This is a common problem, because it’s really hard to get right, especially the first time.

But, if you’re following a proven webinar funnel strategy + your offer is solid, the problem with your funnel is likely (yes, I’m saying it again) – your messaging.

Your messaging will literally make or break your success, every time.

Because, if your messaging (i.e. the positioning of your offer) is on-point, you can make sales – even with a crappy webinar! But if your messaging sucks, nothing can save you… until you clean it up.

In this episode, I’m walking you through why messaging + the way you position your offer is more important than anything else, plus how to make the necessary changes a.s.a.p.

You’ll learn more about…

  • The 2 most common reasons why nobody’s buying post-webinar
  • The important questions to ask yourself to clean up your messaging
  • And why this is especially tricky for solopreneurs

Tune into another “quick lesson” in marketing, and then head over to Instagram Stories to share your lightbulb moments (tag @emilyhirsh for a shoutout!).

Key Points:
[1:39] Your stats are great.. until you get to the sale. What’s wrong?
[3:07] This is especially tricky for solopreneurs
[4:46] The 2 most common reasons why nobody’s buying
[7:37] How we managed an 8% live-attendee webinar conversion rate to a $2k product
[9:29] The questions to ask yourself to clean up your messaging
[11:32] You might have to fail + try again – but it’s worth it! You’re so close.

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Episode Transcripts:  

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Hello, hello, friends. All right, today we are diving right in and talking about when your offering, when your offer positioning, like what you’re selling and the positioning of it, is the problem in your funnel. This is inspired because I’ve seen this come up a couple of times, or a handful of times, and also was talking to a friend who’s having this issue. She asked me to watch her webinar and is having this issue. And I think it’s a really common one, because I think this is really hard to nail in your funnel, especially when you’re the only one who’s looking at it and you’re really close to it.

So this comes up a lot with webinars, and what I mean by this is, your stats are great, like you’re getting a good cost per lead, you’re getting webinar signups, they’re qualified, they’re coming to the webinar, your show-up rate is good, they’re staying through the webinar, and then you’re pitching and they’re not buying. And a lot of times, you know, people are like… that I’ve talked to are like, “Well I followed The Perfect Webinar, and I did those things.” And this is one thing with templated marketing that I think hurts people is, The Perfect Webinar is great, but it’s not going to save you if your messaging is off. I see, you know, the trial closes and the stack and all of those things are kind of like icing on the cake. They’ll really greatly improve your conversions. But if you have zero… not foundation, but if your messaging is off, then something’s wrong.

You should be able to sell on your webinar with a pretty bad webinar. If the offer positioning is good, you could probably sell at least something if you had people on live and you didn’t even have a stack and trial closes, you didn’t even put those things in. You should still be able to sell something. And so, when you have all those things in and you’re still not selling, most of the time, the problem is the way you’ve positioned your offer. And I think the biggest thing is people haven’t been able to pull out, like from what you did, the tangible results they’re going to get.

And let me just say, it’s hard to position an offer. It’s hard to really communicate with people how awesome your stuff is. I get that, you know? I think especially for somebody where it’s your business and your offering, and you’re putting all this together and doing everything, you’re so close to it that it’s all in your head and you’re just like, “Well, it’s awesome. I know you’re going to get good results.” And so it’s really hard, but you have to create a really powerful way that you position your offer.

And the biggest thing is that you’re not focusing in on the… not the benefits, but the content, and how many modules you have, and what they’re going to learn. That, people don’t… They care a little bit about that, but what they really care about is, “What are the results that I’m going to get from consuming this material, from buying this product, from using this service, from working with you? Whatever it is, what are the actual results that I’m going to get?” And I know you can’t make claims like, “You’re going to make a million dollars,” but you can say things like, “This will help you greatly increase your… If you implement this, will help you greatly increase your profit in your company.” Or, “My course is meant to get you to the first six figures in your company.” Those are things that people can really easily and simply relate to, and are connected to the results that they’re supposed to get.

So, the two biggest things is one, we don’t clearly… I’ve seen it so many times, people don’t clearly communicate the offer very well. It’s like, “Wait, what am I getting?” When you read it, you’re overwhelmed, but also there’s a lot of fluff, and so you’re just confused. If there’s any confusion, people are not going to buy at all. If they’re confused by what they’re getting, 100% you will get no sales. And so they’re confused by the offer, but also they don’t… they’re not taking away, like quickly taking away, what is that result they’re going to get?

And that is probably one of the number-one things that kills webinars and funnels, is because, like I said, it’s not just about following The Perfect Webinar. Russell [Brunson’s] Perfect Webinar template is great, you know, Amy Porterfield, she’s got a great webinar template, too, but you can follow those all day long, and if your messaging is still off, you won’t sell anything. And so, you have to go really deep and figure out, how are you going to communicate your offer and the results that your offer is going to achieve? And really, you should be clear. I think if you’re really clear, like in a couple of sentences, “what does your product do?” and you can just rattle it off and say it, you’re going to be able to communicate it clearer once it comes time to pitch it.

But I think it’s important to note, like I said, again, I’m going to say it again, the order, the stack, and those strategies, and the trial closes, and the questions you can ask during the webinar, all of those little tactics, those boost conversion, those improve conversion. But you still have to have a foundation where you can sell without, honestly, any of that. Because the foundation, if it’s a good product, like I said, I’ve said this in other podcasts, you can have really actually bad ads and okay targeting, and set your ads up DIY, and if you have really good messaging, you’ll still do well. But if you have bad messaging, and you do everything right, and you set your ads up perfect, and your targeting is good, and you’ve got everything, you took the best course out there and you did it, or you hired somebody and they did it, and then your messaging is not good, nothing will work.

Messaging and the way you communicate and the way you position your offer will make or break your success. And so, re-watch your webinar, look at it, and put yourself in the shoes of the person consuming it, and really go deep on what it is, that result the people are going to get, because they care about that. They don’t care about how they’re going to get there, they care about what they’re going to get from when they buy it.

With our launch, I had a really good webinar conversion, so I had an 8% of live attendees webinar conversion to a $2,000 product, so that is really good. I was very happy with it. Like, 10% is really good to a $997 product, so we had 8% to a $2,000 product, and the reason is two things. My offer was so over-delivered with value that it was such a no-brainer for people to buy. And it was like you could just… You knew exactly the clarity that you were going to get as soon as you signed up, and what the content was going to do for your business and for your life and all of that. And then I also had really good urgency, so that does matter, too, for people to go take action.

Some of these people who have come to me to talk to me about this, this friend in particular, she had urgency, she had it all, she did the stack, she did the trial closes, live people were on, they were some even warm audience, and she got no sales. And it was like, 100%, it has to be the way your offer is being positioned. And I could say, “It’s your offer,” but her product is good, it’s just that she’s not communicating its benefits very well.

And we just had a question in our new IGNITE group where someone had an epiphany like, “Wow, I realize…” Because we were talking about this in another training, and they said, “I realize, you know, I’m not doing this.” And I tell people, here’s what I help them do, and so how I helped her go deeper and understand how to position her offers, I just kept on asking her, “Well, how do you do that? And what is that going to do for people?” I literally just kept asking those questions, and people have done this to me before, because it’s really hard when it’s your own thing to actually describe how good it is. It really is difficult, and a lot of people struggle with that, most people do, so you’re not alone there.

And so, if you just keep on questioning, and you keep on saying, “Okay, so what is the course going to do for them?” And it’s like the answer is, “Well, it’s going to help them live a better life.” Okay, well, how? How are they going to live a better life? And then you go deeper. “Oh, well, it’s going to help them make more money to support their family.” Okay, and what is that going to do for them? Why do they care about that? And then you just keep on asking why and how, and go deeper and deeper, and then you end up at a much more meaningful and deeper level than you were at just like, “Buy this and it’s going to help you improve your life.” People don’t listen to that.

And in this case that I was specifically looking at, the example, and helping my friend with was, her offer was really focused on what they’re going to get in all the modules and the content and everything. People pay for the results, and to get process and checklist and the actual result. Like, if I get that process, then what is that going to do for me? And so, I think that a lot of people have this issue, and I want you to keep in mind that this is part of your foundation. You can add the bells and whistles to a funnel and follow the templates all day long, but if you don’t have this, and you haven’t gotten clear enough on this, nothing will literally work, nothing, because your messaging is so crucial, and this is part of your messaging.

But it’s okay, I gave her, also, confidence. I was like, “This is great, because you fix this, and you have a good funnel. Don’t change gears, because all you have to do is really hone in and fix this messaging until the point where people are responding, because you’ve got a funnel where your opt-ins are good, your show-up rate is good, people are staying on your webinar. Those are all great signs. We’re so close, we just got to fix this thing.” And, you know, trying to master and change around your trial closes in The Perfect Webinar is not going to do it. It’s a core messaging issue, which is very common.

So try that for yourself if you’re having this issue where you just kind of keep on trying to go deeper. And simple is better, too. So when you’re presenting an offer, like I said, overwhelmed buyers will not buy, so you want to be really clear with what you do in when you’re presenting it. That doesn’t mean you overwhelm like, “Oh we have, this module and this module and this module and this module.” It’s like, I actually don’t care about all the modules you have. I care about a summary of, like, “We have 10 modules of this that are going to get you this result.” And so that has to be clear in every piece of your pitch. “Why should I buy this? What am I going to get out of it?” And it has to be deeper than just a better life, or your business will grow, or your relationship will thrive. That’s not deep enough for me. I don’t feel pain when I think about those things. I need to know deeper, what will the product solve for me?

So, I hope this is helpful for you guys. I know it will be, because it’s actually been a really hot topic in my IGNITE student group, so I think this is a big problem, and it’s important to not get caught up in following the templates and the cookie-cutter strategies super closely if you’re missing something in your foundation, and messaging is a core part of your foundation. And you’re not going to get it perfect the first time. You might have to test things and fail, and then try them again. And then once, really, you start getting clarity, things will become easier.

And if you have any students or clients or people that you’ve talked to about your results that you got them, or gotten a testimonial, or just listened to their verbiage, that’s really powerful. We had a student in our group talk about, like, “Wow, I went back…” She had an epiphany, like, “I went back and I looked at all these testimonials I’ve gotten, and they’re all talking about this.” I actually don’t remember exactly what it was, but she was like, “And they’re all saying this, and I never say that in my marketing, because I think they want this.” And I was like, “Yeah, definitely include that into your marketing,” because what people are saying to you, more people are going to feel that, and so that’s a really powerful thing to constantly look at and come back to.

So, if you want help from Team Hirsh… we actually just had to waitlist our client list. We have a 30-day waiting period currently today, as [I’m] recording this podcast, as we’ve got a handful of people in training and we are capped for our clients. So, if you’re planning ahead, if you think you want to work with us, I wouldn’t wait until you want ads next week. You can go to HelpMyStrategy.com and apply to work with us, to just get on our roster, figure things out with our team, make sure we’re the right fit, and move forward in that, because I foresee a waiting period staying there for the rest of the year, so plan ahead for me, friends. All right, guys, I’ll see you next time.

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