505: This Holds 90% Of Your Marketing Success & It’s Not What You Think — Marketing Secrets Nobody Tells You Series #1

You voted, and I’m delivering! This week’s podcast series is Marketing Secrets Nobody Tells You, and each episode will include both a secret AND an action you can take. 

Today, I’m revealing the secret that holds 90% of an entrepreneur’s success: the offer. While marketing strategies such as webinars and lead generation are crucial, the offer is often overlooked, causing you to miss out on potential sales. And, don’t think that you can just create an offer once and be done…continuously improving the offer to match the changing needs of your customers, competitors, and the market is a must. If you’re a business owner, you have an offer… so this episode is for YOU. Tune in! 


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Emily Hirsh:

The reason I wanted to talk about this is because I think it is so overlooked because it’s not technically a part of your marketing, but it is, and I think it’s overlooked because people don’t even think about this because they think if they have really good marketing or they focus on the webinar and the lead generation and all the bells and whistles with marketing that yes are important, they don’t put as much energy into this when I think it holds 90% of your success.

You are listening to the Not for Lazy Marketers Podcast, episode number 505.

Hello you guys, welcome back to the podcast. I am kicking off a five part series. I’m super excited. We are gonna do five episodes in a row on the podcast that are centered around the marketing secrets nobody ever tells you. And really in each one I’m not only gonna share the secret, but I’m gonna give you some actions because you know me. I’m very action oriented and I want you guys to actually go implement what I’m saying and get results. So exact actions you can take to conquer and kind of combat that secret that I share with you. So I pulled my Instagram audience and I asked you guys, I had like three different ideas for a series that I wanted to do and I asked you guys to vote and it was so close, like each one was like within two votes of each other.

 This one won, but it was so close that now I have my idea for my next two series. And I struggled a little bit with this. Like you content creators will probably relate to this, but I was just like, I’m so sick of hearing myself say the same things <laugh> like I want to share something different on here. I wanna share something different. But then yet everything you guys need is frequently in the same thing every time around foundational principles and things that we need to be reminded and that always work and are always relevant in your marketing. And so I I procrastinated recording this series. My team is very mad at me because I will not record if I feel at all like I am having to follow a template or a script or like I’m just doing it to do it or I don’t feel inspiration around it because I know that won’t land for you guys.

And so I was in like a little bit of a mental block because I’m like, I only create epic content, but I don’t wanna keep saying the same things. But I got there, I have five secrets for you guys. Yes, they combine some cooler foundational principles because they always will. But some new angles, some new ways to look at things, some new insights just based on it being 2023 and what I’m seeing in predictions. And, and really keeping it simple so you guys can get results. So we’re gonna dive into the five secrets every day for the next five days there will be an episode sharing each secret. I put a lot into these series. I really love doing them. And the one thing I ask is if you get something out of ’em, if you will share this series with somebody else, share it with them either directly or share it on your social media and tag me so I can say thank you.

And bonus points if you leave me a review. As you know, if you are a content creator, you put a lot into content and those things mean a lot and it also helps me impact more people with the content that I’m creating. So let’s dive into secret number one. Okay, this one is something that you guys aren’t gonna expect and I think the reason I wanted to talk about this is because I think it is so overlooked because it’s not technically a part of your marketing, but it is, and I think it’s overlooked because people don’t even think about this because they think if they have really good marketing or they focus on the webinar and the lead generation and all the bells and whistles with marketing that yes are important, they don’t put as much energy into this when I think it holds 90% of your success and it’s very basic and that is your offer, what you sell.

And I end up, when I work with clients actually consulting oftentimes on the offer, it depends on if they’ve sold it or not before, kind of what stage they’re at in their business. But even my v i P days, we dove into the offer and how could we improve the offer and what are things that we could either improve actually tactically about the offer or positioning around the offer and the way that we talk about the offer. And here’s the thing that a lot of people don’t realize is society and your audience and the, and your ideal customers like it’s constantly changing. Their needs are shifting based on the market. And so if your offer stays exactly the same for months and months and months and or years and years and years, months and months, it’s okay. Years and years, it stays exactly the same.

Likely it’s not gonna sell as well as it could be or it will completely stop working. And I have seen this way too many times where entrepreneurs are like, but it used to work. This used to sell for me in 2021. And so I know it’s not the offer because it’s sold and so I don’t need to change it. And it’s the marketing, it’s the ad targeting, it’s this, it’s this, it’s this. But the reality is our world, and no matter what your business is, your ideal customer changes at a rapid pace, which means their needs change at a rapid pace, which means your competitors are changing at a rapid pace, which means you have to keep up, which means you have to make sure your offer is actually what people want and then second need. And so as those things change, your offer is gonna shift.

And I’m actually in my business in this cycle where we shut down our done with you offer about eight months ago, nine months ago. And I’m back to kind of exploring like what does that ideal customer need in creating offers and testing different things? And I’m, we’re about to announce something that we’re adding to our done for you offer because it’s an, it’s a definite want and need that we were lacking. So you can stay tuned for that later. But regardless, I’m constantly looking at my offers and I’m constantly looking at the way I talk about my offer, the way my offer is positioned and is sold and is it meeting the wants and needs of my deal customer. And so typically when I see a strategy, and it didn’t used to be like this because the market was not as saturated as it is now, but you can have the most amazing webinar and the most amazing social media strategy and ad strategy and get all the leads.

And if your offer is not, does not nail your ideal customer’s problems and desires, it will not sell. But you can have an okay strategy that still needs to be fixed and still needs to be dialed in and it’s not perfect and you’re not running ads or you’re not doing organic or you gotta improve this and be selling your offer if it’s really good. And so one way you can go where it’s like you can have everything perfect, but if your offer’s not dialed in, nothing’s gonna work. You’re ultimately not gonna get sales or you can have your strategy like a seven, eight outta 10, constantly improving it as you will be with your strategy. It’s constantly also evolving and improving and your offer dialed in and you can be making money and making profit. And so I don’t think enough people take this into consideration because I see it happen firsthand where the scenario is I’m getting traffic, I’m getting leads, I’m getting people all the way to the sales page, they’re hearing my offer, they’re watching the webinar.

And yes, there are absolutely actions that you can take to improve all of those things, to improve your cost per lead to improve the amount of people that watch your webinar and how long they watch your webinar and to improve the amount of people that get to your sales page, read your emails, click on your emails, all of those things you can improve. But if your offer is not what people want or they are confused or they are overwhelmed or they don’t feel that it’s gonna solve their problems or they don’t feel like it’s gonna help them reach their dream outcome, they are not going to convert. And so you can do all those things and you’re not gonna sell it. The other piece to this that I was inspired to talk about this a few weeks ago and I saved it because it’s here, this is why I saved it, is I don’t think enough people constantly put the effort into improving their offer and understand a huge percentage of your sales should be referrals.

Referrals is still my number one source of sales most months, some months it’s not. Most months it is. And that’s with all the marketing I do and all that you guys see me do. Because if somebody has a good experience with your offer, if somebody gets the result you promised every offer equals a result, right? Doesn’t matter if you’re a physical product, a service digital product, I don’t care. You’re getting somebody a result that they want or they’re not buying from you and it can be the most simple physical product and you’re still, I can still argue to that. You’re getting me at result. You’re fulfilling a desire, you’re fulfill fulfilling a need or a want or solving a problem if you successfully do that, the person that you successfully did that to will likely tell multiple people and will talk about it. And then those people get to hear about your offer for completely free and come over and potentially buy.

And so not paying attention to your offer and making it the absolute best you possibly can is a huge mistake. If you were to ask me one of my secrets in business, it’s this, I put more attention into my delivery in my offer because it directly impacts my marketing, then I do my marketing. Marketing is a hundred percent important. You can’t have an amazing offer and nobody know about it. You also marketing in my opinion, is how you talk about your offer. So I also see people who have a really good offer and this happens a lot that solves problems and they’re like, I’m getting amazing results. I’m getting amazing feedback. You should see people talking about it, but nobody’s buying it. Well, that’s because of your offer positioning. That’s because of the way you talk about your offer and explain it. You’re either creating confusion or overwhelm and that’s why people aren’t buying end of story.

So I put more, you know, if you were to ask me my business secret, I put more attention into offer development than I do marketing because that has to come first. Now I’m not sitting here saying, go create a bunch of new offers. Absolutely not. Especially if you’re not already at a million dollars. If you are at seven figures, you probably are in a place where you can start to build out what’s called your value ladder, where you do have multiple offers for people at different levels. If you’re not at seven figures, you really should be focusing all in on one offer. Now, when you look at that offer, how can you make it irresistible? And I know this is cliche and I know this is simple, but I take my clients and anybody who purchased Launcher Funnel live or has been through my digital products through exercises, that helps them realize what their offer is potentially missing.

And I’m gonna tell you guys at a base level what that is here. So you can go think about this and then I’m gonna also talk about the direction that I think offers are going, especially in the digital space. So the exercise is making a huge list, like 20 to 25 things on this list of all of your ideal customers problems, the micro problems, the things they’re struggling with. And when I say micro problems, I’m gonna use my business as an example. I could easily say, oh well my ideal customer’s problem is that they aren’t getting results with their marketing. They need leads, they need sales, right? But on a micro level, I could get really granular and say they have no idea what their marketing strategies should be. They don’t know if they should start with organic or paid ads. They don’t know how to write good copy in order to get their ads to convert.

They don’t have their resources to build a funnel to actually run to paid ads, right? So I could go on and on, I could probably come up with like 40 things. And then you look at that list and you ask yourself, am I solving their problems? And this is key here. Am I solving their problems in the fastest and easiest way? Because you could solve all their problems with a hundred videos and that’s not an attractive offer, right? Are you solving their problems in a way that they will have to spend the least amount of time implementing in to get their desired result and the least amount of money, speed and ease. That’s what people want. Not the least amount of money you, you could, you know, price your offer what it’s worth. But people wanna know, I’m gonna get a result. Fast speed is huge in the world that we live in.

People want something in an hour tomorrow. So that exercise alone, which I do have to give credit to Alex Hermo because it’s inspired from his book, a hundred million offers. If you have not read that and this podcast resonates with you, I would go read that. There’s an example of me totally for free plugging someone’s business because that book made an impact on me and I’ve probably sent it to like 20 people and told hundreds of people. So there’s an example of you write an amazing book and you stay on the number one best seller for months without any marketing dollars because the product was amazing because the end result was amazing. Anyways, if you go through that exercise and you look at your offer and you say, okay, well I’m not solving all these problems, or I am not clearly communicating that I’m solving all these problems, or I’m not doing it in the easiest way I possibly could, there is some opportunity for you to improve.

At the end of the day, when you look at your offer, you should be able to in one sentence, say the outcome and the result that it’s gonna get people. And then you should know that the method, the systems, everything you’ve built in your offer is going to get that result as fast and easy as possible. That’s a good offer. So we recently released a an a new-ish offer. It’s basically a combination of offers and it’s really freaking good <laugh>, and I’m gonna share it here because I use this process in my business. So I got feedback and was looking at the fact that most people are so frustrated in their marketing how long something takes like in order to create the strategy, build the strategy, launch the strategy, it’s taking months to create that progress. And you usually have to either piece together multiple people or hire our agency and people want something fast because they need leads in sales right now.

And so I had my v i p day offer that I did a couple months ago and I did three last quarter. That was my max. And that was deep level strategy, right? And so we were going really deep on strategy. We were spending a full v i p day on their strategy, on their business from offer positioning to the actual strategy, to organic, to paid to even like business coaching in general. I mean it was no stone left untapped, eight hours of my brain in your business, which is was amazing. After that, most people needed implementation. They were like, okay, this is great. I have this strategy, I have the plan, I have all of this, I need to implementation. And then they would either hire us or a couple pieced it together and hired us some whatever. So I was like, what if we combine the idea of the V V I P day and the strategy with done for you?

And in three days time we create the strategy. We do like a mini half v i p day, we create the strategy, we go deep because I work really fast too. So I didn’t really always need the full eight hours. A couple of people broke it into two four hour chunks. We do that and then we go build it. We go build it in a three day time. We write all of the copy, we build all of the pages, we send you video ideas and you record. You go record those. Then we edit them, we create the graphics, we write the ad copy, like literally three months, probably worth of work in three days. And you snap your fingers and you have it all done. It’s highly strategic. It’s highly custom. The copy is really good. The messaging’s really good, and you have every single asset you need to run ads to promote organically.

Social posts are included in it, like everything in a super short period of time, very attractive offer. The only reason I was able to come up with that is because I know my customer so well and what their pain points are, what their frustrations are. And so I create an epic offer and it sells easily. So we just launched this yesterday. We’re already getting calls booked, we’re already getting a ton of interest. It’s gonna go really fast. I can only take five spots. Two are already accounted for. So we have three left in May. I’m gonna test this out. I’m gonna test the delivery out. I will not take too many because I have to deliver it and do a really good job and get the result I’m promising. But I know that this is going to sell incredible because I created an irresistible offer and I’m able to leverage my warm traffic.

We’re gonna talk about that in another secret, but I’m able to leverage my warm traffic and create this cash. If you heard that offer and you’re like, I want this v i p experience, if you go to not for lazy marketers.com/vip, there’s an application. So we’re vetting the businesses. We wanna, we wanna essentially make sure that it’s the right fit for you, that this is the right next move, this is the right next investment, that this is what you should do. So we’re gonna have you fill out a simple application. I’ll take a couple minutes and then book a call with us so we can chat with you. We only have five spots. I believe two are already accounted for just from my dms. They need to get on their call still, but just, we just launched it yesterday. So this’ll go really fast.

And if you’re interested in that where you get entire strategy v i p experience with me, I don’t do a lot of marketing strategies anymore. So for other businesses, so this is with me. And then everything built for you, the copy, the funnel pages, the emails, the ad copy, the social posts, video editing, graphics, everything in three days, and we’re booking these in may go to not for lazy marketers.com/vip for that application back to this episode. So I constantly do this. I constantly create an irresistible offer and I also constantly update my existing offers. So understanding that the success of your marketing, 90% of it lies in the offer because at the end of the day, you can get all the traffic and leads you want in a bad offer, it’s not gonna convert. So try that exercise. The next thing I wanna say is that the direction that offers are going in most industries in the digital marketing space, I mean in in general, information is so vastly available.

You can listen to podcasts and YouTube and read books or even just literally scroll Instagram and see reels that are teaching me something, right? So you can do this. People want either the step by step laid out for them, they’re handheld or some sort of done for you slash done with you feedback. The value is truly in that. And I can tell you that the most successful offers, for the most part, I do see some with just digital products doing fine. And it depends on the price. Everything I say you have to take with a grain of salt because every strategy should be custom. And that’s why having somebody help you with your strategy is so important. But for the most part, the best offers do a great job handholding to get somebody their results. So whether that is in, I’m a big fan of using like audits and reviews and some sort of feedback loop for people.

So you’re not just like, here’s the digital product, good luck. It’s a bunch of information for you to go listen to and hopefully you get the result. But some sort of handholding that also can be done for you, that can be in a done for you capacity if that’s what you sell. Because at the end of the day, people do not want more information. They are constantly on information overload. They’ve probably already experienced themselves buying some sort of information, some sort of digital product and not using it, right? And so people don’t want more information. That’s your free stuff. Your information is your free stuff that captures people, that brings them in, that shows them that you are an authority and you are the one that they should turn to for that problem they have that they want solved. That’s why I give away so much from my podcast.

That’s why I don’t hold back. Because what you guys really want is the implementation. You want your handhold, you wanna be walked through step by step because why? Because then that means it’s the least amount of time for you to get results. And if you look at my offers, the more money you pay, the faster you get the result, the faster you get the implementation, right? Because you’re paying for that higher touch support. And so when you look at your offer, there are oftentimes, and I find this all the time in clients and I and I tell them this and we implement it and it works. There are opportunities for some sort of audit review, extra support, some sort of extra handholding, customized feedback that’s not hard to deliver. Like for example, a Loom video audit is super easy to deliver. That’s not very hard.

It doesn’t mean you getting on a one-on-one call. It’s very easy for you to deliver, but it’s a very high impact, high result for the person receiving it. And so there are, there are sometimes that I tell people this and they still have in their mind like, well, I want an offer that I don’t have to like be involved in the delivery. I want automated. Like I don’t wanna do that. And I’m like, go on a rant. It’s because you guys have been fed the lie that business can be automated. It cannot. Okay? You can sell digital products fully. Just digital products are gonna 100% be less than a thousand dollars. Typically way less like my, some of my digital products are like $200 because it’s not as valuable for somebody to just give them information if you want a no-brainer offer. And also those products of mine are not my core offers.

They’re like, Hey, you don’t fit the criteria for any of the things we offer. You can still buy this. This will still support you. If you want a no-brainer offer that’s going to get somebody results fast, guarantee that it gets them results and create that impact, you probably have to add some level of support and handholding. Maybe you already have this, but this is just something to think about. I think a lot of people jump to, oh, that means it has to be a one-on-one call has to take all of my time. I can’t do that. It can literally be they submit something and they get your eyes on it and it’s a loom on it. I came up with one for a client. We came up together that we, she was gonna review their finances, their p and l statement. How valuable is that for a business to get a five minute loom video of an expert reviewing their profit and loss statement and telling them, Hey, I see this opportunity.

I see this opportunity. You could make money here. You might be losing money here. So valuable takes her maybe 10 minutes to do it. And instantly, that is a huge value add for somebody in getting results because it’s like, oh, if I review your p and l statement, I’m gonna find opportunities for you to save money. That’s going to automatically probably take what you invested in my program and pay off, right? And that makes my offer a no brainer. There is no such thing as an automated business. And so if you’re very resistant to adding support in your offer because you want this automated business and because you don’t wanna have to put in, I don’t wanna say it, but you don’t wanna have to put in that work or you don’t want that responsibility, then I would really question that. Some cases it’s fine.

It depends on the price of the offer. But you can typically always make an offer more attractive by adding more handholding, by adding more support, strategic support. And it’s not about time. It’s about the result that that support is gonna get. I don’t care if I have an hour long call with an expert or a 10 minute loom video if they’re going to get me the same result. It’s about the result. People buy for the result. They’re not buying your information. I see a lot of people talk about their offer and say, you’re gonna learn this and you’re gonna learn this and you’re gonna learn this. I don’t care what I’m gonna learn. I honestly don’t care what I’m gonna learn. I care what I’m gonna learn and then what that’s gonna do for me, what result that’s going to get me. So marketing secret number one that nobody talks about is that your offer itself and the way that you talk about your offer and what you have put into it and the way that you’ve crafted it, holds 90% of your marketing success.

Really sit with that and ask yourself, is it time for me to go back and re-look at my offer? I think this is something that a business should do every year and make adjustments and make shifts and make changes. Maybe you a, are adding a new one because you’re at seven figures. Maybe you need to adjust yours. And you know what also that does is if you adjust your offer and you add something new, now you get to go talk about it and it’s new and you get to have this big announcement and it’s gonna drive sales and your warm traffic who is on the fence now, they might buy. This is the marketing ebb and flow. You’ll see me do this all the time. All right everybody, I will see you back here tomorrow for secret number two. Thanks so much for tuning in.