520: Marketing On A Budget: The Essential Components To Your Strategy

In today’s episode, I’m giving some insight into essential components needed to elevate your marketing strategy. Your business, your offer, and your values are unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. You need to craft personalized strategies that align with your specific needs in order to convert effectively. However, many entrepreneurs find themselves in a difficult position; they require marketing support but can’t justify the cost. It’s a frustrating situation, as handling marketing alone can be time-consuming and ineffective.

Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of the vital role marketing plays in driving growth and discover the essential components required for a successful marketing strategy.


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Emily Hirsh:

The piece that is really so key that we bring is the customization. And I think that’s where a lot of people mess up because they’re trying to follow a step-by-step template. And the reality is your business is unique and your offer is unique and you are unique and your values are unique and all of those things. And so the reason why I know and believe that marketing always works, it’s just a matter of when is because we customize and we create a strategy that follows all those major components until it converts. 

You are listening to the Not For Lazy Marketers podcast, episode number 520.

Hello my friends, welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are doing fabulous. I am doing amazing right now. I am feeling amazing. Ugh. I just feel like sometimes you have to go through a breakdown to have a breakthrough. And I think I’m on that other side of the breakthrough. And the last few weeks I’ve just felt so amazing. I’ve shared a lot on my podcast, just me personally. And I did kind of a post of, of how I feel like I’m in a new era of my life right now. And really I think what happened was I had the capacity to face things that I was ignoring for a long time and process things and heal from things that I was ignoring because I was so much in survival because I had young kids and I launched my business and I was just trying to basically, you know, survive and take care of my young kids that I had, you know, relatively close together and breastfed them for two years each, and was just trying to get through.

And now that my youngest is three, I feel like I have this capacity and space that I didn’t even realize I needed or that I didn’t have until I got it and started to get it. And then that combined with a couple of other things just kind of forced me into this growth that wasn’t fun at times. Like I really had to face some things, especially in my personal life, relationships and patterns and things that I just didn’t want to have anymore. And now I feel very much, I’m still in it, I’m still going through it, but I feel like I, something shifted in the last couple of weeks and I feel amazing. I also, today recording this I did my first Murph workout, it’s Memorial Day. And so a lot of the CrossFit gyms do the Murph workout cuz it’s named after Lieutenant Murphy who was in, I don’t know what branch of the military, but he died in the war and then this workout’s named after him.

And so it’s one mile run and then a hundred pullups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats and a mile run. And so I did it today. I feel really good about it. I did it in 51 minutes. I didn’t go straight through like I did it in sets, so I did like 5, 10, 15 times 20 rounds. But anyways, I feel amazing and I am very excited. So today’s episode I’m super excited about and there will definitely be value and content in this, but I’m also using today’s episode to announce a massive, massive announcement, which is our new done with you offer. Essential, and I’m so excited about this because so many of you are not at the place where our full done for you Elite or v i p offer makes sense for your business just investment wise and how much you’re able to put into ads, but you still need support.

And if you’ve been around for a while, you know, about a year ago I had market like a Pro and I shut that down to really focus on Elite and my Done For You offers, I’ve spent the last year, I can’t believe I’m saying that like a year almost since we launched Elite and perfecting that, just really focusing on team and process and strategies and it’s blown up and it’s doing amazing. But very quickly I continued to realize the gap that people needed support who weren’t ready for Elite. And this is a very intentional decision that I chose to not focus on for this long. I very quickly could have pivoted within a few months of market like a pro and you know, shutting that down and, and launched a new offer. But I was very intentional with the timing until it felt fully in alignment, fully right?

And so I’m gonna share that with you guys. So here’s the thing. Our, my team, our strategies, our process and my team combined, we get results. And it’s because I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’ve seen behind the scenes of so many different businesses, so many types of offers, so many niches and I’ve really mastered and perfected the exact components that need to go into a successful marketing strategy. And the piece that is really so key that we bring is the customization. And I think that’s where a lot of people mess up because they’re trying to follow a step-by-step template. And the reality is your business is unique and your offer is unique and you are unique and your values are unique and all of those things. And so the reason why I know and believe that marketing always works, it’s just a matter of when is because we customize and we create a strategy that follows all those major components until it converts.

Now the problem that I’ve had, especially the last year, is that so many people are not quite ready to get support through our done for you agency. They just can’t justify the cost yet. And we turn people down like you need to have the right ad spend that that support makes sense, but being able to hand over some of your marketing is so critical for success. So people get in this really tough spot because you as a business owner need support with marketing strategy, with your messaging, with your creative direction, with your funnel and your tech ads management and traffic strategy, add, copy, add creative. And a lot of people get in this place where they try and do it all. And you and I both know that’s not ideal. You will waste a ton of time trying to do it all. You will not get results ultimately because I hear this all the time of like I am a, you know, nutritionist or I am this, I’m not a marketer, I’m not an expert marketer and yeah, I’m trying to be one for my business to grow it and it’s just not working.

And so a lot of people are really frustrated. Now here’s the other piece of this is every company needs multiple skills and strategic input that one person can’t even accomplish. Like I couldn’t even do all my marketing to the level that I want because strategy, messaging, tech ads management, it’s all different skill sets and you really want ultimately an expert in each one of these. But of course you might be at a place where that large price tag or even medium price tag just doesn’t make sense for your business growth, but it would accomplish your growth so much faster and more effectively. And this is why like companies that are not you know, bootstrapped the way a lot of my audience and myself included has done it get investment and I learned this from somebody who was going to get investment is when you go get investment you have to say how much is going to marketing and you have to say what you’re gonna do with that marketing budget because investors want to see that you are putting money into marketing because they know that will grow your business.

So we get in this spot as bootstrapped entrepreneurs where we don’t have the investment so we don’t have the capital and the money and so we don’t put it into our marketing and then our business doesn’t grow. But it’s really obviously so critical for, for growth to put that money in your marketing. And here’s the other problem that I see out there is there, and this is really a big one and I’ve talked about this on my podcast and ranted about it, but there are obviously options out there where somebody can teach you marketing through a course or there’s other programs or, or people out there who teach it. But there’s one huge problem with almost every single one of them that I find very problematic for businesses who learn from it. And that is they’re not taught by people in the weeds.

If you name me almost every program, every course, every option mastermind out there who’s telling you, Hey, I’m gonna teach you marketing or I’m going to help you with your marketing, they are not taught by somebody who’s actually in the weeds every day. It’s usually teaching what worked for them maybe a couple of years ago or even a year ago. And so then they grew their business and they grew their team and they scaled and now they’re teaching the same thing but they’re not in the weeds. And the problem with that is marketing changes every day. Like what is working versus not needs to be continually tested and challenged because data should be driving decisions and what used to work frequently needs pivoting and adjusting in order to keep working. And so I did a whole podcast about how, you know, membership funnels and things right now that weren’t working but were still being taught and how these people are teaching it because it did work for them like maybe three, four or five years ago even.

And they’re teaching the same thing and it worked for them and then they grew their business big enough that it didn’t matter as much because they have a big warm traffic audience. Then these new people who come into the program don’t see results because they’re trying to do that same thing and it doesn’t work anymore. So almost every option out there that teaches you marketing and wants to support you with your marketing, not the done for you options, it’s by somebody who previously achieved success but no longer is actually in the trenches of their business testing what’s working and what’s not. Which means obviously their strategies and their methods are outdated. And so this is where I think we have a massive edge in what we offer because my team and I, even like I would not continue this podcast if I was not in the trenches, because I can’t teach what’s really happening.

And, I do see this a lot where people who were previously experts in their niche and this goes beyond marketing no longer are and they have to bring guests on their podcast who know more than them about things they should know. And so that is why my content and my trainings and my delivery, I really believe, and I know it’s a big statement but I’m proud to say it is the best out there. We spend $500,000 or more a month in ad spend and while we’re doing that we are obviously testing and doing different things with different strategies, copying creative ideas, the ad set up like even as simple as different settings in your ad and how to set them up. And we take that knowledge and then all of our clients benefit from it without having to spend $500,000 to get that data.

So we know what works and what doesn’t work because we prove it daily and we test it daily and it does change. And so I have now created a way to get access to these strategies, the methods, the support for a fraction of the cost of are done for you. So previously to work with us it was a minimum of $2,500 a month. And so that is our essential package and I’m super excited for this. It’s actually gonna just be a branch of our agency. It’s a done with you branch. So it’s like the essential agency package and it does have some done for you components within it. So let me explain how it works, the first piece to it and I wanna actually explain and give you guys a little bit of the behind the scenes of creating this on this podcast because this was really important to me because I’ve done programs, I’ve had multiple programs, again, I had market like a pro, so I’ve really learned like what gets the best results, what do people need?

So the first phase, like the first piece of this is we are actually doing a strategy call, a one-on-one strategy call with each business that comes into essential. So we are replicating a very similar process that we replicate with our high level clients coming into the den for you. And this, I knew that this was gonna be a requirement and I also know I’m gonna have people who ask me if they can skip this because of the investment, the first month investment. But the answer is no because this is what’s going to set you up for success in your business with your ads whether you are currently running them or not, never run them or have run them in the past. You have to have a solid foundation. And so I wanted this time around our strategist who does all of our agency strategy calls, who works with me behind the scenes on those who creates custom strategies from the sales funnel to the messaging to the offer and the offer positioning to the email marketing to do a one hour one-on-one call with all new essential members and then create their strategy.

And so coming in, you get that experience, that is your first initial experience coming in and we’re gonna actually create you a strategy, create the presentation just like you would if you came in as a high level elite or V I P client. And we’re going to define within that strategy what your brand awareness strategy is, what your sales funnel strategy is, what your email marketing strategy, your ad strategy, your budget recommendation and projections, if you should do a live launcher, a cash infusion offer, adjustments and improvement. So this is a done for you part of essential where we will develop and deliver your strategy for you so that you then have a plan to execute. And this is also where the customization comes in because we’re creating this for your business. And I said this to my team at the beginning of creating this.

I said nobody can join without going through this process. I know I’m gonna have people who wanna skip it to get the done for you parts of the monthly, which I’ll explain in a second. But it is so critical and this is what it was missing from the market like a pro for me . This is so critical because it sets the foundation for everything we do. You have to have this in order to be successful and most people think they might have it and you don’t. And so we’ll deliver a strategy presentation that outlines all of the visibility and brand awareness strategy, the customer journey mapped out from beginning to end, which includes your funnel, laid out, paid ads strategy, your email marketing, everything in there, and then also projections. And then you’ve got a plan to go execute. So then part two of this, phase two of this is when you sign up you get access to our training vault.

And so then you get to use this created done for you strategy in tandem with our training vault. And so that training vault is going to have all my trainings, templates, swipe files to address your marketing strategy, your messaging, your offer positioning, your organic strategy, your funnel strategy, your email marketing, your paid ads and then ongoing optimization and scaling. And so initially what we’ll do is we’ll say here’s your strategy and let’s say we said okay, we think you should do a webinar funnel and we planned it out for you and we gave you, you know, messaging ideas and and all of those things. And then we say okay, now you need to go into the backend and watch our webinar trainings and use our webinar slide deck. Or maybe we said, Hey, you have a high ticket funnel strategy so you’re gonna go in and you’re gonna watch that and you are going to use those emails and those email swipe files.

And then ongoing you’re gonna continue to use the recorded trainings to build your funnel, launch your ads, optimize your ads and scale your results. So initially we’re gonna reference the trainings and then we’re gonna tell you what to go listen to and consume so that you can create your strategy in the shortest amount of time. And then you’re gonna continue to use the recorded trainings to build your funnel, launch your ads, optimize your ads and scale. And so it’s, this is broken out into four vaults. The first one is your sales funnel strategy vault. This will have all my trainings on every single type of sales funnel you can imagine like from simple lead gen PDF funnels to webinar funnels to e-commerce funnels. There’s a whole section on organic content strategy and marketing strategy, your email marketing strategy. So you’re gonna take your customized strategy we created for you in that one-on-one call and to follow up and use it with these trainings.

Vault number two is the copy tech and funnel building vault Vault. This has copy templates for every type of funnel, high converting sales page, copy template, also design templates. And this is super cool because I just did this for Launcher Funnel Live. So I included it here. I pulled every single one of my top converting funnels my own and I gave you guys ClickFunnel share links and then links if you don’t have ClickFunnels so that you can access those. So literally like our current live application funnel, my webinar funnels, my challenge funnels like cuz I’ve done everything <laugh>. So I’m giving that all to you guys cuz I gave it to the launcher funnel live members and they loved it. And so with this, it’s gonna cut the amount of time that it would take you to write, build and launch a funnel in like a quarter or more and also be high converting.

So that’s the actual build vault. Then we have the ads vault, which is from setting up your ad account, placing the pixel targeting to setting up and optimizing your ads. This vault is actually recorded by Team Hirsch, the the experts who are in our client ad accounts every single day. And so you’ll never feel overwhelmed, you’ll never feel confused on running your ads. And I’m gonna tell you that the live support this is paired with, so you are running your ads in essential, but you have all of our training videos on how and then there’s gonna be some live ongoing support. And then vault number four is the scale and optimization vault. And so this is diagnosing when something’s not converting or maybe increasing your budget so you can increase your sales. So this has trainings like what if my offer’s not converting or how do I improve my sales system and calls to retargeting ads.

And so this will always be supporting you in what that next move is. So all of that. So we’ve got the initial onboarding, one-on-one strategy calls strategy development, which is gonna have your funnel strategy, your email marketing strategy, any messaging notes, your visibility, your ad strategy, your projections. Then you’re gonna get access to trainings that are very well organized and broken down into categories. And then you have ongoing live support. And this is where it really matters because none of you are gonna be successful with just recorded trainings. Marketing is constantly changing. Your strategy needs to be customized, you can’t predict what’s going to happen. And so this means you’re gonna have questions about what to do next, what data to track, what it means. And this is where ongoing high level, high touch support matters. Now this is what I’m really excited for and this is also a big difference from Market Like A Pro  is I know that people struggle the most with actually writing their ad copy and creative even more so than running their own ads.

Because running your own ads like yes it’s nice to be able to pass that off. And my goal is eventually you can, but writing really good copy and creating good messaging angles for ads that’ll convert, it takes time. Like good creative is not made in Canva and if you don’t nail this, your ads will not, will not work because they’re not gonna stand out and I promise you that. And so as a part of Essential, our Hirsh marketing done for you copy and creative team is going to write your ad copy and create and edit your ad creative including video editing every month. And you get four versions of each, which is plenty unless your budget is $5,000 a month or more. So you get four versions of different copy and different ad creative every single month, including video editing completely done for you. And that is where I saw people struggle because they didn’t produce enough copy and creative to get results and then it wasn’t good enough and it didn’t stand out and so they paid too much for their ads.

You’ll also have constant strategic coaching to support you inside of Essential in two forms. So one, a private Facebook group and two, we are starting with two times weekly marketing strategy, office hours as the group grows we’re gonna grow that. So eventually we’ll probably have daily office hours where you can come and ask questions because the way that I run my live support and if anybody’s ever been in my group, they can speak to this. Every question is answered on every call. We go till the end. We give the full amount of time, we go past the end. Usually we give the full amount of time that someone needs to get the question answered. I can’t stand groups where like three people get their question answered and there’s like 40 people on the zoom. Like that doesn’t work for me because that’s not gonna move the needle.

So anybody that’s in my groups knows you can sometimes get up to 10 minutes on a call if that’s what you need, if that’s what we need to get you to be complete with the answer to your question or the support. And then we will go as long as we need. And so as we add people, I’m gonna add calls, but right now we’re starting two times a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. So the private Facebook group I will be in there, my team will be in there. And this is not your typical Facebook group that’s just for community building like this is to get questions answered, landing pages, reviewed funnel copy and headline feedback. Obviously within reason like it’s not submitting your whole funnel for an audit from us. But I will frequently look at someone’s landing page and give them feedback because it takes me four or five minutes to do that and find major things to share, bringing anything stopping you from making progress and getting results to the group.

And then the marketing strategy and office hours are very high level deep coaching calls, like it’s gonna feel like one-on-one coaching and you can show up, ask your question and bounce if you want, like you can show up for 15 minutes. This is where you’ll bring all your questions related to your funnel, Facebook ad results data, what to do next in your business and more. And so this coaching is done by myself and my highest level of strategic team members who are in the trenches daily. We see it all, we have the answer to it all and you’ll be in momentum and getting results every week and essential because of this coaching and the done for you ad copy and creative paired with all of the trainings that will support you. So I want you guys to, you know, if you are in this place where you know you need that support, like really consider if you, let’s say by next week you had a done for you marketing strategy created for your specific business custom to you, you could access strategic trainings and swipe files and templates about everything you could ever need from funnels to email marketing to organic content, to running Facebook ads, to tracking your ads and your metrics to what to do when something doesn’t work.

Plus your ad copy and creative done completely for you, plus high level coaching. And this coaching will support you in wherever and whatever your business direction goes like it can be, hey, should I launch this new offer? Our team is really good and I am really good at coaching. And so as long as you show up, you will be making massive progress. And so I want you to consider like what, what would having all that mean for your business and what would it mean for you to build all this out in your business or to hire our agency? You’re spending tens of thousands of dollars a year to do that, okay? And so essential, you can now join for a fraction of the cost and this is the investment, it’s 1997 for the first month. It is a little bit more but also still a really good deal.

You’re getting that done for you strategy call. And I’m telling you guys, I know there are people who are gonna want in for less, but I can’t because you won’t get results. You have to have that strategy. And I know this from experience and so we typically charge two care more just for the strategy call. So you’re coming in and you get that strategy call plus access to everything, plus the coaching as you build it out, plus the templates and all of it. It’s insanely valuable, but I have to let you in only in that way because I know that’s the only way you’re gonna be successful. If I let people in and I say, Hey, go through your trainings and try to figure out your funnel, it will be way less successful. After that for a limited time when you join, you lock in the price of $797 a month.

So for $797 a month to get access to the coaching, the done for you ad copy and creative, the constant support and the trainings. You’ll have continued access to those trainings. And so if you are interested in joining, we’re actually taking calls. So I wanna vet the businesses coming in, especially those first 10. So if you go to hirsch marketing.com/essential, it’s gonna take you to a super simple application. You can fill that out, book your call, we’ll make sure it’s the right fit for you. Like we do not work with people that we feel like it’s not the right fit yet. My recommendation, I know this will be a question like how much minimum ad spend should you spend $500 a month? Like if you can spend at least $500 a month, you’ll get momentum, it will be worth it. And then ultimately of course we wanna increase that because the more leads, the more sales you get.

So hirsch marketing.com/essential is gonna take you to an application. You have nothing to lose to explore that. My team, Aandre, who runs my calls, she’s done my calls for three years. She sold Market Like A Pro for me. She sells our Done For You. Like she talks to hundreds of business owners and she knows what to ask, what to dig into to help you make that next move, whether it’s with us or not. And there is a limited time bonus. By the time this comes out, I don’t know how many will be gone because we’re launching this after I recorded it, but I’m gonna guess at least half are gonna be gone just because I think this’ll go fast. If you sign up, if you’re the first 10 people who sign up for Essential, then you’ll get this content bonus, which is we will create 10, we will strategize the topics, 10 different video ideas for social media, so reels specific to your ideal customer.

We’ll create the ideas, we’ll send them to you, you’ll record the videos and then we’ll write the captions. So you’ll also get 10 highly strategic social posts that you can go and post and that will be done for you. And this is a bonus I’ve done before for people who join the agency and people absolutely love it. So the first 10 people who join Essential can qualify for that. Again, we’re gonna come up with 10 strategic social media videos that are gonna attract your ideal customer. You’ll record them, we will edit them, we will write the captions and deliver it back to you. That’s the first people who join essential. So hirsch marketing.com/essential. If you have questions as you listen to this, send me a message on Instagram at Emily Hirsch. You can send me anything, I will answer all your questions, but again, you really don’t have anything to lose by booking in a call because we will kind of vet and make sure this is the right fit for you.

 Because this is done for you strategy, we can only take so many calls a week and that like, I hate when people say that and they don’t mean it. I always mean it when I say that this is a done for you strategy. It’s a one-on-one call. It’s a one-on-one strategy presentation created. So we probably will end up having to waitlist Essential. So make sure you at least get your application in, at least get a call booked so that you can figure out when is the right time to jump in. But be one of those first 10 so you can get that content bonus. All right everybody, I feel like that was a lot in a short amount of time, but if you have any questions, let me know. I am so excited and coming soon on the podcast. Next week is going to be an interview series with some of Hirsch Marketing’s clients and I’m super excited for you guys to hear it cause I pulled out some good stuff, some information about like where they started their background, like how they sold their first offers, and just tried to pull out some themes for you guys on what makes our most successful clients.

So that will be dropping next week.

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