509: Master This & You’ll Have A 7-Figure Business – Marketing Secrets Nobody Tells You Series #5

Welcome to the last episode of my series ‘Marketing Secrets Nobody Tells You’ where I’m jumping into what I believe to be the most crucial element of marketing – converting cold traffic. While many people may have heard of this term, mastering it is very different from other components of marketing, and is crucial for achieving a seven-figure business. The episode delves into how this type of conversion is distinct from warm traffic, which are people who have already built a relationship with you.

People often follow the pathway of creating success with warm traffic but struggle to get past a ceiling because they don’t know how to convert cold traffic. Consider whether you have been prioritizing this aspect of marketing. If your answer is nope, tune in! Mastering converting cold traffic consistently is key to growing your business.


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Emily Hirsh:

And people can’t figure out how to get past that. And the reason is because transferring over and converting cold traffic is a whole different game.

You are listening to the Not for Lazy Marketers Podcast, episode number 509.

Hello everybody. Happy May. I cannot believe it’s May. I feel like I say this on my podcast, but time goes so fast and here we are. I’m looking at my summer plants and Texas is definitely starting to get hot. We’ve had a pretty amazing spring though, so I can’t complain. But if you guys have been around for a while, you know, I moved to Austin from California and I’m a whiny b in the summer because I hate the heat and how hot it gets. And you’re like, why’d you move to Austin? I don’t know, sometimes, but we love it here except for about four months out of the year and it gives me a reason to leave. So I usually go somewhere to the mountains, somewhere to California. So we’re starting to plan our summer and where we’re gonna end up.

 I go six to eight weeks out of the summer and just leave, but, so it’s a good excuse. And why I moved to Austin, no state income taxes. So that was one of the reasons. All right, you guys, episode number five, this is number five of our series Marketing Secrets. Nobody Will Tell You, I hope you guys have enjoyed this. If you have it all, I would one, love to know your takeaways. I always love when you guys send me a message on Instagram and share that. And then number two if you feel called to and you want to share this, I always appreciate that as well. Share it on social media, send it to a friend. It just helps the content obviously make more impact. So I’m actually so excited. I saved maybe the best for last because this, this came to me as a way, it’s definitely not a secret.

I think people know this, but it is a secret because I think that people make this mistake in not understanding that mastering this is different than other components of your marketing. And so for that reason, I think the way I’m gonna lay this out is going to give you guys some clarity that you maybe didn’t have before. So mastering, and this is what the secret is, mastering converting cold traffic and converting cold traffic consistently is how you get to a seven figure business hands down. So let me explain this. First of all, cold traffic, if that’s a new term to you, means somebody who has no idea who you are, they just stumble across your business and converting them to a sale. And what I mean by this is a lot of times people follow this cycle or this kind of pathway in their business where in the beginning you, you hustled and you really put in the work and you tried a bunch of things and you sold your offer or your service one way or or another through those things.

And likely along the way you built relationships and you started building warm traffic, whether that was, you know, like I did in a, in Facebook groups, you know, seven years ago and building and building relationships in Facebook groups with people who then became my clients. Or maybe you spend a lot of time on social media and you’ve built a following and it’s, you know, an okay size and it’s getting you some sales, it’s getting you some traction. And so you’re converting what’s called warm traffic in those cases. And people follow this kind of pathway where they do create some level of success with warm traffic that can even be referrals. Referrals are very warm traffic. So because somebody warmed them up for you. So that is, is one way to create business success. But usually it hits a ceiling very quickly and people can’t figure out how to get past that.

And the reason is because transferring over and converting cold traffic is a whole different game. And for most businesses, this will forever be one of their biggest struggles and one of their biggest things that drives their initiatives, their marketing initiatives, their content initiatives. And the thing that I see happen is people compare what they did to convert warm traffic with converting cold traffic. And I’m gonna break this down for you, but I will oftentimes have clients tell me, well, you know, X, y, Z worked and here’s what I did. And I’m like, yeah, but that was all warm traffic. So that means your messaging doesn’t have to be as dialed in your strategy doesn’t have to be as dialed in because these people were warm, these people trusted you. They had that foundational trust and that foundational relationship and so therefore they’re naturally easier to convert.

If I was to go put an offer out to only, and I do this to only my, you know, podcast audience, my email list, my social following, it’s gonna be a whole lot easier to sell than to someone who came across my brand yesterday. And so people treat it like, okay, well it worked that way. And they don’t change what they’re doing. And mostly it’s in the messaging, so we’re gonna talk about that. But they don’t change what they’re doing when they transfer it over to cold traffic. So mastering, converting cold traffic and specifically converting cold traffic consistently, if you can do that, you have a seven figure business, if not already soon, because that is truly where you break through a, a ceiling that you had before and you’re able to con consistently, meaning bring in new people and convert them into sales. And that’s hard to do.

And so I have some bullets on what you need to pay attention to and what is different than warm traffic. But I think first of all, understanding this needs to be your goal in your business. You can’t just operate from a place, in my opinion. I mean, you can. And I actually was having this conversation with a client as I was like, you know, real talk, like if you just converted, you know, people from your social media forever, would you be happy with your business size and it not growing? Like that’s an okay answer to say yes, to just be, just know that that is what you’re signing up for and is that okay with you? And she was like, no, I, I definitely want, you know, to have a larger scale. And I’m like, to do that, you’re gonna need paid ads and you’re gonna need to convert cold traffic however you do it.

I like doing it with paid ads cuz it’s faster and it’s the most in your control. But here are some bullets on what you need to keep in mind when converting cold traffic. And then in the back of your mind, I want you guys thinking throughout this episode, is this a priority for your business? Because there are things and it should be, and so asking yourself, have you been prioritizing it? But there are things you have to do intentionally and different in order for this to start working. So first of all, as with everything, your messaging, your messaging is key here because like I said in the beginning, the way that you can communicate and talk to warm traffic, people who know you and have in one way or another built a relationship with you, it can be less powerful, it can be less clear it because they trust you, right?

So again, if I put out an offer and it’s to all of you guys who consistently listen to my podcast and consume my content in one way or another, you’re probably gonna do less due diligence on that offer as long as I clearly explained it to buy it because you already trust me. But somebody who doesn’t have that, you have to have your messaging dialed in. And so keeping in mind, first of all, the, the very foundation of of messaging and defining messaging as understanding who your ideal customer is and specifically understanding on a deep level who that person is, who doesn’t know who your business is, who who has no idea who you are yet. And understanding those psychographics. If you go back to the very first episode, no, the second episode in this series, I talked deep about messaging and I gave you guys some actions, but you have to understand their frustrations, their desires, their dreams in order to communicate with them.

And you can get away with warm traffic with not defining this very well. And this is what a lot of you do. You somehow, one way or another created some success in your business. And this is so common without defining those psychographics, the dreams, the desires, the frustrations in a really clear way. But if you plan to go reach cold traffic as you should and need to do, you’re gonna have to define that so that you can speak to those people because they have no other reason to consume your content, opt into your funnel by your offer. Then how you can serve them, which you can’t explain how you can serve them unless you understand them. And you can’t do that unless you’ve defined it. So first things first is getting clear on your messaging, getting clear on who that person is, who has no idea who you are, and making sure you don’t let the people who do know who you are water down that definition.

And I see clients and and people in launcher Funnel live do this too, where they allow some of their warm traffic or maybe they’ve had a handful of sales, they allow that to cloud getting clear on who that new person is. And so you have to walk this line of sometimes like your initial sales, maybe half of them are not even your ideal customers and you learn that along the way. And so getting clear and, and not putting up a wall or, or stopping yourself from seeing something important in who that ideal customer is, who has no idea who your brand is and what their dreams, desires, and frustrations are. And if you can get clear on that messaging, then that’s gonna allow you to speak clearly to them. So that’s first things first because you can’t get away with surface level watered down, not flushed out messaging to cold traffic because they just won’t pay attention to you.

Why would they? They have no tie to you. They have no reason to. They they have no relationship with you. And so getting them to pay attention to you is gonna come from the emotions and it’s first gonna come from you understanding that. The second thing that’s so key here is you have to have an intentional strategy. You can’t just throw random things out there and hope it works. You can do that with your warm traffic to an extent because again, they already trust you. And so this is like if you, you know, if you were to go make friends, you’re not gonna do the same thing to people who have no idea who you are to your like best friends and not even your best friends, like your group of friends, right? And so you have to have an intentional strategy and an intentional journey and experience that you wanna take people on from having no idea who you are to becoming a paid customer.

And you need to plan what that is. And this is where the consistency comes in. So the first thing is being able to convert them, being able to convert cold traffic successfully, I think comes from messaging. That’s the, that that’s what’s gonna decipher that. And then consistently converting cold traffic comes from strategy. So your messaging is gonna actually what, you know, flips the switch, a cold person turns warm and then turns into a sale. Your strategy is what makes that a consistent effort, a consistent part of your business. And when you can combine those two things, then you have a seven figure business. Because you can scale, that’s scalable, right? You can’t scale converting warm traffic. It’s very inconsistent and it’s very hard and it takes a long time. So with your cold traffic, you can’t just throw random things out there. You can’t hope, okay, if I post, you know, every day or if I have this kind of thrown together strategy that I’m gonna convert them.

It needs to be very intentional. Okay? And then the, the third piece to this that I wanna talk about is consistency. Like everything consistency should be the goal because in order to convert code traffic, it likely is gonna take longer. That’s the other thing in most businesses, especially in today’s, you know, buyer market, people are hanging out a little bit before they decide to buy from a company in most cases. I mean, you might get a small percentage of people who don’t do that for whatever reason, but most people are going to need those multiple 40, 50 probably micro-touch points. I’ve talked about this before in the podcast, but I define a micro touchpoint as anything that makes them see your brand. They’re scrolling their Instagram and they see your ad, that’s a touchpoint. They get an email in their inbox, they see it, they don’t open it, that’s a touchpoint.

So they watch your story. Those are touchpoints. I know from a study, and I’ve talked about this on the podcast, that people today take 40 to 50 plus touchpoints before they make a buying decision. So converting cold traffic becomes consistent. Consistency becomes the game because you wanna bring people in, brand awareness, visibility through content, you wanna get their attention, you wanna get them consuming whatever you put out. I talked about this on the podcast a while back, but this was related to what I’m focusing on in my marketing and that’s creating these loyal followers of people through content methods, our weekly newsletter and my podcast, because I believe this is a belief, and this is kind of a prediction, but I think that people know how bad consumption is on social media and in general. And I think we’re gonna enter an era where it actually changes and people don’t consume things at random as much and do as much scrolling, but they have their key people that they follow and they consume their content every day, every week.

And so I wanna be that for a lot of people. So converting cold traffic comes first. Starting from the brand awareness. How do you get people in and interested in your free valuable content? Your videos, your your podcast is a great one. Your newsletter, your blogs, whatever that is. And I’ve done podcast episodes all about visibility and brand awareness. But that’s the first step to converting cold traffic and turning them from cold to warm is getting them in your world and indoctrinating them in your world. And the best way that you can do that is really awesome content that they can’t get somewhere else. The way you create that is you know your ideal customer and you create content for them and you go really deep on the content and not only give away a lot, but give away a lot that’s very valuable to them because you know their frustrations, their dreams and their desires.

And so you’re able to do that. Do you see how everything connects to you guys? So you know that and you create that content, that’s what brings them into your world. And then you can indoctrinate them into your world and hopefully they become warm or hot traffic, they become super fans or fans and followers and they consume what you put out. And then that is what does the job of converting them into a sale. And so making it a goal of your business, consistently growing your brand awareness, which comes in the form of yes followers on social media, real true followers engagement on social media, but also if you have any form of content. So your podcast, your YouTube your newsletter, your email list, those things growing means you’re getting more brand awareness, more people are seeing you. And then also of course, lead generation.

Your email list should be consistently growing. And honestly, you guys, if you have those two things, like if you have been able to successfully create messaging and content and offers that turn your audience into leads, you have done what most businesses can’t and the next thing is now converting them. But if you are consistently growing that, and I’ve talked about this before too, that is such an asset to your business that you guys don’t even understand if you have a consistently growing and it can’t be staying the same cuz it’ll never stay the same cuz you will always have people unsubscribing and unfollowing you. It has to be growing. If you consistently have an audience and list growing, your, your business will be fine always because you have those people and you just focus on serving those people. It’s that simple. So converting cold traffic has to start with what are you doing to bring people into your world?

And that has to start again with having very clear messaging and knowing how you’re gonna attract those people. So the secret in this episode is I think an awareness around converting somebody, bringing somebody into your brand, your business on your list in your world that previously had no idea who you are is a whole different game than warm traffic. And I feel like you can get away with like a six outta 10 on messaging and strategy to warm traffic because you’re building that relationship with them and they have that foundation, which is great. Your goal is to get cold traffic to that point, but you have to dial it in so much when it comes to cold traffic. And I see people make mistakes where they take the same exact thing that they did with warm traffic and they don’t flush it out when they try to go bring it to cold traffic.

Meaning something about it is unclear, something about it is not speaking to those frustrations, dreams, desires, pain points because they didn’t flush it out, but they got away with it with warm traffic, it worked a little bit and so they ignore it and then they go to cold traffic and it doesn’t work. And so you have to have like 10 outta 10 messaging and strategy to do this, right? And like I said, the messaging is what actually converts them. The strategy is what makes it consistent. And if you can master this, which it should be the goal for all of you guys, you will have a seven figure business because this is the thing that businesses struggle with the most. And it it’s, it’s a constant effort. It is a constant initiative that you’re gonna be taking. And in order to do that, you have to have a constant connection to who those people are and strategy that backs that up.

So my action for you guys today in this episode is to think about do you have a brand awareness, a lead generation and a conversion strategy that was intentionally created for cold traffic and it wasn’t just thrown together based on past experiences or what maybe worked, you know, one or two times with warm traffic? Because you have to understand it’s a different game. So reflect on that and ask yourself, do you have that or do you have room to clean this up, to flush this out, to go deeper, to define it better? Because that is what’s gonna grow your business so much. I want to mention on here again that we have a couple more spots still. We have calls to speak, but a couple more spots for our v i P experience. And so what that is is a combination of deep level strategy with me.

So I’m gonna do a total of three hours. It’s gonna be broken up into two sessions of understanding your business and its goals, and then a deep level strategy of getting clear on what your funnel strategy as, what your organic strategy is, what your paid ad strategy is to accomplishing those goals and how we’re gonna get there. And then in three days time, our team’s gonna build out every single asset. So every funnel page, every email, ad copy, add creative, we’re gonna give you video requests during those three days, you’re gonna record them and then we’re gonna go edit them as well as organic social media content, every single asset and then hand it to you in a three day period. So like rapid speed, we’re taking on five total businesses in May. Some spots are already accounted for, but we do still have a few more spots.

So if you’re interested in that, we are interviewing all these businesses, making sure this is the right next step for you. All you have to do is go to not for lazy marketers.com/vip. That’s the application. Takes two minutes to fill out and then you can jump on a call with our team. All right, you guys, that is a wrap on our five part series of Marketing Secrets. Nobody Tells You. I hope you enjoyed my mix of tactics and rants and all the things, and I’ll actually talk to you guys tomorrow on the regularly tuned podcast.

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