504: 3 Things I’m Focusing On in My Own Marketing to Get Results

We recently intentionally slowed down our marketing efforts to catch up delivery (March was a HUGE month for us with new clients coming onboard). We turned off ads, produced fewer podcasts, and scaled back live promotions. We noticed almost immediately that when we turned off our ads, everything slowed way down. Not just our lead generation, but our applications and even our Instagram following decreased. 

This reinforced the truth that consistently running ads and creating constant visibility for my business is an absolute priority. 

In today’s episode I’m sharing what else is a priority, a must, in my marketing efforts. If you’re wondering what you should be prioritizing, tune in! I’ll be talking about million-dollar launches, why social media just isn’t my main focus, and if live launching is even important.


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Emily Hirsh:

There isn’t really a price you can put on having that. If you have that, it doesn’t matter what recession, what change, what thing is thrown your way, you will always be okay because your followers will go where you go.

You are listening to the Not For Lazy Marketers podcast, episode number 504.

Hello everybody. I hope you are having it An amazing week. I shared this on the last podcast, but it is birthday week in our house and when I was growing up, my mom always made our birthdays really special as kids. Like she would go all out, whether that’s like balloons everywhere or a big surprise. And so I love doing that for people that are really special to me. Obviously my kids. So we bought our kids quads and they have no idea and I’m so excited to like blindfold them and surprise them. My two oldest kids are two days apart and so it’s just, it’s a fun, a very fun week. Also bittersweet. I feel like your kids’ birthdays, it’s like, how are they? My kids are eight and sixth. So crazy. I don’t know. Time just goes so fast. So today I thought I would talk about three things that I’m personally focusing on in my marketing right now to get the best results and they’re really simple things, but I think that so often in marketing and business it’s very easy to get carried away with shiny objects, the bells and whistles, the overwhelm that can come in and forget about some of the most important things in your marketing and what should be very important.

Before I dive into that, I wanna share just like a quick story cause I thought this would be fun to share with you guys. Has to do with marketing. So we finished our live launch to launch your funnel live at the end of March. And then I was gone the first two weeks of April and we also signed a lot of new clients in March. It was a really good month for us. And so whenever that happens, I typically do this like seasonal period of like two to four weeks where we intentionally slow down our marketing a little bit to catch up delivery because it’s constantly like a, a balance and a scale in business where if you push one really hard it’s going to put pressure on the other. So if you push marketing really hard, which we did, we had our live launch, we sold a lot of people into the live experience of Launcher Funnel live.

And then, so that’s a new product delivery for me. And then we also added 13 clients to our roster last month. So that’s a lot, right? And we have to onboard them, get them all live. Most of them have gone live since they’ve came on board. We have a few more in the pipeline, but intentionally when I was gone for those two weeks I was like, we’re gonna slow everything down. And so you may have noticed like we even, this wasn’t intentional but I did less podcasts. But we didn’t do any live promotion. We had our regular, you know, application promotion, but I didn’t do any lives. I didn’t do any promos. I didn’t do anything special intentionally to slow things down With that. We wanted to make some changes to our funnels that we were running. So we turned off ads and I am telling you guys, I mean if you’re not running ads, like it is the best thing for your business because as soon as I turned off ads so much slowed down, obviously our lead generation, but same with our applications.

And it’s really interesting to me because sometimes we can’t directly attribute an application to an ad. But I know that by consistently always having ads on, I get applications because ads are also just an awareness strategy. You are in the feed, people are seeing you all the time. And so that means they’re going to your website, they’re going to your social media, they’re clicking around, they may come back later. And just the way that attribution is, you may not get a direct attribution, but I can promise you when you run ads, most numbers go up. Like my Instagram following started going actually down and it was like going up every week. It’s because we stopped ads, our applications dipped way down because we stopped ads and obviously lead generation that I could have attributed because that’s mainly how I generate my leads. But it just is a testament to why I do what I do for clients because, and this is maybe a whole separate podcast episode, but I think there is so much benefit to ads that you don’t even see because we’re all very focused as we should be on the direct like attribution, ad leads, ad sales, ad applications, and I am too.

But I also know there’s a byproduct of running ads that’s just overall constant visibility. Now of course disclaimer, you should only be running ads if you have a solid foundation, you have a solid offer, you have a solid strategy, which needs to be the first step, which is what we do with all our clients. But once you have that ads is a massively quick amplifier for your business. So I even was like, why’d we stop ads? Like we did it on purpose, but I was like, this is just a testament to why we should not do that. And, and it just shows. So anyways, these are the three things that I am focusing on in my marketing as number one priority right now. And they are simple. Okay? So get ready for really simple things, but these are things for you to reflect on. Are you making these a priority in your business or has something taken your attention, a shiny object, a distraction, a piece of overwhelm, like something you’re trying to build out and you forgot why you’re doing it.

So just an opportunity to reflect on that. So for me, number one, I am very focused on really valuable content. I told you these things are simples, but let me explain this. I think that right now we are gonna go into an era on social media where people are actually going to lower the amount that they consume. I think that most people know how bad consumption of social media, TikTok, Instagram stories, all those things, how addictive it is and how bad it is. Most people know we’re all addicted to it, but most people know that it’s not good. And so I think we’re gonna go into a phase where people are going to lessen the amount of people they consume from and only consume a handful of like their very favorite people’s content consistently as they should. I actually recommend this strategy like find a handful of people that are truly adding to your life through their content and making your life better and making your business or whatever better and only consume from them because the noise is crazy.

So as they should, but I think a lot of people are gonna do that. What that means is the businesses that have incredible free consistent content that is above average because it is deemed by your audience as I have to continue to consume their content, will have very loyal followers. So for me, this looks like my podcast. This looks like the weekly newsletter we just launched. If you want that, you can DM me insider on Instagram and I’ll send you the link. So if you’re on my list, you will get it every week. We are now sending out a newsletter that is, it has the marketing tip of the week. It has a special message from me that’s more like CEO related as I like to talk to you guys about either books, I’ve read tips, I have things I’m doing just like insider from me.

And then our top ad of the week, every single week on Friday, we’re gonna send that out. So that’s a new piece of valuable content. We have our monthly bigger marketing report that we send out. I’m constantly creating free resources. Youtube is on my horizon. All of those things are not just haphazard content, it’s very intentional content that’s gonna get someone coming back time and time again because the value is so good. So I’m being very intentional with building a following to my content. My podcast I’ve had forever. You guys are my favorite audience. Like I absolutely love my podcast, I love the platform, I love the opportunity to connect with you guys. We massively increased our downloads in March. It’s super exciting for me. It is a huge priority for me. So I do think sometimes when people think content, they start haphazardly putting social media posts out there or you know, doing, you know, one video or a couple of videos.

I mean creating a platform. And if you have nothing right now it’s just one. It’s just a podcast, a newsletter, a YouTube channel. It’s just one. I can do multiple because I have a team and because I already have one that’s very it, it just is executed very easily my podcast. So I’m creating content and focused on content that’s going to keep people coming back because the value is so dang good because the value I want to be and continue to be because I think in some cases I’ve already done this, the number one place to go get digital marketing realtime information strategies, what’s working right now because I have such an incredible insight to data with the hundreds of thousands of dollars of ad spend, we manage a month as a team and not a lot of people have that leverage. So I leverage that in my content, but what that does is creates me loyal followers and your wire audience and your loyal followers.

There isn’t really a price you can put on having that. If you have that, it doesn’t matter what recession, what change, what thing is thrown your way, you will always be okay because your followers will go where you go because you’ve built that relationship with them. So my one number, one of my priorities, really, really good content and not just haphazard like social media posts, those are great and I do wanna build my Instagram following, but for me, I’m just not a big organic social media person. Like I haven’t posted in stories in like two days. I just, I don’t like it. My team is constantly like, you need to post more on stories. And I’m like, I’m living my life. Like I’m not documenting everything I do. I’m just not that person. I’m not gonna record myself working all the time. I’m not gonna remember to do it like I’m busy.

But I also don’t wanna live my life through the lens of, oh, let me document this on stories. I understand it’s effective and I do like doing it sometimes, but it’s not gonna be my number one source because it’s not in alignment with me and how I wanna personally live my life. It’s not worth it. The sacrifices for me are not worth it to do that. So that’s my one priority. My second priority, again, very simple but let me dig into it, is lead generation. I have talked about this before, but if you slow down your lead generation, like let’s say this month you turn it off and you do that and you might be fine, your business might still bring in the same amount and you might be like, oh, I could cut that. Like I could cut the ad spend or I could cut the effort going to generating new leads on my list.

But in about 90 days, you will notice in six months you will for sure notice and it’s gonna take you about as long as you’ve stopped to catch up because everything has a delayed reaction. There are some people who will come onto your list, who will come across your business and who will buy immediately. That’s maybe 1%. It depends on your offer price, it depends on your industry. 99% of people are gonna hang out in your world, are gonna hang out on your list for three, six, sometimes 12 or more months before they buy. Business is the long game. I saw a post the other day about how important patience is and how the people who are the most patient are usually the most successful. And I think that ties into business and marketing. Yes, you need to be strategic. Yes, you need to be making money back, but you also have to be remembering constantly the longer game, the bigger play you have.

Because do you know why people like Amy Porterfield, Marie Forlio, Russell Brunson, these big names that we see have easy million dollar launches. Do you know why they can do that? Because they have an email list in the hundreds of thousands of size because they have a social media following. They have people over a million people following them. That’s why it looks so easy for them. How did they get there? A decade or more of consistently showing up, growing their list, running ads. You will not see a day go by that Amy Russell Marie are not running ads. I guarantee you, because I know all of them. You will not see a day. They’re not running nets when they’re not live launching, they’re still running nets, they’re still growing their list, they’re still increasing their visibility because that needs to be consistent. And so for me, I am focused every month on growing our list lead generation quality leads, putting them into a customer journey.

That’s very great experience. Yes, leading them to my offer, but I’m playing that bigger picture of how much I wanna see my list grow this year because I know over time, no matter what, that’s an asset to my business and it will 100% payoff. So consistent lead generation, which I talk about all the time, but this is a focus of me basically saying, no matter what we do, we are always gonna be doing consistently a generation. We will not not have lead generation ads running, even if we’re not in a live launch, even if we’re building a new funnel, we’re not gonna wait for, you know, the new one to be built and paused something for two weeks. I paused something for like a week and a half, then we started ads to our newsletter. And even that I was like, maybe we shouldn’t have done that.

Even if our funnel, we were fixing it, whatever, we should have just left it on cuz we were generating leads and those leads always pay off for me. Okay? The third priority that I’m focusing on is live launches. I believe these are really important for businesses. Once a quarter, something fresh, something new, something exciting. They always work for me, they always work for our clients there. There is not a time that I have not seen a live launch work. Well, especially if the offer is proven and good. I mean maybe that’s cases that it hasn’t worked in terms of sales is if there was an issue with the conversion to the offer. But even then the brand kind of experience that you get to create the hype, you get to create the lead generation that gets to happen. The connections that you get to have, the relationships you build with your audience through a live launch is just really powerful.

I’m not saying do it every month. I know there’s a lot of people out there that are like anti live launch because they feel like it’s really tiring. But I really think that businesses need to do this. There is no such thing as an automated business. There’s no such thing as anything successful that is automated. So throw that idea away. If somebody ever tells you you never have to live launch, then I think they’re wrong. Or at the least they’re leaving money on the table because live launches are a cash infusion for your business, while also an amazing opportunity for growing amazing relationships with your audience because you get to create an experience, whether that’s q and a in a webinar, whether that’s a Facebook group during a live challenge, however you format it. Once a quarter, do something fresh, do something new. Even if it’s like, okay, I launched a brand new webinar topic, great, something new, something fresh to keep you top of mind.

And again, if you look at the most successful business owners in our space, are they live launching? Yes. Do they also have evergreen and automated funnels going all the time? Yes. It’s not that hard to look at what the most successful people are doing and realize that the other people who tell you it’s only this way or it’s only that way are wrong. So for me, a minimum of once a quarter live launches a great experience. We put a lot into our live launches. I give away so much value and I don’t care if people during the live launch don’t buy right away because I’ve had many times, more times than I can count somebody, participate actively in one of my live launches two or three times, and then ultimately buy and ultimately sign up with the agency or sign up for our offer. And that happens all the time.

And so I always make my why to show up and create the best experience to deliver the value while yes, leading people to my offers, but deliver value and make an impact no matter what they choose to do. If they choose to sign up and work with us or buy from us or not. I want it to be an amazing experience because I know in the long game that will always pay off. All right you guys. So those are three things I’m focusing on in my marketing. Maybe it gave you some ideas, some clarity. Thanks so much for tuning in. I’ll talk to you next week.

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