The entrepreneur curse. Do you know what it is?

I’m guilty of this. My clients are guilty of this. My friends are guilty of this.


We can never stop coming up with new ideas.


So here’s what happens.


You have an incredibly successful launch. And then you immediately jump into the next thing and how you can make it even better.


Of course you should improve what doesn’t work.


But. If you have a launch that makes 6-figures, your strategy clearly worked! Don’t change that strategy just because you have a new idea.


You don’t have to fix what’s not broken.


You’re an entrepreneur. You have a million and one ideas. And maybe you get bored without another challenge.


But be careful about what you change within your business.


Most of the time, the marketing solution should be to Keep It Simple.


If you want to change things up, you can focus on front-end content, like creating new and different Facebook Lives, opt-ins, social media content, Insta stories, etc.


However, the back-end of your business should incorporate all the parts that have worked well.


Nail these down so you can scale these strategies and repeat them.


Ask yourself:


Are you analyzing what’s working and what’s not working in your business?

Are you perfecting what’s working, without changing it?


If you change a bunch of different things for your next launch without analyzing first, you won’t know which change was really necessary and which ones weren’t. (Or maybe your next launch won’t work at all, because you changed too much.)


I hope this helps as you think through your next big move. And if you’re wanting help analyzing what’s working in your business (and not), book a call with my team!