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Tammy has been in the travel industry for over 30 years, and specializes in helping single travelers over the age of 50 create new memories and explore the world together through the travel packages her business offers. In the months before signing on to work with Team Hirsh, Tammy and her team were just starting to get back to their marketing efforts after a long pause due to the impacts of COVID-19 and worldwide travel restrictions, but were struggling to gain traction and knew they needed support to kickstart their business again.


Tammy’s funnel is digital e-commerce and lead generation. Before working with our team, the strategy Tammy’s team had been utilizing was to drive traffic to their website, optimizing their ads for link clicks. However, this was bringing in low-quality users to their website. Their targeting was also off, and focused on users who were 18+, who were far outside of their best buyers’ audience (users who are 50+).

Their main objective for their funnel is to break even and generate more qualified leads in their business. (And during February, Tammy mentioned they’d had a record numbers of users submitting information – when compared year-over-year!).

After auditing their existing strategy, our team made strategic shifts to improve their results. We began by setting up a visibility ad campaign on February 8th to begin building up their warm audience in preparation for our main ad campaigns that we launched on February 16th. 

We created images and ad copy based on their business insights and historical data on their customers – singles over 50 with a desire to travel. The engagement on their ads was incredibly high – so we know that we nailed our creatives and copy angles so that they were speaking to exactly the right target audience.

In total we tested 4 audiences:

  • Cold:
    • Lookalike 1% from their email list
    • Users interested in travel/vacation
    • Users interested in cruises
  • Warm:
    • All warm users (website, Facebook page, Instagram, email list)

One thing to note is that their product is high ticket and requires a long customer journey before leads convert. However, we got sales directly within the first 2 weeks of launching their ads! Specifically, we saw two sales within the first week – which put Tammy at a 15X ROAS for that week! And the momentum didn’t stop there – sales continued to come in and Tammy ended the month of February with a 7.27X return on ad spend!


Total Ad Spend: $1,392.62

Average Order Value: $1,899

Total Revenue: $7,596

Return On Ad Spend: 7.27X


When In Doubt, Pull The Targeting Lever

One of the key contributors to the success of our ad campaigns was the fact that we dialed in our targeting. Before working with Team Hirsh, Tammy’s team had been targeting an age demographic of 18+ which falls far below the age range that matches the majority of their customers. We pivoted to target users who were 50+, single, and interested in travel and watched as our campaigns took off! If you’re not seeing the results you want with your ads and you know your messaging is on point and your offer is solid, pull the targeting lever in your marketing!

Your Copy & Creative Are Key

Our team nailed the copy and creative for Tammy’s campaigns by ensuring they were perfectly aligned with the desires of her ideal customers. Our creatives directly called out people in their 50’s-60’s with bold headlines about traveling while single and images of beautiful destinations, cruises, etc. The ad copy was short, straight to the point, and offered an up to 50% discount to really push them over the edge. This lead to high engagement on the ads, more traffic to their website, and more sales!

Speed Is Queen

Despite only having ads live for a few weeks in February, our team has been able to quickly pivot and make changes to move the needle forward to produce amazing results for her campaign. This is one of our core values at Hirsh Marketing, we like to call it Speed Is Queen. If you hear any other marketing company tell you that you have to wait weeks (or even months) to start seeing data come in to make optimizations, know this: they’re wrong. There is ALWAYS something that you can do or  tweaks you can make to start improving results within 5-7 days of launching your ads. Don’t wait to optimize when it can be done NOW.


With our team’s guidance and support, Tammy’s team now has a better understanding of how creative and copy testing works to ensure their messaging is dialed in and resonates with their audiences. They’ve also learned that based on their historical data, the campaign for their product will require a longer customer journey and can plan their strategy around that.

Tammy’s team can clearly see the results from our ad campaigns based on the jump in lead information submitted on their website, which we will be monitoring in the next 1-2 months to provide feedback and strategy on how those leads will transition into sales. 

The amazing thing is, based on the average sales cycle for Tammy’s leads, many of these leads will convert in the coming months, bringing the overall ROAs even higher. 


Powerhouse Team


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