533: These 2 Strategies Are Making The Biggest Impact On Our Client Results

We’ve had a phenomenal few weeks with numerous client wins, tremendous momentum, and high satisfaction and retention rates. Today, I want to share the key themes that have emerged from our success stories. In this episode, we’re going to dive into two powerful strategies that can greatly impact your marketing success – messaging and combining live launches with an evergreen strategy. 

These strategies may appear simple, but they have proven to be game-changers. Listen in to learn how these two strategies can have a huge impact on marketing success; then take a step back and consider whether there are opportunities to improve your messaging, offer positioning, ad copy, creative angles, and audience connection. 


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 Emily Hirsh

Hello everybody welcome back to the podcast I hope you guys are having a fabulous week I almost said summer week and then I was like well wait in Australia and New Zealand it’s not a summer week and I know I have listeners and I have clients over there and I said that and they’re like well it’s not really summer now so I forgot that I’ve been there before. And now I remember that but it is summer here and it is so hot I just saw my friend sent me a screenshot of some article saying that Texas this year is as hot as the sahara desert is like rated as the hottest place in the world or so there it’s like on par I don’t know with the hottest place of the world. It’s been freaking hot. Um, it’s so dumb. So I’m about to travel and then I’m home for like ten days and then I go to Alaska and then right after we get back from Alaska we are going to go for all of August. With our whole family so we are getting out of here maybe by next year I’ll have my mountain house that I can just go to for three months because I do love our house like I would move away from Texas if it weren’t for 2 things 1 I absolutely love our house I love our neighborhood I love the community we have. We’ve Remodeled our entire house to make it exactly what we wanted like a custom design. My office bookshelves like it sounds really surface But when you put that much heart into your house, It’s really hard to leave because it feels so much like a home and then number 2 my kids school. They have built an amazing community. Um, they have an amazing school. They go to Acton Academy which is all over the US. But each one is kind of a different community and so they obviously have friends and they’re in their activities and it’s just hard to uproot that. So if you’re ever wondering why I complain so much about the heat and why don’t I just move. If it was just me I probably would have a long time ago. Um I don’t regret moving here at all from California but it’s just hot in the summer. I’m crabby about it. 

All right you guys. So today’s episode I wanted to talk about 2 strategies and I call them strategy only because if I say something else. You guys don’t want to listen to it because you’re like oh I need the strategy I need the latest and the greatest and the best strategy but really they are they are strategies but it’s really. Strategies you should be implementing within your marketing big picture strategy if that makes sense and this is inspired by truthfully my team because we have had an incredible last few weeks of client wins and client results and momentum and just. Overall incredible satisfaction and retention on our roster and with our new essential um members joining over there and whenever that happens I try to pull out the themes. Obviously there’s themes that I’ve shared on here on my hiring, my training, and how much that has done Incredible work for our business but also like what’s working for clients right now and I I just ran our huddle today because my right hand was out um for the holiday and so I ran our huddle and we had like the longest list of wins we do wins on Thursday client wins and it was just like I think it’s the longest one ever. It was so awesome. So. These are the 2 things I’m pulling out that we are doing that is getting the best results and they are simple but I’m hoping that they will spark some inspiration from you in what you could do in your marketing or maybe it’s going to be the spark that you’ll be like now I just need Hirsh marketing. So if that’s the case you know where to find me. Um, and maybe that will be the case because we can completely rock your world and your business in a positive way and it’s happening every day so these 2 things are what we are focusing on a lot right now and what I’m seeing move the needle the most and there’s a couple of specific scenarios that I want to reference That I was very blown away by. 

The first one and you are There’s no shortage of me talking about this but I’m going to um, really dive into it a little deeper but messaging messaging messaging messaging like I cannot say this enough you guys. Messaging and the way that you talk to your audience is going to make the biggest impact. This is more important than your strategy, your targeting, the frequency that you post then what funnel you created then what software you use like all of those details. Do not matter if you don’t have your messaging dialed in and so where I have seen this come into play a lot and I think it’s because we’re halfway through the year and there’s a lot of like pivots that are starting to happen or new ideas or feedback from the first part of the year and we have clients just. In various ways wanting to pivot their offer or launch a new one or um, we’re making changes because sales conversion went down and so we pivot and a lot of times I say this but marketing actually starts when something doesn’t work like  . And that’s where true talent comes out so where I see this playing out right now a lot is in offer positioning so working with clients to shift their offers. Um, we’ve had a few clients that we’ve helped come up with a new offer, a down sell or an upsell to what they currently sell. Or it could be the way we talk about the offer. It could be a bonus that we incorporate into the offer but making what we’re selling more enticing and shifting and changing based on what the audience and the ideal customer wants and digging really deep There And it was about three months ago that I brought on a new lead on my team. Um, named our creative lead and her only job is to oversee our creative team but specifically she gets on with clients and it’s all about messaging. It’s angles. Its webinar titles. It’s. Pulling out pain points and frustration from their ideal customer and really digging deeper on that and then it’s taking that and allowing our team of copywriters and designers to absolutely nail the mark on what they produce and so with this offer positioning has been one. Because there’s been a couple of cases where we’ve actually, like I said, strategized a new offer for our client because it was the best move for their business or have changed the way we are talking about and selling an existing offer, adding copy and creative and so this is an um. An example of something that happened last week that I was just um, really happy with and it was really cool to see so we had a client who was in a live launch and the initial like 24 hour results were not good. The cost per lead was too high. Click-through rate on the ads which is indicative of ad copy and creative was really low and it was so low and and such a high cost that it was clear that the like root messaging angle was off because when you can tweak ad copy and create new headlines and new creative. And you can definitely improve cost. But when you need to have a night and day improvement in a short period of time like a live launch. You have to really dig deep and make a bigger change and make a bigger pivot and shift if it’s that expensive and so it had only been a day and our team Went in and was like get on an internal call. What are the angles? How do we dig deeper? How do we look at this different? What do we shift and change? We came up with new angles all in a day, wrote new ad copy, created new ad creative, changed the headlines and changed the way we were attracting people. And literally cut the cost per lead in a third all within like a 24 48 hour timeframe and I’m telling you like that is the hardest thing to train a team to operate that way and it is the biggest thing I hire for is urgency. Because our core value is speed is queen and that proactiveness because in a live launch, especially you only have 7 to ten days of promotion every day counts. My point being how did we cut the cost. We didn’t change the targeting. We didn’t change the strategy, we changed the messaging out the gate the messaging angle that the client and we thought was going to nail it the audience said otherwise so we went back to the drawing board and we made some big pivots and we dug deeper and we refined and we got it to our goal. Goal costs per lead and so that is a prime example of how much messaging can drive things and copy and creative the other piece around messaging could be titles angles I’ve had clients and we just had a client who um is doing a webinar. And they’ve run a lead gen funnel that leads to a high ticket call. They’re super successful with us. They’ve been with us for about a year and they’re launching a program through a webinar and so we had them get on with our creative lead and their account manager and they spent forty five sixty minutes brainstorming the webinar. Messaging angles. What should the title be? How do we hit on the audiences you’ve probably heard me say it like in the last 2 episodes 12 times. What is it pain frustration desire. We have to know that deeply and pull that out deeply in order to create the marketing assets that convert. And so messaging shifts pivots adjustments improvement increased depth is moving the needle probably the most for our clients now. Obviously this has to come with everything else that comes with marketing the strategy, the ad targeting the ad optimization The email marketing all the things they always have to work all together as a whole. But I’m just seeing right now the speed at which we shift and adjust in pivot messaging. But also the depth that we are bringing to messaging and copy and creative is creating the best results. 


The second strategy that’s working right now and has created incredible results for a lot of our clients is live launches worked in with an evergreen strategy supporting and so this is always my go to um, but especially in the summer when results can sometimes slow down sales can sometimes slow down for clients having strategic live launches and promotions and things that will create a cash infusion in their business and allow them to leverage their warm traffic is going to create results and so. My ultimate goal for most clients is for them to have an evergreen meaning automated. It runs every day and generates leads and sales every day every week for their business strategy paired with live launches. Ah. About once a quarter. Maybe even a little bit more if it’s as simple as a live webinar because I’m leaning towards that as I see in my own business. The impact that that makes and we’ve nailed down the process. So good to be able to execute a live launch. It’s pretty easy for us and it’s what we put a lot of our effort into now that’s not you know every business doesn’t need to do that. But if you’ve noticed your sales have slowed down your momentum is slowed down your revenue is slowed down or you’re just not. You know where you want to be. Maybe doing some sort of live launch, some sort of live experience to create that momentum and just the energy around that with your leads and your audience is the right move for you and so I’ve seen in several of our clients where. Summer is a slower month or they did have a slower month and or they’re not making sales and we moved to okay, let’s live launch. Let’s create an experience. Let’s brainstorm the topic together. Let’s create all the angles and let’s launch this to your warm audience and get these results. So Those are the 2 things that I think are driving the biggest impact on client success right now and so my challenge to you guys and bringing this back to your business is just take inventory and take a step back. Look at your marketing and ask yourself number one is there opportunity for me to improve my messaging, improve my offer positioning my ad copying creative Titles Angles I’m using ways I’m connecting with my audience is there a way for me to take it a level deeper. And this is where the most amount of work is probably going to go into your marketing and it’s oftentimes why so many of our clients feel such like a sigh of relief when being able to work with us is because now it’s not all on them to write all of the copy and creative to. Have to come up with all the angles like that’s the hardest part, the idea of messaging and like really owning that creativity. So I think if you are trying to do all that yourself. You likely are missing out on opportunity. Because you can’t do it all yourself like you don’t have the brain capacity to do that all yourself and create the amount and the volume and the speed at which you need to create it of copy creative and messaging improvement second thing asking yourself has it been a while since you did a live launch. Should you create some sort of live experience for your audience whether that’s a workshop or a webinar or a challenge or a new lead magnet. Even if you’re a product business, have you done something like that recently in the last three months and is that time and then paired with that. Maybe you’re someone who live launches all the time. Okay, how do you create an evergreen strategy that would actually help your live launches because the right type of an evergreen automated strategy builds the leads and builds the list and builds the relationships leading up to the live launches. And so pairing those together is very successful. So that’s my challenge for you guys is to kind of look at your business, look for areas of opportunity around that and see what actions you can take just come up with 2-3 actions. You can take it based on this. You could probably come up with 10 actions just around the messaging so choose the most. Impactful ones like if you’re like oh if I do a live launch I know that could create a lot of revenue for my business and I need that okay, that’s where your focus should go and then focus on the messaging for that and the experience for that and execute that if you want this just done for you. Strategy is done for you in either 1 of our offers so the actual strategy and creation of this and then depending on how you want to execute it based on your budget. It’s either done with you or fully done for you. You can go to help mysratey.com get an application and I don’t think I’ve said this on the podcast but we actually have a two week wait list right now. Which I’m so grateful for um, we launched our essential offer which all of those new members get a strategy call and we can only take so many in a week and I will not sacrifice our delivery quality and so we have a two week wait list right now and so if you’re considering it I mean that’s already going into like mid-july. I would get on a call to get your spot in that waitlist could grow. Hopefully it does shrink soon. We’re hiring but um, right now we have a two week wait list so helpmystrategy.com and I’ll talk to you guys next week.