In this episode, I’m breaking down my process for crafting marketing strategies that resonate deeply with audiences and then sharing the four essential steps I take so you can get clarity and apply this to your own strategy!


From understanding your ideal customer to your offer and its promise, plus the #1 thing you need to create for your customer to understand and envision the possibilities your offer is providing.


We’ll touch on topics like:

  • The most important step to take before developing your strategy and possibly even your offer.
  • Why understanding and refining the core of your offer will give your audience tangible outcomes they’re craving.
  • How to break down your offer into clear, actionable steps for your ideal customers.
  • Navigating the process of selecting the most effective strategy for your offer and how to amplify your message clearly. 


Take a peek into my brain this week as I share my process and how it can transform the way you develop a strategy from the ground up.


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Emily Hirsh:


Hello and welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are having a good week when this episode comes out. We’ll be just getting home from Costa Rica. I am going there for another retreat, and I haven’t talked about it this time. I’m sure I will share. I don’t know if it’ll be faster or slow after I get back. But I decided this time and just felt more called to keep it to myself. What I’m going to do, and yeah, just take the pressure off around having to share anything. Not that I felt pressure last time. Well, if you were around for the story, I basically shared the completely wrong thing that I was going to go do and then had to come back on and be like, so I went to retreat, it changed my life but it wasn’t doing the thing I told everybody I was doing. If you know, you know. So I will share this time. I’m really excited. This feels like a phase 2 kind of upleveled experience that I feel I am now going to be ready for, and I wasn’t probably ready for it before, and therefore that’s why I went to the retreat that I did without knowing that that’s what I signed up for. All right, you guys. I am so freaking pumped for this episode. I think it’s going to be one of the really better ones. All my podcasts have been good lately according to you guys. I’ve gotten literally so many messages about people just saying like this batch of recent content is so good.


And I think it’s because I have created so much white space in my days and like I don’t miss my meditation and I don’t miss my time where I am off my phone, and I’m really serious. It’s the secret to creativity. But today’s episode is inspired because I have done 2 one-on-one calls with mastermind members in the last few days, plus our mastermind group call, and I just knew this experience was going to give me so much inspiration because I’m using my marketing brain in a way that I haven’t been in a while, right? Because I don’t normally do strategies anymore and I noticed a trend. So anytime you’re naturally really good at something, if you can break down how you’re doing it, it’s very valuable for other people where that doesn’t come as natural to them so everybody has things that for us. It’s very easy. W all have different things that’s like to us; it doesn’t feel like work. It’s super easy. It comes super natural. We don’t even have to think about it. We just do it if you can describe and decipher what you’re doing into steps. It’s really valuable for other people that don’t have that natural ability. It’s also very valuable for things like this in teaching. So throughout these different calls, I picked up on a theme and I was like every conversation that I’m having related to their marketing strategy is going the same direction and in the same kind of step, and one of the things that I am very good at and going to shamelessly brag about is I can come up with a marketing strategy so quickly. 


Like I can understand your end result, your business, your offer, and just be like boom boom boom this is what you need to do, and the depth of the strategy and the clarity of it and understanding like how to go from where you are today to where you want to be in the steps to get there. It just falls into place like a puzzle comes together for me. So that’s my natural skill set that I’m really good at, and so I noticed how I was doing it. In these calls because they all kind of started to follow the same trend but very custom to their business. So I created 4 steps that are definitely related to our internal strategy and what we do with clients but I figured that it would be beneficial for you guys to understand this because I haven’t necessarily described it in this way before because I didn’t fully get it and I think you’re going to enjoy this so this is insight into how I personally develop a marketing strategy and my intention in sharing this with you.

Is that you could take this and then look at your own marketing strategy and get clarity. So step 1 is understanding the ideal customer avatar . Now you’re like yeah we know Emily because you talk about this all day long. But here’s what I noticed in these conversations. So the mastermind members, they filled out an intake form so I had information on their business and the offer that they sold and like I had the surface level information. 


But in every single conversation what I noticed was I would not make any strategy suggestions until I asked them. More and more questions and specifically got to the root of the problem and the desire and the frustrations of their ideal customer and in every case it took multiple layers to get there. So I’d ask a question about what their ideal customer wanted and I would get a response and I’d be like okay they might want that but then why do they want that? What’s the next layer and so the first thing is before even talking about the strategy and looking at you know should we do a webinar should we do a lead Gen and honestly, even the offer like. Honestly, even there’s one of our members who we redeveloped her offer itself she came in with this current offer that wasn’t necessarily doing what she wanted it to do and we changed it on the call but I couldn’t do that until I had this understanding so I will ask all the questions that I need and it doesn’t take long. It’s five ten minutes but I’m as they are talking I’m filtering this into a deep understanding in the simplest terms right? because emotions are simple so I’ll give you an example. 1 of our mastermind members who I know will listen to this – her ideal customer is women who have recently left an abusive narcissistic relationship. 


And so at first when she was talking to me. She was describing it as the women need to be able to function in their life. But even before that she was like they need to not go back to their abuser like have contact and I’m going to help them not have contact with them like that was what her offer’s going to do and I’m like yeah, but why do they need to do that. Right? Like what’s the next layer and she’s like they also need to be able to help their kids if they have kids kind of function and move through this situation because their kids are struggling. Okay, well, how do they do that like what’s the deeper layer. So we kept talking and kind of you know she came in with this is what I think and it was very much It’s not that it was wrong at all like she was accurate in what they needed to do but we needed to go layers deeper what we got to as I continued to ask questions was the first thing. That women need to do in that situation is they need to heal. They need to start the healing process. They need to take actual steps to be able to function better in their day-to-day life from how they were before and they need to kind of reclaim their identity. They need to regain their confidence and their footing right? 


And so we got to the root of this once we got to the root of it that’s step 1 so before I would even talk about strategy or the offer in all of these cases I found myself asking the question so that I like deep on my own level could understand this person and again it didn’t take long. It was a five ten minute part of the conversation. So that’s step 1 then step 2 is understanding their offer. And understanding specifically the promise of this offer because what I noticed what I do naturally is I will take the promise of the offer and I’ll make sure we’re positioning it exactly. How. The ideal customer would want it because now I understand the ideal customer a lot of times what I see with people when they talk about their offer. So for example, this mastermind member she was talking about how she has this tracker in her program and it helps them actually have accountability and be able to track that they. Didn’t reach out and have communication with their abuser because it’s a very common thing right in this situation that a narcissist will pull you back in and kind of woo you and right so she has this tracker so she’s like really focused on that and then the other piece to it was community. And they really need community. But what I identified was if we really look at your ideal customer. They’re not necessarily saying every day right now like I really need to find community right? like that’s probably a nice thing to have and they might think about it but they’re not in order for me to survive, I need community and they’re not like in order for me to survive I need a tracker so that I don’t go back and talk to my abuser. 


You know that they need this because you are an expert. You’ve been through this situation and you. Understand that right, but they do not so we can’t sell your offer and say you’re going to get Community. You’re going to get a tracker so you don’t go back and you don’t talk to your abuser right? We can give that to them still. That’s still definitely a beneficial part of the offer. But no, we need to talk to them about what they want. Right? And so what do they want in this situation? They want to be walked through step by Step. How do I reset my life? How do I restart my life? How do I start the healing process? How do I function so that I can show up better as a mom so that I can show up better in my job? How do I regain my confidence on my own? So. Sense of identity after this experience. That’s what we need to talk to. So over this conversation now I understood. Okay so I understand the ideal customer step 1 Step 2 now I understand what she’s trying to do with the offer like what it is but I also understand that the. Ultimate Outcome. Someone’s gonna get this and multiple times in the conversations I’ve had with people around the strategy specifically my mastermind members is taking their offer and making sure that it is.

A very tangible result right? So people want to buy something that they understand if I buy this then in x amount of time I will be able to do or be this right. 


So what we ended up doing was shifting her offer to be an actual 28 day step-by-step program that she’s going to take them through to go from where they are right now to fully on their way to the healing process functioning in their life and regaining their confidence. And it’s twenty eight days. It’s like each week’s got a theme. It’s got a promise. It’s got an outcome, break it down. It’s a whole experience when she came in to start the call with me that was not the offer that she was going to sell now the actual backend is pretty much the same It’s just how we structured it. It’s how we structure it. It’s how we are gonna sell it. It’s how we connect it very clearly to an outcome so that’s actually step 3 step 1 is deep understanding of the ideal customer all the way down to the root layer right? and so it’s like why does that matter. Why does that matter until you get to that root bottom layer then understanding the offer and also not just understanding what the offer is but understanding the outcome understanding and you know a practice and exercise you can do is go and talk to somebody about your offer who has no idea what it is because in your mind it might be very clear to you. 


But if you go to someone and say look I want to explain and like to sell you my offer and I want you to be brutally honest with me and tell me is it clear to you, like do you understand the ROI right? Not just monetary Roi but the actual like benefit and outcome that you will receive if you buy this offer in X amount of time is that super crystal clear and and practice that until you can get it there then step 3 is making sure that. You create something very clear and tangible to understand in all of your messaging both with the strategy and with the offer itself. So This I think is where my natural skill set comes in that takes a lot of intention for other people. And this is something I’ve trained my team to do like it’s literally in our training when we develop strategies because people can understand things if it is clearly laid out in steps or intentional actions like a roadmap or a blueprint or steps because. As humans like when you break that down for us. We can understand things so much better. So I noticed in both of these conversations with my mastermind members one was with the paid offer and one was actually with their free webinar I found myself going okay now we have you know the ideal customer their desire and their pain.


Now we have the offer and the outcomes of the offer but we need to make sure that it’s structured in a way that’s super clear on how to get from point a to point c and that is the piece that I can do so well is you can tell me like this is where I want to be and I’m like boom boom boom this is what you have to do. That’s the way my brain works really well. That’s why you guys love this podcast like I’m doing it right now for you so breaking it down into steps or a blueprint or a process or an experience like for that 1 mastermind member. She’s going to have the twenty eight day experience so now it’s breaking it down and what. And was I asked her this is really good I asked her I said just casually tell me like you you tell me as the expert I am somebody in your ideal customer’s position who just got out of a relationship with a narcissist I’m struggling I’m you know going back to him and talking to him when I shouldn’t. Etc like what would you tell me to do in order to get through that like what are the steps I need to take and then she just came out. She’s like okay this and then this and then this and now she was talking I just shifted the words and I was like okay so first they need to do x. Actually I have it on my notes that I can I can look at so I was like okay first they need to do this first then they need to do this then they need to do this awareness purge self-care and identify or identity and so I took everything that she was saying and then I said okay how can I break this down into steps.

Now somebody who hears about this offer. We can say you want to be here. This is your ultimate outcome.


We’re very clear on that. Here’s what we’re going to help you do, and we’re going to help you do it by boom, boom, boom, and boom. What do you think her free webinar is going to be? It’s going to show people those 4 steps with details around them. That’s how you get to the end result. And now, if you want help with that because there’s a lot that goes into that, and you can get off track, and you’re going to need the accountability from someone who’s been through it and has helped many women through it, you can sign up for my offer. Right? So, same thing with the other master, my member. What I ultimately did was I was like, okay, let’s break this down, and this was with her free offer, her webinar. I said, what are the things that you would tell someone to do, the steps in order to get to their ultimate outcome that they want? And she’s like, oh well, we have four pillars, and this is what it is, blah, blah, blah. I’m like, there’s your webinar. 


So, taking this end result that people want, this ultimate outcome, and creating some sort of blueprint or process or experience where it’s very clear and very tangible to understand.

Because what you want to do, whether it’s selling an offer, whether it is in a webinar, whether it’s in a lead magnet, whether it’s in an email sequence, is your job is to get someone to see how they can go from where they are today (point A) to point Z. And if they believe fully and trust and can clearly see that that is possible for them, they will buy your offer or they will sign up for your webinar. And so, it’s actually the same when I’m developing things like what a webinar should be or how to describe an offer. I follow the same process as what I realized is like we understand the ICA, we understand the offer and the promise of it, even if that offer is a webinar, what the promise of that webinar is. Now, we break it down so we can very clearly articulate it. Then, step 4 is deciding the strategy, which is honestly the easy part if you have those things because now it’s like, okay, in order, you know, for this client that we’re talking through her strategy around the twenty-eight days, it’s like, okay, then if you teach those 4 steps that someone needs to take that you’re going to do on those four weeks, all you have to do is do a training explaining like, look, you want to be able to function. 


You want to be able to show up better for your kids. You want to help them heal. You want to regain your confidence. Like, you are so ready. Just step into this new version of yourself and heal. And in order to do that, you need to go through these 4 steps, they are 1, 2, 3, 4. Now, someone’s like, oh my gosh, this makes total sense, and I never thought about the fact that I need to first create awareness and if I don’t create the awareness, then I’m not going to be able to take care of myself, right? And so, you’re explaining this. That’s a webinar. And so, then the strategy becomes easy. It’s like, okay, the best way to explain that would be you want a webinar. And now we have your webinar. We have your webinar that creates clarity, creates a clear path, and then it creates a gap that your offer fills. Done. Same thing with the other one. It was like, okay, we need to create a webinar that gets people to have this experience. They need to understand this thing and how that is possible and how that is missing from them today, and here’s how they do it in these four pillars. 


So, I just picked up on this theme. I was like every single time this is what I’m doing, even if someone next time I do a webinar, come to my webinar and you will see. If someone asks me a question, I catch myself doing this. If I think about it, if someone asks me a question on a webinar. Before I will answer any strategy questions, I have to understand their ICA, their ideal customer, and their offer again. Even if it’s 1 or 2 questions, as soon as it clicks for me like, okay, yep, then I can do the strategy. And how I do the strategy is break something down in a very tangible clear, connected to those other 2 steps way. So, step 1 is to understand the ideal customer emotions, not age. I never would be like, how old is your ideal customer, right? No, I actually don’t even ask gender. I don’t care, that does matter. Like there’s parts of that that obviously matter in marketing. But for me to create a strategy and have solid messaging, all I care about is the emotions. Step 2 the offer, same thing connected to the emotions, the outcome, the benefits, what they want, not what they need, and the cool tactical things you’re giving them on the inside. Those don’t matter until you get that underlayer first.


Three, creating something tangible, breaking down those 2 things and creating a way to very clearly communicate with depth. And then four the strategy comes in place deciding the strategy. So, I hope this was helpful for you guys. I have been absolutely loving my mastermind. We are officially on a waitlist. I will give you guys the link if you want to join. We won’t open it up until June and it will be only 8 spots. And we’ll fill very fast. So if you are like, oh, I want to be on the next round and have Emily’s brain on my business to this level because it’s incredible like I’m having so much fun. They’re blown away. The community is incredible. The women are amazing like it’s better than I could have ever imagined. And we’re just getting started. So, if you want to be on the waitlist for the next round, we won’t open up until about June because it’s a six month container. And in the meantime, I hope you guys found this helpful and I can’t wait to catch you up on Costa Rica. I’ll talk to you guys next time.