549: This Messaging Strategy Can Lower Your CPL’s & Increase Your Sales Conversion

On today’s episode of the Not For Lazy Marketer’s Podcast, I’m excited to uncover a topic that can honestly transform your marketing efforts and massively boost your results. I’m exploring a powerful seasonal marketing strategy that I’ve been teaching and it’s about time we delve into the nitty-gritty details here on the podcast.

Seasonal marketing isn’t just about capitalizing on trends. The core of this strategy lies in truly understanding these seasonal shifts and adapting your content, lead generation, and sales efforts accordingly. Listen in as I introduce you to this strategy and provide you with actionable insights that you can implement right away.


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Emily Hirsh

Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. I am now in California, travel updates. I’m in California. We went from Wyoming to California and I’m here visiting family now for the rest of the trip. All of my brothers and my parents live in northern California and so we’re hanging out here. I’m working half days and then got lots of fun planned Boating Beach hanging out with my three brothers. So that is where I am. It’s been really weird weather because of that hurricane, which is insane that came, I know it wasn’t a hurricane by the time it got to southern California, but that tropical storm from the hurricane. So today is really weird, like humid weather, which never happens in northern California. So very weird. But it’s 100 and five back home in Texas. So super glad that I’m not in that and just hoping that in the next 10 days Texas gets it together and realizes it should be fall soon. All right.


So today’s podcast I thought was gonna be cool to recap a little bit of the last week’s content that I taught and talk to you guys about this seasonal marketing strategy that I teach that really can help your marketing. It can help you stand out more in your content. It can help you lower the cost per lead, whether that’s running ads or just increase your leads organically if you’re bringing leads in and also increase your sales conversion. And it’s really a simple strategy that you can implement. I don’t think a lot of people implement just based off of the takeaways and the feedback and the comments that I got last week. And so I’m gonna share a very high level recap if you participated in last week’s three day experience on creating your fall market marketing strategy. Some of this is obviously going to sound similar, but I think it’s also a really good reminder and so I wanted to do this episode regardless. So this strategy can help you get amazing results and just really at the root of it can help you. And just at the root of it, help you connect to your audience better and stand out, which is not hard to do but take some intentional thought. So let me share with you the high-level overview of what this strategy is like. So I believe and not believe no, that humans, we go through seasons, right? So we can go through a season in life where things are harder and then maybe they’re easier or there’s a challenge we’re facing. I think we go through so many different seasons in a year in our lifetime.And then also there’s obviously regular seasons, right? So there’s the fall, right? It’s coming and there’s just the summer and I think with each season it shifts and changes what your audience and your ideal customers may be experiencing and for some more than others, and there will be some seasons that are a bigger impact than others. But everybody goes through shifts in the summer. Most people experience a shift, their kids are out of school. If they don’t have kids, they may be traveling more, they’re seeing family more. This summer comes with it. A time of slowing down of traveling, more of being outside, more of enjoying nature, more of having less of a routine and less structure. I’m not saying 100% of people experience that, but a lot of people can relate to that. And so with that, what does that impact? It impacts people’s decisions and the speed at which they make decisions, it impacts maybe what they’re struggling with a little bit more. They might be struggling with routine, they might be struggling with structure. They might be struggling with eating healthy because they’re traveling a lot. They might be struggling because their kids are out of school and they can’t find a moment to record their podcast or get their work done. Or they might be feeling different desires, they might be re inspired because they traveled and it made them realize things and they stepped out of their day to day routine and then they realized that they, you know, would rather be living in a different place or they need to change something about their life. That’s the summer. OK. And then people move into fall and what naturally happens in the fall. Kids go back to school. We want to bring more routine into our life. We realize we’ve been off track. The end of the year is coming. We haven’t met our goals yet. We’re not in the shape we want, we’re not as healthy as we want to be. The holidays are coming. We need to get back on track. It’s very much like, ok, we have not slacked off because I think it’s important for humans to go through the summer where you have a season of potentially working less than you do normally. But then once that season is over, you’re like, ready to get back to it. And so with that comes maybe more desire, desire to, I need to get back in shape. I’ve been slacking off. I’ve been traveling and I haven’t had my routine and I need to lose weight before the holidays or my kids are going back to school and I need to get my business going. I need to get it where it’s supposed to be what I had envisioned for myself over the years or over this year. Or maybe it’s, I got clear on my tra when, during summer, when I was traveling of XYZ Desire or dream that I have or maybe it’s the problems around, it’s getting cold, it’s getting darker earlier, it’s gonna change and I need to figure my workouts out inside or I need to shift my schedule to be able to pick my kids up from school. Right. There’s so many things that most people experience. And so each season that shifts, we experience the same thing in January. And a lot of times in the spring, every season is an opportunity for you as a business owner to identify what your ideal customer is. Maybe experiencing that is different than normal. That’s a shift for them so that you can connect with them through your content, through your lead generation and through your sales. And so from a high level, here’s what I taught last week, this was how to create. This is from a very high level. This is mostly focused on the messaging. There’s a lot more that went into the marketing strategy portion of this. But one of the things that I taught last week was to first start and make a list of 10 to 15 different frustrations, desires, problems or things that become more or less prevalent for your audience in the fall. So a lot of the things I just named kids going back to school, realizing it’s quarter to three and you’re not hitting your goals, fitness and weight loss, like coming out of the summer and needing to get back on track before the holidays or maybe being worried about the holidays. So making a list of 10 to 15 different things that maybe are more important to your audience. Now, frustrations that are more important to your audience or desires, problems, whatever it is making that list and then taking that list and actually making 10 to 15 different ideas around content that you could create. So if I make a list and I and I write down that I need to get back on track after the summer for my health Well, then I could solve that through several pieces of content. I could make a piece of content that’s like the five day reset idea for your workouts. Or, maybe I make a bigger piece of content that’s like a series of five ways to get back into your routine and reset your morning routine or reset your workout routine. If you write down the problem that you’re facing, or the desire that your kids are going back to school and you want to get your business back on track. Well, I could make an ideal, you know, tips post on how to structure your day when your kids are in school so that you can be done working by three pm when they get out, right? So I can take that list that I created based on my audience’s frustrations, dreams, desires and things that might be more or less relevant during the fall. And then I can go create content that speaks to that. Which what’s that going to do? That’s going to stand out more because not a lot of other businesses are doing that. You, if you do that are looking at your audience and saying, I see you, I see what you’re going through and I understand and I took the time to really understand and connect and dig deep into what you may or may not even realize you’re going through because I think some of these things like getting back into shape after the summer because I’ve been traveling and I’m totally out of my routine. Your audience might not even voice that as something that they need support with. Right. But you know it, because you’ve taken the time to dig into that and to really understand that. And so you can take that at number one, you can bring that into your content. And what I taught last week was, it’s not 100% of your content. It’s maybe 20 or 30% of your content. It’s just some of it that you’re going to connect, you’re still gonna have content that you talk about all the time and that is relevant year round. And a lot of these things are relevant year round, they just might be more or less important during this fall season and then it might be more important as the holidays approach that there’s other problems, right? The second piece to this because we’ve got audience leads and sales. Those are the three parts of marketing. So the second piece to this is your lead generation. And can you take that list of things and think about how you could talk about an existing lead generation funnel that you might have? So let’s say you have a webinar training or a lead magnet or something existing. How could you use that list and create a different version of ad copy or a social post or something to connect to that lead generation and sell it even though it’s free, sell it, better sell, downloading it, sell, signing up for the training, sell, watching the training as it relates to a problem or frustration or desire they’re going through right now. Or some of you might have such a huge idea because you see such a major problem that they are experiencing right now and you can create something new, you can create a new PDF download or you can create a new training or you can do a one off workshop for them relevant to what they’re going through right now. So for example, last week, I did a three day workshop on developing your fall marketing strategy relevant to what my audience needs right now. They need to create a marketing strategy for the fall. They need to be prepping their business for Black Friday. So I created something new that was relevant to them right now. So you might look at your list and say, oh I could create this PDF or I could create this video or this training or this challenge related to what my audience is going through right now. And then the final piece that you can use this in is in your sales. And so we all have our offer. This is probably more relevant for people with digital products or services and a little bit less relevant for people with e-commerce products, but we’ll talk about that in a second. And so in some cases, you can look at your offer and you can say, ok, what new bonus could I add to my offer that would make it even more enticing to buy right now? So for example, let’s say you sell a fitness membership site and you sell it all year round. It’s got workouts, meal plans and you add in for the month of September. If you sign up in the month of September or you sign up in this period on top of getting the membership that’s there with all these benefits to it. You also get a free holiday meal plan guide or 25 snack or dessert ideas that are healthy that you can bring to the holiday parties. Right? So now you’re adding in a bonus to your existing offer that’s relevant to somebody right now or upcoming in their life to a problem or a desire they have. And now your offer is even more enticing and you will get people who have maybe been thinking about joining or thinking about signing up or they’re on the fence or they’re comparing other offers to say, oh, I’m gonna go with that one. Ok, let’s say that you are, you’ve got a service like me, you’ve got a service, you help people with something. Is there something you can add to your service as a bonus or shift or change something that will help them with that problem or desire that they’re experiencing right now to get them over the fence. So I do this all the time because what this does is it takes my existing offer that I already have and it makes it sound fresh, it puts a fresh spin on it, it makes it more relevant. It makes it more important right now. It makes you decide to sign up and I genuinely deliver that like somebody who’s gonna sign up for a fitness membership and also get that free holiday meal plan guide or that bunch of snack ideas for taking to parties that’s really valuable. So the offer is also not only increasing your sales, but it’s increasing your impact and the value that you’re bringing to your ideal customer because you’re solving a problem that they have right now or speaking to a desire that they have right now. And so it’s gonna increase your sales, but it also is massively supportive to your audience. And again, not a lot of other businesses are probably doing this. So therefore you stand out. So a lot of times in marketing, we have to take something that was already working and has a solid foundation, a webinar, a lead magnet and offer a service. And we have to change the wrapping paper. And I usually actually say to do that about every three months. So timing it with the seasons oftentimes works really well because each season there’s new things that we can bring into the way we talk to our audience and connect with them, right? And so I did say I would talk about e-commerce. So e-commerce, it’s a little bit harder to add a bonus to your offer. But some of the ideas I gave last week were as a part of the strategy that I teach you guys, probably already know this. If you listen to my podcast, I’m a big fan of doing some sort of live launch or promotion once a quarter. So for e-commerce, that could look like if you have a new product plan, that would be a launch, you could bundle your products or an idea I had for some of the businesses, this will depend on your business. But you could say everybody who, you know, buys in this month or buys between this period, you not only get the product, but you could get access to a certain training that may be relevant to the fall or not, but it could be like, let’s say, you’re a skincare product. If you buy your product between this, this and this time, you also can come to my private training where I’m gonna show you the ultimate skincare routine in using the products. Or let’s say that you’re a clothing company. If you buy your product between this and this time, I’m gonna send you or do a workshop with X and X famous stylist. I don’t know who’s gonna teach you how to pair your clothes. Like you can actually include a digital training or something to go with your product to push people to buy because I’m not really a fan of constantly discounting. You don’t wanna always be discounting your e-commerce products. I think that that’s the best save for like very limited times like Black Friday. So if you’re e-commerce, it might be a little bit harder to find a bonus, but it’s definitely possible to think creatively and the ultimate goal with this, whatever you are digital product, physical product service is you’re creating a bonus that adds value. Number one to your audience to your leads. And number two, it creates a freshness to your offer. It creates a reason for somebody to buy right now and sign up for your service or buy your product or buy your digital product right now versus waiting two months versus waiting three months because you’re solving a problem they have right now or you’re fulfilling a desire they have right now and then it creates newness. Now you can write different ad, copy, different emails, different social posts all around this thing that allows you to stand out. The final thing I want to say about all of this is that in order to have a successful Black Friday launch, it’s going to depend on what you do starting right now today, next week because Black Friday is very much a time for warm traffic. It is not a time to go after new audiences. People buy on Black Friday from brands. They already know because they already trust you and they just haven’t bought it yet and then you give them a reason to buy it, you give them a reason to buy your offer and sign up or sign up for your service, whatever it is because you give them such a great deal. So the lead generation and the audience building that you do right now is going to impact the success of your Black Friday sale and what you’ve done previously because ideally you’ve been doing that all year, but if you haven’t been growing your list and you haven’t been growing your audience, you need to be doing that. Now today, next week, if you want to prep for a really successful Black Friday, and so that’s another big thing I talked about. So I wanna share something really cool on here and you guys can see my marketing working in real time. So last week after I did my training on Friday, we actually decided really last minute to throw this extra offer bonus in. So if you get your application in to work with us, which you can go to helpmystrategy.com between now when you hear this episode and the end of the day, August 23rd. So you have about two days once this episode comes out, if you get your application to work with us and then you do end up working with us, whether it’s in our done with you or are done for you package. We’re gonna do everything I just said here today for you. So we’re basically gonna create you a full messaging and strategy guide. And inside of it is gonna have 10 to 15 different ideas of what your audience is struggling with. Right now. It’s going to have the different ways that you could use that in your content. 10 to 15 content ideas that you can leverage in the fall, whether that is on your social podcast blog. And then it’s also going to have how you could tie that into your lead gen strategy, your bonuses for your offer. Because when you join essential or elite are done with you or done for you, you’re already getting it done for your strategy. So with this bonus, you’re getting an extra 30 minute messaging call where we’re gonna develop for you. After that call, your fall only messaging and strategy guide. It’s actually something you could repurpose next year. But it’s our team digging really deep for your business and coming up with specific content ideas, lead generation ideas or angles and offer bonuses that you can leverage in the next few months in the fall for your business to grow your audience, get less cost per lead and more leads and increase your sales. Massively massively amazing bonus. And I actually decided to do it Friday after my webinar because I was like, I really want to do this for the businesses that come into our offers because it will help them get such better results. And so any time I try to come up with a bonus, this is literally the conversation our team has as we go, what can we create or what can we do for people who sign up to work with us that is going to help them get better results. It’s gonna help them with something that they are maybe already struggling with. And so this is what I know for a fact will help you because it’s also what I taught last week, except for now, you’ll have my expert messaging team doing it for you as an additional bonus. So you have to get your application in between today and tomorrow and you’ll qualify for that bonus if you sign up for essential or elite. So you can go to help my strategy dot com and get that application, you have nothing to lose just to try just to chat with our team and see if it’s the right fit, but getting this bonus will help you not only in your paid marketing and your strategy, but also your content marketing. So, all right, you guys thanks so much for tuning in and I’ll talk to you on Thursday.