519: 3 Hidden Areas You Could Generate More Revenue In Your Business Now

In this episode of the Not For Lazy Marketers Podcast, I’m exploring different strategies to generate revenue and create a cash infusion in your business. Building a strong foundation of trust with your audience, email list, and customers is a valuable asset that shouldn’t be underestimated. Leveraging this existing trust can be a powerful way to increase your revenue without solely relying on acquiring new customers. 

Let’s uncover the untapped potential of your warm audience, existing customers, and email list. If you’re looking to generate some cash or increase your overall revenue, you’ll want to listen in! This episode will provide you with specific ideas and opportunities to consider.


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Emily Hirsh:

Today’s episode, I wanted to give you guys some ideas on where you could potentially generate some revenue in your business if you’re needing a cash infusion. 

You were listening to the Not for Lazy Marketers Podcast, episode number 519.

Hello my friends, welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are having a great day whenever you are tuning into this today. I am grateful for good health <laugh>. Yesterday I was so sick and thankfully it only lasted a day, but it was like I had almost a four degree fever overnight, which is obviously really high for an adult and I know that because I track everything. So my aura ring told me my whoop recovery was 1%, which is like you’re basically dead <laugh>. My H R V, I think it was like 26 or something, which is so terrible. Like usually my H R V is a hundred, you want it to be higher. So I was very sick and my body was like, you are very sick. And I was miserable. It takes a lot for me to be in bed sick and I was in bed sick.

 But I know what to do when that happened. So I went and got an IV drip, I got a vitamin D shot. I rested, I slept like nine hours that night. Drank a ton of water, ate healthy and I am feeling much better. I don’t feel a hundred percent, so I’m not working out and I’m forcing myself to take it easy, which is hard cause I want to work out. I hate that I couldn’t work out the last two days and follow my schedule that I had pre-planned for the week, but I know that I should. And if I push it, I will be sick again. So I’m grateful today for good health though, because man, it is not fun to be knocked down like that. And I do not do well when I can’t do anything in a day because I’m so bored, but then I don’t feel good enough, my brain isn’t functioning, so it was not fun.

Today’s episode, I wanted to give you guys some ideas on where you could potentially generate some revenue in your business if you’re needing a cash infusion. And I do feel like with marketing we spend so much time focusing on new, how do we get new leads? How do we grow our audience and how do we bring in those new eyes to our business, which is obviously very important. You do wanna consistently be growing your audience and growing your list. But I think also within that, oftentimes what we’re already sitting on is overlooked and the opportunity that is there is potentially overlooked. And so if you need to generate some cash in your business or you wanna increase your overall revenue without having to spend more on ads, I do wanna be clear, I think you should consistently be growing your list in your audience. And if you’re not doing that eventually, like these strategies won’t work because if there’s not new people to do this for, then it’s not gonna continue to work.

But with that said, we all need to create more profit and more revenue out of the work we’re already doing. So out of the leads, we’re already bringing in the audience that we’re already growing and even the customers that we already have, we could always use creating more revenue. And depending on where your business is right now, you may need to have a cash infusion. I say about once a quarter. Those are great to create in your business as a cash infusion and that’s where you leverage and capitalize on your warm audience, your warm list, your current customers, not all at the same time, maybe two outta three of those at the same time. We’ll talk about it. And you create a cash infusion in your business and you get to capitalize on the work that you’ve already done, building your audience, building your list, and generate cash that is easier for you to generate because you’ve already built that foundation.

And this is a strategy that I use with all my clients, is a strategy that I use. And what it does is it really allows you to reap the benefits of the consistency in your audience and lead generation ongoing. So these are some ideas and places that you might be able to find revenue in your business right now without having to do anything new. And I’m gonna give you some specific ideas for this. So the biggest asset in your business is your existing audience, your email list, and even your customers if you have them. And this is so often overlooked because those three groups in your business, you have already done the work of building their trust. And obviously as you get deeper, like your audience compared to your customers, your customers trust you even way more than just your audience, right? Because they’ve already made the decision to purchase something from you and you’ve built that trust up enough for them.

Your email list, your leads on your list probably trust you more than someone who just found you on Instagram. So each one of those levels has even more trust built in with it, but you’ve already done the work of attracting them to your brand, getting them to trust you in the sense of giving their name an email for something and maybe even buying from you. And so these people have that trust with you. And if you do it right and you serve them through your content, through what you send to your email list, and most importantly through the offer that you have, like your customers, if they had a good experience, they likely want more or they’d be easy to take from a no to a yes. So let’s start with your audience right now. If you have any sort of an audience, social media following podcast listeners, anybody who’s consuming your content, following what you’re doing and engaging with you, that is a group of people that you can utilize to create a cash infusion for your business to create more sales in your business.

So it’s first focusing on how could you serve them? How could you serve this audience right now with what they’re going through right now? And so with us coming into summer, something I’ve been talking a lot about is you don’t wanna just pause your whole business for the summer. So think about your audience and ask yourself, how could I serve my audience through the summer? Is there anything different that they might be going through? Is there a different problem? Is there something different they might be thinking about? What are they potentially going through that I could shift my content or even my offer or create an offer that’s really simple to deliver during this time period? And I had this idea for somebody recently where their main program, they can’t open up until September just because people travel in the summer, especially July and August where she is and her ideal customer.

And so it made the most sense for her to open her program in September. However, that doesn’t mean stop everything in September. That’s actually even more reason why she needs to number one, build her audience, and build her list during that time. But I said, why couldn’t you create something like a mini product? Maybe it’s a one-time workshop or it’s a four week like rapid experience that you could deliver in June and you could sell it in June before people go on vacation. Maybe there’s a result that they wanna achieve before then to prep themselves for September. This could literally be as simple as a paid workshop that you could do, or maybe it’s a mini experience, a mini course, like a four week container. There’s a lot of options. And when you go to sell to your existing audience, you can make it a lot more simple.

Like you don’t have to create this whole big funnel necessarily. You probably would need a sales page, but then just make a zoom. Like, I do this all the time when I’m promoting to my warm traffic. Only a registration is a zoom link because I don’t need a whole page for it. Now I’m not saying don’t do this every time, but this is something you could do to keep it casual for your audience. If you wanted to create this cash infusion and you had an idea for how you could serve them, you do have to be careful here that whatever you do is not taking away from your core offer. If you’re somebody who hasn’t really made any sales before and you’re really working to sell that core offer, then I wouldn’t say, okay, go create another offer right now to sell to your warm audience.

But I would say if you are somebody who sells your offer regularly or you have launches throughout the year and you feel like, okay, I could create something and freshen something up for my warm audience and offer them something, maybe there is like a mini offer that you could create to deliver in June. Maybe it’s a workshop, maybe it’s a short experience. Think about how you can serve your audience and then maybe something will come to you. Now, this might not be a solution for everybody. You know, things I say on the podcast may or may not be right for you at this time in your business, but it also could be like, oh my gosh, I never thought of that. I could totally do that to create a cash infusion in my business. And like I said, when you’re just selling to your audience, you can keep it super casual and easy.

If you were to take this to cold traffic and and want to have it be a long-term, you know, webinar funnel or something, you’d obviously need a full funnel and an email sequence and all of those things built. But I have done many very casual off the cuff promos to just my warm audience that have worked really, really well. And like I said, we keep it really simple. We were able to execute it in a few days because we kept it so simple. Now, if you are somebody who’s struggling to get any sales right now and you fall in that boat where you’re struggling to get any momentum in your business, then something you can do to leverage your audience that I think is a great idea is offer to get on calls. Like say, Hey, I’m opening up this day and anybody in my audience who wants to book a 15, 20 minute connection called talk about X, y, z as it relates to the problem your business solves, you can book it totally for free, no strings attached.

What this does is it allows you to build relationships with your audience. Throughout those conversations, you are going to get so much intel into what they are struggling with, the questions that they have, what they need, how you could serve them. So if you are somebody who’s struggling to sell to your audience right now and struggling to get your marketing working, I would do this. I would offer free 15, 20 minute calls, pick a day or two days in a month and say, Hey, I’m opening my calendar up this whole day. Here’s a Calendly link. Book your call and then be clear what the benefit of that call is, depending on if you have a following or not. And like your level of credibility so far in the industry, that call will be really easy to sell. Or it wouldn’t. Like if I opened up calls because you guys trust me, you guys would just book it.

I wouldn’t have to sell you on the call. I would say, Hey, I’m doing free calls this day, 15, 20 minutes. Book it in. You can ask me any questions and I’m here to serve you. If you’re newer in business and people don’t understand the value of your time yet, you’ll have to just explain what you can support them with a little bit deeper. But you will get a ton of intel from those. You’ll likely either create an offer from them because people told you what was wrong with your current one and why it wasn’t selling through what they were asking and what they expressed that they need. Or maybe you’ll even get some sales as a byproduct by building those relationships. But at the end of the day, you know, marketing is relationships and so your audience is a great place to start in building those relationships, especially if you’re in a place where you’re stuck.

I think this is something that businesses can do once a year and it will greatly benefit them. So that’s the first bucket in which you could create some revenue in your business right now. The second is your email list. And you can do this pretty much similar to how I described in the audience because in the audience bucket, because you can do the same thing, promote to your email list. Now this comes in the form of a cash infusion strategy. However, some areas that you could go look to create more revenue in your business, depending on how your marketing in your business is set up, do you maybe have automated email sequences that are already running? Like when someone joins your list or they go into a funnel and you haven’t looked at them in a while, this is an opportunity to go look at those and say, how do I improve them?

Because what I’m trying to get you guys to see is if you have people joining your list right now and going through a sequence or getting your regular emails that you send out every week to your list, there’s already opportunity right there for you to improve those emails and see better results versus focusing only on the new. So if you have an EM automated email sequence, the regular emails that you might send out to your list, so like for me, our podcast emails and I wanted to create revenue in my business, I’d first ask myself, how do I leverage the emails that I already have and improve them to get better results? How do I adjust the copy? How do I improve the messaging? Maybe your regular content emails for a couple weeks, you’re gonna add in a call to action to your offer or to a next step.

And then of course you can always email your email list some extra emails if you were to do the strategy, like I was saying, of coming up with a mini offer or something specific to create a cash infusion in your business. You obviously can email that out to your list, but look at what you’re already doing. Look at the experience that maybe already exists for your email list and you know, emails that people are already going through and how you could improve them or they already are getting every week and how you can improve them. And then you can say, you know, is there some sort of cash infusion experience or something I could create that I could promote to my list and my audience? Your list and your audience is such a huge asset to your business. And like I said in the beginning, you’ve already done the work in building trust with them, and so you’re already over the first hurdle.

And so selling to them is for sure gonna be easier than selling to cold traffic. We need cold traffic, but we get to capitalize on our list in our audience frequently because we’ve done the work building them. And that’s where like when these things work together where you’re constantly bringing in new traffic, new, new emails, new leads, and then you get to throw in these cash infusions and generate revenue in your, this is where it really gets exciting in your marketing. And so if you need to create some revenue right now in your business, your email list is a great place to look, not only in doing a promotion to them and doing some extra emails and pushing out your offer or whatever it is that you end up doing, but also anything existing, any existing automations or your existing emails that you send out to your list, it’s really easy to stop looking at these and get into a place where you’re just doing the same thing every time and, and losing out on opportunity.

There’s always a place to improve and refine. Okay, and then the third bucket in which you could generate some more revenue in your business is your current customers. These guys already trust you so much and if you’ve done the work of delivering a great product or service, they love you, they should love you. And so is there something next level that they need or an experience that you could put together to sell to your current customers? How do you serve them? What else do they need? What else is missing for them? And if you were able to create that solution and sell to them, would that be beneficial for them? So depending on your business, obviously this is gonna look very custom, but I also think that people don’t take this as seriously as they can in terms of ascending customers, right? Because one product, one service is only gonna solve so much of a problem and there will be something next that people need.

And so this may or may not be right for you right now. Like obviously if you haven’t sold a lot of people into your existing offer, this is not the best place to look like you need to focus on selling people into your existing offer. But if you have and you wanna create more cash in your business and revenue in your business, is there something you could offer your current customers as a next level that would benefit them and it would solve a problem for them? And, connecting with those customers is the best way to figure out what they need and what they want and how you can support them. But I almost promise you that they want something more from you, especially if again, you’ve delivered on your promise of the offer that they purchased. This also can come into play with a down sell too, which is really your email list.

 And all the people who maybe weren’t ready and weren’t qualified for your offer, is there something you can do to support them to get them ready for your offer? An ascension ladder in your business? As you know, Russell really taught well is important. It is important to have that. And the best businesses do that really, really well. I’ll tell you one of, I think the best businesses that does this, it’s really fascinating to study, is Andy Frascella the founder of 75 Hard, I don’t know all of his levels, but it’s brilliant. Like he’s got 75 hard, which is free and blew up. And so many people took that challenge. He’s got his book that goes with that, and then he moves people from there into his products. He’s got a membership, he’s got like a high level mastermind.

He has an answer for people at all levels that takes years to get there. I mean, he has an eight, nine figure business and he didn’t just launch all of that at once, right? He’s launched his different levels at different times. So I love the Ascension ladder. I think it’s very important to be able to have a place where people can start and then move up and you constantly have an answer for them. Where I think people make the mistake is they try to have the ascension ladder out the gate. And number one, that’s gonna mess up your focus. Number two, I’m gonna do a separate podcast on this actually as I’m talking. Number one, that’s gonna mess up your focus. Number two, your ascension ladder needs to be dictated by your customers as you build your customers because your customers will tell you either what they need next or what they needed before so they could be ready for your offer.

But a true eight, nine figure business does have an ascension ladder and they have multiple levels. And so maybe the best move for your business is to look at, okay, we have our main offer and you know, we’re getting people into there, but do we either focus on what those people need next or do we focus on the leads who aren’t quite ready for that main offer and what we could do to serve them and get them ready for that main offer? And so there’s likely cash and revenue in your business that could be discovered by you solving that problem and focusing on that. All right, those are my three areas and buckets that you could go look for ways to generate more revenue in your business without having to do something new necessarily, or find new leads and find a new audience. You do need to do that.

This is how you get to capitalize on that. But a lot of people spend so much of their energy doing that, that they miss the opportunities in the existing. So I hope you guys found this helpful and we’re gonna have a really cool series coming up next week, so stay tuned for that. I actually interviewed some of our most successful clients and had them share the behind the scenes of how they started their business, how they got their first sales, their marketing journey, their mistakes, their lessons, and it’s really, really good. So that is dropping next week as a bonus series, and it’ll be right here on the podcast. I will talk to you guys then.

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