548: Why My Own Live Launches Are Wildly Successful…It’s Not What You Think

Welcome back to the podcast! Today, I’m going to discuss something that’s been a game-changer in my business – my live launches. I’ve been doing them consistently over the last few months, and the results have been astounding. But there’s a secret sauce that might surprise you. You see, 95% of the leads we bring in during a live launch don’t convert right away. It’s what we do after the launch that makes all the difference. 

In this episode, I’ll break down why these follow-up experiences are critical and how they’ve contributed to our success. If you’re looking for incredible conversions after your live launches, listen in!


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Why My Own Live Launches Are Wildly Successful…It’s Not What You Think

 Emily Hirsh: Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. I know for a lot of you parents, this week it was back to school. I have friends who were sharing their posts, and I’m sure for parents who also run a business, it’s probably mixed feelings. I know my kids will go back to school. I will be a little sad because my youngest is starting preschool. Which feels really sad. It just feels sad that the last one is not going to be home all day every day anymore.

We actually start our kids in preschool pretty late. He’s 3, and I only start them 2 days a week, and then I go up to three days before five days. I really feel grateful that I have the ability to have my kids at home because I have my nanny. And I think it’s really important for kids to be able to be home and build that kind of solid foundation. Obviously, everybody has different ways they do things. But anyway, we wait till three, and my youngest, Willie, is starting preschool two days a week, which is so cute but sad.

Anyway, that’s not happening for a few weeks. My kids don’t go back to school until after Labor Day. They have kind of a unique school schedule. They are in a year-round school that we love, and then they get six weeks off in the summer. So we are still in Wyoming and about to head to California for some family fun. Ah, my whole family’s in California, so we’re going to do lots of fun family adventures, boating, and the redwoods and the beach and all the things. So we are having a great summer, which I’m so glad we’re not in Texas. I just looked today and they’ve had a record thirty-nine days in a row over a 100°, and it looks like in about a week it’s going to be 110. So I just can’t do it, and I am very grateful to not be there and to have been in the mountains. All right, I am excited about this episode. I always say that, and I’m never not excited. Why would I record it if I wasn’t excited? I feel that this episode is really timely because I want to talk about my own marketing and take away from it.

And I am wrapping up a live launch. If you’ve been watching, we did the Fall Revenue Roadmap, so it was creating your fall marketing strategy over a three-day period with trainings each day. It’s been amazing, like so much amazing feedback about how valuable it’s been. And for the last basically since April, so however many months, we’ve live-launched every single month. It’s a core part of my own strategy where we follow my process. We’ve got evergreen ongoing lead generation happening, and then about once a month, a live event. And it’s because I think that the live events create a buzz, they bring in your warm traffic, they create a cash infusion. They’re a great strategy at least once a quarter, and then you want the consistent lead generation happening as well, constantly growing your list and creating an experience for new leads coming in.

Now I have the ability to do a live launch every month because I have an incredible team and I’m able to spend my time. A good amount of my time is put into actually creating the experience. I am the one who does all the slides, who creates the actual content. I am the visionary behind the ultimate topics, oftentimes about what we want to talk about. Not always, sometimes my team helps me come up with those, but I really tune into what you guys want and need right now, and that’s how we create our live launches. And then the actual delivery, like this time, it’s three days of training, and each day has a slide deck. I spend my time doing all of that. I put a ton of my time into that, and so I have the capacity because of where my business is at that I have the ability to put my time into that. I also have a team who executes all of the marketing, and so we decide here’s the date, here’s what we’re doing. We do one call with me involved in it called our messaging call, where we talk through angles. I’m able to brain dump my thoughts, and then I don’t touch it. I don’t review emails. I don’t even, I don’t even know what happens, like my team executes it just like we do for clients.

And because I have that, I’m able to live-launch so frequently, which is very great for our business and has resulted in some of the best months of our business. And last month, we had our best month in a month that’s normally slower. And also, we had like a two-and-a-half-week waitlist to be able to start working with us. So that’s a lot because of our strategy, because of following my process that we do for clients. I follow it to a T, I teach it. It’s exactly what I do. And so what I wanted to talk about today, one of the things was is why my live launches are so successful every time. Over the last six months, my live launches have just improved the sales conversion, improved the application conversion, improved the lead cost, gone down. And there’s actually a lot of reasons why they are successful, but there’s one that I want to talk about that I don’t think you would guess. And I want to share this from my perspective because I think it’s really important, and that is that 95% of the leads who come into a live launch don’t convert in that first live launch.

And the reason why my live launches are so successful is because I create experiences for those people afterward, both through ongoing nurturing emails in between live launches, my podcast, and our newsletter and all the ways that we connect and continue to nurture our audience. And then I bring them into the next live launch. And so I think that it’s very important for you to see this because the reason why in June and July we had incredible months is because in January, February, March, we didn’t. In April, we did, but January, February, March, and May, we did live launches where we brought in new leads to the experience, whether it was a challenge, whether it was a webinar. I think in January, we did like a boot camp series where I did trainings twice a day. It was a lot. So no matter what it was, I’ve been bringing leads into my list, and when we go and look at the people who are converting in our live launches, a lot of them have participated, converting to sales, have participated in one to two of our past live launches before they convert.

And so I can see the journey or at the least they, like, for example, did the challenge last month, signed up for our newsletter funnel, and now we’re in this live launch and convert, right? And so I can see because we track this every single application, every single sale I get, I see their customer journey, and 90% of them, unless they’re a referral, are coming from multiple touchpoints, multiple live launches, multiple experiences. They’ve been on my list for a little while, multiple lead gen funnels, and so the reason why my live launches are so successful is because they build upon each other. And so our last month’s July challenge was our best launch yet. We broke records in terms of leads. Did a really good bonus, and we broke records in terms of same-day sale, which is very hard to do with application to call. Like, I did my webinar, and we had people apply and book their call for that day and buy that day, and we sold five clients in a day. And so that was a huge record.

So we’re breaking all these records, we’re crushing it, and one of the biggest reasons is because they’re building off of each other, and it’s like a snowball going down a hill, and it’s getting momentum, and it’s building bigger and it’s building bigger, and it’s building bigger. And so I wanted to share this with you guys because I really want you to start thinking about your marketing. If you are not already with the long game in mind, I cannot emphasize this enough because most people, like 95% of leads that you bring into an experience or you bring onto your list for the first time, or if you’re e-commerce and they go to your sales page for the first time, 95% of people are not going to buy right then. That’s when it starts. That’s when the marketing starts, and that’s where the follow-up and the consistency and the content and the delivery, and a lot of times. You know, I always set goals. We always have goals around cost per lead and how many leads we want to get in.

And when we did the challenge last month, we had goals around how many applications and how many sales we tracked as we went and where we were landing. But also, even if I wasn’t hitting those goals, I would still be showing up to do these live launches because for me, showing up and having that consistency and constantly creating experiences, I guarantee you I’m the only agency out there doing it. And that’s why I’m winning, and that is why I’m getting these results is because I am showing up, creating an insane amount of value with no strings attached. I am fine if you want to go to 12 of my live launches for a year before you buy, or maybe you’re not going to buy for 2 years. I’m honestly okay with that because I trust that you’re going to sign up to work with us when and if it is right and you are going to choose my company because of the amount of value that I have put out and the trust I’ve created with you as an audience.

And so I say this because I want you guys to look at your marketing and understand, of course, we need to make sales. Of course, we need to be profitable. Something has to change if we are not there. But don’t lose sight of the long game, and don’t lose sight of the fact that if you do a webinar and you get 500 people or 200 people signed up for it and only three percent of those people actually buy your offer, you still have 97% of those leads that you can convert later on. And that’s where it starts. That’s where the nurturing starts, and what’s the next experience you’re going to create for them, and how are you going to stay connected to them and serving them? And now you have leads that are already paid for. You’ve already worked to get them, and they’re on your list, and you just have to nurture them and bring them into your offer when it is right for them.

And so I think somebody asked me this on today’s training, something about their live launch, and, you know, if it was worth it if they only made a couple of sales. And my answer was twofold. One, I think you should probably only do it. She was doing a monthly live launch. You should probably only do it quarterly if you can’t get the volume in because they are a lot of work, and you do have to weigh resources. And so that’s why I like quarterly live launches. I do it monthly because like I said at the beginning, we have the resources to do so, and I have the bandwidth to create the content, but it’s a lot of work, like the challenge week, I worked so hard, you know, showing up. It was a lot of energy, a lot of capacity on me, same with this week, live trainings every day, managing a Facebook group. So that’s why I like quarterly, and you want to have volume, which we do because I have the ad spend to put into it.

And so we put a good amount of ad spend into each live launch, which creates a significant amount of volume. But also, keeping in mind, even if you get only a few sales, you can’t just look at it from the short term. Yes, again, you need to get profitable. You need your ad spend to be paid for, ideally like 2x, 3x return on ad spend. But also don’t forget about all the leads that you just brought in. So if you do, let’s say, a webinar, you do it live, and you bring in all those leads, and you pay to bring in those leads, whether it’s through time with your organic or it’s through money with your ad spend, and you bring those leads in and you only convert a few of them, well, you still now have a ton of leads that you’ve already paid for, right? And so you’ve already done the work. You’ve already paid for them, and now it’s easier to convert them down the line.

And so the ultimate reason — there’s many reasons why my live launches are so successful. I’ll name a few more, but one of the ultimate reasons why this year, especially, that we have created so much success is because of the consistency of the experiences we’re creating. My list grows every day, every month, every day, my email list gets bigger, no matter what, because we’re running ads and we’re generating those leads. And so eventually, I know it will pay off because those are quality leads and they need what we offer. And so when it is right and we create the right experience and trust for them, they will pay off. And so that consistency over the last six months has built up tremendously to where our organic registrations, meaning our email list of leads we’ve built through ads but we don’t have to pay this time around in the live launch to get them to sign up, is breaking records for signups of ads.

The nurturing, all of that. A couple of other reasons that I’ll throw in why our live launches are so successful are two things that are core foundational marketing concepts. One, we nail the messaging. We focus very deeply on what you guys need right now and how to solve your current problems and try to stand out from what else is out there. And create number two, the second thing is an epic experience. We put a lot into the actual experience of the live launch so that you guys get a ton of value out of it, even if you don’t sign up as a paying customer. And so the messaging which comes across in our ad copy and our landing page copy and our emails and our social media posts, the messaging, we take time to go really deep and nail it before we do any sort of a live launch. We do a messaging call as a team, and this is a process we also follow with clients where we talk through the angles, we talk through the points, the pain, the desire that we want to hit on.

I’m able to brain dump myself so that my team hears my point, and then, like I said, I go away, and everything gets executed. And so we do that, and then number two, we create an incredible experience. And I do weigh in on the experience. I, of course, create all the content. And so I create all the slides, all the trainings, all the outlines of the trainings. And many people I’ve said, even on my team, that it’s very cool to watch me. I’m very much in my element when I’m doing a training. It’s like my creative expression. But our team also works with the emails and the experience. Like this time around, we added a private podcast feed of the recordings of the trainings just to make it a little bit easier for people to consume those recordings and be able to listen and just little things that we’re making the experience really amazing.

So that people see the results, get the clarity, make the progress that they need in order to become a paying client. And so I thought it would be interesting for you guys to hear from my perspective why our launches are absolutely crushing it, and I’m really, really proud of my team, of our process, and everything we’re able to create on our marketing team. It’s pretty incredible. And, you know, like I said earlier, this is exactly what we follow with clients. Like my team, account manager, strategists, etc., in the background, I am always sharing either what’s working for us or my opinion on marketing or what I think as it relates to clients. And so our team operates out of my process, my values, the Hirsch marketing team.

And so if you’re like, “I need this for my business,” you can go to HelpMyStrategy.com. It doesn’t matter if you choose the done-with-you or the done-for-you option based on your monthly budget. We create a custom strategy for you that will include this and incorporate this. And when you do work with us in the done-for-you capacity, all of that messaging work and that copy, the creative, all of that, we do that for clients. We follow the same process that my internal team follows because my goal is that clients get the same experience as me, where they put their time into their business growth, their delivery, their content creation, and showing up for the audience, because that is the path to success. So all right, everybody, hopefully you enjoyed this. Love to hear any takeaways, and we would, of course, love to support you if you want this type of marketing support. I can guarantee it probably sounds amazing to be able to dictate a vision and then walk away, and everything happens, and that is when you have a good team supporting you the way that it should be.

So, HelpMyStrategy.com, and you can go there and fill out our application. Otherwise, I’ll talk to you guys next week.