have a ton of sales ads. We have specific ads that are like initial sales ads.


Usually, if it’s a five or seven day open cart, we have five or seven different sales ads. We have initial sales ads that are different, call to action to go to the sales page, information about the program and an emotional pain points, having that deep understanding from step one about the person.
You can speak very strongly in that way and then we have like, 48 hours until the doors close ads, 24 hours until the doors close ads, like pushing that urgency. We have testimonial ads. The other thing we do is we re-target people based on actions they have taken.

[00:03:00] If we know that they have landed on a sales page, and not landed on a confirmation page yet, so they haven’t purchased the program or the offer or the service, whatever it is, we can target them with a specific ad.

You don’t have to, you can say, Hey, we know you were interested. But you don’t have to say that. One thing you can do is say, Okay, I know this person is interested in my product, my program or my service, because they landed on this page but they didn’t make it to the confirmation page. I’m going to target them with a specific testimonial. That is somebody saying, I was right on the fence and I almost wasn’t going to buy and here’s why I bought, here’s where my life changed.
Something like that can push somebody over the edge and push them into a sale and it literally barely cost you any money because the audience is not that big.

The other thing we do is we’ll make abandoned cart ads. Somebody who’s landed on the checkout form and not purchase not finished the checkout process. This is like if you go to Amazon and do that anytime you’re going to see those ads for the next three days because Amazon’s so good at it. For E commerce, this works but it works for digital products too, and services.

It’s like anywhere someone dropped off, you can have ads that target those people. Most of the time for our clients, we have them make a video that we call the abandoned cart video and it’s literally saying, like, Hey, you were almost there, you almost joined da da da program. I know how it feels. I know it’s scary to invest. I was there when I were you and I was feeling this, this and this but I promise you, if you join this program, then this, this and this will happen just like so and so.


Something along the lines of that and I’m going to tell you numbers from a last launch that we managed last year that were incredible. This launch, they have been doing it this is their eighth year that they’ve been running this program and they never had done an abandoned cart ad or abandoned sales page. When I hear that, I’m like, “Oh my god, the potential.” I get freaked out and so excited. I told them look, you have to record a video just like this straight to camera on your phone.
It’s very organic. It connects with your audience. It’s not this like edited, big deal and you got to say that, and I gave him some examples. Well, she did it and this was a $24 million launch. That ad alone we spent 1200 dollars. Not very much in the big scheme of how much we spent because the audience is not huge, right? You don’t have to spend very much to reach the people because it’s only reaching the people who have taken that action. Out of the 1200 dollar ad spend.

This is my favorite, she got 612 sales of a $2,000 product. So 1200 dollars ad spend and 1.2 million in revenue was a 10,000% ROI. Insane, and they’ve never done that before.

That’s just money sitting there. You’ve already paid for the leads to come in. These are already your leads who have already made it to your sales page already made it to your cart and they haven’t purchased and you just have to push them over the edge.


So literally everyone should be doing this. I get really excited talking about this step if you can’t tell. The Hirsh, this step for of The Hirsh Processes sales ads.

Number one, it’s important to have these in the first place like everyone should have some sort of re targeted ads, your funnel doesn’t end once you get that lead, how are you going to close that lead and squeeze the value out of that lead that you already paid for and it’s not expensive to re target them. I mean, it’s going to depend on the size of your audience but it’s a very small, it’s five to 10% probably of your ad spend budget]goes here max, because you don’t have a massive audience to work with.
Unless you’re putting a ton of money into Step three, the lead generation. It’s not expensive and it’s extremely effective. Everyone should have this in some capacity. So number one, just having it because I’m amazed at how many people don’t even do this and don’t even have it but then number two, I want you to literally draw out your funnel and look at all the places that you could be sticking a re-targeting ad, and this is all set up based on the Facebook pixel based on links and the URLs that somebody has visited, that triggers the pixel that sets them up in an audience.


I want you to look at it that way. Really think creatively, how can I speak to the person based on the action that they have taken and this is where you can get creative with those abandoned cart ads, and the various specific sales ads. Don’t just throw up sales ads that are generic because that’s boring. I want you to get really deep into the messaging and how to connect with that audience based on the actions that they’ve taken.

Testimonials are amazing here, talking about client success, talking about their results, speaking to the objections that you know your audience might have based on really going through in step one that step and if you do this, it is not expensive and it’s extremely powerful.


Once you set it up for the most part, once you set up those audiences, it’s pretty automated because you set up the audience to automatically by updated Facebook based on the actions that those people have taken.

This is good for any evergreen funnel that’s ongoing, so we use this for automated webinars, we even have people like we have several layers of re-targeting inside of all of our funnels and you can even read target that lead generation stage a few steps so you could say somebody who opted in, then I target them to a webinar, then they get sales ads or challenge webinars sales ad so layer the re targeting and then also layer and really be intentional with the sales ads because that’s where a lot of the money is whenever you are running Facebook traffic and people are just missing out on so much of this because they don’t know that this, they don’t think about that you can do this.


That is step four of The Hirsh Process. It is a massive ROI if you couldn’t tell from my example and if you guys ever want somebody to look at your funnel and pull out all these re targeting like the experts that we are because we see a lot behind the scenes. Go to helpmystrategy.com and book in a call with my team, because this is kind of our expertise.

This is the secret sauce in The Hirsh Process that I give away as much as I could today but because we do this for every client campaign, we’re really good at it. We’re really good at emphasizing and being very creative with the copy that a lot of people cannot do.