In this episode we dive deep into the most crucial asset for any business, one that has the power to generate huge profits. I share real-life examples of how building and nurturing a warm audience and email list has resulted in massive success for my own business, including a recent $25,000 paid-in-full sale in just one day.


I’m giving you the fundamental principles and strategies behind growing you warm audience and how this creates a solid foundation for successful marketing, leading to massive revenue potential. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, this episode offers invaluable insights that will revolutionize your approach to audience building in the most rewarding way.

Listen now to learn the secrets to leveraging your warm audience and email list as the ultimate business assets. 

Key Points: 

  • Building a Warm Audience and Email List:
      • Keys to consistently growing your warm audience and email list (this is vital for business success.)
      • Ways I’m focusing on growing my warm audience and nurturing leads consistently in my business.
  • Mastering the Offer and Messaging:
      • Why nailing the offer and effectively communicating its value is crucial for successful launches.
      • How to use strong messaging and emotional connection to significantly impact the success of the offer.
  • Long-Term Vision and Commitment:
    • See how playing the long game in marketing and consistently growing your warm audience lays the foundation for future sales success.
    • Having a longer-term vision and commitment to audience growth and relationship building is the key to long-lasting business success.


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Emily Hirsh:

Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. Happy day! If you are tuning in live, this week we’re very close to Christmas when this comes out, so I’m sure many of you are busy and hopefully winding things down a little bit to enjoy the holiday. Of course, if you celebrate it. This week, for me, I’m actually ahead on podcast recording. So this is a couple of weeks before it comes out. It has been a very full week with kid activities, and then a couple of months ago, I told my husband that, I want to have, actually, it wasn’t a couple of months ago, maybe like six months ago. I said ‘Let’s work on our friendships here in Austin and building those relationships so that we have the ability to throw a holiday party.’ And so here we are tomorrow, we’re having a holiday party, and there are so many people coming to my house. I mean, I had to do this invitation thing where, like, when someone would say no, then I could invite a couple more people that were on my list because it’s just like so many people in my house. But I’m so grateful for it, and it has been a big intention of ours this year, both individually, our friend groups, and then as a family, really putting a lot of energy into building that community, and so it’s really cool to see it be where it’s at and get to get all of our amazing friends together and have a holiday party. 


So I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m super grateful for the support system I have to be able to do this and still have a fully, fully productive workday. I’ve got my husband supporting. I don’t cook, so he’s cooking and my nanny’s out getting some stuff, and I am actually— I take that back. I do cook. I am going to make sourdough garlic sourdough rolls because I can cook. I can bake sourdough now and cookies. That’s my job. But like the meat, the main part, even the salad, I’m not as good at cooking as my husband is at cooking. So anyways, that’s something we are doing this week that I am excited for, and just really have worked this year to bring harmony into all the areas of my life in terms of, like, my own health and making sure that I have, you know, goals around that and put that energy into that to the friendships, to the family time, to all the things that are outside of business and bringing harmony into that. So, I am also so excited because we’re only a few weeks away from the official start date of the Elevate mastermind, and we continue to bring more women. There’s only eight that we’re bringing in, and we’ve got about halfway filled as of now.


And I am just so honored and so excited to be able to pour into these women’s businesses and then create such abundance that goes beyond just the business and one of my favorite things but also my biggest gifts is sitting down with someone and talking about their business and, like, their dreams and their goals and what they do and what they’re great at and, like, just honing in on exactly how to solve a problem or multiple problems, what strategy to do, what to do. And so I don’t really get this opportunity very much to do that. Like the only way to get access to me at this level is in a $10,000 VIP day, and so the mastermind group is going to get a lot of me in just such a deep way. There’s two one-on-one calls. There’s two to four group calls every month with the small group, and then there’s the in-person retreat in Austin, and so I know that it is leveraging my gift and how I can serve others in such a huge way to be able to go deep, and so I’m just super excited. If you have, like, heard about it or you’re on the fence, please, please send me a message. You can send me a message on Instagram with the word elevate, or you can go to and just check out the page we have that has the information about the mastermind and fill out that application. 


These spots will be filling up soon. And if you feel that pull, like I was just talking to someone a couple of days ago in the DMs, and I was like, the investment will probably feel scary because all large investments do, and that’s natural to have some hesitation around them. But it should also feel like I know. I need to be in this. It should be like, I know that this is going to help me get to my goals, that this is going to be exactly what I need next year, like, this feels in my body so right. Then the fear is in your mind and the answer is in your body, and so if you feel that but you’ve held yourself back because your mind has said, like, well, I don’t know, like, you know, maybe you can’t afford it or that’s a big investment, like, tune into what your body is saying and do you know that having a container like this and support like this and guidance and coaching and the ability to have somebody go so deep with you in your business and your life and you feel that connection to me and if you feel that in your body at least have the conversation. So today, today’s podcast is kind of inspired based on my own launch of this mastermind. But what we’re talking about is the most important asset to a business. This is not a new strategy or something I haven’t talked about on the podcast, but I want to reinforce it with the success of this launch of my own mastermind.


So I say this all the time, but your warm audience and your email list is such an asset to your business. When companies go to buy another company, there are many business sales that happen that the only thing they really want to buy is the email list and the audience. It is an asset to your business, and it has so much value. This is why I preach all day long. You have to consistently grow your warm audience. You have to grow your audience, you have to grow your email list, and if you do that, you will be successful because it is only a matter of time as you build the relationship with those people that they will buy from you or buy multiple things from you. So understanding that your warm audience, like, you can’t really put a price on the value of this. And so the way I like to look at marketing is one of my number one goals with my marketing and even for clients is consistency because I know that if we bring leads in every day and we grow an email list and we increase your audience and your impact through visibility ads every single day through ads, then the business will be successful even if right away the strategy may not convert how we want it or the offer needs to be adjusted or the positioning needs to be shifting as long as we’re consistently increasing our warm audience and our leads. We will be successful because people want to buy from you. 


People have problems, people have desires. So it’s a formula of making sure that your offer and the way you talk about your offer connects to those emotions that people have, but you’ve got to have the people first. And the fact that if you have this warm audience, your business will always be okay. And I say this all the time. If tomorrow the internet stopped working completely, and I had my list, my email list. Could I still email them? Okay, that’s a question, but the chance of that happening is slim. Anyways, I had my list, and I have phone numbers on a lot of people as well. Let’s just say, like, Facebook stopped working tomorrow, Instagram, all social media gone overnight, something happened. I know that I could pivot my entire business and shift my offer, create something new, or change, like, I don’t know exactly what I would do, but I would figure it out based on what people would still need, frustrations that they have, and I could launch that to my list and be okay. The economy changes, your industry goes through a big shift. They still—your audience is still always going to need help. They’re always going to have frustrations. They’re always going to have desires; they’re going to shift and change. So why we talk a lot about making sure your offer is constantly connected to that. But if you have your warm traffic, you will be okay. On top of that, the amount of opportunity that is there to continually sell to your warm traffic in the future is—you can’t even fully predict it. 


So January of this year, I didn’t know I was going to launch this mastermind. Like, this came to me in the last three months. It’s been in the back of my mind for the last several years, and I’ve played with the idea; it just wasn’t fully the right time, and I’ve done little things like my VIP days and things like that to be able to do coaching. I think I did one time maybe last year, like a ninety-day coaching container too. So I’ve done little things like that, but I haven’t done a mastermind yet. I didn’t know going into January that that is what I was going to do. So my marketing efforts weren’t targeted, saying, “Grow your list, grow your podcast following, grow your audience because in twelve months from now or eleven months from now, you’re going to launch a mastermind.” But when it came time to launch the mastermind, it was the easiest experience I’ve honestly ever had in my business. I’ve done zero sales calls; the first day that we launched the mastermind, we got the first member in, $25,000, paid in full, three DM messages. Now why? Why did that work?


Because most of the gurus out there in the marketing gurus are going to be like, “It’s my strategy that made me $25,000 in one day with three DMs, and you don’t need to do sales calls anymore.” No, no, no, no. Here’s why it worked because this amazing individual who signed up for the mastermind has listened to my podcast for probably years. We’re connected on social media; she’s on my email list; she’s been in my world for, I don’t know exactly how long, but at least over a year, probably multiple years. She had the full trust in me because she has been around for a while, and I’ve showed up consistently, not having, like, calculated, “Okay, this is exactly how I’m going to get my money back from this lead.” I don’t even know exactly how she came into my world; I could go and find that, but as we have all our tags set up in the backend, regardless of that, the fact that I have been consistent now made it so easy to sell this offer. 


So I did two things that have made this go insanely well with no sales calls and a lot of money generated, a lot of revenue generated for my business. Number one is the warm traffic, the relationship building because that makes selling so easy when someone already has the trust. The reason I don’t have to do sales calls to sell the mastermind is not because sales calls are terrible. I have to do sales calls still. Selling our agency product because it’s more appropriate. A lot of times people are at colder traffic; they need to go through their questions; they need to talk about it. That’s still an appropriate strategy for selling anybody into one of our services as an agency. The mastermind is so easy to explain and such a yes, no experience of like, you’re either like, “Hell yeah, I’m in, this feels right,” or you’re not, and I’m only trying to fill eight spots, and I’m only marketing it to my warm audience. So I don’t need to jump on a sales call; we can have some conversations in DM, send some voice messages, and every single time it’s been fine so far. 


So it’s not about sales calls; it’s about what is the most appropriate thing for this launch, and the reason why I don’t have to do the sales calls is because of the offer that I’m launching and the relationship I already have with the people interested in this offer. Okay, so that’s the first thing is the warm traffic. The second thing that I did really well is I nailed the offer and I nailed talking about the offer and I nailed the messaging around it when I read the sales page copy that we wrote. It was beautiful; like, I literally had tears in my eyes because I’m like, “Yes, this captures so well. The emotion, the experience I’m trying to create, the connection, who I’m trying to call in.” So the offer is great in terms of it being what my ideal customer for this mastermind wants and needs, and then the way we sell it and talk about it is very clear, very emotional, very connecting to the outcomes.


So those are the two things that we nailed for this to be successful. So the lesson in this is that when you consistently grow your warm audience and your leads every day for a year, for a long period of time, the benefits of that, you can’t even comprehend because you don’t know them yet. Like I’m saying, I didn’t know January all the way until, like, two, three months ago I didn’t even know I was launching this mastermind. So I didn’t have it calculated in my strategy to make over six figures from a mastermind because it fell into place, and then I had the platform to launch it to. So all of that money I’ve put into my ads and all of the effort on my podcast and the fact that we send out a weekly newsletter and we nurture and I show up on social media and all those things that I do now gets to pay off. So yes, in a matter of six hours of launching the mastermind and three DM messages, I made $25,000, but what’s not seen there is all of the energy and the time and the effort that has gone into building that relationship with these people that have joined the mastermind through my podcast, through our email marketing, through our funnels, through the live events that I do, through my social media.


So when somebody might tell you, ‘Oh, I made $25,000 with three DMs, and it’s so easy.’ You’re not seeing the whole picture. But what you need to focus on is, are you consistently growing your warm audience? Like I cannot even say this enough times because I know there are so many people that are not doing this because the way that our industry is wired and humans are like instant gratification. So it’s like, ‘Okay, I’m growing my email list. It’s been four days, and I haven’t gotten sales yet. So I’m so pissed.’ Like it doesn’t work that way. These are relationships; focus on consistency. Make the goal to show up consistently. Make the goal to see your audience and the relationship possibilities you have and the number of people following you. That’s a vanity metric, but let that represent the people watching your stories, reading your posts, engaging, feeling something from what you put out. Let that be the number, the number of leads on your list; focus on that. And yes, of course, we need to make money. Of course, we need to be profitable. My ad spend every month is profitable, but I’ll tell you this: if it ever breaks even or doesn’t fully profit, I don’t care because I’m like, ‘I’ll make money; I’ll make it back because I got leads and I built a relationship with them.’


Even on the agency side, there’s so often that people are hanging out here for a year or more before they buy, and that’s okay with me. So the question for you to sit with is, what are you doing to grow your warm audience and your list, and is that happening every day? And if it’s not, now is a great time going into a new year to ask yourself, ‘How am I going to make that my goal next year?’ Because I promise you, if you focus on that, the sales will happen. But we have it backward; we focus on the sales before we focus on the relationships. And the sales don’t happen without the relationships.


The second thing is, what are you doing to consistently nurture the people that you bring in? Because that’s the other thing; you can’t grow your audience and grow your email list and then just not talk to them. Like the reason why the women joining my mastermind have is because I have built a consistent relationship and trust with them for years or at least several months, right through my social media, through my podcast, through my emails. We’ve chatted in the DMs. They’ve replied to my stories like we have a relationship. And I’ve put the time into that with no strings attached just because I genuinely love connecting with my audience. I’m not replying to my DM stories or answering questions because I’m like, ‘Oh well, I’m going to sell you next week.’ No, I’m going to sell you when it’s the right thing for you when it’s time to serve you because I know I can help. So what are you doing to grow your warm audience? What are you doing to nurture it, and how can you make consistency the goal next year? 


So when you see other influencers or business owners or even myself have this success where. My mastermind is going to make me multiple 6 figures; I’m going to pour my energy and time into these women, and it’s more time than I’ve ever personally put into an offer since the beginning of my business, and I’m so excited for it. But the lesson to not look at is like, ‘Oh look, Emily’s making 6 figures.’ No. Look at all of the work I’ve done to stay consistent. That’s how I’m doing it, and that is how all of the other big names out there are doing it. I swear you go look at any of them. They’re consistent. They’re growing. They play the long game; we play the long game, and it always comes back for us to win. Even in the moments we’re not winning. We know in the long game we’re going to win so make that your focus like really think about that going into the next year having a longer-term vision and understanding and commitment to your business and your marketing than you ever have before, and I trust that, and promise that you’ll win. I promise that you’ll be successful because getting the people and building their relationships is harder than selling; that takes more work and energy and effort than it does to sell – selling’s easy once you do that. 


Because all you have to do is have an offer that serves them and actually addresses their pain and desires and frustrations and then done, easy. People want to solve their problems. It’s not hard to sell when you’ve done the upfront foundational work before all right, you guys. Thank you so much for tuning in; I can’t wait to talk to the rest of you who are interested in Elevate remember to send me a DM if you’ve considered it at all and let’s chat about it before those last few spots fill up. Alright, talk to you guys next time!