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There’s no way to “scale with intention” that doesn’t involve making decisions with your data. And there’s no way to get data besides spending money on ads. (That’s just a simple marketing truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear.)

So, today I’m telling the story of how one of our clients moved from breaking even with ads to intentionally scaling to crazy heights.

Because here’s the dangerous trend I’m seeing in digital marketing: Too many people expect an immediate or quick return on investment with ads, so much that next month’s rent depends on it.

But that’s not how it works. (HINT: You’ll likely have to spend money to make money, at first.)

A few other highlights in this episode…

How YOU can scale with intention (+ what that means)
How to test a brand new funnel (i.e. what to do BEFORE you scale)
Plus, a real-life client story + what YOU need to do prior to working with Team Hirsh

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NOTE – Listen to episode 48, “What Nobody Will Tell You About Selling Digital Products,” for more about this!

Key Points:
[2:34] The real-life story nobody talks about
[5:37] What you need to do before you work with my team
[6:30] 50 people through your funnel is not enough data!
[7:57] The is the goal we set for new clients

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Episode Transcripts:  

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In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you guys a story, and really talk to you guys about the power of being able to intentionally scale your ad budget. So I’ve noticed a theme out there, especially in the digital marketing space, where people expect an immediate return. I feel like sometimes I say this and people are like, “Nah, I don’t do that. I don’t expect that. I know that making six figures in six days is a joke.” But I’m talking about even saying, “Here’s a brand new funnel. I have $2,000.00 to spend on this campaign, and I have to make the money back this month to pay my bills,” and going into it with that mindset, especially with a new funnel.

So how do you get to a place, and what do I mean by intentionally scaling? Intentionally scaling your ad spend and being able to make that decision should be your ultimate goal for Facebook ads and marketing, because if you can intentionally scale that means that you know exactly what you’re going to get out with what you put into your marketing, and that should be your goal. When you start running ads, when you start running ads to a new funnel, a new offer, that should be your goal, to get to a place where you can intentionally scale and make the decision to say, “We’re going to double our ad spend, because we know we can get this much out.”

You can’t get there until you test and until you have the data. So here’s the story of what a friend and client of mine did to get here. I think it’s inspiring, I think it’s not being talked about enough, and I think this is really what everyone needs to do.

She had a new funnel coming into working with our team, and she had just live launched this new offering. So she live launched, without hiring us, to her warm market and got data on the conversions. Then she knew, “Okay, now my goal is to turn it evergreen. I’ve proven the product, I’ve sold,” I think she sold maybe 60 spots when her goal was to sell as much as she could. But she proved that the offer worked and that people wanted and people responded well to it. Now she wanted to turn it evergreen and take it to cold traffic and scale it.

So she came to our team, and we really want everyone to come with this mindset, especially like, 100 percent if it’s a new funnel or a new offer. But, not everybody does. We usually set this up on the call, but what was great is, she knows me as a friend, and so she knows what I teach and preach and talk about, so she already knew this going in, but she basically came in and said, “Okay, my budget is $2,500.00 for the first month. That is to test her our new funnel, to test it to cold traffic, to get people through the funnel and see how it converts, and just get data.” She knew, and I talked to her about this later, because obviously our goal was actually for her to break even, and she did. She only had to sell about two, well two and a half, it was a thousand dollar product, but two to three courses to break even on her ad spend. So that was our goal going into it. We thought with the average conversion of what we were guessing and the lead cost that we’d be able to do it.

But here’s the thing, we’re like, guessing at this point, and it’s a new funnel, so we don’t know. We have averages, and we have goals, but the cost per lead might be a little higher, or your webinar might not convert as well as you need it to, or your follow up email sequence might need work. You don’t know these things. We go into it doing our best, but we don’t know these things until we go and try, and until we do this. So she basically came in with the mindset saying, “Here’s $2,500.00, I may never get this back. What I’m doing with this $2,500.00 is, I’m getting data, and I’m getting data on how my funnel converts, where it might possibly be broken, where the holes might be, and where I need to put my focus next to fix it.”

She did that, and she went into the mindset, and fortunately she actually more than broke even. I think our goal was two to three sales, and we got six. So that’s awesome, but it doesn’t always work out that way, and she was willing to say, “$2,500.00, I might not get it back right away, but I have to do this to get to the next level.” So it’s an investment, but it’s a mindset of, you need data and there’s no other way to get data besides spending money on the ads. And it doesn’t have to be a lot. In hindsight, $2,500.00 to most of our clients, our clients, is not a lot of money. It could be $500.00.

I just think nobody talks about this, and then nobody sets themselves for this, and this goes to my podcast that I did about what nobody tells you about digital products [episode 48] , and that is, you’re either trading time for money in the beginning, or you need capital, you need something, to be able to spend to get data, to be able to improve and analyze your results at some point, and you have to spend money to get that data. Because even if you prove the product and the offering to your warm traffic, warm traffic’s going to convert different to cold.

As soon as you can intentionally scale and make the decision saying, “I know my funnel is profitable, and I know what I get when I put in X amount,” that is so powerful because then the sky’s the limit. You can reach new people, send them through your funnel, and reach an entire, huge, different audience than you were able to before knowing that you can make money back. But you have to get there by spending money, getting data, and then fixing the holes and fixing gaps. And you can’t find those until you send enough people through your funnel.

I believe 100 people minimum through a funnel is crucial. Somebody else asked me a question recently, and they said, “I’ve had 50 people go through my funnel, and here’s my results.” I said, “Honestly I don’t want to tell you to change anything until you get more people into that funnel because it’s not enough data, it’s not enough data!” So 100 minimum is important. So whatever you have to spend to get that, and go into it spending it and saying, “I may not get this back. My funnel might not convert. I might spend this to find out that my funnel doesn’t convert, but then at least I know what’s wrong! At least I know I have to go fix the webinar, or the offering, or how it’s being positioned, or my targeting, or my ads.” That is so valuable to have that, and I just don’t think people understand how valuable that is.

Then what happens is, they spend a little bit of money and it doesn’t work, and so then they just quit, or they go focus on a new funnel or a new offer, and they feel discouraged and it’s like, you were so close! Part of this worked, part of it needs fixing. As soon as you fix this it should work, and then you can intentionally scale.

So get yourself to the point where you can intentionally scale. The only way you can do that is by getting data, analyzing the data, and then fixing your funnel. I’ve said this to clients before in the past who have considered working with us on like, a first launch… So we really look for clients who have a proven funnel, at least a proven product, because I want to know that your product sells, that people want it, that it’s successful. Even if it’s on a small level to organic traffic, we want that minimum, right?

But I’ve said to people before when they’re launching a new product… they might have a following, but they’re launching a new product, and they are thinking about working with us, and I said, “You know what, we could set your goal for this launch to break even, and that would be okay. Because then you would know working with our team that you did everything possible to get the best result and the best data, that you can then take that, knowing we did everything we could perfectly with the ads and the marketing, because you worked with the best and the best,” and I truly mean that, “but because you put everything in, and you did everything, then you know where the clear holes are.”

Where I think the mistake is, is where people go to spend money on ads and try their best, but they also know there’s all these holes, and they built their own funnel, and their webinar’s not great, and then they like, have all these excuses, and at the end of that time, you don’t actually still know what to fix. So I’ve really taught people and had light bulb moments on past calls where I’m like, “Look you could go in, we could spend X amount to break even, and if we break even, we should be pumped about that if it’s your first launch. Because you know what, if we break even, we know it sells, and we know that we can double the ad spend next time and we’ll get double the sales, and we can make that decision with confidence,” and that is powerful.

So go into it, and put your all into it, but know you have to spend some money to get data, and then you’ll know what you need to fix to scale, and that’s super powerful.

If you want to work with Team Hirsh, the best of the best, and you have a proven product or service out there that you know people want and it’s time for you to scale it, to be intentional with your scaling, with your spending and your data, go to HelpMyStrategy.com. If not, I want you guys all to know that your goal with marketing is to get to this place. Because when you can, it’s extremely powerful. It’s extremely profitable. And it should be your goal, but you got to take the steps to get there.

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