Some people say you can market anything, but I disagree. If you’re marketing a crappy product or service, people will talk about how you don’t deliver – and that makes your ‘real’ success a whole lot harder.

In this episode, I’m explaining why high-quality delivery is just as important as the marketing (this, coming from a marketing company!).

Here’s a few highlights from the episode…

  • How to strike a balance between marketing your product + its delivery
  • The “pop-up success” phenomenon + how to avoid it
  • And why improving our delivery brought me clients like Marie Forleo + Mel Robbins!

Your customers are the foundation of your business, which means – delivering your product or service WELL can make or break your business (with them + with everyone they might refer to you!).

Tune in to another lesson in marketing, and then share a screenshot of the episode (and your takeaways!) on IG stories. Tell me, how can you put more resources into your delivery? How can you enhance the client experience?

Key Points:
[2:05] Every successful business owner does this
[4:40] Why every one of my Big Name clients has come from a referral
[7:26] “Are you setting yourself up to be a pop-up success?”
[9:48] It’s not about whether or not you care about your customers
[12:42] This impacts your bottom line, big time

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