In part 3 of our 2024 Marketing Predictions, I am discussing a crucial strategy that combines the power of evergreen automated funnels with live launches.

Focused on achieving a balanced approach, I share insights on crafting engaging experiences for live launches, leveraging seasonal marketing, and maintaining consistency.

Join me for actionable tips to enhance your marketing strategy for the upcoming year, fostering both stability and dynamic growth.


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Emily Hirsh: 


Hello and welcome back to the podcast. We are on episode 3 of our 2024 marketing predictions, and I’m going to talk today about a very important prediction. But it’s not a new one necessarily. I have some cool examples to go off of and intertwine into this. So yeah, here we are. If you haven’t tuned into the first 2, they are very good. You can go back. They’re just right below this one on the feed, and they are the first 2 predictions I have for this year. Everything I’m talking about is a bit of a spin-off from what is inside of our marketing playbook. So if you haven’t downloaded that yet, you can go to and get access to this 50-page extremely valuable resource that we put out at the end of every year. It has strategies that worked the best in 2023. Of course, these predictions, but kind of laid out a little differently, and also some exact ad examples. I think we have over 50 actual ad examples inside of the playbook that you can click and see from visibility to webinar to lead Gen to e-commerce to sales retargeting, like you name it, we have it. 


We generated, not including December because we haven’t totaled that up yet, over $10,000,000 for clients, which actually didn’t know that number until we started creating the playbook and added it all up because we release our monthly Hirsh Marketing Report, and we calculate this every month. I was like, ‘Oh my god, that is amazing, like $10,000,000.’ So with that comes a lot of intel about what’s working. It’s not working, the strategies from ad strategies to funnel strategies. We have it all in there. So grab your free copy of that at, and let’s dive into today’s prediction. 


So this is blending these 2 strategies is going to be absolutely critical. This is not a new concept because this is a core part of what I teach, but it’s a check for you guys going into 2024 and looking at your strategy that you have planned. And do you have these two? Like, is this a part of your marketing strategy? Because if it is not, it needs to be. And that is the combination of having an evergreen consistent automated funnel and strategy that brings you in leads every day and hopefully sales every day. If you’re e-commerce, this will probably look like a little bit of leads but also a lot of traffic, getting traffic every day to your stores to your top-selling products so that you can get sales and then combining that with at least 4 live launches during the year. So about quarterly, you can do more, but definitely don’t do less is my recommendation. So I believe this is the ultimate way to set up your marketing strategy, and you’ll have people out there who will promote one or the other. They’ll be like, ‘You have to do evergreen strategies, and live launching sucks, and you’re gonna be burnout from it, and you don’t need to do it,’ or you’ll have the people who are like, ‘Live launches are the best, like this is how you convert, you don’t need evergreen,’ and it’s like, you need both. You really do need both because one equals consistency, and the other equals cash infusion and kind of explosive growth for your company, and you basically get to be rewarded for the consistency that you had throughout in between your live launches. 


And so when they work together, they’re super, super powerful. Inside of the Playbook, we highlighted our client of the year, Mallory. Mallory was actually on my podcast maybe it was like four or five months ago when I did a client interview series. If you search for ‘Not for lazy marketing podcast’ and Mallory Nowak, you can listen to that interview. I don’t know the exact episode we can link it, but she’s amazing, and what I love about her strategy is it is the perfect example of this. It is the perfect example of blending an evergreen funnel that converts and live launches. So we lay it all out in the playbook. I’m not going to rehash that out because you can read through it. We give you the numbers. We give you everything. But basically, Mallory came to us in January of last year. It might have been the end of December. I think she was on my planning workshop, and she stopped doing sales calls because she was super burnt out from them. She really didn’t need to with the price of her offer. Like if it was like a $5,000 offer, that would be a different story, but the price of her offer, she really didn’t need to do sales calls. And she came to us, and her sales had taken a dip. She basically, I think, had only live-launched was our normal strategy. 


And so essentially, over the course of the year, we not only had massively successful live launches, her first one being $42,000 in revenue from $1,000 in ad spend, but also, I think even more important than that was her evergreen funnel because we were able to create consistency for her business. So we’re able to create a funnel that people get put into, and they actually convert regularly in between her live launches because as a CEO and as a creator, this takes a ton of pressure off of you to have this working. I’ll let you go read her strategy in the playbook because it’s really good. It’s not even just like a straight webinar strategy because we figured something out with her that she needed a couple of different steps, and it’s just such a great example of the benefit and necessity that having a solid evergreen consistent running every single day funnel that is generating leads and sales for your business is because that takes pressure off of you as a CEO and getting sales because you’re getting them consistently and still doing live launches which every time Mallory does them, they’re a massive cash infusion. We’re going this month right now for her 6-figure one-off launch which is huge. So it’s a super cool story and it also is basically us taking this exact process and implementing it in someone’s business who made multiple 6 figures from. Just ads and then more with her organic. 


So all right back to this. Basically what this means is all of you should have a regular automated funnel and 4 times a year live launches. And I’m going to list some important things for both. So on your regular. Lead generation funnel. Go listen to my episode yesterday with my prediction around creating an experience and make sure that with your regular automated lead Gen Funnel, you are creating an experience. For your leads and bringing them in in the best way possible because what this is going to do is keep your cost per lead low because you do want your cost per lead to be low and also hopefully lead to sales. So I don’t know without knowing your business what this should look like, but it could be a PDF download. It could be a quiz. We talked about quizzes in the playbook. It could be a webinar. It could be 2 of those combined, you’ll see in Mallory’s how we did that and the goal is. It’s bringing leads in every day using ads and organic for a good cost for a reasonable cost for your industry which is going to vary. Um, if you’re in like for me, our regular newsletter leads. We pay about $4 which is really, really good in the b2b space. Mallory pays under a dollar for her leads because she’s in the b2c space and it can get you know that low. So it’s like there’s no one-size-fits-all but bringing in leads for a profitable cost so that when you bring in 100 leads that costs you less than the sales that you made that needs to be goal number 1 and how you keep that cost per lead down. 


And you convert those leads to sales as you have an incredible experience with a strong foundation of messaging, offer positioning, and you really nail those components especially and what I talked about yesterday, the other piece to attach to this lead generation is making sure that you have a solid nurture sequence. 8 to 10 emails. That’s probably like average that can obviously vary based on the strategy but you want to really indoctrinate people the first time they join your list and that experience is going to be custom to how they join your list because if they’re coming onto your list through a webinar, that’s different than a PDF download. So I treat those email sequences as an experience to actually get somebody to consume. Whatever they signed up for and bring them to my offer hopefully with some sort of limited time. Bonus. So you want to have an incentive for somebody to buy your offer. The first time they hear about it because you will get like 1 to 5% of people buy your offer that first time and convert initially and then the rest of those 95% plus people were going to capture in your live launches. So regular lead gen cost per lead where you can be profitable. You have to run the projections on that or get our team to do it for you and making sure that you have a solid nurture sequence that really creates that experience for your leads and creates the clarity and the emotion and the connection that they need to go to your offer which you then have some sort of bonus or it can be a discount but it doesn’t have to be a discount and an incentive for somebody to buy write them then you take all of those leads and you regularly nurture them. 


You send out at least a weekly email. You release regular content and you create that consistency. This has been a theme in the last 2 episodes is consistency and showing up like that is going to be if we were to pick a marketing word of the year for 2024, 1 of those words would be consistency because consistency is going to win when the economy is maybe not necessarily as good as we want it and the noise is louder consistency will win you bring these guys on your list and you build and you nurture this relationship with some form of regular emails at least once a week it can be a newsletter it can be related to content. You’re releasing like a podcast. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it’s valuable. And as long as you know people are gonna want to open it and this is outside of any promotional emails if you’re also doing promotional emails that needs to be factored in and making sure that it’s mixed in with nurturing then you have your live launches I recommend doing these about once a quarter. You can do it more but you would definitely want to have a lot of support to do it more like we launch a lot but we have it down to a t and I have multiple full-time people working on my internal marketing team. Our clients. They can do this more especially our done for you elite clients because they have our team support. Executing if you are doing your marketing all on your own anything more than once a quarter is gonna be really challenging for you to execute. 


So live launches. These should be also an experience I love doing either webinars 2 part 3 part workshops or or series or challenges. Those are probably my top live launch experiences and this is something else I talked about in the playbook that you can read but taking into consideration seasonal marketing is really great with these because each quarter we kind of have a new season right? so. We can leverage topics for those live launches based on the season and what people are going to want more of during that time. This is where I would put your fresh creativity and try to have your evergreen funnel consistent and stay the same and not really need to change. And then put your creativity and the freshness and the newness and the new wrapping paper into your live launches and allow those to be a little different each time now if you find 1 that works really well you can definitely run it throughout the year like Mallory runs the same challenge and we just continue to improve it. We continue to pull top converting ads like this time when we’re running it in January so there’s fresh, New Year language as it relates to that and we freshen it but the backend is actually the same. So if you find something like I’ve run different launches multiple times because they work really well but I will always have fresh ads and fresh copy and make sure I’m really connected to my audience at this time of year this month when the launch goes out. 


And sometimes that just means what I call fresh wrapping paper so it sounds super new. Maybe the title is shifted or at least the angles that I use an ad copy or videos is shifted but the backend is the same. So if you find something that’s working that you really like, you can run it again, but just make sure you’re keeping it fresh and relevant to the current time. And then the last thing I’ll just say again that I had noted on here at the end is consistency consistency is so key this has come up in every episode I’ve talked about and just said it should be the word for 2024 but consistency in your lead generation consistency in your nurturing and consistency in creating fresh wrapping paper. And reasons for people to buy your offer if you’re e-commerce is still true like you can literally use a you know business anniversary or something as a reason to create buzz around your offer and create consistency but also freshness. Right? And so you’re consistently creating freshness to stay top of mind to push people over the edge to get them to buy this strategy will bring you results read through mallory’s entire strategy. It is so good and it’s like. Mallory is like our golden client because not only did she crush it like her numbers are incredible. We absolutely love working with her. She knows her audience so well she cares about her customers. So so much like she’s just such a great example. 


But also she embodies all of these values like she embodies the live launching and evergreen she embodies like the strong messaging. She embodies the relationships like all of it and so it just shows that marketing always works. It’s a matter of following core foundational principles and solid strategies that are also. Aligned to the entrepreneur we have actually had clients come in who knew about mallory and say I want exactly what mallory did and we’ve said no, you can’t you can’t you can’t do exactly what mallory did you have to make it your own because it’s not just like if I follow what mallory did then I’ll be successful. It’s a matter of. Yes, taking the principles that Mallory did, one of them being an evergreen strategy and live launches, but taking the principles and then making sure that those are custom to you, your audience, and your offer, right? Okay, if you’re listening to this and you’re like, ‘Well, I want Mallory’s success. I want the team brainstorming and strategizing and executing a marketing strategy exactly like Mallory’s but created for me,’ then you can go to, fill out an application. We have many, many ways to support you and meet you exactly where you’re at, and let’s really work together in this new year. Alright, everybody. I will talk to you tomorrow for episode 4 of this series.