In this episode I’m excited to share with you three powerhouse tactics and strategies that will help you end your year strong. These strategies are designed to leverage the energy of the holiday season and connect with your audience in a way that supports them and drives sales.


Listen now to discover how you can create a reflection or planning resource for your audience that speaks to their desires and frustrations during this time. Whether it’s a marketing playbook, a content series, or a simple social media post, learn how to tailor your approach to your industry and create something that truly resonates with your audience. Additionally, find out how you can create a specific bonus for your offer that addresses the pain points and desires of your audience during the end of the year or going into January.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to foster extra connection opportunities with your audience, too. Find out how you can create a coffee chat, a holiday party, or a 12-day content series that not only provides value but also builds relationships and a sense of community.


Key Points: 

  • Leverage the end-of-year energy:
      • Create a reflection or planning resource tailored to your audience’s desires and frustrations during this time.
      • Consider industry-specific needs and create a relevant offering, such as a marketing playbook or a content series.
      • Use this opportunity to connect with your audience and support their goals for the upcoming year.
  • Create a specific bonus for your offer:
      • Identify pain points and desires of your audience during the end of the year or going into January.
      • Offer a bonus that directly addresses these needs, such as an audit of a fitness plan or a January Reset 30-day meal plan guide.
      • Use the bonus as an incentive to drive sales and provide added value to your customers.
  • Foster extra connection opportunities:
    • Find creative ways to connect with your audience during the holiday season, such as hosting a coffee chat or a holiday party.
    • Create a sense of community with a 12-day content series or something unique.
    • Use these opportunities to not only support your audience but also build stronger relationships and loyalty.


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Emily Hirsh:

Hello and welcome back to the podcast. We are almost at the end of November. We put up our Christmas decorations before we left for Thanksgiving, and I love Christmas. I love the festive look in my house. It’s so cozy. So I’m super excited, but I cannot believe the holidays are here. Like I know everybody says that, but I seriously, like I swear, every year gets faster. It’s just crazy how fast time is going, and I don’t know. Time is such an illusion. But I don’t know how to slow it down, and I’m just trying to stay present because I can’t believe how fast time is flying.

We have been very excited to welcome new clients into our evolve offer, which is our new middle tier. It’s in between essential and elite offer that is done for you strategy, done for you ads management, and then leveraging coaching to support with ongoing funnel and messaging strategy. So, if you didn’t catch that, I broke it down in the last podcast episode in a lot of detail. So I’m not going to do that again, but we are only taking 10 businesses initially into evolve, and then we’ll have a little bit of a waitlist. So those spots are already being snatched up. We only have a couple left. So if you want to consider it, I would just go to and fill out our application and chat with our team.


I have a very strong opinion and strong suggestion not to completely pause your marketing throughout all of the holidays in December. I know it’s a busy time, but most businesses really need to leverage this time to get the ball rolling, leads audience building, a strategy in place so that January is a very successful month. There’s a lot of opportunity in January, and at this point, like at the beginning of December, you should be planning your January. So if you come in to work with us in any capacity, if you get a strategy call on every one of our offers, we will help support you in planning your January because it’s only a month away at this point, and January has a ton of opportunity for businesses. And so if you wait until January to start something and let’s say you’re considering working with us, you wait until January, then we have to go through the strategy, the onboarding, the process. You’re looking at February strategy where if you start now, we can prep and be fully hit the ground running, excited for January, and maybe even getting ads live in December depending on your current funnel strategy and all that.


Today, I thought it would be fun to dive into an episode that I give you some specific tactics and strategies that you can use to end your year strong. So this is one of those episodes where I’m going to give you 3 things you can go implement, 3 things that I believe will make an impact on your business and your numbers. I think there’s always opportunity when your audience is in a different energy, which people are in a different energy during the holidays and going into the new year. So these are 3 things that you can implement if any of them feel right for you. So the first one is leveraging the end of the year energy and doing some sort of reflection or planning resource or piece of content for your audience.


There is a lot, like almost every industry, you can leverage the end of the year and going into a new year in some specific way. So for us in my company, what we have done the last three years is we create our big marketing playbook. So that’s coming this month, and that is the big playbook on here’s what worked well this past year, here’s the predictions for next year. We pull strategies that are working, things you need to pay attention to for going into 2024. We pull a bunch of top converting ads. Like it’s a really amazing resource, but it only really works in December and January because it’s really relevant for end-of-the-year reflection and going into the new year predictions and strategies.


So not every industry obviously has got reflection and predictions, but there is almost every industry has something that you can leverage at the end of the year going into the New Year. So this could look like you create maybe a new opt-in, a simple opt-in, a PDF download or something. This could look like you creating a content series or even just some pieces of content on your social media that keeps it really simple. This could look like you going as far as creating a workshop or creating a training or creating a 3-part series. There are so many fun things you can do and leverage at the end of the year and going into the new year to serve your audience but also really speaking to their desires and speaking to where they are at mentally right now thinking about end of the year going into the new year.


If you’re in the health and wellness space, there’s also obviously a ton of opportunity. You’ve got people who have the pain and frustration of the holidays and trying to stay on track and eat well and all those things. And then you’ve, of course, got the new year where people want to hit the ground running, new goals and all of that. So there’s a lot you can do. I suggest that you go about this and make sure you do it authentically to you. So, for example, if we’re using the health and wellness as an example, if you’re somebody who doesn’t really like New Year’s resolutions and goals because you want people to get consistent results, then leverage that in your messaging. Do something like, ‘Here’s a workshop on setting your 90-day fitness plan for you that is going to actually work and it’s going to stick.’ Whatever you feel people need, as long as it speaks to what they want and the ultimate desire and frustrations that they have. Leverage that in your own unique way because that’s going to stand out from anything else out there.

So, that’s the first thing you can do. This can be as simple as a couple of social media posts or as far as an entire webinar and workshop. In the middle would be a PDF opt-in or a download. I’ve seen people create so many things around the holidays for their audience. So that’s number 1. 


Number 2 is leveraging your offer and creating a specific bonus that goes with your offer to support with the same thing, support with the end of the year, or maybe it’s something that they are going to apply going into January. Having a specific bonus that you can use to push people over the edge to buy your offer. So think about any specific pain or desire or needs that your audience has right now or in January that you could maybe support with those with a bonus. So some ideas that come to me would be maybe if you’re doing some sort of you have a fitness product or service, you could have some sort of audit or like an audit of their meal plan or a bonus like January reset 30-day meal plan guide if that didn’t come in your existing offer. Something that would be very exciting and be associated with, ‘I want to achieve my desired result faster and easier.’


Or let’s say you’re in, like, for me, the business space. There’s a lot around creating an annual marketing strategy that I could do, auditing that, planning a bonus, planning a launch in January. So thinking about things that my audience needs right now and wants right now and they associate those things with getting results faster and easier. And then creating a bonus around that so that it’s like buy my offer, and if you buy it by this date, you get this bonus. So that can be a way to get a push of sales before Christmas. You could use it in the beginning of the year in January for the same thing. You can do both if you really wanted if you had a great idea. This is why, like, we still have weeks before Christmas. I know it’s, you know, it’s like four weeks from this week, I think when this episode comes out, but still, like, you can do a lot in four weeks, and you can generate some sales. You do not have to wait until January to generate sales for your business. Like this is, people are buying December is, for a lot of our clients and even myself included, one of our better months. So there is this false understanding that December equals a slow month in business, and that is just historically not my experience. So there’s a lot of opportunity.


And then the third strategy that you could have some fun with is maybe some sort of extra connection opportunity. Maybe you do a coffee chat. Maybe you do like a twelve-day of Christmas, you know, bonus content series or piece of advice. Maybe you do a holiday gift guide or something that is aimed. It’s similar to the first one, like leveraging the end of the year and doing a planning resource or something like that. But this one is also, how can you create connection? Maybe it’s even thinking about, okay, our paid, we have a paid membership or we have a paid group of customers. Maybe we do a holiday party with them. Like, there’s a lot of opportunities to leverage the holidays to also create relationships. Maybe you send out a virtual card to your clients. Maybe you send out something to your entire list, and yes, it’s for marketing. It’s created for marketing to drive leads and to drive sales. But it’s also to create connection and to support your audience. 


I think during the holidays, people don’t necessarily want more. It’s already a very busy time, so you do have to be careful that whatever you offer is supportive in that way. But there’s a lot of things. I think I saw someone, and we had a client create something like the relationship advent calendar, and it was something to help couples connect during this busy time. So that’s a simple thing, super fun and connection opportunity. Maybe you could do like Did that you could do some sort of like an Instagram Private, you know how they have those chats now where people can subscribe to it and be a part of it. Like there’s a lot of creative things. So thinking about how could I, number 1, have fun with my audience through the holidays and support them with whatever they need support with and create an opportunity for connection and a relationship.

So maybe this is an experience like I said, maybe it’s a coffee chat. Maybe it’s a holiday party. Maybe it’s twelve days of Christmas where we’re just going to send out 1 simple tip every day and really allow to support your audience but also have fun. I think that’s an important piece. 


People make the holidays so stressful that so many people are looking for fun and being present and enjoying the time and thinking about things like being present with their family and wanting to reflect on the year and wanting to go into the new year strong. And so how can you support that in your business based on what your business is and the problem that you solve? So my challenge for you guys today is to just reflect and see what comes to you. Maybe make a list, and you don’t have to obviously do all of them. What ideas do you have around something that you could do in December for your audience, for your leads to create sales or to create connection or both that you’re able to execute without a lot of extra stress for you and you feel will really move the needle in the connection and relationship and potentially conversion for your audience?


So maybe you use 1 of each of my tactics. You do all 3 of these. Maybe you pick one. Like I said earlier, you can go as simple as doing a couple of social media posts relevant to this, and then you can go all the way up to planning a live launch around this. Have fun with it, but also really understand, like, there is a lot of opportunity right now because people, your audience, is going to consume and connect with content that is relatable to them right now, which everybody is entering into that season of the holidays and what that means for them and what changes for them during that time. So make a list of things that sound fun to you that are possible with the capacity, time, energy, money that you have right now and that you feel will move the needle forward in connecting and potentially converting people into your offer or at least leads. Because these experiences that you create for connection in December will help you going into the new year. So it’s also an investment in the long term for your own business and your audience and your leads. 


I hope you guys got some inspiration around this, and honestly, I would say next year, try a couple of things this year and save your ideas for next year because maybe a couple of your ideas are, like, not doable to execute because we’re a little tighter on time. But if you had, you know, starting beginning of November next year, end of October, you could do it. So save those ideas too because I know for me, I think of things and I’m like, oh, that would be so great. But we don’t have enough time this year, and so we think of it for next year and we save it. So I hope you guys got some inspiration from this and will create some opportunity and connection for your audience, for your leads. And if you have a team, also make sure to do something fun with them. We always, always do a holiday party on our team and try to do some fun stuff. So otherwise, I hope to see so many of you in evolve, and this is our affordable, like, middle tier option. So if previously elite, you were like I just couldn’t swing it and you want the done-for-you ads management, evolve is the package. 


So head over to our application if you’re even considering it because we can have a chat. We can decide what’s right for you when it’s right for you. But you don’t want to have it be the right time and then we’ve got a month-long waitlist. So when we hit 10, we are waitlisting a 2 to 4 week waitlist depending on how long the waitlist is will be how long you’ll have to wait. So I wouldn’t wait, get your application in. It’s a simple application we simplified our application recently all of our applications. So yeah, I will talk to you guys on Thursday.