Today I’m giving you my top 3 needle movers in marketing and how to implement these practices into your business. Recently I spent some time with two incredible entrepreneur friends of mine, and being the marketer of the group, I found myself sharing a lot of insight on what I find to be working for businesses in today’s landscape. So today I’m giving you front-row access to the juicy, hard-hitting advice I give to my closest friends. Get your notes app ready, this is a good one!


I’ll be sharing:


  • The importance of evoking emotions in content to foster engagement and connection with the audience.
  • How creating clarity and belief through lead generation offers, guiding listeners on how to develop impactful offerings.
  • Why I advise that you consistently invest in resources to increase and diversify traffic sources for sustainable business growth.


Notice as you listen to this episode that none of these needle movers are “make sales”, and that’s because when you execute all of these things effectively, sales come naturally.


Tune in to this episode where I’m sharing my top-tier knowledge on today’s marketing and how you can harness these needle-moving tips to expand and elevate your business!


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Emily Hirsh: 


Hello, my friends! Welcome back to the podcast. Oh man, I have so much exciting content coming your way. It is in my mind right now; I am just finishing. Actually, I finished my thirty-day sabbatical and I don’t really feel like I’m coming back yet because I’m coming back in such a different way. Like, these thirty days have changed the way I will show up within my company and my life forever. So, it feels really easy to come back because I’m coming back to a completely different schedule and habits and situation, I guess. So, I’m not going to get into the details of that yet. I have so much to share. I don’t know, maybe I’ll do a series or something. I’m still not on social media. So, I’m still locked out of social media on purpose. My team changed my password. I do have a say in what we post through a Google doc, but I have no idea how well it does, how many likes it gets. Like, that’s been an experience in and of itself to just completely separate yourself. And then, not to mention, my consumption is nothing. 


I don’t scroll social media anymore. I forgot about it because it’s been so long. So, I probably won’t be coming back actively on social media for about another ten days. There are a couple more things that I want to do that I don’t want to come back until I do those things. So anyways, I can’t wait to share about these last 30 days. I can’t wait to share about the updates, the ideas, the things I created, so the announcements we get to have soon. Just, it’s been incredible. So, a lot more is coming. I felt inspired to record this episode on the top 3 needle movers that you can implement in your marketing today. I just came off of a weekend where I spent some really incredible time with 2 female entrepreneur friends of mine. Very successful. In all facets of life. Not just business, but who they are, their growth. Their way that they show up as leaders and for their family. And it just was a really inspiring, amazing time.


Throughout the weekend, we snowboarded, and we had a lot of fun and we played a lot. But we also had a lot of business conversations and did a lot of masterminding that just kind of naturally came up, which was super fun. And after that, you know I’m the marketing expert so out of the 3 of us. So the conversations when I was contributing to business strategy was, of course, a lot of time around marketing. And so I kind of could chunk a lot of the advice that I gave them down to these 3 needle movers. And you’re going to notice that I don’t say like “make sales.” You know, as a needle mover because these 3 things are going to be what creates sales for you. They’re very simple, and they should serve as reminders for you to just take a pause after you listen to this episode and go, “Okay, am I focusing on these right now? Am I distracted or. Are these a priority that I’m actively moving forward or maybe already doing in my marketing?” So, that’s kind of my imitation for you while you listen to this episode is like take inventory of where your time, energy, and investment money is going around your marketing and if these 3 things are moving forward. 


So, the first needle mover is consistent content with the intention to create connection. And this is listed as number one because this is the first thing you should start doing. Creating content generates attention, which generates a connection, which is the foundation of your marketing. So, when I say creating content, I don’t mean like how many times you post on social media. Or how often you show up or following some sort of blueprint checklist. I mean actually creating content that is intended to serve your ideal customer. And that truly comes authentically from your heart. And I really believe this and this came up a lot in my conversations with my friends was how often including them. We get stuck in like what is right versus wrong in marketing. Like is it long form? Is it short form? Do I have to do a reel? Like do I come at it from the messaging angle of fear or do I come at it from empowerment like what is right? What is wrong? What should I be doing? And I found myself consistently coming back to the most powerful thing you can do is. Create from your heart. And you know those moments like if you create content, I want you to think about those moments that you can energetically feel like you’re buzzing with excitement about what you have to share. 


Like you feel emotional whether that is excited or empowered or grateful or honored to be able to share this whatever it is like I know I feel those when I really hit on a lesson or something that I get to share with you guys I know when it’s like the deepest of the deep. Right? when I’m really really excited for it and I try to create that in all my content but my answer to them is like what is right? Versus wrong is it’s what is authentically you. It’s what comes from your heart and leverages your gifts. And leverages your unique experiences and what you have to bring to this world. It’s not what somebody else is doing. It’s not fitting in somebody else’s box about how to create content and also it is speaking to emotion. And something I’ve shared on here and I shared with my friends is you know when I go to write an email or I am reading an email that my team wrote and I’m approving it or I go to create a content and video whatever I check in with. And identify how I want somebody to feel when they read that email or when they watch that video or when they even listen to this podcast and that is the anchor that I have for creating the content because those emotions create connection and connection is the foundation of everything. 


You are not going to get somebody to opt into your lead magnet sign up for your webinar. Buy your offer and book a call with you if they don’t feel that connection with you and your brand so number one first needle mover that you can make sure you’re working on is. Am I creating consistently is very important if that’s one time a week for you. That’s fine if that is 3 times a week. That’s great to make the goal consistent but consistent content from the heart that creates connection and. Brings out emotion within it like when you read it or you watch it or you listen to it. You feel something your audience will feel something. That’s how you step outside of the box of trying to be somebody else or use somebody else’s strategies. To grow your business. So. That’s the first needle mover so check in am I doing that am I showing up in that way and what would it look like what would it look like to create content from your heart sit with that question and I I can. Probably understand like if someone said that to me a year ago I don’t know if I would really know what they meant but now I do so I hope it makes sense to you guys. But when you’re creating content from your heart. 


You’re not thinking about how long it should be. Should it be short? Should it start with this sentence like should it have this structure or should it be a real It’s like no when you create content from your heart. It has the emotion. It has the authenticity. It is. Authentically you because it’s coming from your unique experience and what you have to share and impact the world with okay the second needle mover is having a lead generation offer so good that somebody would pay for it so free lead generation offer so good somebody would pay for it because if you have this then generating consistent leads becomes easy and guess what comes after leads sales. So when we develop a lead generation offer for our clients. We’re very very intentional about what that offer is. I don’t think people put enough effort and energy into what their lead generation should be. It’s just like oh I have to have this free thing and so I will and will come up with the first idea or I’ll use somebody else’s inspiration but win right? Your lead generation is very intentional and I’ve definitely said this many times on the podcast. But I’m going to say it again because this is a core foundational thing that I teach your lead generation when done right should number 1 be something that people are like I cannot wait to get my hands on this.


But number 2 its intention is to create some sort of clarity when someone downloads your lead magnet consumes your lead generation watches your webinar. Whatever it is you want them to have the experience of oh that’s what I’ve been doing wrong. Or oh I totally see how I could get from where I am today to that end result that I want as it relates to what you’re going to help them. Do you create clarity, you create belief you created problem awareness right? That’s not saying hey i. I’m going to solve all your problems. I’m going to give you exactly how to go and do it right? That’s your offer. So the second thing your lead generation needs to do or I guess the third is it needs to create a gap that now you can easily say okay I have this offer and now you need it and now you can see that you need it and you can see why if you. Sign up for this if you buy this, you’ll be able to get to that end result and I was having a conversation with one of my friends on this trip and she was worried about like I don’t want to give too much away and so I framed it this way and I said I think a lot of people are worried about. Giving too much away in their lead generation and then someone not buying their offer and I said the way I like to think of it is what’s the most appropriate way for me to deliver something I’m trying to create an experience in my lead generation. 


It would be a terrible experience if I sat there and was like let me explain to you guys how to set up a Facebook ad and let me explain to you how to build a funnel or let me. Plan out your entire custom email sequence right? because there’s way too many nuances. There’s way too many avenues that someone could go if I started trying to teach that as my lead generation. They’d be more confused, more overwhelmed and not made any progress. So. It’s not about withholding information. It’s about delivering the best experience that’s going to create clarity and momentum results understanding what the next steps are and so I don’t think about it as like withholding I think about it as. I get to do the work to create an experience that is most appropriate for a free lead generation offer for somebody watching a training reading a checklist right? So it’s not about lack or withholding or you know. Saying oh I have 5 steps and I’m going to give away 3 but you got to pay for the other two like that’s not the experience we’re trying to create. We’re trying to complete the loop of creating clarity of problem awareness belief right in the appropriate way like when I’m teaching on a webinar I can’t deliver the same that my team could in a 1 on 1 strategy call. 


So I’m not going to try to do that so coming up with a lead Gen offer that is so good that people would pay for it. How do you think that you come up with what that is well you focus on. Number 1 problem or desire you’re trying to solve and how can you solve that within something free within an experience and I talk a lot about experience marketing creating an experience within your marketing. So what I would do if you don’t know what your lead generation is or let’s say your cost per lead is way too high. It’s not converting. You’re not getting consistent leads. They aren’t signing up for it. They’re not excited about it. Think about first what is the number 1 problem or the number one desire that you’re trying to fulfill. For your ideal customer and now how can you not solve all of it. But how can you bring some clarity or some problem awareness or belief when I say problem aware. It’s like they don’t know why they can’t get to that end result. And so you are shining the light on why you are explaining this can be in the form of a process, a roadmap. Sometimes I name it like ingredients. I think I did that for the offer right? It’s you’re showing them the path you’re showing them the path to possibility.


You’re showing them to the path to what they need to do differently so how can you do that as it relates to their number 1 problem or number 1 desire That’s how you come up with a lead generation offer that is so good someone would pay for it because it’s directly hitting on their number 1 problem their number 1 desire. Okay. So take inventory. Do you currently have a lead generation offer that is so good and that is an experience and that creates that clarity or creates that momentum and ultimately then leads someone to your offer but leads them to your offer that is then in a way that they’re like oh yeah, die need this. Now I can totally see the pathway for me getting where I want to go. That’s where the magic happens with lead generation. So that’s the second needle mover taking inventory. Do you have that in your business you need to be generating consistent leads? I cannot emphasize that enough. How. If you do that a snowball effect will start to happen in your business where sales become easy because you’re growing your list. You’re growing your audience and then the third needle mover is traffic. Every business needs traffic. Now these first 2 things have to be addressed before this is relevant because if we jump to the traffic but we have a bad lead generation offer or we jump to traffic and we don’t know our ideal customer and how to connect with them emotionally through our content so we are sending people to a cookie cutter lead gen or a aad lead generation offer that nobody wants. 


Okay, then the traffic’s going to be a waste but every business needs to master and continually grow strategies to increase traffic and this can come from. Ads. It can come from you getting in front of other people’s audiences. It can come from obviously social media and organic and ultimately it should come from all those places. That’s the ultimate goal but every business needs traffic. And the key is if you have the foundational things in place. Consistent valuable emotion evoking content and a lead generation offers so good people would pay for it now when we create traffic our business is going to expand massively. And so 1 thing to sit with though is right now in my business am I intentionally and consistently using resources time energy and money to increase the traffic. To my business to my brand because without traffic. How are you going to grow your business and a good traffic strategy doesn’t look like let me just post 5 times on social media and see what happens. It usually looks like I’m going to do multiple things I’m going to post on social media.

I’m going to start Facebook ads. I’m going to maybe network in Facebook groups in communities and I’m going to increase traffic in all these different ways and then I’m going to also see which one works the best and I’m going to put more effort into the ones that work. But without traffic. It’s impossible to grow your business and if you’re not consistently growing your traffic. What happens is over time over one three months you’re going to start to see your business decline. Because maybe for one month of having less traffic. Your business is okay, but then you go into the next month and it’s like okay now the same people are seeing everything that I’m doing and my business isn’t really like reaching more people. It’s not really growing and. Why you know like what’s happening well because you’re just talking to the same people over and over again. You don’t have more traffic. You don’t have new people. It also often takes time for people to become warm and for your audience to your list to connect with you to build. Trust. And so if you’re not bringing new people in. You’re also not able to nurture them which means you’re not able to move people to your offer so top 3 needle movers for you to make sure that your business resources of time, energy and money are aligned with and do you have these things working are consistent content.


The intention to create connection lead generation offers so good that people would pay for it and a traffic strategy that is consistently increasing and widening the traffic that your business is getting to your lead Gen and your content you do those 3 things and guess what. Sales become very very easy. So we so often are like I need sales. I need sales sales are a byproduct sales are a byproduct of doing a bunch of other things really well and really consistent. So these 3 needle movers are going to be what will bring in. More sales all right? You guys? Thank you so much for tuning in like I said at the beginning lots lots more coming and I will talk to you on Thursday.