I’ve been doing this since I started creating ads, and yet – it’s often hugely overlooked by even the smartest entrepreneurs.

I’m talking about… building in a limited time sale (a flash sale!) to re-sell one of your current offerings. A lot of people move through your funnel without purchasing. And too often, we forget about those people!

In this episode, I’m sharing 2 flash sale strategies to capture anyone who doesn’t buy the first time – one that’s an automated extension to your post-webinar nurture sequence, and another that’s scheduled with your list a few times per year.

Tune in for my step-by-step strategies (plus a few words of CAUTION), and then head over to Instagram to share a screenshot of this episode to your stories! Tag @emilyhirsh for a shoutout.

NOTE – listen to episode 37, “How to get 15-25% more sales from your webinars,” to hear more about our 90-day nurture sequence.

Key Points:
[3:47] Do you need to “re-offer” what you’re selling?
[4:22] Here’s strategy #1… *within* the nurture sequence.
[6:07] Be careful, though.
[6:55] Here’s strategy #2… your LIST!
[10:30] But, DON’T overdo it.

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