534: The One Specific Ad We Run For Every Client…Here’s The Strategy!

It’s been a while since we have discussed this specific ad strategy, but it’s such an essential part of what we do for our clients and my own ads. Today, I want to dive deep into visibility ads. This ad strategy holds tremendous importance for your overall marketing efforts, and the best part is that you can start implementing it in just two days, even if you’re new to running ads or haven’t completed your funnel or strategy yet. 

Too often, I see entrepreneurs and content creators spend countless hours creating content, only to post it on social media and hope for the best. Unfortunately, that approach can take years to gain traction due to the way algorithms work. Visibility ads change the game by multiplying your reach by tenfold or even twentyfold in just one day…and I practice what I preach. I’ve been running visibility ads every day for the past five years because they work. They’re an essential part of my marketing strategy, and I encourage you to embrace them too.

Tune in now to learn why these ads are an important layer of your overall strategy.


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Emily Hirsh

Hello my friends, welcome back to the podcast. Oh man I I feel like if you listen to my podcast. You know my life like I mean not really because obviously there are things that I don’t always share in here. But. I do feel like I’m very open with you guys and I’ll give you some like random updates in my podcast but when this episode comes out I will be in California for a few days I’m doing a really quick trip um to meet my mom has a lake house and I’m meeting my brothers and I’m like we’re going to work in the morning and we’re going to wake surf all afternoon. So we’re doing that for four days and I’m excited I love wake surfing I love wake surfing wakeboarding snowboarding. Um I don’t do real surfing in the ocean the ocean scares me. But. I love any of those sports and I think one of the reasons I love them so much is you have to be so present like when you are wake surfing. You have to be focusing on what you’re doing. You have to be focusing on where your feet are and. You know what? the next thing you’re going to do is and staying up on the board in your balance and so it just puts you in such a present place while using your body and that’s how I feel hiking too. It’s like you are in the moment. So I’m very excited and how you get better is just time and so I feel like With this amount of time I will see some massive improvement in my wake surfing. 


So all right today’s podcast episode I haven’t talked about this specific ad strategy in a while and so I decided let’s do an episode on this because this is a core part of something that we do for clients. Um, of what I do for my own ads and something that I’ve done for years like it’s a part of the core not for lazy marketers process Hirsh marketing process. Um, and it is really an important piece to your marketing. It’s also an ad that if you’ve never run ads or you don’t even have a funnel completed yet and a strategy completed yet. It’s an ad that you can start now in like two days and get it going to start building your audience. I’m actually going to be doing a live challenge the week of July seventeenth. We kick off the week of July seventeenth. It’s a 5 day challenge and together We’re gonna get this type of ad live. I’ve done this challenge before. It’s a huge hit. We do it about once a year. But what I promise you is that. On day two. We’re going to get your ad live. It is that easy and we will attract at least a thousand of your ideal customers within that five day period so if you want to go through that process. It’s not going to be, you know hours and hours a day. It’s like you need twenty thirty minutes a day. It’s completely free. It’s a 5 day challenge. You can go to hirsshmarketing.com/challenge and join me for that and I want to share what this ad is because this is a really important part of your strategy that all of you should have and this is an ad we run for all of our clients and so this ad. That we run is at the top of like our 3 layers that we look at and it’s called visibility ads I call it visibility brand awareness ads and essentially it’s running ads to content. So it’s running ads to a podcast episode to a blog post that you wrote to a social post. Or maybe a video, one-minute social media video where you’re specifically talking about your audience’s problem or a desire. Um, you know those very targeted social media videos with captions that a lot of people do so you’re using a piece of content. And then you’re putting a small amount of ad spend behind it. The reason being this is going to get so many more people’s eyes on your business and so here’s what I see a lot. I see entrepreneurs and content creators spend hours and hours and hours and hours on creating content. And then post it on social media and kind of cross their fingers and hope that it starts to get traction and the reality is it’s going to take forever when you do it that way like I think organic marketing is important and that you should have a presence but if your strategy is I’m going to make a podcast And then I’m going to just post on social media and hope that people start to see my content. It could take you years to get traction just because of the way the algorithms are set up and so I love visibility ads because you 10 x twenty x your reach. With quality traffic in a day and so all of this content that you are putting all of this effort into creating now thousands more people can see it and this is an ad that you can run in the beginning stages of your business like I said before you even have a funnel. But it’s also something that you should always run. I run them every day if you look at my ads I’m running we always have ads for my podcast and it’s not just to grow my podcast following and listeners. It’s also to grow the audience going to my website. And seeing the video I usually do a video that says hey I recorded this episode. You know, here’s why you want to listen to it so they’re actually seeing me on video then clicking the ad and going to the podcast and so it’s like multiple touchpoints within that 1 ad and that’s building my on-ins that we then use. Retargeting so we’ll talk about that so visibility and brand awareness ads are essentially content ads and kind of the order that I recommend doing them in is number one I think podcasts and blogs are probably the top and I’ll go into more detail in the challenge of like how to Set up the ads. We’ll have a little video on that. But also um, like if you’re doing a podcast ad like what type of copy you should write I’ll show you guys some examples of these. Um, but if you have a podcast or you have a blog I would choose an episode very strategically from that then the next. I would say would be a video and I call these problem and desire videos so they’re either focused on their like 1 minute 2 minutes max videos that are specifically targeted to your audiences your ideal customer’s problem or desire not both in 1 but problem and desire so you could choose 1 you know, big problem that your audience has and do a micro video on it or desire and you should be able to come up with a lot of topic ideas related to this I mean it’s essential like if you were to record videos for social media. It would be these. Um, and then the last one could be just a social post. You can always promote that that’s kind of the order that I would um look at running visibility ads and then from there. You don’t actually have to spend much budget. That’s the other piece so you choose the content and it’s super easy because you’re already probably creating this content and if you’re not you can create it in a day I’m not saying go launch a podcast if you don’t have a podcast then choose to record a video um and then it’s a very small budget. So. It’s like 5- $10 a day even with our big clients. Um you know and even myself I’m only spending 5% of my total marketing budget on visibility ads. So I’m not putting a huge amount of budget into it because I don’t need to. But because I want to constantly grow my audience I’m spending a little bit of money 5% of my budget every month so if you participate in the challenge next week I’m going to have you guys spend 5 to $10 a day that’s it and so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It’s super easy to set up. It’s probably something you’re already creating. And then what you get to do is actually target your ideal customer which I’m going to show you guys how to actually find that if you’ve never done targeting on ads next week in the challenge but you’re targeting people that are your ideal customer. So not only are you going to reach more people but it’s very targeted whereas social media. You. Don’t have control over who your post is shown to like if your profile right now has a mix of personal friends on it and potential clients. The algorithm is probably messed up because it thinks that you want more people like your personal friends right? and and. It’s not even going to show that many people it but it’s not going to be as targeted as ads can be so we take the content. We target your ideal customer and now we’re reaching more people. Facebook ads and social media platforms across the board are a pay to play game. Facebook wants you to pay for ads and so therefore when you have a piece of content and you put ads behind it. It’s gonna reach more people so this is a super inexpensive way for you to reach thousands more of your ideal customer. So we do that and then the like piece to this and why this layers in is what that does is it. Not only gets ideal customers to consume your content which is obviously a good thing. Follow your brand and potentially see more of your content. Um, maybe they follow your profile. Tell people when you start running visibility ads you instantly like you get more Instagram followers your engagement goes up because number 1 the algorithm rewards you but number 2 that makes sense right? Somebody sees a piece of content they like and they’re like oh I’m going to go follow this page so that’s going to go up but then you’re also creating audiences. That you can target directly to whatever is next for you. Maybe it’s a webinar funnel. Maybe it’s a lead magnet. Maybe it’s a product that’s the next piece to your funnel which I’m actually going to do um, a separate podcast on like the 3 layers but I want you to understand that with visibility ads. It’s more than just building the audience which is a huge part of it. It’s also building the retargeting where now I can show an ad to somebody to sign up for my free challenge or my webinar who I know has recently been to my podcast page that we’re running ads to Or watched my video on social media and now who do you think is one going to be most likely a less expensive cost per lead. But more importantly, a higher quality because how many touch points does somebody need before they buy. Arguably 30 to 40 micro touch points which like I said in that ad and that visibility out of mine where you see a video that then goes to my podcast page that then they can listen to the podcast. That’s potentially 3 micro touch points right? there watch the video go to the podcast page listen to the podcast. Right? So 30 to 40 of those micro touch points before someone becomes a buyer. Well, at this point I’m going to get people in there who’ve already had twenty thirty touch points just from retargeting because they made me come in now they’ve seen my social posts they’ve seen more of my ads. They’ve signed up for the challenge. They’ve gotten my emails. Now. They’re going to be a much higher quality lead and I created that quality through visibility ads so this is an ad that we set up for all of our clients like when you come on board and this is 95% of the time unless there’s a strategic reason we’re not going to do it. This is a part of the strategy and this is the first thing we launch even when we’re still working on a funnel like let’s say the client’s creating their webinar. We’re building the funnel so we can launch visibility ads very quickly because it’s just these content ads with that low budget most of our clients are spending 100 To Two fifty at the most a month on visibility ads you do not need a lot of money your budget is better put into lead generation and this should just support your your ads overall so this is an ad that. All of you can get up literally this week and instantly attract thousands more people to your business and then create those audiences and start really building that holistic experience of people. Seeing an ad of content then coming in lead generation then getting your emails and like that’s what marketing is about the other piece I just want to note on this. That’s really key and this is something I’m going to help everybody with in the challenge next week is you have to be really strategic with the content you choose for the visibility ads because you have to keep in mind. People who probably have no idea who you are are going to see these ads right? So we want to choose content or and I want to choose podcast episodes that I know are going to attract that very cold traffic people who have no idea who I am and so how I do that is I need to speak And make it about them I need to make sure I’m really speaking to their problems. Their frustrations, their desires and creating content that’s going to provide them with value so with a podcast or like social media. Yeah, you want to create it for your ideal customer but you can get a little more loose right. Like if I did a podcast that was a very you know, personal or leadership type podcast which I do sometimes do on here that wouldn’t be 1 that I’m going to choose to run visibility ads to even if it was like a top downloaded one because it’s not the right content for cold traffic but a podcast even like this one. Or 1 about you know, 3 things you can do to improve your marketing or something that’s very related to the problems and desires that my ideal customer is experiencing those are going to be great for visibility ads because remember we’re going to attract people who have no idea who you are so number 1 this is an ad that if you’re not running you all should be running if you are you know building a new funnel or still working on something or you’re in between or whatever it is. You can always have visibility ads on number 2 this is going to get way more lifespan out of your content than you’re currently getting. I run my visibility ads for like 6 to twelve weeks and I don’t update them because they’re going to new audiences now when I post content. It’s done in like a day right? like I need new on social media. So this gives my top content. My best content to be able to attract code traffic with. Way more life because I’m paying number 3. It’s a very small budget so you don’t have to have a big budget like I said $5 a day. Um, you know 5% of your budget but $5 a day is plenty for visibility ads and then number 4 you’re creating those retargeting ads. So if you want to do this live And get visibility ads live or maybe you have them because you’ve listened to what I’ve said before in the past but you want to freshen up and relook at your strategy. Um I’m going to walk everybody through like creating and choosing the right content. We have a video on setting up the visibility ads and how to find the right targeting. And then the metrics that you need to look for after they are live and then we’ll wrap it into. Okay, now you have visibility ads. How do we tie this into a bigger picture marketing strategy? So that’s happening the week of July seventeenth next week starting on Monday. So if you go to hirshmarketing.com/challenge. It’s totally free. There’s going to be a private Facebook group that I’ll be in um I’ll be going live in that group every day so there’ll be a ton of opportunity for questions and connection with me. Um and really kind of Reigniting your marketing strategy a little bit and getting those visibility ads live. We’re actually going to get them live on day two because day three and day four we’re getting data. So we’re going to move fast but it’s not that difficult when you do it right? and you know what you’re doing and we’re going to give you all those tools. So I hope you guys join me hirshmarking.com/challenge. Otherwise if you decide for whatever reason not to join me look at your strategy. Do you have the visibility odds going? This is a very important layer to your strategy and I promise you it will create more leads for less. But most importantly, higher quality leads. And there’s a reason I follow my own advice. I have run visibility ads every single day for the last like 5 years like we’ve never turned them off. Um, we’re always running them and there’s a reason for that because they work. so all right everybody I will talk to you on Thursday.